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Author has written 8 stories for Naruto, Harry Potter, X-overs, Elder Scroll series, Bleach, and Fate/stay night.

My real name is of no importance, all that I am is just someone with a lot of stuff in their head that needs to be put down. Beyond that I like manga, video games, drawing, writing, my friends, and my family. I also hate everything, but it doesn't mean I can't also like stuff.

I am completely against the Log, though not it's ilk, for they are merely misguided individuals trapped in the demonic sap of the wooden devil incarnate. Everytime a ninja replaces themselves with a log, a little piece of their soul is sapped away from them. Rise up all Log Heretics and follow the path of the True Plague, for only those blessed with a piece the True Plague's divine self can defeat the machinations of the Log. A decaying log is a worthy sacrifice to the True Plague.

Now away with that boring stuff, and onto the Challenges, yes folks challenges, because these are some kick-ass ideas, of which I have yet to actually see here on this site. If anyone actually wants to write one of these fics, please send me a link, so I can add it to the page. Anyways without further adieus I introduce

SashaSeer's Fanfiction Challeneges

1. Will and Todd's Excruciating Adventures

Type: Sanctuary and Stargate Atlantis crossover

Premise: Will from Sanctuary and Todd the Wraith from SGA end up together, and stranded from their respective homes, and both need the other in order to get back.

Requirements: That it's these two characters, that it's this title, and that they can't be in any way, shape, or form in either of their home galaxies. Aside from that have fun, try to keep them in character, maybe have Will compare Todd to either The Big Guy or John Druitt, have the two's relationship be much like Will and Tesla, or Todd and McKay, I don't know. Heck if you really wanna spice things up, have everybody that they run across look like someone from both their home series that was played by the same actors, you wouldn't be short of faces.

Inspiration: Just the fact that most of the actors from the Stargate series ended up in some form or another onto Sanctuary, and the similarities between the title and 'Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure' was too easy.

2. Power Rangers: Academy Wars

Type: Power Rangers War is Hell story

Premise: Ranger Legend, Tommy Oliver, has turned Power Rangers into a global police force, stopping major evil threats 24/7, by opening an Academy that trains future Rangers. On the 10th anniversary of the Academy's founding, an old ally of Tommy's, the Phantom Ranger, returns with grave news for Headmaster Oliver. Suddenly war breaks out between the two, with Tommy calling up old recruits, and the Phantom Ranger using Shadow versions of past rangers. With the civil war threatening the world, three first year recruits have taken it upon themselves to stop this madness before it's too late.

Requirements: 1st, the main trio. They must have the most used colours (Red, Blue, Yellow). Red must be the leader. None of the team can willingly fight for either side. 2nd, other rangers. Any other rangers introduced, has to be an original character, they can use the powers of already canon rangers, and sentai, but they can't be the actual rangers. You can have your own reasons for this, but I kind of like an organisation made up of previous ranger villains (like Kamen Rider's Dai-Shocker) managed to wipe out all the canon rangers, excluding Tommy and Phanty. This gave Phanty all their powers, and merging them with Tommy's completely destroyed the organisation. 3rd, the powers. There must be a trinket or device that allows the recruits to utilise the powers of the canon rangers. It could be keys like in Gokaiger, or it could be medals slotted into a gauntlet, anything, but it has to be something. Also, not really a requirement, feel free to ignore, but for the main trio, and any allies you put in, could there be a moment where they all turn into a previous Red ranger, that'd be real awesome. 4th, the academy itself. I intend that to be neutral ground, and also the base of operations for the main trio and their allies, but Phanty has to want the Academy as his end game. The reasoning can be up to you, but if I may suggest, the Shadow Rangers that he uses are weak compared to fully fledged Ranger powers, and the main source of the former powers is held in the Academy, hence Phanty's reasons for wanting the place so bad.

Suggestions: Basically things that I've already nutted out that may be of use. Phanty can convert others into his thralls, this will grant him the use of more Ranger powers, and it'll be a way to create a traitor in the main trio and their allies. Battlisers are an option, along with other power ups. Other Tokusatsu heroes (Kamen Riders, Metal Heroes, Ultramen, etc) are welcome, but try not to have them around alot, treat them like it's a team-up chapter(s). Time limit for the Academy recruits, I mean come on, their new recruits, so they'll need training with their powers, so a time limit is a valid option for them, heck you can even make it 2 hours if you wanna keep the Animorphs motif going. Tommy having a unique set of powers, is also fine.

