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Ymir chan


To read a story from finish to end, is not only seeing a character change, but to also see the auther grow.-Kendra Leigh

War is not decided on who is right, but who is left.- unknown

Knowing is not the same as believing- who knows

Crashing into a wall proves some physics wrong. I once fell up the door. Gravity was to busy laughing at me to let me fall. (not a quote- but could be.) true story! Swear on my grave.

-forget the fact I'm still alive-

Lets do some quizes

Name-Kendra Leigh

Age-Legal in my opinion

Hair-colored different all the time. Mainly blonde.

Race-German-American. Parents full Deutch but we were all born here.

Birthday-June 13. born on friday. Cool I am a Gemini, Two-faced! Go me.

Favorite color- Purple, red, green and grey. i really like dull colors, i dont like wearing much but black an grey. Though it does very in tones. I wear my hoodie in summer and texas heat is brutal, its a wonder im still alive. Purple is my fav real color. I wear purple when i can as long as its tasteful and not to overwhelming. Purple and red are usually what i dye my hair and green is mostly on my shoes. I also have a belt which is studded black with it fading like into red. Its really cool. and my jingly belt. It has rings and i always wear it. Sometimes to bed. Im obsessed.

Lives-Austing Texas. I really miss Kansas. I am so redneck, but you'd never realize that by looking at me. You have to hear me talk. I say pop when refering to soda or coke.

Music- well i grew up on country and will forever love it. I love any thing that rocks and has a good beat. Love the 60's 70's 80's 90's, love death metal and grungy, 90's pop, some, and Hip Hop. I like some mainstream rap or whatever but hate emo. If i can't dance to it i hate it. Dont like disco or most blues. I like rock of all ages and i like country cus it's timeless, alternative rock and gothic. I like classical and have an ear for opera, though i dont know why. Music for me isn't really the words, though sometimes i do like the lyrics more, but i am more for the beat and tone, rithym and sound. I just cant stand emo though. God go slit your throat and cry. But dont make me listen to your sorry emo pain. eh, i ranted.

Ever do bad things- all the time. I once stole candy from my baby brother. I just wipped the slober off. heh, joke.

Ever in trouble with the law- I recognize most of the police by face in Austin. One even said that if he had fuzzy handcuffs, he would cuff me in those instead. Only cus the metal once left bruises. I laughed so hard i blew snot out. That was funny too.

Have a record- Nope Im to good to be caught, well caught and persecuted.

Fav animals-cats and horses. I swear i was a cat in another life.I want an albino huskie. SO BAD

Why is you cat gay?-I have no clue. must be his hormones. I call him mare-tard. ma-retard. Maria is his girly name. Full name: Jody Jocalyn Mari Antionette The Queen of France. Or just JJ, Maria, Ma-retard, Dumbass, or Queenie. He just ran into a wall, but i still love him!

Will you do anything for money?-Yes. Out of the seven deadly sins, mine is greed and lust. HA!

How do you get your brothers to leave your stuff alone?- just tell them i masturbate to whatever the want to touch.(to bros- inatomant objects set me off. boys-eww gross. Fucking lesbian me-lesbian has nothing to do with lust)

Did you look on the internet for info to write Twisted Pleasures?-No, i knew all that. i did look on the internet for cool sights, but most of them are how to clean your system. Sucks you have to pay for that shit. Not that I need it to clean my systems, just sucks that you have to buy from the internet. What happens if i have a five-fingered discount card?

Are you insane- no not really, though i do find myself talking to my lighter late at night. The damn thing seems to want to either dance, move, or flash light when i turn to my computer screen. Right now the damn thing disapeared. my comp screen even turned to jello once and started jiggling. it was very amusing.

Somthing about me. I am relitivly boring unless i feel like it. Right now i am just looking at a ketchup bottle i stole from DQ. The waitress saw me take it and chased me down. But i got away! muhaha. My favorite condement? Ketchup. Next to ranch dressing and mustard.


