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Author has written 17 stories for Star Trek: 2009, Silmarillion, Avengers, Merlin, Lord of the Rings, Guardians of the Galaxy, Tomorrowland, and Elder Scroll series.

Hi! Im Silz!

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Trailers for The Changeling, click HERE - Images for The Changeling click HERE.

Trailers for West Coast Avengers, click HERE.

Trailer for Sleep of Death, click HERE.

Trailer for Eliza's Christmas, click HERE.

Trailer for Pixelation: click HERE.

Trailer for Little Spider: click HERE.

Trailers for Inhumanity: click HERE.

Trailers for Valkyrie: click HERE and HERE - Images for Valkyrie: click HERE

I write mainly Avengers fanfiction, but I dabble in Lord of the Rings, Merlin, the Silmarillion, and Star Trek as well.


As of November 2014, I was selected to participate in a collaboration known as The Freelancer Collaboration. Each applicant applied for one or two Marvel characters which, if selected, would engage in a battle to the death, Hunger Games style. The Marvel character I applied for was Sinthea Schmidt, daughter of the Red Skull. I was selected along with 23 other authors from many and began work on my Reaping chapter. My character is the female tribute from District 6. For more information about this AMAZING story, visit the forum. Also, we have a Chat thread going, so if you want to join in with us, it isn't only writers, it's also our excited followers.

About the Elizaverse:

What started out as a simple OC fanfic I was using as an escape from my suicidality has turned into an attempt to unite the various Marvel Movieverses and the various Marvel Comicverses. Every character in the 616 universe or other is fair game for use, as well as OCs when I can't find a character to suit my purposes.

The original Elizaverse fic is The Changeling, which is comprised of 15 parts:

Realms in Danger - When the Avengers are introduced to a teenage superhuman that is placed on their team, they have to learn to work together to protect not only the Earth, but also Asgard from an unknown foe. But this unknown foe introduces them to old enemies.

Vengeance - As the Avengers adjust to life in New York, Eliza finds herself captured by an organization that is an enemy of SHIELD. But the kidnapping becomes more personal when the identity of the kidnapper is revealed.

Bastards of Evil - Eliza is recovering from her ordeal at the hands of the agency STING. Surrounded by the support of the Avengers, she comes to terms with what happened during her captivity. But things get thrown out of whack when an explosion in Central Park interrupts an evening of relaxation. When they get to the scene, they find themselves face to face with three teenagers of immense power. Over the course of the next few weeks, they must put a stop to these so called "Bastards of Evil" before it is too late for the general public.

Vacation in Hel - Things get crazy when a rogue Asgardian show up on Earth, looking to acquire a magical artifact that rests on Midgard. When Loki shows up and foils her plans, the Enchantress is bitter with resentment. Returning soon after, she tries to murder Eliza in the hopes of demoralizing Loki because she knows that the pseudo-Asgardian has been training her. However her plan goes awry because she forgets about one key person: Hela.

Shadows of the Past - As promised, Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton convince Fury that it's time to fully recognize Eliza as an agent of SHIELD. Promoted to Level Seven, Eliza finds out that not everything is as it seems, and some of these things must be kept from her friends. When figures out of the past resurface, Eliza finds out more than she bargained for when it comes to Clint and Natasha's early lives. Who are these three mysterious newcomers, and why are they out for blood?

False Identities - When an ancient magic is awoken that wished to be left alone, questions arise as to who is at fault. When the spirit goes after Queen Freyja, mother of Eliza (Gersemi) and her elder twin sister Hnoss, murdering her, things get even more complicated. Hnoss, approached by Loki, believes that Eliza is at fault, and joins forces with the rogue Jotun prince. But not satisfied with just attacking Eliza, the two sorcerers approach an Earth organization known as OSCORP, infamous for their biological experiments.

Wakanda - Freed from Loki's schemes, but not completely recovered, Eliza flees the Avengers and SHIELD, intent on doing a good deed alone. She has heard of a child trafficking ring active around the world, kidnapping children with special inborn abilities. According to her research, it is tied to a country known as Wakanda, and as she visits there, she is confronted by a man known only to her as T'Challa.

Oblivion - The Avengers are united together once more as Eliza returns home, only to find that home is no longer what it once was. An ancient power, unleashed by Hela upon the world known to the Avengers only as the Prince of Darkness, threatens to destroy all of humanity in little time. With creatures out of nightmares roaming the earth and darkness blotting out the sun, the Avengers don't know where to start. Europe, North America, and now Asia fall to their knees to the Prince of Darkness. Can the Avengers save us?

