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So, you can probably see... my name (at least my screen name) is QuilSniv. I prefer to write Tron fanfics, but I'm very good at writing Pokemon and Star Wars as well. I may not post on schedule, due to school, and something even greater: I'm writing a blown-out novel, which will be published on Kindle for free, and three sequels coming afterwards.

Age: 15

Hair color: Brown

Hobbies: Writing Fanfiction(Obviously), Pokemon games, Biking, Drawing (Patrick Stewart autographed my drawing of the USS Enterprise-E, and William Shatner himself autographed my drawing of the original Enterprise. Both are awesome men, of course!), All-things Tron

Hates: Procrastinators, Racists, Rapists, Those who cannot respect other's problems, Terrorism

Real Name: Gee.. I'd love to tell you, but why do I have that username QuilSniv again? Oh yeah, to prevent people from knowing my real name. So, nah.

Gender: Male

I'm straight, but I support gay rights.

Follow me on Twitter @QuilSniv.

I had a discussion with several fellow Authors and Tron Fans on Fanfiction.net and agreed on an organized fashion to keep track of time on the Grid.
If you like this way to keep track of time, copy and paste it on your profile page.

Cycle = 24 hours

NanoCycle = 1 second

MicroCycle = 1 minute

PectroCycle = 1 hour

MilliCycle = 8 hours

MylaCycle = 1 week

HiloCycle = 1 month

XilaCycle = 1 year

DecaCycle = 1 decade

HectoCycle = 1 Century

KiloCycle = 1 millennium



I really hope you enjoy my stories, and please, Fan Submitted Characters and reviews are always welcome, so don't be shy! I enjoy hearing your comments, and I don't care if they're negative. I adapt depending on what everybody thinks. Enjoy the ride!


Tron: Aftermath was originally a short story meant to bring an alternate ending to Evolution, and give Anon a second chance. Now it has gotten pretty popular, and I want to thank everybody for their support in my campaign to free the Grid.


Good news, kids. After Aftermath is fully completed, I will be focusing my attention on "Reconfigured", a Tron fanfic that explain everything that happens after "Terminal" in Uprising. Yeah, it features Beck and Tron.


All right, first ever QuilSniv OC contest! Anybody who has made themselves favorites, followers or reviewers on either PMD: Into the Void or Tron: Aftermath will be eligible to send me a description of an OC. The winner of the competition will have their OC have a role as a protagonist in Tron: Aftermath or as a side character in PMD: ITV. All right everybody, get creative!


Great news, everybody! As part of a collaboration with DJ Remix, QuilSniv productions has expanded to a new website. FicCasts, posted by DJ Remix and myself, along with two other friends of mine, will be posted on our website, and onto iTunes if that is more accessible. Stay awesome, as always.


Tron:Aftermath is coming to a close, which of course means that a new chapter (or book) will be written; Tron: Unlimited is a sequel that involves every character being a Tron OC, which is difficult considering I only have Beck's legacy (reference :D) to build a foundation on and your support. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy this story as well as the prequel that will appear sometime soon, remains unnamed, and will focus on Beck's past before Uprising. May the users be with you!


Alright, guys. OC contest is officially over, since PrincessKai317 won by default. Her character is Zek, kind of a post-Aftermath mirror to Zed from pre-Aftermath. He hates the Renegade. 'Nuff said. Anyways, thinking of getting a FanFiction fan email account. Anybody who agrees with this idea PM me, and any ideas to expand on it would be appreciated. By the way, 2theSky ended his Embers Series, which is heartbreaking, considering we've been around the same time and he's ended a beautiful series. Kudos to him for making the Grid a better place.


Well guys, Tron: Unlimited is kicking off with an awesome start. And I only have you guys to thank. I hope you enjoy the fic and will watch put for more awesome!


It's QuilSniv's biological birthday! To celebrate, my parents bought me a new computer because my old one was dying. I'm still transferring files, so it could take awhile to upload the next chapter of Unlimited, but I'll try my best to get it out by the end of next week. Here's to a happy halloween!


Surprise, I'm not dead! Just wanted to let you guys know that my website's link is broken, so I'm doing what I can to fix it. Anyways, I'm going to create a new side-story called Avenging Renegade, which follows the Renegade life slowly becoming more important to Travis as he makes his promise that no program dies under his watch. Also planning to update PMD: Into the Void, and create a Spider-Man fanfic. Either way, going to step up my universal game; signing off, QuilSniv!

