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Hi, my name is Dani, Danielle, and I have always liked fanfictions! It's the first thing I do when I come home from school. I'm in love with the idea of creating your own way of twisting the story. I JUST LOVE IT!!!

Things I also like:

Nickleback, Three Days Grace, Merlin, The Hunger Games, Fanfictions (duh), piano, Witch & Wizards Series, The Lost Boys, The Outsiders, SuperMegaFoxyAwesomeHot Starkids, parodies, and lot's of other things. I just don't have enough time for all that.

Favorite Actor- Alexander Vlahos (hands down)

Favorite Color(s)- Brown and green

favorite T.V. show- Merlin

Favorite Movie- It's tied between The Outsiders, The Lost Boys, and The Hunger Games.

What was the last thing you ate/drank?- A monster (the drink...)

What was the last thing you watched on T.V.?- MERLIN!!!

What is the most disgusting thing you ate?- Brustle sprouts (I don't think I spelled it right)

What was the last book you read?- The Book of Mordred

Have you ever gone to see a movie multiple times?- Yes...

Now these questions are just getting random.

What's your movie soundtrack. Put your iPod or whatever thing your music is coming from and push shuffle. NO CHEATING!!!

Opening Credits: Cry Little Sister by G Tom Mac (YES!!! Except that’s how the lost boys started)

Waking Up: Sami by Darren Criss (Well my name’s Dani… Close enough)

First Day at School: Digga Tunnah Dance by The Lion King 1 1\2 (…)

Falling In Love: Fight For All the Wrong Reasons by Nickleback (That’s not exactly what I was going for but okay)

Fight Song: Tell Me a Lie by One Direction (Ok that fits)

Breaking Up: Poor Unfortunate Souls by Ursula (*LOL*)

Prom: Across the Universe by The Beatles (Makes sense)

Life is Good: Mockingjay by The Tributes (Whatever)

Mental Breakdown: Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again by Andrew Lloyd Weber (Cool it’s ok)

Driving: Kick It Up a Notch by Starkid (AWESOME!!!)

Flashback: Circle of Life by The Lion King on Broadway (Sweet!)

Getting Back Together: The Bird and The Worm by The Used (Excuse me while I go jump off a cliff)

Wedding: Never Too Late by Three Days Grace (I like it)

Paying the Dues: Bring Me to Life by Evanescence (Um… okay)

The Night Before The War: Better Days by Nick Pitera (*Sarcastic* Very Encouraging)

Final Battle: The Madness of King Scar by The Lion King on Broadway (Whoa Okay)

Moment of Triumph: Survivor by Destiny Child (This fits)

Death Scene: The Mirror (Angle of Music) by Andrew Lloyd Webber (This is okay but doesn’t really fit)

Funeral Song: Bloody Mary by Lady Gaga (Whoa I’m making a comeback)

End Credits: Not Alone by Darren Criss (*LOL again*)

What color/kind of socks are you wearing?

Red = loud

Green = stupid

None = quiet

Fuzzy = gorgeous

Yellow = innocent

Purple = a little too happy

Black = emo

Stripes = funny

Gray = skanky

Pink = preppy

Light blue = sweaty

Other = hot

White = sexy

What kind of pants are you wearing?

Shorts = dork

Skirt/skort = skank

Corduroy = faggot homosexual

Tight jeans = scene kid

Ripped jeans = emo

Cammo = cage fighter

Jeans = prep

Pajamas = pimp

Cargo = clown

Sweats = athlete

Boxers = brat

Booty shorts = female

Capris = Gangster

Nothing = hoe

Dickies = weirdo

Bikini bottoms = tiki girl

Other = sex addict

What is your natural hair color?

Brown = that every one wants to make out with

Blonde = with a hot boyfriend

Black = with a sexy smile

Dark brown = with a broken heart

Red = that likes to have fun

Auburn = who loves to be different

Dirty blonde= with a nice ass

Bald = with herpes

Pick the month you were born on:

1 = who ate

2 = who needed

3 = who killed

4 = who banged

5 = who killed

6 = who smoked with

7 = who shot

8 = who ran shirtless with

9 = who got stabbed horribly by

10 = who cuddled with

11 = who slept with

12 = who ran naked with

Pick the day you were born on:

01 = the kool-aid man

02 = a dog

03 = a shoe

04 = a toothbrush

05 = Santa Claus

06 = The Trojan man

07 = Barney the dinosaur

08 = a prostitute

09 = a porn star

10 = a bag of weed

11 = my lover

12 = a glass of milk

13 = a horse

14 = a lesbian

15 = a stripper

16 = a pickle

17 = a jew

18 = a homo

19 = an orange

20 = my mom

21 = a homeless guy

22 = a whore

23 = my crush

24 = an easter egg

25 = a jar of honey

26 = a condom

27 = my favorite fictional character

28 = a french fry

29 = your dealer

30 = Paris Hilton

31 = your grandma

Pick the color of the shirt you are wearing

White = because I love marijuana

Black = because im sexy as hell

Pink = Because the lil people told me to

Blue = because I have AMAZING boobs

Red = because I'm a pimp and your jealous

Polka Dots = because I hate my life

Purple = because I'm gay

Gray = because I got dared

Other = because that's how I roll

Green = because I'm good in bed

Orange = because I smoke crack

Turquoise = because I have a noodle in my nose

Brown = because I had to

Shirtless = because I've got abs

I am a quiet pimp who likes to have fun, and who cuddled with a dog because I'm sexy as hell... OMIGAWD I KNOW RIGHT

List 12 characters in The Hunger Games

1. Cato 2. Clove 3. Foxface 4. Katniss 5. Finnick 6. Haymitch 7. Peeta 8. Effie 9. Thresh 10. Rue 11. Glimmer 12. Snow

1. Have you ever read a 6/11 fic.

Haymitch/Glimmer NO!!!1 and I don't want to

2. Do you think 4 is hot ?

No... Dude I am a girl.

3. What would happen if 12 got 8 pregnant ?


4. Have you read any fics about 9?


5.Would 2 and 6 make a good couple ?


6/9 or 5/10 ?

Haymitch/Thresh (lol) or Finnick/Glimmer? NEITHER, but if I had to pick I'd pick Haymitch and Thresh. ANYTHING BUT GLIMMER AND FINNICK!!!

7. What would happen if 7 walked in on 2 and 12 ?

if Peeta walked in on Clove and Snow? He'd probably be like "SORRY!" And walk out

8. Summary of a 3 /10 fic.

Foxface needs food and fast. When she spots the girl from 11 she quickly makes an aliance in hope for food. All goes well until the careers find them...

9.Is there anything such as a 1/8 fluff?

IDK, but I hope not

10.warning for a 1,6,12 fic what would it be ?

Warning! Cato/Haymitch/Snow Fanfiction! If you don't like blood and gore DO NOT READ!!!

!!! This thing is crazy accurate ;)

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Guinevere has had a child after Arthur died. A little girl named Guinever Arabelle, but she goes by her second name. When a mystery man shows up in Camelot with big news that an army is coming to take Camelot. Merlin knows exactly who it is... I suck at summeries I'm sorry. Rating may change.
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