Strange Happenings - The Avengers aren't willing to just accept the death of their friend. They've heard about a sorcerer deep in Tibet who might be able to help them reunite with her. But will they be able to pay the price?

After Effects - Things back in New York aren't all that peaceful. And Eliza's brain is still a bit confuzzled.

Infinite Possibilities - Two plot lines are going on simultaneously: First you have Eliza hanging with the Guardians trying to defeat the Badoon and get the Soul Gem, but at the same time, a new HYDRA leader by the name of Sinthea Schmidt, daughter of the Red Skull, is rising in the shadows. Can Eliza claim the Soul Gem for her safe keeping, and can the Avengers defeat HYDRA without her?

Broken Angel - Hela and Loki aren't finished with Eliza just yet. Making an uneasy alliance with a war-maiden named Angela, they seek to destroy Asgard and everyone in it, including Eliza. Whether or not this comes to pass, however...

Love and War - Back on Earth with their new ward, the Avengers are hoping to finally get their well-deserved downtime. But of course, that isn't their fate. Rising from the ashes of the mutant society is a radical faction group known only as the Mutilators. Led by a woman by the codename Artemis, they seek revenge on all superheroes, especially the X-Men, seeing them as traitors to the mutant race. Together with Wolverine, the Avengers must take down this threat.

Inhuman - HYDRA has decided upon a new approach at attacking SHIELD. Why attack in the light when you can attack by stirring up insanity around them? As such, they detonate a Terrigen bomb that was found on Earth. In the wake of this explosion, thousands of latent Inhumans are revealed on Earth with powers they don't know how to control. And it's up to SHIELD and the Avengers to step in and help, with a little assistance from the Fantastic Four and the X-Men.

Civil War - In this final part of the epic novel, The Changeling, our heroes go head to head against one another over the passage of a Superhuman Registration Act. Pro-Registration, led by Iron Man, and Anti-Registration, led by Captain America, come to blows in the streets of America. Old friends become enemies as the Avengers, along with some of SHIELD's finest, and newly emerging Inhumans, fight one another. And our friendly neighborhood Spiderman gets caught in the middle.

Now, in addition to The Changeling, we have two direct sequels: West Coast Avengers and Sleep of Death, as well as a concurrent one called Pixelation, and a prequel called In The Beginning. Check em out!

Favorite Movies: Avengers, Captain America, Captain America 2, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor, Thor 2, Guardians of the Galaxy, Bourne Legacy, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Star Trek 2009, Star Trek Into Darkness, Star Trek: Wrath of Khan (KHAAAAAAAAAN), Star Trek: the Voyage Home (The Whales), Tomorrowland

Favorite TV shows: Merlin, Agents of SHIELD, Star Trek, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Star Trek Voyager, Sherlock, Once Upon a Time

Favorite Books: The Silmarillion, The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Unfinished Tales, the History of Middle Earth, To Kill a Mockingbird

Favorite Video Games: LEGO Marvel Superheroes, TES V: Skyrim, HALO series, TES IV: Oblivion

Favorite Fictional Characters: (Silmarillion:) Maedhros, Caranthir, Feanor, Turin, Fingon, Luthien, Huan, (Marvel:) Hawkeye, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow (Romanoff), Black Widow (Belova), Loki, Coulson, Wasp, (Merlin:) Merlin, Gwaine, Leon, Percival, Morgana, (Once:) Rumpelstiltskin/Gold, Hook, Charming/David, Mulan, Belle, Neal, Peter Pan, Regina, Henry, Elsa

OTPs: Barton/Morse (Hawkeye/Mockingbird), Blackbolt/Medusa

Fandom Ships: Caranthir/Haleth, Barton/Romanoff, Merlin/Morgana, Steve/Sharon, Rumple/Belle, Hook/Emma, Regina/Robin

Multi-Fandom Ships: Loki/Morgana, Elsa/Jack Frost

For permission to use my original characters, please PM me and we can discuss it. I'm all for the fair use of my characters, but I do have to safe-guard my right to clear any use of them. Thanks :)

My Major Marvel OCs:

Eliza Jade White (aka Gersemi)

The Changeling

Class: Superhero

Played By: Elle Fanning

Species: Half-Vanir, Half-Asgardian

Based off of: Norse goddess Gersemi, daughter of Queen Freyja and twin sister of Hnoss

