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Okay hi! My pen name is Yuki Michiyo and I am currently 17. It's 2008. I'm noting this because I just changed the age from 14 to 17 =D (Aaand now it is 2012 and I am 21. Obviously I do not often update this bio nor do I write fanfic)

So you wanna know about me? Let's see... I'm a martial artist[Keichu-Do...it means: Complete devotion to 'The Way' (Christian style). I'm advanced... I've been in it for almost 5 years, but I have yet to earn my black belt. Which scares me because college is only a year away... And I'm only a sankyu brown belt! (I quit this very shortly after writing this. Which is sad, sure, but that is part of life)

Hmmm... I stutter. But obviously, you won't ever know that, because it is a speech impairment. When I talk, stuttering or not, I tend to mix up my words and everything comes out fast and jumbled, so I should stick to writing. Sadly for me, talking is quite fun.

I have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

My favorite books are Twilight [the whole series, The Giver, Uglies [the whole series, A Child Called It, The House of the Scorpion, Love Stargirl, and Bridge to Terabithia. I love to read, and I'm not a huge TV fan, or movie fan so much.

(Mother of... I now denounce Twilight. My favorite books are really more along the lines of The Giver, anything written by CS Lewis, plenty of young adult fiction and Christian theology books. I am currently obsessed with the Pretty Little Liars book series. Not sure why. I just am.

Also, I adore the television show Community and will read as many Abed/Annie fanfics as I can. They are my OTP. I want nothing less than them and their strange friendship to bloom into something more like a relationship. Other ships I love include Michael/Holly from The Office, Shawn/Angela from Boy Meets World, Puck/Rachel from Glee, Barney/Robin from How I Met Your Mother and Nick/Jess on New Girl.)

I created the Boy Meets World story when I was like 12. It doesn't have a horrible plot, but my writing skills have improved in the past, oh, FIVE years! So I'm rewriting it, and it's snazzier. Have fun and enjoy my stories!

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Whatever happened to you? reviews
Boy Meets World. This takes place 5 years after the Season 7 finale, and the gang has in fact split up. But when Mr. Feeny gets sick, Eric must find a way to bring them all back together. Lots of perspective from Eric and his character. Parings: Mostly Shawn/Angela with some Jack/Rachel.
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Boy Meets World reunited reviews
After 5 yrs, the gang sees each other again, but this time, it's because Mr. Fenny, is sick, and might die. See what happens in this part of boy meets world I'm 12 when I wrote this.
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