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Hey hey, fellow people that like reading!

A.J and Bex is actually two people, so here's a key to our profile writing:

A.J : Hey, guys! I'm the more random and writey one of the two of us!!!!

Bex : Hey, you lot! I'm more sensible than A.J, by the way!

Hey, it's A.J! Anyway, both me and Bex have our own Fanfic profiles.

A.J = Azalea Blue

Bex = Autumn Black 74

Enjoy our story's whilst you can!! Ignore her.

Hey, I (A.J), am writing a REAL book at the moment, and it is called 'Children Of The Week: Daughters' and it should be released (On kindle at least (hey, that rhymes!)) sometime around October 2013. Wait for it...

Several children, born to each day of the week. Each day giving them a power. Princess Spyra must find her way to the Elder of the Week, and find the other Children of the Week. Only them all united can stop the threat that brews in both the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere, the two opposing realms that, if not calmed, shall clash...

You like?

Random Quiz thingy!!

1. Name one of your scars.

A few months ago I got a scar on my leg when the Gold (the highest maths group) group were stabbing each other with pencils (we were never watched). I was stabbed in the leg so hard that it was bleeding, and there has been a scar as well as some grey marking there ever since.

2. What is on the walls in your room?

Buliton board, and 'Inspirational' sayings.

3. Do you snore, grind you teeth or talk in your sleep?

No and I'm proud of that.

Okay, apparently I sleep like a windmill, always moving.

4. What type of music do you listen to?

Pretty much anything.

5.Do you know what time you were born?

26th December ..., 3:25 AM

6.What are you doing right now?

Taking a quiz, blinking, breathing, existing, thinking about being a famous actress or demigod... Life is boring.

7. What do you miss?

Stuff. Like my grand-father who died from a disease.

8. What is your most prized possession?

I have no clue...


Nope, still don't know.

9. How tall are you?

I don't know my exact height, but I am pretty tall for my young age.

10. Do you get Claustrophobic?


11. Are you afraid of the dark?



12.Who was the last person who made you mad?

Catie. Just for existing. Especially for existing.

13. What is your favorite sport?

Dance, swimming, archery, javelin and volleyball. A little gymnastics.

14. Favorite movie?

The Incredibles.

15. Who do people do compare you to?

This girl I hate called Catie. I. Friggin. Hate. Her. She's just one of those people that peeve me off no matter what they say or do.

16. Coffee or energy drink?

Don't like coffee, so energy drink.

17. What is your favorite pizza toping?

Hawiaan pizza. (Ham and Pinapple)

18. If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?

Seaweed :)

I'm strange like that.

20. Have you ever eaten a goldfish?

WTF?!?!?!?! HADES NO!!!!!!

21. What was the most meaningful gift you’ve gotten?

To many to choose from.

22. Do you like anybody?


Leo Valdez... He's a main part of my iPod background!

23. Are you double jointed?


24. Favorite clothing brand?

Any brand stylish.

25. Past or future?

Oh, that's tricky. (Notice how I have managed to get out of answering the question).

26. Do you have any pets?

A silver and white long haired flat faced Persian cat called Gandolf, but everyone calls him Gandi :)

27. Milk or orange juice?

Orange Juice. Haters gonna hate... Unless I have Oreo's.

28. Would you do anything for your best friend?

If they ask me to buy their school dinner even though they have food, I say: Hades, no!

So I guess that's a no.

29. Favorite animal?

Mocking Bird or Dolphin.

30. Say a number 1 to 100




31.Do you go for looks or personality?

Personality. Looks don't matter...

Most of the time.

32. What is the one number you call the most?


33. What annoys you the most?

I know it sounds REALLY self centred, but my biggest pet peeve is when people out-shine me. I have this thing about being the best. Only realised it a few weeks ago.

34. Have you ever been out of the U.S?

I've never BEEN there. I live in the UK.

35. Your weaknesses?

My Loyalty.

36. Have you met anyone famous?

I've met MiriamB from YouTube. We accidentally became best friends. Bex and I see her every day. We all go to the same school.

37. First job?

Doing the time of the riders at a DownHill mountain biking race with my family.

38. Ever done a prank call?

Please don't tell me you HAVEN'T.

39. What will you do after this?


40. Having fun?

If being random at the mall with your friends for 4 hours counts (which it does), about 6 hours ago, then yes. (Bex and 2 other went in a Peppa Pig ride. I got pictures and video's)

41.What were you doing before you filled this out?

On Facebook, pretending to sleep.

