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When I joined Fanfiction.net I was only wanting to become an author. THINGS CHANGE! Now I am one. I'm a self and traditionally published author of Erotica and Literary Erotica. I have several pen names, some are doing well, some are just tinker toys for a small number of stories.

When I was here at Fanfiction.net before, I couldn't manage to complete a single full novel. Now I have many - they're just not fanfiction pieces.

Traditionally, in the name of Canon and Character Love, one would write a fanfiction piece and maybe later publish it as a regular story with unique characters. I'm doing the opposite, however strange. I'm going to take some already published novels and short stories of mine and present them as pieces of fanfiction.


Because it's my stuff and I can do as I please! Some of these stories have been published for quite some time, some have turned a nice revenue for me. At the moment, however, my pen name writing is shifting a bit and taking on a new focus. And in the process of growing as an author I fear my older works not being read and enjoyed. I spent quite a bit of passion and time developing unique worlds and characters and deep down, as an author, I have no interest in letting my stories dwindle and lose audience. As fanfiction, they will be guaranteed to be read and enjoyed by fans of my favorite Universe, Twilight.

For the record - the pen name I'll be publishing to fanfiction.net is Sirin Love.

Also from me...

Not on this website:

"Twenty Years On" - A collaborated effort with PA Lassiter to write a series of Diary Entries by Edward about their lives which will continue into the future (link is: PA Lassiter: http:// palassiter. wordpress. com )

The explanation of Twenty Years On and how I started writing Fanfiction:

When I read to the end of the Twilight Saga, like so many others, I had to find Edward's version. I just HAD to. With guilt, I read Meyers' Midnight Sun (after several months of avoiding it like the plague out of respect to her) . . . this was before I found fanfiction.net, by the way.

My Edward addiction just wouldn't quit there, in fact, I think reading Midnight Sun just made it worse - I hunted down other versions from Edward's View. Nothing thrilled me completely, though I read as many as I could find. Eventually I came across PA Lassiter's version of the Saga - completed, all four book - at wordpress. She titled all of her work The Missing Pieces, everything through Edward's eyes. It was perfection - exactly what I needed.

When I read through Lassiter's honeymoon NC-17 scenes (which are top-notch erotica authoring) I kept expecting to read a good, steamy shower scene. Well, she didn't write one - so out of desperation, I wrote one. I kept it to myself for a while until I found this site (fanfiction.net I mean) - and I decided to email it to her, why not? . . . Well to my shock - she liked it. She edited it, worked it into the honeymoon at Isle Esme - and it's now a part of her online version of the Twilight Saga.

That inspired me to start writing - so I began Jezabella. . .and then suddenly I had so many ideas I didn't know what to do with them all so I started several other stories - many that I've yet to try to publish. One story concept was set into the future (not too far - just a bit) - where the Cullens decide to leave Forks. I wrote an introductory piece for myself - and at some point I decided to send it to Lassiter.

She, then, she had the idea of taking that and starting a new series of diary entries from Edward's view about his life with Bella (etc) - so Lassiter titled that 'Twenty Years On' - (it's available through her site)

Lassiter has taken me under her wing - really whipped my writing into shape. She spends countless hours editing each of my pieces. She's fed me her publishing insight, editing know how, and is so patient, she's just a blessing. Over all this time (6 months or so) I've learned so much from her, it's been an amazing trip and there's still more to come.

The current Twenty Years Beyond project that I'm writing in collaboration with Lassiter - is a Travelogue of Edward and Bella in 2015 when they decide to travel worldwide and site see - shenanigans ensue. So, if that interests you - head to Lassiter's site and have a peeksee at all of her work, and my diary entries. http:// palassiter. wordpress. com ) If you're like me, and like countless other Twilight freaks, it'll be your midnight oil - buy a few boxes of tissues to have on head (you've been warned).

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