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About Me:

ღ Name, guess we'll never know xD

Favorite color All colors are my favorite, but i absolutely adore every type pf purple out there!!!

Favorite Music anything that grabs my attention.

Age i am immortal...Jk!! Can you guess?

Hobbies: Archery, dancing, excercising( weird huh? 0.o) Drawing, singing.

Nature: some call me a flirt, others a pervert...but i think im just a natural spunky teen with an joyous attitude, you will most of the time see me being all goofy and comedic.But i do love being adventurous.

Specialty: most of my stories will be focusing on ikari shipping, im sorry but thats probably all i will ever focus on mainly, why? i dont know i just like the idea of badass paul and sweet spunky dawn, so yeah, and most of my stories will be in the supernatural or fantasy genre, occasionally i will do action, but overall you will see contest, poke and oldrival shipping in my ikarishipping stories so no need to worry XD !!!

Favorite anime/cartoon:hhmm i love pokemon, i really do, including all of them IDC what others say about some seasons sucking i think they all rock for me ;) i like high school rumble they absolutely crack me up XP i love souleater,avatar,hetalia,high school ouran host club, black rock shooter hhhhmmm other than i cant rememvber what else (i have super bad memory i sometimes forget whats my birthday 0.o),

Favorite Asian Dramas:ok...i ABSOLUTELY LOVE ASIAN DRAMAS...they are the best IMO i mean they have everything, romance,betrayal,happiness,sadness,even the most badass villains ever, my top asian drama i absolutely recommend to everyone is BREAD,LOVE AND DREAMS, it has everything i mean everything that u would want in a drama and i cant beleive im saying this but it beats the hell out of any hispanic hispanic...i grew up with those novelas (soap dramas) second favorite would be CITY HUNTER...the absolute best action drama ever with hot guys and assasins what else would you want???, but yeah i also love secret garden, boys over flowers,and oh yeah one last RECOMMENDATION YOU MUST WATCH "YOUR'E BEAUTIFUL" no doubt when youre done watching these three you wont be dissapointed the least.

...G...It will come true in the Anime!

Ikarishipping (love love this shipping its always my #1),

contestshipping (so meant to be),



soulsilvershipping(its like dawn and paul),

cavaliershipping(its interesting and smexy),

twinleafshipping(barry and dawn together is a funny pair and i love those two together barrys the g-man),

pearlshipping(i actually find these two right for each other but thats just me)

wishful shipping(cilan and iris seems interesting),

and i came up with my own shipping for brock and lucy called antidoteshipping.

Stories in Pogress:

Sinner sLove:Dawn, May, Misty, and Leaf were just regular teenage girls in there final year of highschool, you have the classic girl that every guy wants but she dosent play by the rules, the spunky vice president that they adore but she has a dark side, the feisty president that they respect but who has issues, and the lovable rebel they fear but has a scared side of herself. Each hold that single wish they truly desire, so when cresselia the queen and keeper of dreams offers them a contract to become saints and help her collect the broken peices of the destiny jewel in exchange for that desired wish to be granted, they accept and become the keepers of there soul gems, allowing them to have incredible powers, but then whats the deal with the four new guys transfering in, and now the four sinners who roam the city scouting for the destiny peices too, will love blossom between saints and sinners or will it all just be a nightmare?

Shinigami Blues: Dawn hale is a shinigami who ends up on earth, she stumbles upon paul shinji, a normal high school senior, unforunately for him his older brother reggie is on the verge of death and he cant do anything except watch helplessely. One day the doctor tells paul that reggie will pass on any time, he refuses to accept this and storms out, dawn stumbles upon the teen again and thinks of an idea, she cant keep living if she dosent have life force to live off of and she still dosent know how to get back home, so she makes a deal with paul, shell save reggies life if he promises to feed her his life force, he accepts, but what he dosent know is slowly by slowly his life will turn for the worse.

Champions Academy: Champions academy where only those chosen by there potential and will in the pokemon tournament world are issued, chosen and watched carefully by legendary champions what new challenges and adventures await the newbies,enter a new Evil that seeks to destroy the legendary institute and only a few brave challengers will stand together and fight, unleashing there champion within.

As i am currently working on my first fanfic called champions academy i couldnt contain myself and decided to draw all the new champ students in the academies uniform which is maroon and gold (i wouldve colored them but everytime i color my drawings they come out ruined :( so anyways i posted a link to my deviant art profile where i have posted my oc drawings im not done drawing all of them im still missing a few so please be patient i will get to them all.

