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Hello World

I'm Anna and i love writing . Thats pretty much it.
Im a huge fan of Vocaloids and a whole bunch of animes. To tell you the honest truth i'm an average person who love to read and write and hang out with my friends. There is nothing that i think is "OMG AMAZING!" about me :) But any way hope you like my work !
If you want to find out anything else about me just private message me and we'll talk :)

"You tell me the skys the limit when i can clearly see steps on the moon"-Albert Einstein

Something you should know about me is that i probably never work on 2 stories at the same time. I don't know how other people do it, but controling one story is the hardest thing ever.

What is the best vocaloid pairing? Miku&Kaito 4EVER!!!!!

MARRRRRRK NUUUUUUT!!!!!! Any RoosterTeeth Fans??? or should i say Achievement Hunter fans???

I was happy that Kyo didn't get Tohru in the anime. So me and Kyo could get married and live happily ever after. Then i read the manga. :( Bye my Kyo (Still a huge Tohru&Kyo fan >.

Okay can i say something? YUKI YOU ARE STUPID!!!!! you seriously leave the hottest guy in the world (Zero) to go off with your brother, Kaname. I understand you have to keep the pure blood vampire line pure. BUT WHY INCEST?!?!?! okay there only 2 pure blood vampire families left and one of them only contains a girl. Okay ... Let me spell this out for you Yuki L E A V E K A N A M E!!!Or i don't mind if you leave Zero with me ;) (Zero&Yuki)

I'm going back to my childhood and rewatching Sailor Moon. MY GOAT!!! I will admit there are some really good scenes, but some of the jokes and serious moments are so corny. I can't help but laugh at some of them. Still a huge fan though :) :D...SO is has been about 2 months and i have continued through the sailor moon series and WTF!!! i have gotten to the part of renie (Sailor Moon's daughters name in English version) and the black moon people. I did notice they changed Rae's voice, but is was okay i didn't mind it. But i get more into the that season and the i was like it is okay if they change anybodies voice, but i will forever be mad if they change Serena's. Then the next season GOOD NEWS!!! Rae got her voice actor back, but BAD NEWS !!! almost all the other sailor scouts' voice actors got changed. Thye all sound okay and bearable EXCEPT Serena's. I CAN NOT FREAKIN STAND HER VOICE ACTOR!!!!! i may stop watching the english version and start from the beginning with Japanese voice actors. Yeah that would be the smart thing to do... Mianhe about my babbling

Haruhi and Tamaki are one of the best pairings ever. I know there are some Hikaru and Haruhi fans, but no! I refuse to read the manga cause i'm afraid that those fans will be the ones to conquer. But i can have dreams right?

Kagome and Inuyasha. I know Inuyasha is a mainly action based anime, but i love that there is a sprinkle of romance. Actually Inuyasha has a bit of everything. As the show starting my anime craziness it is an amazing one!!!! When i first waching it i was wonder when that GRRRRRR Blleee (Translation: Kikyo) would die. Then when watching the Final Act (SPOILERS) and she finally dies i was like :'( kinda sad. But i am forever InuYasha&Kagome Fan

Something is starting to consume my life. It is called...Kpop. i am starting to fall i love with kpop. I love everything to YG to a small music companies.My Bias group is U-Kiss...i would love to keep to talking about kpop but i feel like my profile is WAY toooo long ... okay bye

If you read my whole entire profile you are one brave soul and i thank you Hope you have a nice day :D


March17, 2016- Working on Chapter 8- HAhAhaHAhA oh man this story im gonna end it soon in like a few chapters.

12-15-15- Story Update!!! okay so its been like a solid three years and I finally update the story... Chapter 7 is going up Enjoy!! :)

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