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Author has written 28 stories for Tron, Isle of Swords/Isle of Fire, Star Wars, Wreck-It Ralph, Young Justice, Big Hero 6, Flash, Avengers, and A-Team.

Before I start, I just wanna say that I own NOTHING from Tron, Star Wars, Wreck-It Ralph, Big Hero 6, Young Justice, The Flash, the Avengers, the A-Team, or Isle of Swords/ Isle of Fire. All I own are my OC's. Continue.

Hi, people who actually dared to click on my username! I've redone my bio! Phew, was that overdue!

All my beliefs and values and morals are tied into my stories heavily. I figured it's better to experience them rather than just see a list in a bio.

Updates are (sadly) becoming more irregular. I'm sorry :( But I have a lot of ideas, so I'm nowhere near finished yet! :)

Thank you all so much for the reviews and support! It really means a lot to me, and I'm so grateful! :')

STORIES: (No slash, no swears, no stupid stuff.)


Beautiful Mystery
(This story was named after a song by Owl City. A program (McKian) winds up in the User world and things start becoming a little more hectic for someone who decides to help him (Skigh). (It kinda ended on a cliff hanger, so that's what the next story is for!)) :)

(Okay, this story picks up where Beautiful Mystery ended. Mac's accomplished his goal of saving Skigh's life and, well, things don't exactly go according to plan after that.)
(My friends picked the name for this one (another Owl City song). Thanks, guys!) :)

Dreams and Disasters
(Skigh and McKian's secrets... there's a lot of them. And one by one, their secrets are being found out, starting with Cyrus' creator (i love Dimwit so much I could choke him). And McKian's life is on the line as he struggles to keep his origins away from the rest of the world. (Title from Owl City... again!)) ;)

(Picks up where Dreams and Disasters ends. And... this is the last in the series. This is after Legacy, and, sorry to say, Sam and Quorra won't be in much of it. But the other characters, my OC's and Beck and Paige and well, anyone who ties in with them, should be there. (Named after another Owl City song) ;) Thanks, Briannajs-22 for the title!) :)

(Okay, so really short story for Isle of Swords/Isle of Fire. A little different from my normal stuff, but the books are great. I read them a while back and really liked them. The title comes from Skillet's "Those Nights".) :)

(So... not like "Embers." ;) CLU creates (more like pieces together) a super weapon to take down Tron. But... his secret weapon isn't as lethal as he'd like... Title from Matthew West's song "Hello My Name Is") :)

(Oneshot. Beck's had one nasty cycle after the other, and after an argument with Mara, he feels worse than ever and starts wondering if anyone actually cares anymore... Title from Skillet's "Would it Matter?") :)

(During "The Reward" episode. I just wanted to play around a little bit with what was going on in Beck's mind when him, Zed, and Mara were standing up by the "Welcome to Argon" sign and his secret almost got out... Title from Coldplay's "Every Teardrop is a Waterfall") :)

(Some one just make Cyrus shut up! Beck's thoughts get in his way at the worst times... Title from Skillet's "Not Gonna Die") :)

(First Star Wars fic! :) It's more of a Jedi Apprentice style story, oneshot thingy... but oh well. Obi-Wan's only been Qui-Gon's apprentice for a week... surely things are gonna get better, right? (And I was aware when I wrote it that Qui-Gon was a little too harsh, but I've read stories where he's worse...) Title from Owl City's "Plant Life") :)

(Vader decides to momentarily reflect on what control really is... and then realizes that it's all everyone's ever had over him. Short oneshot; title from Anthem Lights' "Freedom into Slavery") :)

(Beck's only been the Renegade for a few cycles, and it's already starting to catch up to him. Title from Owl City's "Alligator Sky". Takes place right after the episodes "The Renegade part 1" and "The Renegade part 2".) :)

(Paige and the ever amazing Renegade get caught up in a high speed chase, and things wind up going downhill- for Paige. And as always, nothing can ever be simple on the Grid, so when a kind gesture takes Paige by surprise, it leaves more questions than answers. Lyrics and title from Owl City's "Hospital Flowers") :)

(Thanks, Pirateweasel, for the prompt! :) I had to write a story about the moth created from Quorra's damaged code in Tron: Legacy. So... it's about the moth created from Quorra's damaged code in Tron: Legacy ;) Lyrics and title from Tenth Avenue North's "Worn") :)

(First Wreck-It Ralph fanfic... Ralph, and the rest of the game characters at Litwak's arcade, run into a new face who isn't from any of their games. And he doesn't exact blend in with the crowd. Is there a way to get him home? And just how screwed up is his game? Title from Mercyme's "Welcome to the New") :)

