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Update (10.Apr.2012): Hey. Long time no see, huh? I'm not sure when I will continue with The Runestones, seeing as I'm completely blocked on a major section. It's about 80 percent completed, but I'm stuck on a pivotal scene, and it's driving me crazy. Also, I've been lured into a couple of anime, and I automatically have to watch one or two episodes when I get on the computer, instead of sitting down and writing something.

Also, I have to admit that I am an Angry Birds addict, and can't go without playing more than an hour if I have any free time. Sad, I know, but it's evil the way I get sucked in. I'm still working quite a bit, so I don't have much free time as it is - damn you, Angry Birds!

That said, I promise I will finish this story - it's just the when I have no clue.


Update (20.Jan.2011): I see that I've managed to go a year (and a little more) without updating like I promised. I ran into major writer's block halfway through chapter 5 of The Runestones, which put a damper into me uploading chapter 4. I like to be at least a chapter ahead of where I post, simply because something may change slightly in the previous chapter. Then, while I was working through the writer's block, I made the decision to cut out cable, and in so doing that, I lost my internet. It was either do that, or cut my car insurance, so there wasn't much of a choice there. I rarely get the time to go to the library and use the wi-fi there, but I had the chance to do it today.

The Runestones will be completed. However, I am going to re-write at least chapter 3, and finish it before I put up the rest of the chapters. I am currently writing chapter 7, and there are three more after that. So, one the one hand, you'll get to read the complete story. On the other, I am not sure when it'll be completed. I am still working at least 65 hours a week, and I will be dog- and cat-sitting frequently over the next two months - let's just say that two 100 pound labradors are not very conducive to writing when they'd rather play with their Frisbee.

By the way, Panera restaurants do not like FFnet. I can't log in there at all, as their firewall doesn't like this site.


Update (4.Jan.10): Well, I've at least managed to get Word loaded onto my new laptop, but the internet access is going to be harder. The cable internet that I have doesn't run very steady, so the modem has a hard time interpreting it, which means my router doesn't always see that there's a signal. That means that my laptop doesn't think that there's a connection, even when the signal strength is excellent. Right now, I'm having a bit of a battle with the cable company over their recent upgrading, and see why my internet access still sucks. It wouldn't be much of a problem if I still had my old desktop, but that's been recycled for a month.

Right now, I've been using breaks to go to various restaurants and libraries which offer free wi-fi, so I can never tell when I'll get enough time to fully get back on this site. So, if I don't answer your review, don't take it to heart. Fifteen minutes at a time is just long enough to read a review and chick the rest of my e-mail. Hopefully, that'll change sometime soon, but I'm not going to hold my breath until then.

So, for now, enjoy Chapter 3 of The Runestones!


Update (28.Dec.09): Real Life (TM) has sucked this past half-year. The weekend that I was originally planning to update the next chapter of the Runestones, I got sick. Then, the next time that I had free-time (TM) my computer decided to finally call it quits. My mother said that I would be getting a computer for Christmas (of which I'm currently on), but my internet at home sucks. I'm currently at a restaurant with free Wi-Fi, only because I had some free-time (TM) between errands. (You've gotta love days off in retail during the holidays.) I'm not able to upload the next two chapters at the moment, because I don't have Word on this computer, and guess what program I have them saved on? I do have the program, but I was more concerned about getting my internet access straightened out before I did put it on my computer.

So, you'll have a bunch of things to read in the next coming days, once I get everything straightened out. First, though, I have three months of e-mails to read through.

Q :)

Update (1.Sept.09): I'm sorry that I haven't been here, but RL has kept me away for such a long time! I've been working around 80 hours a week at two different jobs (since April), plus I have a lot of things to do around home - all of which leaves me little to no time to write. However, I've slowly been working on The Runestones, and I'm just waiting on the beta to return Chapter 3 again. As soon as it gets back to me (and I check my e-mail) I'll put it up. Besides Chapter 3 being done, Chapter 4 is well on its way to being completed. I still have to finish typing it up, before it gets sent to the beta, but it is finished in its raw form - and I've also started Chapter 5.

I do have a couple more stories that have been floating around, languishing in the void of non-published things, so I think that I will post them while I'm waiting on Chapter 3. I'll warn you now: they're not beta'd, and one of them is quite old. I'll be uploading them this weekend, as I've taken it off from both jobs and I'll have the time then.

Thanks for reading,

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

The Runestones reviews
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