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Hello. I am Some Guy. This profile bio was written years ago, and does not accurately represent my current personality. I will show you my current personality by adding little messages here and there of me reacting to my bio. These will be italicized and [in brackets.]


Hi! I'm a big Sonic the Hedgehog fan. I like Mario and Zelda too, but probably not as much as Sonic. Though, I guess they're all awesome... Oh, and Pokemon! I can't forget about Pokemon! I am constantly changing my profile, so... You know... [No, actually, I don't know.]

my FC's info(s):

Name: Alice the Cat
game: Sonic the Hedgehog
role: Hero
gender: female
height: 4'7"
weight: 128 lb
eye color: light pink
age: 12 years
powers: similar to Amy's Piko-Piko Hammer ability, except she summons a powerful sword. [Is that actually what it's called or did I make that up? *one Google search later* Okay, that's what it's called.]
Talents: fairly good swordsmanship [Well I would hope so.]
traits: often happy, always enthusiastic, grumpy around Christmas time (Read "Alice's Secret" for explanation), always caring [Yeah, except I never explained it. I dropped Alice's Secret after chapter 3 due to a writer's block that sadly continues to this day.]
appearance: dark pink, hair similar to Blaze's, black boots, purple long-sleeved shirt, purple denim pants.
favorite activities: writing, running, learning [Aren't these kind of necessary for life?]
likes: being helpful.
dislikes: violence
favorite food: none
ambition: none
quotes: "Woah, cool!" "Oh come on, it'll be fun!" [She didn't say either of these things in any of the stories she was in.]
family: Blaze's step-sister [Oh so I just made Blaze suddenly have a step-sister? There are so many problems with this that I'm not even gonna try listing them.]
fake backstory: Her brother was dragged down to the depths of Hell and killed by Satan himself, and now she seeks revenge. She travels around the world, slaughtering demons with her Holy Sword of Generations, passed down to her by her father. She has devoted her life to finding the portal to the underworld, and avenging her brother by killing Satan. [BAHAHAHA! I'm so glad I clarified that this was fake! Jesus Christ!]
how I thought of her: I was thinking of an FC for a role-playing game on ROBLOX, And I thought of a pink cat; Alice. I got the name from the role-playing game; Alice was the name of a little girl I adopted in the game-- aaaand I'm over-explaining.

name: Scar the Wolf
game: Sonic the Hedgehog
role: anti-hero
gender: male
height: 5'0"
weight: 139 lb
eye color: brown
age: 13 years
powers: none
talents: professional motorcycle-r; Couldn't think of anything good/ not cliche. ["professional motorcycle-r?" Really?]
traits: Can't think of anything. [Of course you can't.]
appearance: grey, scar next to left eye, black T-shirt, black leather jacket, black jeans.
activities: ??? [Ooooo, he's so mysteeeeriooouus.]
likes: quote, "kicking the crap out of people" [Heh. I actually kinda like that.]
dislikes: lemonade [... Okay...]
favorite food: mashed potatoes with gravy, quote, "the potatoes are like brains, and the gravy is like the juices. Plus, it's delicious!" [Okay, that's clever.]
ambition: none
quotes: "Whaaatever."
family: none.
how I thought of him: He just... came to me while I was at a Thanksgiving party. [Probably explains why I chose mashed potatoes for his favorite food.]

Name: Candy Cane [Ah, I remember Candy Cane. I should get around to writing her story...]
game: Super Mario Bros.
species: Gemolonian (A type of alien) [How descriptive.]
role: none
gender: Female [Technically, I don't think she actually has a gender.]
height: 3'7"
weight: 0 lb
eye color: bright blue
age: unknown
powers: inter-dimensional travel, Can create a blue light at any brightness she wants. [... So like bioluminescence? Oh, sorry, that word's probably too big for past me. I meant to say "GLOWY ANIMALZ!"]
talents: no notable talents
traits: High intelligence, knowledge of most alien/earthly species, doesn't need food
appearance: Cross between black/blue, floats a foot in the air, body is a large rhombus-like diamond, head is a smaller version of body, string-like arms, small circles for hands. [So many things to talk about here. First, I think I imagined her in the Paper Mario style. Second, "cross between black/blue?" Did I not know the word "dark" back then? Third, "rhombus-like diamond." Let me repeat that. "Rhombus-like diamond."]
activities: none
likes: Stardust [I didn't even know what stardust was back then.]
dislikes: none
favorite food: Doesn't need food.
ambition: To explore every dimension in existence.
quotes: none
family: ???
how I thought of her: She appeared in a dream I had, and when I woke up, I immediately hopped on the computer and started typing a story, and this bio of her. My original idea was to put her in a story where she crashes in the Mushroom Kingdom while dimension-hopping, loses her dimension-powers and meets Bowser, who falls in love with her and pursues her affection by trying to restore her powers. Spoiler alert: Things do not end well for our "type of alien."]