OK then. I have to say, I am disapointed in some writers. Ok, not disapointed, but really ticked. I go searching for a good story to read, and i find a summery that catches my attention. It has a nice number of reviews saying that it is well liked and possably a good story. However, as i start reading, i realize that the story sucks. Not because it has bad plot or its really bad, but because of how they write. I dont mean to be prudish, but i really wish some people would learn at least a little bit of proper writting. Why can't they do it correctly? I dont want to see computer lingo talk in a story. I dont want to see ur y to insinutate the words your and why or alonganated words such as AAAAHHHHH!. That is not proper English and that isn't even how you spell it correctly. I also dont like that speaking to your concsious bit. I was reading a Naruto fic and i know that Sakura has an inner self, or another soul, but that is no concsious. Also, it seems that two characters, when they returned to their respective homes, they seemed to all of a sudden have inner thems too. Like out of no where, all of a sudden, magically, they realize they can have a conversation with thier inner thoughts. I really can't stand that, and it seems a lot of good stories have these very things. Another thing i dont like, but can put up with seeing as the authors like to indulge themselves, is AN's posted throughout the story. one or two, i can't bitch about, but having them littered throughout the whole story is just aggrivating. If the author has to comment on little one-linners or funny antics, than obviously they dont think the reader is smart enough to catch on. Its not a big problem, so i can't really argue. But stories that include the first two, lets come back to my comment on them possessing a nice amount of reviews. Some people are to soft. Or fake. I can bet you money that most of these people who review those stories which completely bomb reveiw because they think it's polite or did enjoy it. Im not saying they are wrong to review, but no one seems to actually give any critiques on them. Its always, good job, please write more! No one ever seems to be honest any more. I will tell you strait up, and i will be commenting on stories i read for now on because i wish to give them some advice. if you have a story that has shortened words or elongenated exclamations, than i will tell you it would be in the stories best intrest to fix that problem. If your computer has a spell check or corrector, use it. Microsoft word usually has a good corrector program. It makes a story so much better and fluid to do so. It just makes a good story bad.

Well, thats my rant. I hope not to offend people, but if they would just stop being so self concsious of their works, than maybe they could inprove. I know i am not perfect, but i am trying to make myself better and perfect as much as i can. Some people could have such great stories if they could only work on a few imperfections. I just wish people would point that out more and hope that the autr takes the critiqe in good stide, as long as it is made in a honest, profesional way.

Danke (thank you)

If any one has read the book Queen on the damned, by Anne Rice, you know that the story is in segmants and each act has a poem from her husband. This one is my favorite.

Hide me

from me.

Fill these

holes with eyes

for mine are not

mine. Hide

me head & need

for I am no good

so dead in life

so much time.

Be wing, and

shade my me

from my desire

to be

hooked fish.

That worm


looks sweet and

makes my me

blind. And, too,

my heart hide

for I shall at

this rate it also

eat in time.

Stan Rice


Some Lamb(1975)

Awe so lovely. Dont you think?

Fave Authers include-Anne Rice, Jude Deveraux, James Patterson, Jack London, Edger Allan Poe, Scott O'Dell, Walter Farley, Lois Lowry, Jane Austin, Nora Roborts and her alias JD Robb, Daniel Steel, and Joanna Lindsey. I admit, I am a fan of the romance novels. They are just so good! But i love most books, except horror and i find steven king to be less intertaining then his reputation suggests.

Anime's and manga's are just nothing special. Inuyasha, rurouni kenshin, yu yu, pretear, petite princess yucie, dn angel, azumanga daiho, wolfs rain, princess tutu, noir,chobits, gantz, Kilaido Star, gravitation, happy hustle high, wallflower, mars, fruits basket, Passion, Loveless, Tramps like us, Demon Diary, Deathnote, and since my memory sucks, i can't remember every thing. Just know its alot.