UPCOMING PROJECTS: In consideration

Poke Trek: After the KSS (Kanto Starfleet Ship) Kelvin is destroyed by the Unova Mining Vessel Narada, Ash T. Ketchum enlists in Kanto Starfleet, where he and his partner Max "Bones" McCoy run into problems with Commander Brock, who accuses Ash of cheating the Kobyashi Pikachu scenario. The plot of Star Trek (2009) with Pokemon into it. Cancelled due to overused cliches.

Pokemon: Blaze Red- Red, a child from the lowly town of Pallet, sets out on a journey with his Pikachu, Blackout, and his Charmander, DracoFlare, to become the very best, like no one ever was. May come out Christmas.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Into the Void Bios

Quil: Little is known about Quil. Rumored to be the last of Beta-group, Cyndaquil-class species. Known Rebellion records deviate as leader of Special Ops Unit (SOU) Team Smallspark. Tested to determine if given the DNA of Dimensional Scream, confirmed to have traces of human genes in bloodstream. Humble and level- headed, confirmed existence by teammate Sniv in Lunar Year (LY) 2099.

Sniv- All history on Basic group, Snivy-class Pokemon erased. Known to be born on 8 June, 2085. Offical Rebellion records enlisted Sniv as secondary commander of SOU Team Smallspark. Originally slated for ranking in Beholder army, mysteriously disappearing two days before extraction. SOU Team Smallspark first testers of the Noir Suit. Hot headed and ill-tempered, more research required for complete analysis.

Anon- Alpha Group, Raichu-class Pokemon. Had older sister who was high ranking Independent, who has been deceased . Professional in Demolitions and Equipment management. Slated for membership of SOU Team Smallspark. Born 30 October, 2079. Laid back and easygoing, research complete on this Pokemon.

Tron: Aftermath series

Aftermath- After finding Anon's ID disk in the Outlands, Tron resurrects his former comrade. The two find the Regulator ruins, repurpose six Black Guards, and begin a large scale Rebellion to pry the Grid from CLU's iron fist.

Status: In Progress

Unlimited- An amnesiac, functionless Basic discovers the Renegade Disk in the Sea of Simulation. Unexperienced and mentor-less, Travis vows to become the Superior Renegade and begins to discover his true function and identity. Things only get worse as he realizes his friends will suffer through Travis fighting a one-man war against the virus known as Concept, who greatly resembles Kevin Flynn...

Status: In Progress

Avenging Renegade- As Travis begins his newfound career as the Renegade, Travis struggles to find his way as a hero. As he begins to feel terrible about the deresolution of CodeWorm (See Chapter 3 of Unlimited, 'Law of the Outlands'), Travis begins to slip on his social life, making the promise that no innocent program derezzes under his watch, and that those who defy that promise will feel the wrath of the 'Avenging Renegade'.

Status: Drafted, still finalizing with my team of friends and family (that includes you guys)


Travis (Technical Retrofitting Aptitude and Vanguard Insurrection Specialist)

Name: Travis

Gender: Male

Species: Basic

Eye Color: Amber-Brown

Hair color: Soft shade of brown with a few sandy-blonde highlights at tips.

Hair Design: Flattened with certain areas sticking out, spiked forward and upward at front.

Outfit: Primary Circuits are white, Secondary Circuits are orange

Civilian Uniform: Black Light Suit with leather jacket over torso, circuits fitted into jacket with the same pattern. Helmet bears distinct resemblance to the design of the original Renegade, which has been noted multiple times.

Renegade Uniform: Very similar to original Renegade uniform, with only a majority of front torso circuits missing. Color of Light Suit transitioned at neck and fits in a "V" shape, lower half black and helmet and T symbol white. Retrofitted helmet to connect to bluetooth headset to communicate with BIT. Experimental Lenses and HUD crafted at GridTech Labs for specific use. T symbol made three-dimensional to send orders and plans to Renegade Patrol Android units. Has backpack fused to Renegade outfit to operate Wing Chute and four stilted, pointed legs to spouse when real legs are ineffective.

Later updated to bear resemblance to the upgraded suit Tron wore during the Grid Wars. Secondary circuitry is now blue and orange in color, with orange lenses now having expressions. Cable launchers are now hidden in the sleeves of his Light Suit. His fingers are now able to Rez in new, longer laws that are tipped with nano-tracers.

