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Author has written 6 stories for Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Soul Calibur.

Hi there and thanks for stopping by my page! I'm just a casual writer so don't expect any magnificent novels from me..

I am a senior at the Columbus College of Art and Design, but that doesn't really tell you anything about me, does it? I am a shy, quiet person and I take joy in many simple things come from nature. I observe, I listen, I create and these are my chief functions. I see beauty in everything, be it the cockroach scuttling about the floor, the scrawny kid at the cash register, the waterfall, or push and pull of light and shadow. Perhaps it is because people are often drawn only to the very obviously beautiful that I gravitate to the overlooked, strange, and grotesque. That bat that just flew over your house? How fantastic those wings are, and the fur; soft as silk! That scrawny man others avoid? Look at the happy gleam in his eyes, the strong jaw. Most of all I love to look. People say that observers watch their lives go by without them, but how can one truly participate if one cannot see and understand?

That is what I'm trying to do now: understand. And writing helps me to do it, as does drawing and sculpting. I mostly love to create and write about the disturbing, the underdog or the misunderstood. I enjoy bittersweet scenarios; lovers unable to love as they would, misunderstandings, loss. Always, I push for the downtrodden to win...or if not win, to attain some measure of grace and love in their life.

Here are some other things I enjoy.

Movies: The Original Star Wars trilogy, The Fountain, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Dark Crystal, Edward Scissorhands, Pan's Labyrinth, V for Vendetta, Young Frankenstein, Legend, 300, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Anchorman, Whale Rider, The Birdcage, Wings of Desire, The Shawshank Redemption, Jurassic Park, and Aliens are at the top.

Music: Rammstein, Das Ich, Metallica, Korn, Eisbrecher, Seal, Silverchair, Led Zeppelin, Unheilig, Marilyn Manson, CCR, John Lennon, Ozzy Osborne, CUSCO, John Williams, Danny Elfman, Dan Jones, Clint Mansell, Pink Floyd, Areosmith, Megaherz, Loreena McKennitt. Genres: Rock, Heavy Metal, Southern Rock, New Age, Celtic, Native American, anything atmospheric, ethereal or beautifully strange.

Books: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Harry Potter series, The Hand of Thrawn Trilogy, The Face, anything Kafka, a great many books on dinosaurs, whales & dolphins, animal life, space, and Buddhism

Random: Learning to speak German, listening to music that gives me chills, swimming, being in forests or country areas, Basenjis, dinosaurs, cetaceans, singing, cool nights, being able to look at stars (being in a city now hinders this), going home after a long time away, learning about different places, imagining, Till Lindemann, Stefan Ackermann, solitude, storms, nintendo, Voldo, dragons and more that would lead to fits of boredom on your half.

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