Love the Labrynth (obsessed completely)and Crow.Pirates of the carribean. I dont know whether I love Jack Sparrow or Jareth the Goblin King more. Its so hard.. Charlie and the chocolate factory, the new one and old, I like Hex and Eureka, Life on Mars and i guess i just love any thing i watch, mostly except horror! I am scared shitless of that stuff. Once, i even grabbed my friends remote, rolled off the bed ninja painful style, rolled across the floor and then rolled back on the bed just to knock the batteries out and throw it back to the wall. Just cus i didn't want to watch pet cemetary. My friend laughed her ass off. I had a bruise on my hip. O well.

...Stories to come...

Life on Mars

I dont know whether it will be an Inuyasha story or some other, but i do know that i was watching BBC, a british network, and the series Life on Mars caught my attention. I was only able to see one episode, though i think i might use a bit of it's plot to fuel my own story with the songs of David Bowie, my love, as a bit of a mood. I dont have much of the plot figured out, though i do plan on having a murder in it, and the main character's mind being held in a diffrent time,likethey were transported to the past. the character will think they are crazy, in a comma or something, though living their lives and solving mystery/crimes that they were working on in their original life. It's a bit complicated, and that's why i need more time to work on it. I still dont know what catagory it will be in or what it will intail, but i'll be working on it.


If you want any info on what is comming in my stories, read below.

Dead Prophesy

Kagome does like she always does in every other story like this. She see's Inu and Kik together and runs. Unfortunatly, she runs into sessh. But unlike every other storie, he finds nothing interesting in her, no potintial. So he kills her.

It is acually going to be a double ending. The second part is By Moonlight's Strength, which i have the first chapter out already. it will go on to be a sesshy and kags pairing since i too am such a sap. So some how Kags is alive,though you will have to read it first. I wont give any thing away and it wont be so easy to guess.

A God, Sesshomaru

I have already reposted this story. I think it is much better considering it has more personality to it. It also is much slower and paced then the last one. It also just doesn't jump righ in and have the two pronounce their love. It does show that the two found a connection with the other, but it mostly allows you to finish the story yourself in your imagination. Whether you want the two together is up to you or not.

I know now what love is like

Again it had no personality. Nothing to define it's characters. Goes way to fast and has no feeling. It's like skimming through a book. only taking on the important notes and the ones that stand out. Not depth to it at all.

Past Person

Since it was my first story, i knew from the start that it needed work on. But i am a lazy good for nuthin. But i have started rewriting the first few chapters. Its just a matter of time before i get it how i want it.

Puppy love

Going to rename it Puppy crush because i just want to. I think the chapters are going to be seporated by time. Each chapter could be either one to ten years apart from eachother. Hey maybe more. And this is because Kagome needs to realize that the full grown dog she adopted has not changed nor grown old in all the years they had traveled together, nor the man she occationaly sees. You dont know about the man just yet because he hasn't been introduced, but he is more of a stalker through time that she wants to meet because he never seems to change like her.

Twisted Pleasures

One of my more popular stories, it's the only one i really like. I think it shows a light on what life for other people is. The characters are the kind of people your mother tells you not to befriend. Sure it has it's good points, depending your morale, but it also has bad points. I plan on having a few characters go through some dangerous stuff that could get them in alot of trouble or possobley killed. I aslo think this story is unique because the events the characters live through do not happen as they live their lives, it goes from one random time frame to another. One chapter Kagome could be 16, the next chapter she could be married and jumping on the moon. Who knows. You just have to read because i will give the ages somewere in the story.

Love for My Mysterious Ninja

My first Naruto fic. It's a two-shot which is based around the past and future of Kakashi and Sakura. I love that couple. The first part is when Sakura was a young girl and finds Kakashi in the forest wondering why he is still alive. She gives him some innocent advice and equally innocent love, though neither know who the other is.. The second part is when Sakura is older and Kakashi remembers when he met the small girl. Sakura finds Kakashi by the tree they had met long ago under and it's Kakashi's turn to help her. When realization hits them and they realize that they were both important roles to eachother's pasts, they both feel the need to be more together, though still slightly innocent, but with the hope of passion.

Ok since i have nothing else to say, i guess i am out. if no one reads this, i guess it was a waste of my time. Though it did't take too long. O well, until later, i will be batman.

-Zoom, takes off-


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