Job/Programming: Former Engineer at GridTech Labs, which earns him a decent paycheck; part-time student at Argon Institute; Part-time Crimefighter as the Renegade. Current CEO and Founder of Phoenix Industries.

History: Little is known of Travis' history before TC2014. Rumored to be an extremely rare breed of Basics and ISO fission known as the EVOs, which are believed to be functionless Basics that immediately adapt to a specific talent once they study it enough. This rumor was proven false sometime around TC2001. Worked at GridTech Labs until current time period, using a BIT known to him as "Skippy". Especially good friends with Natalie, Zek and Miranda, and has a somewhat unstable romantic relationship with the former. Deployed on a mining rig assignment in TC2013, where he recovered the disk of the former Renegade, Beck. Hiding the disk and falsely claiming the suitcase containing the disk was lost in the sea, he becomes determined to be a better Renegade than Beck ever was: the Superior Renegade.

Personality: Travis, as a civilian, cares about the ones he loves, and intends to provied them with his full support. However, his job at GridTech Labs and business as a vigilante proves a hindrance then in these situations. Known to friends as funny, outgoing, reliable, and at times serious. Can be overprotective and shy, but is extremely loyal once he gets to know a program. If this trust is broken, he will be crushed and heartbroken. As the Renegade, Travis tends to wisecrack to take his mind off the fact that he may derezz being the Renegade. He is still very sensitive about his job, and will brutally hunt down anybody who hurts his alter-ego's loved ones.

Motivated even further by Miranda's deresolution by Concept's Enforcers, he utilizes every resource at GridTech Labs to create new technology to defeat Concept and anybody who threatens Argon's peace.

Likes: Hanging out with his friends at Club Horizon, keeping Argon safe, friendly Light Cycle and Disk matches, napping

Dislikes: He is against Concept's actions, which got his friend Miranda derezzed, and pretends to have mutual feelings about the Renegade to preserve his secrets.


Name: Natalie

Gender: Female

Species: Basic

Eye Color: Amber

Hair Color: Light Brown, with blonde and red streak on right side

Hair Design: Usually held back in a ponytail, but will let down if the occasion allows it.

Outfit: Primary circuits are White, secondary are velvet purple

Job/ Programming: She owns the Club Horizon as a part-time hobby job, on the land where 0010001 Club was before it's destruction in the Grid Wars. She earns a somewhat stable living, taking residence in the floor above the Club. As her main, stable income, she is an expert detective, often assisting the Renegade when not being hired by Argon Security.

History: As a good friend of Travis and Zek, Natalie has sprung a relationship with Travis. This romance, however, is hindered by Travis' campaign as the Renegade. She was Miranda's closest friend, and was devastated by her deresolution. She has Travis as comfort, and they spend much time together when Travis isn't busy with work or being the Renegade. She is a foil to Zek, supporting the Renegade's actions.

Personality: A playful, riddle-filled program who deeply cares for Travis. She hopes to expand her Club to a chain, and lives life to the fullest. She is usually very mellow and sweet, but will get nasty if things don't work out well.

Likes: Partying, spending time with friends, making riddles and complicated choices

Dislikes: Concept's methods, and anybody who tries to hurt her loved ones.

Zek (Character created by the fabulous PrincessKai317.)

Name: Zek

Gender: Male

Species: Basic

Eye Color: Dark Blue

Hair Color: Black

Hair Design: Spiky all around the head, short, but falls just above the eyebrows.

Outfit: Primary circuits are White, secondary are Bright Green

Job/Programming: He's an architect. He doesn't program and construct the buildings; he designs the blueprints and decides where the buildings will be and what they'll look like.

History: He's Travis's best friend and they do a lot together, however, he's against the Renegade's rebellious actions and works against him most of the time. He's completely oblivious that Travis is the program that he's up against.

Personality: Playful, competitive, and ambitious. He strives and works hard to do what he thinks is right and is determined to accomplish his goals. At times, he can be ruthless, but always eventually falls back into a light and funny program. Though he can be a bit aggressive and violent (when he's upset), he can also be a kind and understanding friend.

Likes: Enjoys games, hanging out with his friends at the club, and is grateful for the simple pleasures in life.

Dislikes: He's not fan of the Renegade's actions against authority. Yet he doesn't like Concept and the authorities any better.

QuilSniv Note: I am never changing Zek's profile unless circumstances demand it. Just because PrincessKai's description is so... Awesome...

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