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Hey! I have no idea what I am doing right now... Is this my profile?

Well, assuming it is... Um...

Hi? I am trying out writing FanFictions for Fairy Tail. I'm new at this so excuse me if my writing isn't exactly very good. And I'm still in school, so homework is a big part of my life. That would be the reason I can't update every day...

I am a HUGE fan girl, I obsess over practically everything I come across. Some of the things I love are: Fairy Tail, white chocolate, milk chocolate, caramel, smoothies, ice, exercise, reading, eating, writing stories, staring at the computer, hanging out with friends, trolling people, My Little Pony, Harry Potter, Ranger's Apprentice, Warriors, skiing, organization, listening to music, bunnies, cookies, brownies, fruit, juice, whipped cream, pretty things, follows, favorites, reviews, cooking, baking, vacations, swimming, dancing, playing piano, shopping, gifts, planning, gum, roller coasters, cheese, video games, and fun in general.

BUT, I do have a lot of things I hate too: Shrimp, dark chocolate, messiness, sweating, writing essays, sad endings, mean people, my braces that keep poking me, bugs, clams, sushi, mosquito bites, sunburn, carbonated drinks (when I drink soda, I stir it until all the bubbles are gone), stinky things, snakes, exams, homework, etc.


ErzaxJellal - Their story is so sad... I LOVE THEM. They were absolutely meant to be! Jellal will become known as a good man, he MUST. Actually, I just love Erza in general. She is so awesome. Beating up 100 monsters (I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE EPISODE 167), scaring Natsu and Gray into being Happy Number Two, and she is SOO pretty. Also, when she was inspecting the inn, freakin' adorable.

GrayxJuvia - At first, I found Juvia really annoying with her whole "Gray-sama"-ness. I thought she was really weird. But when the Grand Magic Games started, she changed her hair and outfit -- which made me like her a lot more. She found the nerve to stop stalking Gray and actually asked him to do some stuff with her! Although she's still quite.. disturbing with her fantasies. Especially the one about Lyon and Gray... And about Gray flat out refusing Juvia... Well, as of now, I don't really blame him, but I'm sure he'll come around. And I have hope that Juvia will come around and be slightly less stalkerish too.

NatsuxLucy - Personally, I've just accepted that they'll be together and anyone who says other wise is delusional. I mean, they aren't like the other couples with such complicated histories, which is why they aren't exactly on my favorite list but eh, they're obviously going to be together.

GajeelxLevy - They are adorable together. Period. Complete opposites, and with the past of Gajeel nearly killing Levy, absolutely perfect. It's also SOO adorable how they pretend to not like each other. XD

MirajanexLaxus - There is a whole thing about whether Mira should be with Freed or Laxus. I think Laxus. There isn't MUCH evidence supporting this pair, but trust me, there is some.

ElfmanxEvergreen - Just a minor Fairy Tail pair I thought I might include in my story. Evergreen scares me. She'll never beat Erza for the title of Queen of the Fairies so I think she should just give up. Elfman looked better before the Grand Magic Games. I strongly dislike his "bulked-up" form. It's creepy.

WendyxRomeo - Most people pair these two up just cause they're the same age. I have more reason than that. Notice how in the Grand Magic Games, they're spending A LOT of time together. Also, Romeo's idol is the fire DragonSlayer, Natsu. Wouldn't it make sense for him to be in love with a DragonSlayer? I wanted to include them in my story, but they are too young to participate in some of the events I have planned. I was going to have them drink an age potion but then I thought it was too complicated. I might still include them, just not as a competing couple.

HappyxCharle - They're SO cute! I hope they have light blue babies, even though I know that's not how genetics works... I really wanted to have their parents tell them about the fact that they were well, their parents. Sadly, Mashima did not allow me that joy. They obviously can't compete because they are cats and that would be a huge disadvantage when it came to battle. Or anything really. I KNEW THAT CHARLE WAS GOING TO BE THE DAUGHTER OF THE QUEEN AS SOON AS SHE SAID SO EVEN THOUGH SHE SAID SHE WAS LYING. I KNEW IT.

You know, Mashima is a huge troll. He's seriously confusing. I'll never understand how he thinks.

Ok, done with ranting. For Now...

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