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Formerly Sapphire Faith.

I'm not a very consistent writer. I have recently found myself playing mind games with myself... I write too many stories in which at least one of the main characters is down on himself or herself. A girl's perspective is the easiest for me. I think you can guess why.

I have a tough time writing- excuse me, I mean finishing stories. Usually I write stories that are just way too long because I love creating intricate and complex plots. It's a really bad habit... and it doesn't help that I write with only an idea and a half-baked ending in mind. How the characters will reach the end, I never know. Not until we get there, anyway.

One of the many weird quirks that I have is that I often don't feel like I have to create characters at all. When I begin my story, or when introducing a new character, I feel like I only have to go to Creative Characters, Inc., and the receptionist shows me to a profiling room. I enter in all of the details of the ideal character for my story. I go to the studio and test my character to make sure he/she fits my story. When I decide I like the character, I just give them a situation and record how they reacted to it. If I realize later that their performance doesn't work for my story, I simply come back to Creative Characters, Inc., and hire a new character. Usually, though, my first choice works out well.

As I said in the author's note in "Living" on my FictionPress account, I am not a huge fan of poetry. So why do I have more poems on there than stories? (Well, actually, I don't think this is true anymore. (Actually, it is.)) I don't understand myself when it comes to that. It's probably because I'm very hesitant when it comes to posting what I have written. I have very low self esteem, and I often feel like no one will enjoy what I've written. That's why I feel so happy when I get a good review from others!

But this doesn't really apply to this FanFiction account because I don't have anything on here... yet. I'm trying to figure out what I want to write about, but I will get something here one of these days.

I do have a FictionPress account, which actually has some stuff (two stories and three poems, I believe). If you don't like those, you could check all the stories that I've favorited...

If you want to take a look, my pen name is A Reticent Reader. (Or just click the link. I think it's easier that way.)

I also have a Noveljoy account, but I'll probably upload my stories and stuffies here first. My username is SapphireFaith, just in case you wanted to know. I feel kind of sad because I haven't done very much on Noveljoy...

By the way, I am a Christian. I do my best not to be judgmental, though. If you check the kinds of stories I've favorited, I'm not exactly reading stories that my pastor would read. But don't judge me! I am a very strong Christian (I believe so, anyway); I just happen to like a lot of... non-Christian stories, too. (If you read "Living" on my FictionPress account, you can see a glimpse of my faith... even though I've never needed it in the way the characters did.)

Here's the deal: I don't like swearing, cursing, cussing, or whatever you call it. I really don't. But the majority of the stories here have it, so what can I do? Honestly, it makes it hard to review because I want to say something like, "You don't need to cuss," and sometimes some mistakes that I point out are dangerously close to one of these words. (By the way, if you spell a cuss word wrong, I'm not going to correct you.) This is so I don't feel like it's necessary to mention this in every single review.

I also am not really comfortable with sex, especially between an unmarried couple in a story. Though I would love it if there wasn't any, I am tolerant of it being mentioned in passing. Well, if it happens in the present but isn't an in-depth event, I will deal with it, too. I, as of 11/8/13, am declaring that I will stop reading a story if it describes sex in detail. Sadly enough, my younger self went on a reading craze and read a few stories that seriously conflict with my faith. (See? I'm not perfect, and I don't try to pretend to be.) I will not be reviewing those stories, sorry.

I don't wish to offend anyone, but I do not approve of the LGBT (to me, LGBT should mean "Let God Be There" or something) community. That doesn't mean I'm judging you (if you are part of that community) or saying you're going to hell (I believe it's a real place; get over it. If I can say Heaven, why can't I say hell when referring to the place?) or anything. It just means I don't approve of your lifestyle. Don't take this as a "I can keep doing what I've been doing," though. Look at this as a "Maybe I'm not doing what I'm supposed to be doing."

Please don't flame me or send me angry messages saying that I'm so judgmental and such a prude. I'm not trying to impose my beliefs on you (I'm really only informing you of them), so please don't try to impose your beliefs on me.

Quotes because I feel like it!

Here are some quotes I hope to be known by (even though no one will remember me):

"Sometimes I fear for the sanity of those around me." Try having an insane best friend. Life will be a roller coaster that only runs upside-down.

