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Name: HI!!! A kid in my class came up with a nickname for me so I thought I would use it as a username, RaeRaeJJ. It is kinda weird but I have had weirder nicknames like today a guy in my class called me RubaJawJaw. Again it is weird I prefer Rae or Raechy, but I really don't mind nicknames.

Favorite Animal: I love animals, I mean absolutely love animals. My favorite animals are White Tiger, Bongo (Yes it is an animal), Okapi.

Favorite Color: My favorite colors are neon green, blue and orange. I hate the color pink.

In My Spare Time: I love drawing. I will try and draw and post a picture of it for every fanfic I do but I still need to figure out how to get pictures from my iPod to the computer.

Favorite My Subject: My favorite subject is art, unless you don't count art as a subject then it would be science. I am one of the highest scoring students in my class.

Favorite Food: I love to eat my grandma's mashed photatoes and secret gravey. My favorite candy is Reeses and Butterfingers.

Anime: I watch animes every night and also during the day, I have watched so many that I don't think I remember half of them. I liked watching Bleach, D Gray Man, Pandora Hearts, Ouran High School Host Club and Special A.

Gender: I am a girl even though I like acting weird and crazy like guys do.

Music: I play clarinet. I usually play Road's Song on my clarinet, I think it is very fun to play! I don't really listen to music, like I don't ever listen to music, unless it is from an anime then I listen to it over and over until it is stuck in my head forever. But sometimes I will watch an AMV of an anime an I will find a song I like. So my favorites songs are Roads Song, Secret, Her Name Is Alice and a few others but these are the main ones.

Looks Like: Alot of people say I look alot like my sister. I have long brown hair that reaches past my shoulders. HUGE brown eyes. I am also really tall. I also only wear jeans, even in the summer. Sometimes a dress or skirt for special occasions but other wise, it is only jeans.

If I Could: I would love to learn Japanese and move to Japan when I get older. I am crazy when it comes to Japan. Sometimes I will speak Japanese at school and everyone will look at me funny. I love to listen to Japanese music, too. I have had this obsession since I was four. I also have two Japanese kids in my class. I love Japan. I would also like to be able to do a cartwheel, sadly I can't. But I can do flips and stand on my hands, but only on a trampoline. If it was possible I would like to sing in front of people, but I'm such a chicken. I only sing in front of my friend, not even my family. I would like to own a tiger, too, if he doesn't kill me.

Personality: Ever since I was born I was, and still is, very quiet and distant. Whne I was very little I would only hum, not talk or sing or anything. Well I did talk, only when I had too, most of the time I would only nod my head yes or no. Then I met a very good friend of mine in second grade. She loved to sing and be loud. She doesn't care what other people thought of her, she was pretty weird to be honest. She MADE me show my weird side, or at least she tried. She only got me to talk to people and not just nodding. After awhile I started to open up a little, but I still never told people about what I was feeling. Now I am still quiet and distant, but not as bad. We have been friends for years and kept in touch. She still is very crazy, but she is a good friend. To this day she still nags me about it and tells me how distant I used to be and how I still am. I never tell anyone what I feel, like happy, sad or mad. I just keep it to myself. I also like to be alone. Like just me and an animal is the best. I wouldn't care much if I never had kids or got married.

I Hate: Something that I hate the most is people who underestimate girls because of their gender. I hate it when they say, especially boys, "Oh, she is a girl she can't play a sport, kick, beat a boy at anything, but your a girl your supposed to like pink or purple, girls or just supposed to look pretty and do nothing." I honestly hate it when they say that. When a boy says that I get up in their face and tell them to prove, that usually shuts them up. That is the only feeling that I show and when I actually talk more than a few sentances at a time. Ialso hate touching worms, I am not afraid of them just not touching them. I can touch frogs, toads, bugs but not worms.

Fear: My fears are really weird, well especially one. I fear and hate shots, once I slapped a nurse and she dropped the shot and it hit my in the arm six times, leaving tiny holes, until it stuck in my arm, like srtaght down into my arm. I also fear councilers and people like that. It is weird, Iknow right.

P.S. If you have an anime that you really liked then please tell me, because I can add it to my long list of 'Anime to Watch' list. Thanks if you do!

Fun Facts: Thanks, I also say thanks alot. My favorite word is AWESOME! In 2nd grade people called me 'Awesome R'. I am really good at singing, but I have stage fright. The only time I was on stage was for one play, but I was really young. I will only sing infront of people if another person is singing with me. Usually when I draw people their heads are huge, I love drawing horses and dogs (Because they are easy). I hate coloring, though I'm good at it. So my drawing book is all black, gray and white (I just use a pencil). I love creepy stuff and it is really hard to scare me. I love blood guts and glory stuff too.

Please read my stories and reveiw. Thanks if you do!

D Gray Man: My Mini Version reviews
A mysterious person/tiger joins the Black Order. He or she causes trouble, laughs, mystery and a lot more. Kanda's ranking will go down. Lavi has laghing fit over laughing fit. Lenalee gets surprises. Komui gets a horible cooperating person. Allen is just stuck in the middle of everything. Who is this mysterious person...! This is my first fanfic!
D.Gray-Man - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 7 - Words: 7,379 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 12/29/2012 - Published: 12/7/2012