Inspiration: Several, but mostly the main theme from Animorphs (nobody completely survives war unscathed), along with the plot device from Gokaiger (the new team using old ranger powers), and the original script idea for Ninja Storm. Minor inspiration, mainly for why Phanty is doing all this, is because the morphing grid is powered by the continued struggle of good vs evil, thus with what Tommy is doing, it'll wipe out evil, and no more Power Rangers, which would mean if another organisation, like the one that killed all the other previous rangers (that's if you put that down), comes along, there won't be any rangers to defend the planet.

Extra: For the purposes of this fic, all extra heroes, ranger like allies, etc, basically those that can morph/have their own Zord/those that just look like they could be a Ranger, are treated as a ranger, along with those that didn't get a Power Rangers double (like AkaRed). Also if you want to add in Rangers to pilot the extra Zords (ie a Purple ranger for the Stegozord in Dino Thunder) go for it. I would prefer if you kept this title, but you don't have to. Aside from that, try not to make the fic too dark. Just look at TIM's Fate/Zero Sense for pointers.

3. Fate/Prophecy Trial

Type: Fate/Apocrypha and Future Dairy crossover

Premise: 14 Servants versus 14 Dairy Holders, Ruler versus God, the prize? The Grail and the Seat of God, who will win.

Requirements: The Servants and Masters must be from the Nasuverse, but that doesn't mean that they have to be the ones shown in Fate/Apocrypha. The dairy holders can be the originals from Future Diary, along with 13th from the visual novel, and any of the extra diary holders from latter chapters, though I'd prefer Aru Akise myself. Team-ups can be between anyone. Now whilst Ruler can be Joan D'Arc, it doesn't have to be, so feel free to make your choices. Finally if this takes place in one world or the other, or if it's a worlds collide kind of story, it's up to you.

Influence: none really, just thought it'd look awesome

4. A Different Climax

Type: Kill la Kill and Kamen Rider Den-O crossover

Premise: Ryotaro, after being stranded in the Kill la Kill version of the world, and without his Imagin pals, finds himself at Honnouji Academy, alongside a girl with a very familiar sailor fuku...

Requirements: Aside from Ryotaro being separated from his Imagin (and possibly the DenLiner), all up to you, though a suggestion would be to have his Imagin (as well as Deneb, Ghost, Negataro, Teddy, and Eve) either be trapped within the Life Fibres of the henshinable uniforms, or have the Imagin be the people that wear the henshin uniforms. For a list of whom I thought fit together:

Ryuko/Senketsu - Momotaros (obvious)

Gamagori - Kintaros (both damn strong)

Inumuta - Urataros (the intellectual snarks)

Sanageyama - Deneb (both incredibly loyal to their chosen leader, both with... unique personality traits, though I do admit Sanageyma is more like Yuto than Deneb)

Jakuzure - Ryuutaros (musical savants, childish attitudes, have a multitude of followers, and both have a heavy, sibling/almost romantic interest in the main character's elder sister)

Satsuki/Junketsu - Seig (on the Satsuki side, just the over-dramaticism of the two, though Satsuki is more stern than Seig, yet on the Junketsu side, I'd say it's more over how even though Seig does help out the DenLiner crew, he isn't exactly one of them, much like Junketsu, and also both are difficult/straining to use (though for Seig that was only in his intro henshin), meh)

Iori - Eve (both are irregularities in their series (Iori a Club President with a 3-Star Uniform and Eve an artificial Imagin), that's it)

Nui - Ghost Imagin (just how psychotically powerful they both are, and how it's them that makes the main characters fall to darkness)

Ragyo - Negataros (the exact opposite/anti-thesis of their main characters)

Mako/Aikuro/Tsumugu - Teddy (I'll admit this one stumped me for a while, but he could either fit as Mako (both are supportive roles of their respective partners), Aikuro (as a protector to Ryuko/Kotaro respectively), or as Tsumugu (in their personalities and prowess even without merging with either Life Fibres or Kotaro))

Influence: originally it was a stray idea after realising that Toshihiko Seki voiced both Momotaros and Senketsu, then it was after following that thought and seeing the colour motifs between the Imagin and henshinable characters (save for Nui and Teddy) match, after that it was seeing that nobody else has done something similar to this outside of one off fanart (but really that only includes the Senketsu/Momotaros link and nothing more).

5. Heaven's Feel 13

Type: Warehouse 13 and Fate/Stay Night crossover

Premise: The Holy Grail is an artefact that can aid in summoning Heroic Spirits, grant the wishes of those that claim it, and can open the door to the Root of the World. The Warehouse collects artefacts that could potentially put the world at risk. What happens when the Warehouse goes after the Grail?

Requirements: Warehouse Agents enter a Grail war. Could be the one in Fuyuki, could one of the other grail wars that erupted, heck could even be part of the Moon Cell Grail War. Which Agents, and which War is all up to you, just make it happen please...

Inspiration: Warehouse Artefacts make for good Servant Catalysts.



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