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Author has written 5 stories for Harry Potter.

I like to read Harry Potter Fanfiction, and I also like to write my own Harry Potter Fanfiction.

The Changed Life and The World of Invisibility have been removed.

I have uploaded the reworked version of Stratagem Con (the old version is now gone).

A new story called Summer Departure is up, a post GOF fic where Harry ran away from Privet Drive before his birthday, changing the course of events, making his fifth year at Hogwarts different than in canon.

Chapter 13 of my story Summer Departure is in progress right now.

My favorite pairing is always Harry & Hermione, and I cannot imagine any other girls for Harry to end up with. I am disappointed to see that Ron and Hermione got together at the end of Harry Potter book 7. I know that Hermione have helped Ron more than she have helped Harry with their homework, Ron is definitely not mature enough to be paired up with Hermione, regardless of what age they are.

I do not blame Harry for not sticking up with Hermione more than goofing off with Ron, since he was brought up in an abused family.

Therefore, my story will always (or almost always) Harry & Hermione pairing, except for the fact that some of my stories may not have pairings at all.

Nevertheless, should there be a poll that is related to my fanfiction, that fanfiction may not be complete before I upload it if I need users to decide what will happen in the future chapters of my story.

Albus Dumbledore was such a manipulative person (at least in canon he was), he manipulates other people to do his dirty work for him, and uses Harry as a weapon to defeat Voldemort, keeping Harry in the dark, and insist Harry to go back to the Dursleys. Why wouldn't Harry make his own choice? How come Harry didn't go to another place to stay after his first year at Hogwarts? Even if he gets killed by Voldemort and the wizarding world become hopeless after that, it doesn't matter, at least he is not locked up and he is free. It was his choice. Dumbledore does not have the right to decide where his students should live during the summer holidays, and I don't see Harry as Dumbledore's family. Dumbledore is not Harry's family, he is Harry's Headmaster, and Harry is only his student. Dumbledore's ultimate goal is to have Harry sacrifice himself.

I am sure that Harry's parents would not like it when they see Harry being mistreated. Harry has never done anything to deserve living with any abusive family.

I am not an avid Weasley supporter, either, although I agree that not everyone of them are bad news, Fred, George, Bill, Charlie and Arthur are okay, but not the rest, although I don't really see Ginny as bad news (in some cases only). If you read my story, you will most likely not see Harry at the Burrow. I particularly dislike Ron, his jealousy has proved it.

I promise you that I would never allow any of my stories that I decide to abandon on thie website, I've seen quite a number of fanfiction authors doing this, I tell you what, if you no longer want to work on a story, why don't you delete it?

Darkness and Liberty - A Runaway/Independent Harry story that features Harry and Hermione escaping from Hogwarts during their fifth year, one week after the first quidditch match, Harry discovered that Dumbledore was not really helping him, rather, he was manipulating him. Together, Harry and Hermione immigrated to the USA and attended another Wizarding school, redoing their fifth year magical education, in spite of what the prophecy says. Voldemort took this opportunity to kidnap Cornelius Fudge, and killed him, then he selected Lucius Malfoy as the Minister of Magic, and darkness took over the Wizarding Britain, whereas the educational decrees in Hogwarts had increased, and also nastier. This caused most Muggleborns to flee Britain. The darkness in the Wizarding Britain only ended with the arrival of the ICW (International Confederation of Wizards) - Voldemort reigned the Wizarding Britain for several years.

My apologies to all the reviewers of Darkness and Liberty:

I have decided to delete 'Darkenss and Liberty', and reupload it, those who have reviewed this fanfiction previously, you are welcome to review it again, although you don't have to this time (if you don't want to).

The first time I uploaded the story 'Darkness and Liberty', I didn't see it in the fanfiction archive, but when I deleted it and reuploaded it, it appeared in the archive, thus I don't have to send review requests to various fanfiction writers/readers.

I have edited my story 'Darkness and Liberty', and now it should at least have less grammar issues, even though I cannot guarantee that there's no more grammar mistakes in this story.

Stratagem Con is a pre OOTP story where James and Lily cloned Harry, Hermione, Hermione's parents and Sirius. The cloned ones remained where they were, whereas the real ones went to Canada. Harry and Hermione went through their school years in a wizarding school in Canada called Sainites Academy of Magical Arts and got married after graduation, whereas the fake Harry and Hermione got killed by Voldemort in Bathilda's house. This resulted a different ending than canon.

The Way to Truth (recently renamed to The Recasted) is a story that is written by me unlike any other story that I wrote, this story is about Harry leaving the Wizarding world behind, and together, he and Hermione turned to follow Christ, Harry rebukes Dumbledore using God's word when Dumbledore tried to confront him, and mentioned Christ in the Daily Prophet, causing numerous students to drop out of Hogwarts to follow Christ. This resulted Harry and Hermione, along with a few other followers of Christ, to be sent into Azkaban. Harry and Hermione were both killed by Aurors.

I had wanted to write a sequel to the story, Stratagem Con, but later on I decided to not do it, because I ran out of ideas, and the ending of Stratagem Con is already enough.

Attention to all the readers of my fanfiction, I have considered to delete the story called 'The Changed Life' and 'The World of Invisibility' because they are just too rough, the number of words are just not enough compared to the number of chapters, plus there may be other errors as well.

To all the fanfiction writers, please go over your fanfiction on a regular basis even if everything is grammatically correct and your sentence structure are okay, a few typos are not much of a big deal, but do check for formatting errors, like one sentence hanging on one paragraph and finishes on the next paragraph, that alone can cause some people to stop reading your story.

If you know any good Fanfiction you want me to read, you may PM me

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