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How to Play

Follow @Just4TFT on Twitter
* Watch for the game every Tuesday night at 9:00pm ET or Surprise Random TwiFicTrivia announcements randomly throughout the month on twitter.
* Respond to the clue with the answer. Make sure you mention Just4TFT
* The first FicH00r to @reply the correct answer gets the point for that question.
* Answers must be written out in full.
- THIS: Tunes with Tony Masen
* BiGGest FicH00r of the Week is the FicH00r with the most points at the end of that night’s game.
* The FicH00r with the most points at the end of the month is the BiGGest FicH00r of the Month.
* A FicH00r can only win a total of 5 BFHotW titles & 1 BFHotM title New!
* After they are capped, they continue to earn points toward BiGGest FicH00r of the Year. They can win & accrue points but they can’t win a game.
* New! The first question of each game will be provided by the BFHotW from the previous game.
* New! When a FicH00r earns her cap, she will be invited to sponsor an entire game and come up with her favorite fic clues.

The Fine Print

- TwiFicTrivia is not suitable for children or teens below the age of 18 due to probable explicit adult themes and strong coarse language.
- TwiFicTrivia will not normally utilize any fanfiction stories that have been previously removed from fanfiction websites or blogs*. We only want to use questions from stories that are still available for FicH00rs to read. If a pulled story is used during play, it is unintentional. Please let us know and the fic will be disqualified from future questions, quotes and clue.

* We may occasionally have a special theme night where we use pulled fics. They may also show up in FicH00r Family Feud Survey results.

Because even a FicH00r needs rules

Rules are tweeted at the beginning of every game; in case you want to study:

Rule #1 The 1st FicH00r to @reply the correct answer wins the point!
Rule #2 Unless the clue asks a specific question, we are looking for the title of the Fic.
Rule #3 SPELLING DOES NOT COUNT! Don’t waste your time correcting your spelling before replying…Let your FicH00r Fingers FLY!
Rule #4 Fic Titles must be completely spelled out. NO abbreviations!
- THIS: Tunes with Tony Masen.
Rule #5 Author names DO NOT need to be included unless we ask for them. Save yourself the time and don’t include.
Rule #6 The FicH00r with the most points at the end of tonight’s game will be crowned The BiGGest FicH00r of the WEEK!
Rule #7 The answer to the FicH00r Family Feud questions are always the MOST POPULAR answer. Not necessarily what you replied on the survey.
Rules #8 -99 Reserved for individual game use, you know; whatever we decide 5 minutes before the game!

… but sometimes, a FicH00r needs to break a rule.

What about fics with less than 1,000 reviews?

It’s our rule. To be featured on TwiFicTrivia, a fic must have 1,000 reviews. But we loves smaller fics too! Stay tuned for our New! Featured Favorites Study Guide each month. More details to come.

New! With the increase of drabble type fics and fics with a high quantity of chapters, we will be checking to make sure newly eligible stories have averaged approximately 75 reviews per chapter or have 500 favorites or follows.

Types of Clues

Tuesdays at 9PM ET Just4TFT hosts a game of 10 questions. The FicH00r with the most points at the end of the game is crowned BiGGest FicH00r of the Week.

Surprise Random TwiFicTrivia (SRTFT) – You never know when a question is going to pop up on twitter. Sometimes we’ll warn you, other times it’s a sneak attack. That’s part of the randomness

Special Games – A set of clues around a specific event. These are usually in addition to the Regular Tuesday night game. Each one is unique, so we’ll tell you all about the way in advance on our FB group and twitter.

We call them Clues because they’re not all questions. They can be…

Questions – can be about a fic, or specific event in a fic.

Quotes – directly from the fic.

Pic Clue - an image or set of images that will make you think of a specific fic.

Featured Favorites - Every month, the TFT StaffH00rs will select 4 under the radar fics to be featured in the Tuesday TwiFicTrivia game. Since these fics have less than 1K reviews, they are not usually eligible to be a clue. This is why we give you plenty of time to read them. Now you know at least one fic that will be featured in the game each week.

FicH00r Family Feud (FFF) - periodically, we survey as many FicH00rs as possible to ask them about what they’re reading or the fandom in general. When you respond to one of these clues, you should be thinking of what you think most FicH00rs said. Just like regular Family Feud, we are looking for the most popular answer.

Wordle Clue - A collage of words and/or quotes that hint at the fic.

Bare Blinkie Clue/Banner Clue - Blinkie and Banner artists are invited to collaborate with us on this one. We tweet a banner/blinkie with no title or author name and you have to remember which fic it belongs too.

Word Search - This is a word search puzzle that can either feature one fic or many. Points will vary.

Unscramble Me - We post an anagram of a popular fic title and you have to unscramble it and tell us what it is.

TwiFictogram - A pictogram that conveys the name of a fic through images, symbols, and other pictorial resemblance to the actual (or phonetic) title.

New types of questions can pop up at anytime. We’re creative H00rs.

Clue Submission Form

Get the upper hand in TwiFicTrivia by Submitting Clues. You can earn up to four points each month just for submitting clues. There is no limit on the number of clues you submit per month.

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