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What's your name?

just call me CommonSwift and by the way I am a girl

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hahahahhaaha are you a bit too old for fanfictions?

stop laughing, I have to improve my english T_T

In the Tinker bell section?

I had to start from somewhere.

A SCARY WAY TO BREAK UP!!!!! DO NOT stop reading this or something bad will happen!!!!!!!!

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Why did you post those stupid chain messages? they are not real.

I know but my profile felt empty...

Then write something usefull on it instead of those.

But they are entertaining

You are hopeless

I know

Hey CommonSwift!

What is it?


Then why did you call me?

I was bored XD

I want to beat up the woman who lives above me so bad.

What did she do?

She starts shouting everytime I walk around my house.

How is she able to hear you if she lives above you?

Good question, maybe she got super powers.

*Starts trowing up*

Turtle scene?


Would type up the new chapter already? people are starting to get annoyed

I am working on it

Why is it taking so long?

Can't tell you, it's a secret

Oh come on split it out!



*runs off to type*

Always works

*comes back*

That was fast...wait this chapter is not over!

I was wondering what's the difference bethween a cupcake and a muffin?

It doesn't matter go type!

Fine, fine but you should really consider taking some sedatives



you don't want to know T_T

What can be worse then the turtle scene?

...a creepy blue hedgedog with black eyes and red glowing pupils, nasty shark like teeth all covered in blood...



What happened?

I tried to play that racing minigame on BBS

let me try

*hands over Psp* as you wish

What are you talking about is not so bad

Try keeping that up for 9 laps I dare you


*stares at screen*

reviews won't arrive faster if you do that

but I want them T_T

be patient, go finish the next chapter, I am sure there will be some new reviews later.


please excuse her, the heat is driving her crazy


People are getting really pissed.

At the last write something new!

I can't...


Because I feel bad to do not update Trapped first T_T

Then do it.

But the chapter is too short T_T

...I give up...

Are you planning to update Trapped or do we have to wait another year?

nah don't worry last two chapters are almost done, then after I see last movie I will rewrite it all to fit better.

You better. People want to see the end.

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