Falling In Love Like a Comic:
Dawn May Leaf and Misty are over acheiving seniors, members of there schools prestigious student council, well trained kyudo and fighting masters, and well loved but feared in there school, life seemed good for them, that is until they get fed up when there rival school, an institute for the rich, finally cross the line. so what do they do? the only thing they can do, go undercover as males Dominic, Logan, Mathew and Mason.With the help of there aunty cynthia, they will slowly blend in to the school, dethroning the student council one by one, but what happens when the members of the council suddenly become attracted to them, as well as every other students in school, this mission won't be so easy after all. Ikari, Oldrival, Poke, and Contest shipping!!!!

Dangerous Hearts: Four criminals and four assasins, the best in there business, but what they were raised to to do, really what they were destined to follow?No, what about if a mistake 17 years ago, caused for this misshap to occur, what if they were switched at birth, or in this case, stolen by the wrong organizations, experimented on, trained to become heartless and dangerous people, 17 years of such experience and they have gained unspeakable powers, as one would refer to them as the darkly gifted, meet Dawn, Leaf, Misty, and May.Four international criminals, raised to lie cheat and steal, no parents, only a boss. then theres Paul,Drew,Gary and Ash. Four highly trained assasins, trained to defend, fight, and kill no parents, only a commander. What happens when they are sent to Cross academy, where they will have to complete there biggest jobs yet, while unknowingly discovering dark secrets. Ikari,Contest,Poke,and Oldrival!

Champion's Academy: Gold Arc:

Luciana and Celestial are twins separated from childhood, but they mysteriously end up in the same school, except now they are on opposite ends of a three sided war, the prestigious royal group of Elites headed by Luciana, the rebellious underdog Frontiers controlled by the Storm King, and Crystal Genesis, a secret organization powerful enough to wipe out all other threats ruled by Celestial. A new generation of students join them and soon they all discover that becoming the best in the pokemon trainer world isn't always through the path they though of, with the search of mysterious devices called Regalia's ignited, everyone is dying to join in on the Royals war and become the true king of all. But will they all reach Gold victory?

Picture of girls uniform:

Picture of Guys uniform:

So for some reason my lameass decided to take this long ass questionaire which now i regretted as i could have been out with the posse, oh well, its already been done.


You must fill out EVERY question! No skipping! Copy and paste this on your profile!


1. Perfect? Pfft, yeah right the only person i find that can be perfect is...Chuck Noris 0.O 2. Tall? Are you trying to make me feel bad?... 3. In your pajamas? Ha! if i did pajamas i would probably would be in them, but i sleep naked, dont ask, i just do... 4. Left handed? nope, but my parents are forcing me to learn since i always break my right arm...


1. Friend you saw: My freinds iran, jennifer, and mia when i was being the top dog and performing the bannanna sprite challenge XP 3. Person to text you: my creepy stalker...

4. Was today better than yesterday? there the same..


1. Number: 10 FTW!!! 2. Color(s): Lilac, lavender...ok im not going to do this again lets just agree on all purple k? 3. Fruit: bananna's and nothing else 4. Place: downtown long beach woot woot!!


1. Are you missing someone right now? Ooh, getting personal, are we? Yes. 2. Are you happy? I'm not UNhappy. I'm happy enough, I guess. 3. Are you sad? Okay, let's learn opposites. If I'm happy, I am not sad. Unless I am insane. Which I suppose is questionable, since I'm partaking in this mind-numbing questionaire. 4. Are you bored? Nah. Giving sarcastic answers is somewhat entertaining. 6. Are you nervous? I'm sitting on my laptop, typing answers to a stupid questionnaire. Yes, I am shaking in my boots. 8. Are you tired? I'm always tired.


1. Real name? Mcluvvin Doggs (That was a joke) 2. Nick names? Luv 3. Eye color? Light hazel. 4. Zodiac sign? Cancer or crab ?...Could these questions get any more random? 5. Male or female? Female. 6. Slut? Yes, definitely. AGAIN, WHO THE HELL WOULD ANSWER YES TO THIS QUESTION? 7. Smart? Smart enough to know that this is a waste of my time, but dumb enough to continue doing it because it entertains me. 8. Hair color? brown/black/and gold brown ...dont ask i like to experience new stuff... 9. Long or short? Long, pass my waist 10. Sweats or Jeans? Jeans, of course. 11. Phone or Camera? I enjoy both of them. This is a weird question. 12. Drink or Smoke? Smoking kind of turns your lungs into fiberglass. So no. And I have tried alcohol before, but I definitely don't make a habit of drinking. 13. Righty or lefty? If by 'righty', you mean right-handed, then I am that.


