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Right. Let's see here...

Currently, I'm working on three books right now for this site as well as one for sending through to a publishing company. The pen name "Ariao" comes from the character I've become attached to in my personal story, for those of you curious enough to want to know, and has also become the main OC I use when writing stories here on Fanfiction.

After I finish my "Songblood Trilogy" in "Vampire Knight", I've been tossing a few other ideas up into the air as to what to put next. Honestly, I've been thinking of trying a cross-over involving "Vampire Knight" and "Tales of Symphonia". Yeah, not too sure how that will work, but it'll be something different, I hope.

My adopted original-character "Beyblade" Story is definately going to take a long time to actually complete, so try to bear with me and be patient on that one, but it will probably wind up by being the only one so far that only has ONE story to it. (I know, it's a miricle, right? XD )

As for my "Metal Fight Beyblade" story? That's going to be in two parts for now. One following "Metal Masters" and the other following "Metal Fury". Basically just because of how I plan on ending "Torn in Two" would leave so many questions, it's not even funny...and I've played with an idea in my head that I hope to be able to put up here if all goes well.

Any comments or questions, feel free to PM me. Not sure how well some of this will turn out but that's as far as I'll say for now.

So now it really is official. I am an actual author now. Not through Fanfiction, but through my own attempt at publishing! For over four years, that was a goal of mine and I am thrilled beyond belief to actually have them out right now.

My first one is a series that I did in high school, Among the Island Stars of Fogwave. The first book is out on that currently, Dark Moon, with the second, Sun's Moon, being released sometime later in the year. The series is based around creatures called caticorns (two-tailed cats with a unicorn horn) and dragons that reside in the spirit worlds of forever-night and forever-day. Moonnight (where the caticorns live) is constantly night, leaving Fogwave (where the dragons reside) as the forever-day side. Both areas are connected by a lone island in the heart of their world that teleports them from one world to the other.

The second one is going off a different path. The first book of The Emblem Saga, Emblem of the Necromancer, follows the path of a young adventurer that is on the trail of what she believes is an exciting treasure hunt for a lost emblem of legend. But there's a lot more to it than what it seems, and things soon turn more than what she originally bargained for. I might actually get to a point with that saga that I post some of the deleted scenes up here, as the original version, though quite fun at some parts to write, is being cut and replaced with other tidbits that will help make the storyline flow a bit better. Don't let the title make you think this is an ordinary necromancer, I've taken a spin on it and changed it so that it revolves around the type of magic the character uses: Fire, Shadow, Storm, and Fog. This story has NOTHING to do with raising the dead!

Like with Sun's Moon, I intend to bring in the second book of The Emblem Saga in later this year. Emblem of the Mage, however, will not be following the character from book one. Trust me, everything comes together in the end, but you need to see how it happens to truly grasp the situation these characters are in, a couple even against their will.

And with that, I shall bid you farewell for now.
Happy Reading!

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