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Author has written 8 stories for Batman Beyond, Teen Titans, and X-Men.

Name: It's to embarrassing, so just call me JoBO or Jo
Age: Too old for some and too young for others
Nicknames: JoBO, Kay, Joanne McKay...
Homeland: Denmark - yes, it is a country! (We even have our own language)
Hobbies: writing, dogs, writing, animals, writing
Favourite quotes: "Nothing is what it seems like!" - "Writing is a journey, not a destination!" - "I’m a little bit of everything that adds up to a whole lot of nothing."
Favourite couples: Rogue/Gambit (X-men), Dana/Terry (Batman Beyond)

My stories:

Where love takes us
A X-men-story. Gambit died as a hero, but Rogue dosen't want to let him go. She gets help from a new mutant, but the outcome is very different to what she had expected. And who is Louis Dubois? Is he really Gambit's brother?

A Way of Life
A Batman Beyond-story about how Terry’s life turns around, when Bruce has a heart failure. He also learns something new about himself, but most important is that maybe he is the one! Okay, maybe that wasn’t the most important thing in this story, but Terry does have his collision with destiny.
I’m already thinking of make one more story in this series, because in the end of “A Way of Life” will a very important person come “back” in Terry’s life.-JoBO

The Phoenix series
A Teen Titan-series. Robin faces maybe the greatest enemy he ever will meet, since this one holds ALL the cards. There is only one question to ask: How long are you willing to go for love?

Phoenix I: From the Ashes
- Robin disappears and is presumed dead, but is he really dead? A Boy wakes up in the hospital without knowing who he is.

Phoenix II: Flames Without Limits
- A year has passed when Airmid comes back and asks Robin for his help, which takes him on a journey into weirdness. Can he save himself and the world, as we know it?

Phoenix III: The Secret Flame (on the way)
- Dick discovers a big family secret and finds out why Slade is so interested in him. In the same time he also needs to adjust to his new skill, before it’s going to kill him.

Phoenix IV: The Ring of Fire (on the way)
- Not long after leavening Teen Titans Dick gets an offer he can’t refuse. It takes him into a whole new world, but is he really finished with Teen Titans?

My poems:
(All Batman Beyond)

What has happened to you?
Dana’s feelings towards Terry. She can feel that something is different, but can’t put words on it.
This poem was a forerunner to how Dana is in “A Way of Life”.

Who is behind the smile?
Nelson, Nelson…I don’t know what to say.
This poem is also a forerunner to “A Way of Life”, but remember it’s from Nelson’s point of view.

The Stone
About Batman and feelings…
Just what happen, when I was bored in physics…

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Co.story to Where Love Takes Us... not much else to say other that: What is real? RogueRemy
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Everything goes wrong in Terry's life, but is it all so bad? Bruce has a heart failure and Terry is thrown out of the school. This was my first fanfic in English, so there is many mistakes. I'm working on it... slowly
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A feeling never comes easy!
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Who is behind the smile? reviews
Someone is asking himself about the smile. Is he the smile?
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Dana says: What has happened to you?
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