1. First best friend? Hmm my first dog rocky the rotweiler, he saved me when my house burned down when i was 7...still miss him :( 2. First crush? Hmmm, thats a tough one, see, i have bad memory i do know he sat on the state of florida in kindergarten... 3. First pet? I dont count rocky as a pet he was family, so that would be my other dog who is very fat and currently numbing my lap while she sits on me, my dog le snowp, aka mareep or flaafy cuz shes so damn fluffly XD4. First big vacation? My family took me to Mexico when I was, like, 5. I don't remember it, though.


1. Eating? lollipopz, bitchez. 2. Drinking? A deadly mixture of my moms powerhouse green juice blegh!!! 3. I'm about to: Give up on this questionnaire. 4. Listening to? my itunes playlist. The song is currently Trash and scatter by Avenged sevenfold. 5. Plans for today? host a party my brother is throwing, bartend, make sure nothing gets stolen and be in charge of who gets to drive home safely or stay and pass out around MY HOUSE!!


1. Shorter or taller? Taller, because if you're shorter than me, you're probably a legal dwarf. 2. Romantic or spontaneous? Spontaneous. It's more fun that way. 3. Sensitive or loud? Meh. I guess loud? I want someone who I can joke around with. 4. Hook-up or relationship? Sex. JUST KIDDING. Relationship.


1. Drank bubbles? Like, shampoo? hahaha, pleanty of times when im singing in the shower... 2. Lost glasses/contacts? Oh, yes. The list of things I have lost is incredibly long, and there is a place for glasses on that list. 3. Ran away from home? ive attempted, but then my dad would stop me at the front door while he was watching t.v. and tell me to unpack which i actually did... 4. Broken someone's heart? HHmmm, im not sure, but the looks of there faces says i probably do, i hope i did, what can i say im evil muahahah. 5. Been arrested? Once, i almost was though, for being pulled over by the cop and i tried speaking in a german accent so he thought i was a tourist, he bought it but then i told my freind i couldnt beleive he bought it, the cop was still next to me, he took out his shotgun, i shitted bricks that day...


1. Miracles? Sure. 2. Yourself? Well, I sure do exist. That I know. 3. Heaven? I hope it exists. 4. Santa Claus? You're a real funny one, whoever wrote this. Hilarious. I'm dying over here. 4. Love? Yep. Sure. Why not? 5. Do you like someone? I LIKE EVERYONE. Except whoever wrote this thing. 6. Do you believe in God? I hope He exists. 7. Answered the truth on all questions? Weeeellll...

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--for the good ones because they
--are afraid of falling and getting hurt.
-Instead, they just get the rotten apples
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-but easy. So the apples at the top think
--something is wrong with them, when
--reality, they're amazing. They just in
--have to wait for the right boy to
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-- brave enough to
--climb all
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Rise of the Champions by RussianXRouletteXValentineXoXo reviews
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At Champion's, Students expect to hone their skills and grow stronger with their pokemon, but what they didn't expect was a crumbling tower of truth falling over them, they'll discover the exact reason why they were invited to the Academy and what there purpose in the pokemon world is. Being the best there ever was, doesn't always have to be through the path of a trainer. OC story
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Ash's son Aedan needs his eighth gym badge before being eligible to compete in the pokemon league, and while there are plenty of gyms to go to, there is only one he wishes to challenge, a gym run by Ash's old rival now turned friend, Paul. It is the regions strongest gym and only a handful of trainers walk out with a badge in hand, but what is the story behind the gym's badge?
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Serena and Ash are childhood friends who rule there school with good looks and 'charming' charisma, all seems well for these two. But there relationship is far from perfect, Serena is a man eating Queen, while Ash is the King of tears, she likes to constantly tease him for never having a girlfriend, so what happens when Ash admits that he has somebody he loves? Amour
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We were once friends, sometimes more, the Bad boy, Playboy, Skater boy, and the Jock. And us, the Cheerleader, the girl next door, the tomboy, and the sweetheart. One detention, and old friends meet again, sparks will fly and secrets will be revealed as they reunite for good, this time fixing what had been broken in the past. Ikari, Contest, Oldrival, and Poke Shipping!
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When Dawn finds out her parents have given her hand in marriage,not to one man, but alot, she ends up at St. Arceus for the Elite, a prominent school that harbors children of elite families, but she's determined to get each and every one of her fiances to break the contract. A simple plan, right? Well...not when they all want her for themselves, but are there motives all the same?
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They were genetically engineered to carry Pokemon DNA, prompting a painful mutation process where they would develop their beast like traits as the years come by. They don't realize just how dangerous they were created to become, a trump card for future wars and disasters. For the subjects, their lives had ended, but for their creators? It is the start of Project Circus. SYOC
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Being re-written
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