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AkaSuNa 紅沙

Heya! My name's Aka, or you can call me Suna if you want X3. I'm 16 and an OTAKU freak!! I've been drawing anime and writing fanfics for 6 years now, starting from primary school. I'm not particularly confident with my writing and only write these fics because sometimes the anime or manga just doesn't satisfy me at all...>

Anyway, I'll be posting just one fic for the moment, and its called Aka no Hana, or あかの花, and its an AU fic based on Black Wolves Saga. The plot is roughly the same, but I tweaked it a little.(BWS fans, please don't kill me! *hides* I just wanted to try this, so bear with me please! >_ The main character is mine, but there are several characters who are based off the characters in BWS >


But as I mentioned, the main character is MINE and I designed her personality and style, so please do not steal her. *bows*

If this were a legitimate anime, here are the songs I chose to fit it XDD

Season 1 Opening: Mizu Hako by Yanagi Nagi

Season 1 Ending: Checkmate by Lasah

Season 2 Opening: Metaphor by Shoujo Byou

Season 2 Ending: Ice by Yanagi Nagi x whoo

Aka's theme: Remains of the Last Bird by (unknown)

Aozora's theme: Yume no Chizu by Hosoya Yoshimasa (I dunno if this song is already taken or anything, but I like it XDD)

This is a quick summary of the charters of my fanfic and the seiyuus that I would have liked to voice them >

Characters of あかの花

Aka (OC) CV: Mamiko Noto


Yoshino Aozora (based off Rath Vogart from BWS) CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa

Yoshino Yozora (based off Guillan Guinor from BWS) CV: Taniyama Kisho

Elizer L. Gallard (based off Arles V Felnoir from BWS) CV: Hirata Hiroaki

Asolette Regettina (OC) CV: Mami Kawada


Aki Sou (OC) CV: Masaya Matsukaze

Kurozakura (OC) CV: Terashima Takuma

Shirozakura (OC) CV: Kaji Yuki


Rexaluxe von Guravitch (based off Mejojo von Garibaldi from BWS) CV: Sakurai Takahiro

Rozenberg von Guravitch (based off Auger von Garibaldi from BWS) CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki

Razorath von Guravitch (OC) CV: Daisuke Kishio


Julian von Guravitch (based off Julian from BWS) CV: Akira Ishida

The characters are only BASED OFF, so they will be rather OOC but please bear with that. _;;

Thank you for your time!


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