"Do you need some help? 'Cuz I could totally call a psychiatrist." I honestly didn't copy this one. I just had the idea one day.

"It's normal to be weird and weird to be normal." Okay, honestly. When have you met a completely normal person? Not everyone's the same, so what actually is "normal" anyway? If you still don't agree, send me a message explaining why this statement is false. If it's convincing enough, I might believe it, but I'm not making any promises.

"Intelligence is more like wisdom. When you are taught something, you need to do more than just know it. You need to learn it." Let me explain this little proverbial statement from someone who isn't even near finishing high school (today's date is 9/10/13). Most people who know me consider me smart. (Disclaimer: I am not as extreme as your opinion of me is.) I usually apply what I am taught in, let's say, school to my life. I connect things in my brain, such as looking at a cloud and saying it looks like a marshmallow. Okay, that was a bad example. A better one would be that I unconsciously incorporate things I've learned into my vocabulary, especially in my writing, and realize it later. It goes something like that. A person can know a lot of things. For instance, I know that I have to do all my school work to get good grades. I also know my mother will be furious if I get anything but a good grade (100%). But if I don't actually apply that to my life and do my school work, that's not smart. Because my mother will seriously ground me. I knew this kid who had a fantastic memory and could know something by heart within a 12 hour period. But I don't think he really tried at school; therefore, his grades weren't as great as they could have been. He was what you could consider smart, but certainly very not wise. And he would forget what he knew after a while because he didn't care for it. Intelligent animals learn from mistakes, whether other animals' or their own. They use their intelligence and wisdom and, therefore, are smart. Humans can be like animals in that we can learn from mistakes and use our intelligence and wisdom to be smart. Okay, this one's weird, but I wrote a lot and put a date on it, so I feel obliged to keep it up here.

I love to write, but I do not write to love. I made this up while working on an art project with my younger cousin. I don't know why.

Ann Aguirre:

"I never belonged anywhere until I met you." (Enclave)

"You could miss someone, but it did no good to fixate on loss. I wished I had the ready words of a Breeder or the ability to comfort with a soft touch. I didn't. Instead I had daggers and determination.

That would have to do." (Enclave)

"Beautiful. And ugly. The world is always both." (Horde)

"But courage wasn't an absence of fear; it was fighting despite the knot in your stomach." (Horde)

"In the enclave, the strong and the physically perfect survived, but if you were strong, you protected the weak until they had an opportunity to grow into their own power." (Enclave)

"And maybe what I meant when I said that about Deuce is I don't want to do without her." (Enclave)

"When people stop writing down their stories, the soul of the world is lost." (Horde)

I have a habit of doing this drumming thing the tour guide taught a bunch of the girls when we went on our 8th grade DC trip. It annoys other people to no end... but I can't help it. I also like playing out the beat for the song "Cups" with only my hands. (A cup would be better, but I can play the beat with nearly anything!)

I, Sapphire Faith, do solemnly swear that from today's date (November 8, 2013) and forever onward, for all time to come, I will review every chapter of every story I am reading and will read with both constructive criticism and accreditation.

I joined the Creative Writing Club at my school, and it makes me feel very inadequate. So, during the second meeting of the year (2013-2014), some people shared some of their work, and even the eloquent description of a piano piece written on a whim was better than anything I've ever written. Just a random fact. But this doesn't apply to FanFiction as much.

So, yeah... I might write some more rambling on here... I'm praying that you don't think I'm some sort of weirdo. Believe it or not, but many of my classmates insist that I'm the smartest in the class. It probably didn't help that I was valedictorian of my eighth grade class. (Here's the video of my speech. Sorry for the nightmarish quality. Like my dad said in the description, our camcorder isn't HD. What he said after that is just embarrassing...) When I get 100% on an Algebra test, they always say, "That's 'cuz you're [Sapphire Faith]." (Sorry, I'm not comfortable putting my name up here... though I'm in the video. Well, no duh. It's my speech.) I beg to differ, however.

(By the way, did you notice that I say "so" very often?)

Keep believing (in whatever you believe in)!

Sapphire Faith