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OKAY, OKAY, OKAY! GUESS WHO'S BACK AGAIN! HAHA! Well, I posted (or should post soon) my new story: Days Passed In a Dream. I SWEAR I'll update this story! HONESTLY! There were REASONS why I didn't update the other stories, and they follow:

Tears Of Fate: I wrote myself into a writers block. This one was a really good story, but I wrote the chapter when I wasn't feeling in the best of moods. So when I was up and cheerful again, whenever I tried to update this story it would sound so freakin' LAME!

Night Songs in the Key of F: This one was meant to be one-shot.

After All: If y'all read what I had to say, I stated that this story was a challenge between my cousin, my sis, and me. So my story was on a disk. Shortly after i posted the first chapter after finding it... i lost the disk... i couldn't find it so i deleted the story. Shortly after that I re-found the disk. XP I'm an idiot like that. HAHA!

So those were my reasons. Pretty reasonable in my opinion. EVERYONE seemed to like Tears Of Fate, but I had nothing left to write. MANY PEOPLE liked Night Songs in the Key of F but it was nothing more to me then a chapter to write while being sugar-high. SOME liked after all, but I lost the disk... SOOOOO I've been writing lately. =) And my stories aren't as good as before, but TRUST ME the story I'm posting is WAAAAAY better then my first attempt to start writing again. Here's to hoping people actually read my stories still o_o ... SOOOO


Days Passed In A Dream: Yet another ficlet that's actually going up today. It takes place during James & Lily's 7th year. YOU HAVE GOT to read this one because the way they're gonna get together I have been planning since i finished off Once Upon a Crescent Moon!

Once Upon A Time: I already wrote the first chappie, but I'm going to check if I can update this one unlike some other stories coughtearsoffatecoughnightsongsinthekeyofFcough :) So far this one is probably going to go up because its VERY FUN to write for me. ANYWAYS: James & Lily are already married & already have young Harry...which is HORRIBLE on their sleep. So, one night James goes to tell Harry a story to help him sleep which ends up being a fairy tale containing him, his friends, & Lily. =D This one is a little more complicated to explain then Days Passed in a Dream.

After All: You know what this one is about. Since I have my disk on top of a tray of brownies right now, i KNOW i can't lose it =D Hope you read this one again! TEEHEE =D =D

Those are all the stories I'm going with right now. AND, btw. If you see me post another story called Tears of Fate, that will be my last and final story because I've planned that to be the last story title i ever write. =) I have no idea what it's going to be about, how long it will span, but it will be a James & Lily story. =) Please enjoy what I have right now =)


Thank you SO much for those reviews. They just made my day when I read them. Since I wasn't updating The Other Side anymore, I didn't know how to give you this message, and OH BOY did I want to say thanks. I think it was your reviews that made me remember all the fun I had chatting with the reviewers at the end of my chapters and caused me to start writing faster then ever. So once again, I would like to say Thanks (if you do ever read this one). Oh, and if you thought The Other Side was funny, check out Night Songs in the Key of F. I left it up because i personally enjoy reading that from time to time. :)

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