(The one year anniversary of Sugar Rush's reset brings a huge surprise for Vanellope, which could cause her to leave her game for good. (Sorry for the mistakes and typos- I really tried to catch them all! :( ) Title from Imagine Dragons' "Underdog") :)

(Wow... this is a break from all the angst and stuff above! XD Beck, Zed and Mara get a chance for a night out, and the Renegade shows up... more than Beck would like! Title from Imagine Dragons' "On Top of the World") :)

(First Young Justice fanfic! :) Okay, it's a oneshot... Robin gets hurt on patrol, and yeah... that's about it. Title from Michael W. Smith's "Hang On") :)

(Set after Paige and Beck's break-up in "Rendezvous". Between Beck's friends belittling him and Tron being harsher than usual- anyone else noticing my trend of making Tron mean? idk what that's all about...- Beck decides to take a ride and clear his head. It doesn't go as planned, and the consequences have everyone rethinking how they treated him. Title from TobyMac's "Speak Life") :)

(Written for my friend, Welcome to the New! :) Beck's not thinking too highly of his alter ego, or himself, after meeting Cyrus. But one random program could change that. Lyrics and title from NEEDTOBREATHE's "Difference Maker") :)

(This was written in memory of a family member who passed away :'( The song used for this story, "This isn't the End" by Owl City, helped me quite a bit with their death. This is another Young Justice oneshot, focusing on Robin's feelings as Christmas rolls around.) :)

(My Christmas gift to you all! Paige finds a new face on the Grid who could spell disaster for everything she's come to know. (In case you didn't catch this, the pictures mentioned in the last chapter are from the episodes "Terminal" and "Isolated". Title from Owl City and Tobymac's "Light of Christmas") :)

(My first Big Hero 6 fanfic! There's damage done when a villain attacks. But this one hits close to home. Can Hiro's friends fix the problem, or is it too late? Rated T for a brief mention of alcohol. Lyrics and title from Michael W. Smith's "Let Me Show You the Way".) :)

(Major backstory, major nightmares, major chaos, and just a little AU... possibly? Idk whether it is or not, but Beck's not quite innocent; his code has something pulsing through it, and that something happens to be orange. Title and chapter names from Imagine Dragons' "Demons") :) (...why is there a ":)" after this one again?)

(Most people wait til they're married to bring a kid into their lives... but once again, Barry isn't like most people. The Flash gets an unexpected house guest that knows way more than they're letting on. Title from Owl City's "Rainbow Veins") :)

(First Avengers fanfic! (Just a heads up... it's a sad one) The team has had a rough week, and meeting a homeless kid could just turn their luck around. Title and Lyrics from "All I Need" by Brandon Heath) :)

(The A-Team has been approached with an amazing offer. The only problem? They just might be working for the wrong side...)

(This is officially my most popular story (as of August 2015)! Thanks so much, guys! :') It's always been said that the night is darkest just before the dawn. Well for Robin, the dawn part is too far ahead to see. Can anyone save him now? Major Young Justice AU! Title and chapter names from the song "Turn Around" by Anthem Lights) :)

I had a discussion with several fellow Authors and Tron Fans on Fanfiction.net and agreed on an organized fashion to keep track of time on the Grid.
If you like this way to keep track of time, copy and paste it on your profile page.

Cycle = 24 hours

NanoCycle = 1 second

MicroCycle = 1 minute

PectroCycle = 1 hour

MilliCycle = 8 hours

MylaCycle = 1 week

HiloCycle = 1 month

XilaCycle = 1 year

DecaCycle = 1 decade

HectoCycle = 1 Century

KiloCycle = 1 millennium



Anna SkighWalker (i know, i know!) Ryker:
Hair: Long blond hair w/ grey & orange stripe on left side and blue stripe on right (formerly blue & blond, then purple/pink & brown)
Eyes: brown (glow gold/orange)
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 119 lbs
Birthday: August 28
Personality: Skigh is very kind and concerned about others. She only gets mad when someone she cares about is mistreated or threatened. Skigh is willing to help others in need, even if it means losing her life in the process.
Health Conditions: dyslexia, insomnia, severe asthma, and many scars (internal and external)
Attire (on Grid): Black suit with purple & white lights & gloves covering palms and backs of hands (Kamikaze) OR black w/ four lines, one on each limb & hands completely covered (after accident in Kamikaze)