name: Charge [Charge. I really like this guy.]
game: Pokemon
species: Pikachu
role: none
gender: Male
height: 1'8" [That's a tall Pikachu...]
weight: 15 lb
eye color: black
age: Unknown
moves: Has several moves, including Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave, and Pound.
talents: no notable talents
traits: Usually happy, usually enthusiastic, always prepared to fight
appearance: White, two black stripes on back, ears are slightly shorter than other Pikachus, fur is slightly longer than other Pikachus
activities: playing, running, fighting
likes: nothing specific
dislikes: almost none [Okay... But what are the few things he dislikes?]
favorite food: Oran and Cheri Berries
ambition: none
quotes: none
family: unknown
how I thought of him: I was sitting there one day, watching TV, and he just... came to me; like Scar. [Liar. I thought of him on the spot when I joined a Pokemon roleplay on Miiverse (R.I.P).]

name: Jacob [From his description in this bio, I have concluded that Jacob is OBSESSED with pokemon.]
game: Pokemon
species: human
role: none
gender: male
height: 5"5'
weight: 203 lb
eye color: blue
age: 20 [I imagined him being closer to 16...]
talents: no notable talents
traits: often determined, sometimes nervous, often happy [Doesn't this just describe humans in general?]
appearance: brown T-shirt, dark blue jeans with a tan belt, black shoes, often wears Pokeballs on belt, often wears Bag around neck
activities: catching Pokemon, running
likes: Pokemon
dislikes: Pokemon abuse
favorite food: none
ambition: to catch every Pokemon in existence (and non-existence) [... So he wants to catch imaginary Pokemon?]
quotes: none
family: unknown
how I thought of him: same as Scar and Charge; he just came to me randomly. [Liiiiiiiies. He came from a dream I had where Jacob tried to hide the fact that he did sexy times with his Combusken from his other Pokemon, who included a Jigglypuff and a... Nidoqueen? Maybe Nidorina? I don't remember.]

Name: Nashta [Fun fact: Nashta came form a dream I had while I was playing through Mass Effect 2. It involved sex. Lots and lots of sex.]
Game: Mass Effect
Species: Asari
Role: None
Gender: Female
Height: 5"
Weight: 189 lb
Eye color: Black
(Everything is undecided from here down for this FC)

Name: Ten'i
Game: Mass Effect
Species: Unknown [wha]
Role: Anti-villain
Gender: Male
Height 4" 8' [Man, that's a short... "Unknown."]
Weight: 150 lb
Eye color: Black
(Everything is undecided from here down for this FC)

My top 10 Favorite Games:

1. Minecraft
2. Kirby's Dream Course
3. Pokemon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition
4. Animal Crossing: City Folk
5. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
7. Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest [Oh God.]
8. Super Paper Mario
9. Paper Mario: Sticker Star [Oh Jesus.]
10. Super Mario Bros. 3 [I think I just liked this game because i was "retro."]

Top ten game characters: [This list is TOTALLY different now.]

1. Tails (Sonic)
3. Shadow (Sonic)
4. Toad (Mario)
5. Ganin/Ganondorf (Zelda) [Those are different characters.]
6. Sonic (Sonic)
7. Amy Rose (Sonic)
8. Dr. Eggman (Sonic)
9. Silver (Sonic)
10. Bowser (Mario)

Bowser was lucky to make it on to the above list. It was either him or Zelda.

Prefered Fanfictions:

Horror. Mystery, say, kidnapping. A tiny bit of romance. Anything with Sonic the Hedgehog. Anything with Mario. LOTS of action and comedy, although I'll take one or the other in a story. I also like a story that makes me think, and has subtle clues to things. Kinda like those old books where you're a detective and you have to solve mysteries.

Unprefered Fanfictions:

Anything with huge amounts of gore and brutality; Something like, say, the clip for when you fail the eye surgery thing in Dead Space 2. [OH GOD WHY DID YOU HAVE TO REMIND ME OF THAT WHY NO STOP IT DON'T PUT THAT IN THERE NOOOOOOOOOOO]

Favorite types of music:

Country, country rock, punk rock.

If you want to communicate with me:

PM me, I reply to almost all of them, Review on my stories, Sometimes I PM people about their reviews, I don't have a Twitter, I have a Facebook, but I don't feel comfortable revealing my full name to hundreds of people just so one or two people can communicate with me.



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11. Shhh okay? Go to 6

12. Uh uh, 8's got your story

13. Okay, no more! Go to 10!

14. Breathtaking, look at 3.

15. Umm, Go to 9.

Copy and paste on your profile if you played this. Also, put your username on the list!

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