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*I'm a new a writer and I've never let anyone I've know in real life read anything I have wrote before, well besides for school. I don't know why, I don't think I'm bad I just don't want people to judge. One day though I will share with my friends and family... but hey I still got time to keep it locked in a box under my bed way in the back. :D *

Life Style: Straightedge (No smoking No drugs No drinking)

View On Life:

--Do what ever you want, who cares what others think? Your life is not their problem. I think people need to stand up more and say "Fuck what you think. I love what I do and who I am. Nothing you say is going to change that". Believe who you are. God made you, he did NOT make a mistake, he is the only one you should worry about because in the end he is the only one that will never leave you.

--"I asked for Strength... And God gave me Difficulties to make me strong. I asked for Wisdom... And God gave me Problems to solve. I asked for Prosperity... And God gave me Brain and Brawn to work. I asked for Courage... And God gave me Danger to overcome. I asked for Love... And God gave me Troubled people to help. I asked for Favors... And God gave me opportunities. I received nothing I wanted, but everything I needed."

-- "A 15 year old girl holds hands with her 1 year old son. People call her a slut. No one knows she was raped at 13. People call another guy fat. No one knows he has a serious disease causing him to be overweight. People call an old man ugly. No one knew he had a serious injury to his face while fighting for our country in the war. People call a women bald, but they don't know she has cancer. STOP! Bullying and Stereotyping

--People are mean and sometimes I just don't understand why?? Why is it ok to hurt another person?? Why is it ok to kill someone?? Sometimes I think humans will never change and we are just a messed up race. Sometimes I just give up on us. :(

--"The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white people, or women created for men." Alice Walker

--The question is not, “Can they reason?” nor, “Can they talk?” but rather, “Can they suffer?” – Jeremy Bentham

What do I want to do:

- Get a Master's maybe Ph.D. in Zoology

--Swim with sharks (no cage)

-- Go to the Amazon Rainforest

--Go on at least 10 mission trips (been on 1 and going another really soon)

--Learn how to play hockey

--Go to Australia

Things I like:

--Rock Climbing


--Snowball fights



--Friends (Danielle, Erin, Alex, Paige, Jacob)

--Mr.Harris (A Teacher and NOT in a sexually way, his just fucking awesome)

--Mr.Grossman (A student-teacher, again not in a sexually way even though he is really hot)

--Hockey (Even though I can't play yet)

--My mom (Who is my hero)

--Writing (Duh)

--Reading (Duh again)

Things I hate:



--Jerks who judge

--People who hate police officers, yes some of them are asses, but they don't need you to make their job harder, they are there to help us, and when you waste their time someone dies. You can tell me story after story of when a cop killed an innocence person or did something wrong but I can come right back and tell you about the officer that gave a homeless man a pair of boots, or an officer getting killed in a shot out, or the time an officer stopped a drunk driver at those DUI check points you hate so much. Think about those people next time you want to give a cop a hard time.

--People who say a branch of the military is better than another. They all fight for our rights and they all die for our rights. Just because one is stronger or has to have more training doesn't stop the fact that they can die. Everyone in the Military is a Hero because they fight and die for us. No one is better than the other.

--Rich people who make you feel worthless

--The Government (mostly just the fighting over stupid stuff and again rich people)

--Teenager's who say "I love you", just no, you are 16 you don't know the meaning of love at that age so stop acting like you do

--Marriage. I really don't believe two people can love each other forever cause as humans we can never agree. both my parents have gone through two marriages, my dad three. You can say this had effect on me and maybe it did. Yes I believe in love I just think divorce is this big thing you have to go through if you stop liking the person plus it cost a lot of money, just live with a person you don't need to marriage them.

--Money, everything is too dam expensive.

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