McKian Karson:
Hair: Longer black hair- blue at the ends (more blue on the Grid)
Eyes: Green (also glows green)
Height: about 6' 3"
Weight: around 180 lbs
Birthday: June 6
Personality: McKian is similar to Skigh. He, like her, has had a rough past, but nothing much compared to hers. He is always trying to help her and his friends.
Health Conditions: none- has watch that can give him any talent or ability on or off the Grid & gives him healing powers, as an example.
Attire (on Grid): Black suit w/ white circuits and bright green circuits (has the REVOLUTION symbol- the Tron "T" w/ an extra green square on the top and bottom- on his left arm and has watch)


Hair: Brown and wavy- sorta long
Eyes: Blue into green (Scarred right above one)
Height: taller than Tron- maybe 6' 6"
Weight: around 130 lbs
Birthday: none (i don't think program's have those... do they?)
Personality: Kirk is easily frightened, but doesn't realize that he's programmed to be the ultimate fighter; he can create different things with a lot of focus (his coding is tied into the Grid's mainframe more than the average program).
Health Conditions: scars under his suit, usually very weak from his system being abused right after his creation (he is formed from... remains of ISO's that CLU captured), and extremely pale
Attire: dark suit w/ yellow and red circuits- wears a blue cloak he created accidentally.

Cuddle: (created by Kirk)
(not a program/ not human) he's a little blue fluffball! :)
Eyes: big, and very blue
Height/Weight/Birthday: none
Personality: Cuddle loves to comfort and make programs laugh. He can't talk, but being ticklish speaks volumes! ;)
Health Conditions: none
Attire: none


Hair: Grey and green/ kinda spiky and really messy
Eyes: Green
Height: he's just tall... idk how tall... maybe 6'?
Weight: about 125 lbs or so
Birthday: none (he's a game character, so...)
Personality: Ryley is very generous and secretive, unless he knows for a fact the people around him are trustworthy. His pale/grey skin, and the fact that he's missing most of his left arm- among many other things- make him an outcast in his game and in the arcade.
Health Conditions: most of his left arm is gone
Attire: Grey and green ragged clothes, barefoot, and an old grey hoodie

Hair: Black
Eyes: Yellow
Height:about 5' 5"
Weight: around 120 lbs
Birthday: none
Personality: Labyrinth is deceptive, seductive, scheming and flat out evil She will stop at nothing to keep her little "utopia" functioning just the way she likes it.
Health Conditions: None, except she could pass as an alcoholic... or maybe that's just the fact that she's insane.
Attire: A helmet with a see-through veil, tight-fitting clothes, a tattoo on her arm (which is also on the medallion Ryley has- I never mention this in the story, but both are a map out to the gates), and a strange veil-glove thing covering one hand and part of her arm


Kaijo Kromko:
Hair: Blonde (short- a longer version of Paige's hair) / (on Grid) pink, grey, and purple
Eyes: Grey
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 102 lbs
Birthday: November 11
Personality: Kaijo is a bit of an introvert. She doesn't have much self esteem, but doesn't give up on anything, or anyone. She loves music, and is a decent student.
Health Conditions: (Yikes, where do I start?) Severe headaches, intense migraines, throwing up, dizziness, passing out, etc. (all possibly linked to a brain tumor, which is not directly said in the story, mainly because the test results never came back, and several other medical conditions have these complications.)
Attire (on Grid): a charred version of her TobyMac hoodie with half a sleeve missing and half his name torn from the back, a lime green/yellow dress over a neon orange one, charcoal suit color with pale blue and red circuits.

Mackenzie Parker:
Hair: Dark brown, curly hair (longer, with tips died pale blue)
Eyes: Brown (I looked, but never saw what color I made her eyes... so I'm sorry if it is in the story and I missed it.)
Height: 5' 4"-ish
Weight: around 120 lbs
Birthday: November 11
Personality: Mack is confident, optimistic, and has a bit of a short fuse when it comes to messing with people she cares about. She doesn't mind standing out.
Health Conditions: none


Grace Darrow:
Hair: Bright red and typically messy
Eyes: Blue
Height:5' 7"
Weight: 109 lbs
Birthday: March 27th
Personality: Grace is quite timid at first and takes time to open up to anyone. She's very good at keeping secrets, and she LOVES history.
Health Conditions: Um... does super speed count?

Oh, one more thing:

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord. "They are plans to prosper you, not to harm you- to give you a future and a hope..." (Jeremiah 29:11)

Okay, that's it. God bless! :)

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