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Name: Vampire-child-of-the-ligh
Age: 19.
Gender: Female.
Nationality: British/American.
Favourite animes: Cardcaptor Sakura, Digimon, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Angelic Layer, Spiral.
Favourite books: Harry Potter, anything by Anne Rice.

Definitions for things I’ve thought up: -

Elemental Vampires:

Types of elemental vampires.

Areokanet's element is Air and their eye colour is summer sky blue

Geokanet's element is Earth and their eye colour is emerald green

Electrokanet's element is Lightning and their eye colour is electric blue

Pyrokanet's element is Fire and their eye colour is redy-orange

Hypnokanet's element is Hypnotism and their eye colour is dark purple

Cryokanet's element is Ice and their eye colour is icey blue

Vitakanet's element is Healing/repair their eye colour is mint green

Photokanet's element is Sunlight and their eye colour is Gold

Lunakanet's element is Moonlight and their eye colour is Silver

Telekanet's elelement Telekinesis and their eye colour is very pale lavender

Psychekanet's element is Psychic and their eye colour is pinky-purple

Hydrokanet's element is Water and their eye colour is Sapphire blue

Ending and terms.

Elemental: - the short hand name for Elemental Vampires.
Elemental Vampires call themselves/refer to themselves as Elementals.
All Elemental's can walk in the sunlight with no ill effects, have retractable fangs, claws and wings.
They all have souls and are alive not the undead.
Elemental's have different coloured eyes depending what type they are.
Pure-Blood Elemental's normal/mortal eye colour are the same as humans but when Elemental's are hungry, angry or flash their eyes true colours, their irises go whatever colour their Elemental eye colour is.
When an Elemental gets really angry or hungry their irises go red.
When they are angered the red is a very bright fire truck red and when they are hungry the red is more of a crimson like the colour of oxygenated blood. When they bite some one and drink from them they leave them unconscious. They can't kill with a single bite or drain a mortal dry unless they are a Master Vampires who's fledgling has been killed then they can kill the one who killed their fledging.

~kanet: - a person who is a certain type of Elemental.

~kinesis: - when a certain elemental power if being used.

~kanetic: - a semi-scientific ending usually used as a past tense, it is used to describe the event after it happened.

Fledgling: - A Elemental that was Turned or Sired by a Pure-Blood Elemental. They aren't as strong as

Pure-Blood Elemental's of the same type. They have to do what their Master (the one who Turned them)wants (most of the time).

Rules about fledglings -

1) To make a fledgling their has to be a bound of love between the Pure-Blood Elemental and the mortal who is being Turned. Or the mortal being Turned has to agree/want to be Turned or save.

2) No fledgling can Turn someone without the consent of their Master.

3) No one can kill a fledging except the one who made them.

4) No one can cut off a fledglings wings or pull out their fangs except the one that made them.

5) A fledgling is protected and loved by their Master.

6) From when a fledgling is Turned they are part of their Master's family because they have their Masters' blood as well as their own flowing through their veins.

Pure-Blood: - a Pure-Blood Elemental is some who's parents are Pure-Blood Elementals'. Pure-Blood's as well as all Elemental's share blood that goes back to the dawn of time. Pure-Blood Elementals are completely immortal. But they can be beaten to the brink, then killed because while their mind and soul is on the brink they cannot heal.

The Brink: - the bridge between life and death.

The Prince of Twelve: - The child of the all twelve Elements. He is the son of the Elders of the Elemental High Counsel. Prince of the Elementals. He can command any Elemental to do whatever he wants and they have to obey him. To not do what he orders is an act of heresy. Because he is the child of all twelve elements he has the ability to use CALM (cold anti-light magic) aka dark light magic. The use of such powerful and very destructive magic makes the air temperature drop well below freezing and his body temperature to drop to at least freezing point and in this state his is described as being as cold as death. The most obvious thing about the Prince is that his eyes aren’t one colour they are made up of all the colours of the twelve elemental eye colours.

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