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Author has written 7 stories for Hunger Games, Infernal Devices, Cassandra Clare, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Mortal Instruments.

Hi! I'm DreamShadow22452. I am currently on a break from Fanfiction but I hope you all enjoy my stories!

Here is the tribute list for my story Revenge: The 20th Annual Half-Blood games. I have removed the spoilers.

District 1:

Girl: Citrine Opal, 16, daughter of Aphrodite

Boy: Quartz Ametrine, 18, son of Zeus

District 2:

Girl: Skyler Woods, 15, Daughter of Ares

Boy: Bryce Onyx, 18, Son of Hades

District 3:

Girl: Kennedia Wells, 12, Daughter of Athena

Boy: Alectro Dawning, 17, Son of Hephaestus

District 4:

Girl: Lytha Mazely, 16, Daughter of Poseidon

Boy: Hunter Clearwater, 12, Son of Ares

District 5:

Girl: Lyssa Columbine, 18, Daughter of Apollo

Boy: Aster Hansen, 18, Son of Aphrodite

District 6:

Girl: Dahlia Jade, 16, Daughter of Hermes

Boy: Vincent Sorel, 15, Son of Demeter

District 7:

Girl: Jasmine Caraway, 18, Daughter of Ares (Hunter of Artemis, looks 10 years old)

Boy: Jayden Cedar, 17, Son of Apollo

District 8:

Girl: Thalia Morgan, 14, Daughter of Aphrodite

Boy: Kaspian Peryte, 14, Son of Athena

District 9:

Girl: Rhea Sage, 15, Daughter of Demeter

Boy: Keelan Sanders, 15, Son of Hermes

District 10:

Girl: Abigail Paige, 17, Daughter of Apollo

Boy: Wytt Marsull, 18, Son of Ares

District 11:

Girl: Leila Edelweiss, 16, Daughter of Athena

Boy: Archer Caladium, 16, Son of Demeter

District 12:

Girl: Melanite Endeine, 17, Daughter of Hades

Boy: Andrew Jackson, 13, Son of Hephaestus

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- Albert Einstein.

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- Wayne Gretzky

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The clock never struck midnight! And the Cinderella Sens are headed to the Stanley Cup playoffs!

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