42. Have you ever had surgery?


43. What do you get complimented the most about?


44. Have you ever had braces?


45. What do you want for your birthday?

Cruise, or beach holiday.

46. How many kids do you want?

2 boys and 2 girls.

47. Were you named after anyone?

Ayla from 'Clan of the cavebears'

48. Do you wish on stars?

Yeah, duh.

49. Favorite shop?


50. Do you like your handwriting?

It's like Comic Sans.

51. What is your favorite lunch meat?

... I honestly don't know...

52. Any bad habits?

I try to untangle my eyelashes. No joke.

53. What CD are you most embarrassed to have?

*does thinking face whilst stroking chin* Dunno.

54. If you were another person, would you be friends with yourself?

Yes and no. Because I am awesome and crazy.

55. Worst movie?

Can't remember the actual title, but it was something to do with Jesus Christ, and it had NOTHING to do with Jesus. (It was about Gay/Lesbian people).

56. Do looks matter?

Sort of... Never thought I'd say that, but I do.

57. How do you release anger?

(Evil cackle) anyway I feel like it... That turned out weirded than meant.

58. What was your favorite toy as a child?

My turn... One?

59. Weirdest thing you've ever owned?

Uhhh... Oh wait. This BLOTT pencil I bought today in town, and it has a moustache on the end, and I keep randomly using the Moustache part.

60. Where is your second home?

When imma at the beach!! (Any beach, as long as its an actual BEACH).

61. How many numbers are in your cell phone?

I have no idea.

62. Were you a fan of barney as a child?

I have never been drunk, but apparently you don't remember anything during the time being drunk, so here:

Childhood is like being drunk.

Everyone remembers what you did except you.

Short answer: Dunno.

63. Do you use sarcasm?

No. I OBVIOUSLY do not.

Which basically means I do.

64. Are you done now?

You are/were the one asking the questions.

Ok, ok A.J. You had your turn doing something on this profile.



Well Im actually way more weird and less sensible than A.J...

Also unlike A.J, I LOVE TWILIGHT!!!!

(soz A.J, I just f*king HAD to put that there!!!)

Ok so here are the final tributes for our story, The 25th Hunger Games!!!

District 1

Female: Rose Jane Cummings.

Age: 16.

Weapon: First AidDagger.

Male: Dark Little.

Age: 12.

Weapon: Dagger.

District 2

Female: Lila Groomer.

Age: 15.

Weapon: Knife Throwing.

Male: Igor Bennett.

Age: 16.

Weapon: Spears.

District 3

Female: Acacia Ried.

Age: 18.

Weapon: Dagger.

Male: Morgan Ried.

Age: 12.

Weapon: Sword.

District 4

Female: Verona Grace.

Age: 17.

Weapon: Spears.

Male: Jayden Mills.

Age: 13.

Weapon: Trident.

District 5

Female: Jacinta Feldath.

Age: 16.

Weapon: Spears.

Male: Manny Daal.

Age: 14.

Weapon: Dagger.

District 6

Female: Conner Grahm.

Age: 17.

Weapon: Spears.

Male: Sheldon King.

Age: 18.

Weapon: Sword.

District 7

Female: Leah Stevens.

Age: 18.

Weapon: Axe.

Male: Darren Hoki.

Age: 15.

Weapon: Crossbow.

District 8

Female: Colleen 'Lena' Reyna.

Age: 16.

Weapon: HidingBrains.

Male: Gold O'Neill.

Age: 13.

Weapon: Dagger.

District 9

Female: Hex Torez.

Age: 15.

Weapon: Knife Throwing.

Male: Mason Thrat.

Age: 15.

Weapon: Axe.

District 10

Female: Harp Wheat.

Age: 17.

Weapon: Dagger.

Male: Silk Arious.

Age: 18.

Weapon: HidingBrainsDagger.

District 11

Female: Aaliyah Johnson.

Age: 14.

Weapon: Bow and Arrow.

Male: Marten Bayleaf.

Age: 15.

Weapon: StrengthBrainsDagger.

District 12

Female: Alicia Brook James.

Age: 12.

Weapon: StrengthHidingDagger.

Male: Derek Lemoine.

Age: 14.

Weapon: Crossbow.

Now A.J and myself are really sorry that we had to change some of the things about the tributes, maybe their age, weapon or district. But we hope you will enjoy the story! Also as you know, sadly, 23 of these people have to die... So we are sorry for all the tributes that die.

And I want to say an even bigger thank you to Clove012 and Ruetheday!

May the odds be ever in your favour and Let the Games Begin!