Powers: Magic, Telekinesis, Regenerative health, peak human strength

Affiliations: SHIELD, Avengers

Associates: Avengers, SHIELD-616 team, Sif and the Warriors Three, Loki, Hnoss

Flaws: Suicidal, Depressed

Background and Creation of the Character: I knew I wanted to create a Marvel-worthy superhero to join up with the Avengers. But talk about a monumentous feat I had to accomplish! After all, Marvel (both the Cinematic and Comic universes) is sheer brilliance. Deciding to take a leaf out of the Thor idea, I did some (okay, a lot) of research into Norse mythology and stumbled upon a pair of twin sister goddesses named Gersemi and Hnoss, neither of which is mentioned more than in name in the Poetic Edda, Prose Edda, or the Heimskringla (all types of Scandinavian lore). Instantly I knew I had my character. After all, Gersemi (who's name I preferred) was the daughter of a Queen, a Norse goddess, and was never described as more than "beautiful". The possibilities for her were ENDLESS. So I began formulating her background. I continued looking into Norse mythology and found that the story of the Aesir-Vanir War would play perfectly into my tale. Because the daughter of the Vanir Queen Freyja, and the Aesir (Asgardian) nobel Od, represented the treaty that ended the war. But what if not everyone was happy with the treaty? What if someone had stolen the daughter and abandoned her on Earth?

And so I began to develop the character more. I knew I wanted her to be unstable psychologically, in order to add drama to her story and credibility to the idea of the Avengers growing close to her. After all, what more of a reason would someone need than the knowledge that remaining loyal to someone might be what's keeping them alive each day? So her background grew, and soon she took on a mind of her own.

Stephanie Maverick

The Changeling

Class: Villain

Species: Human

Played By: Kate Beckinsale

Based off of: Classic ideas of espionage operatives and assassins

Powers: None

Affiliations: STING, HYDRA, and the Red Room

Associates: Yelena Belova, Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier), and Barney Barton

Flaws: Obsessed with revenge

Background and Creation of Character: I needed an enemy for Eliza that would hit home. Someone who would have an emotional impact on her. And so the idea of one of her former orphanage companions came to mind. It was established in the story that Eliza was more than just a bully to her fellow orphans- she drove some of them to suicide. Stephanie became the vengeful older sister of one such orphan. I didn't want to involve HYDRA or the Red Room yet in the story, so I created a puppet organization I called STING for her to become a part of. And then she set out to achieve her revenge for her sister's death.

Filip Suarez (aka Marble)

The Changeling

Class: Supervillain

Species: Human Mutant

Based Off: The Thing, The Hulk

Powers: Super strength, rock hard skin, fusing with rock

Affiliation: The Mutilators, Unified Guild (New Orleans)

Associates: Artemis, Flare, Black Bat, Mr. LeBeau

Flaws: Not very smart

Background and Character Creation: I had my Tweedledee in Flare, now I needed my Tweedledum. I needed a brute for my dynamic duo. So I created a combination of the Thing and something new. With his brother-in-arms Flare, Marble could use his brute strength to demolish any foe. And even though he seems to crumble to ash sometimes, he is merely changing form.

Danny Marvin (aka Flare)

The Changeling

Class: Supervillain

Species: Human Mutant

Played By: Seth Green

Based Off: Pyro

Powers: Pyrokinesis

Affiliation: The Mutilators, Unified Guild (New Orleans)

Associates: Artemis, Marble, Black Bat, Mr. LeBeau

Flaws: Weak physically

Background and Character Creation: Artemis had an army. But the army had to have names. Since a group of her mutants were sent down to New Orleans to join up with the Unified Thieves and Assassins Guild, I created Flare and Marble. Flare was the smarter one of the two, but physically weaker. But even then, they became a sort of Tweedledee and Tweedledum duo.

Emma Goodling (aka Artemis)

The Changeling

Class: Supervillain

Species: Human Mutant

Played By: Amy Acker

Based Off: Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

Powers: Super Strength, Invisibility, Charisma

Affiliations: The Mutilators

Associates: Evil Mutants (ex: Flare, Marble), Wolverine

Flaws: Overconfidence

Background and Creation of Character: After the joy that was writing him, and the enthusiastic reception that I got for writing him, Wolverine is again making an appearance in The Changeling. But why would Wolverine go to the Avengers for help instead of the X-Men led by Storm? What if he had a past with the mutant problem, a romantic past? One that he didn't want to come to light? And so Artemis was born. Not wanting to use the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, I created my own, evil, underground version of the X-Men I called the Mutilators. And Emma Goodling, Artemis, became the pack leader.


The Changeling

Class: Noblewoman

Species: Half-Vanir, Half-Asgardian

Played By: Dakota Fanning

Based off of: Norse goddess Hnoss, daughter of Queen Freyja and twin sister of Gersemi

Powers: Magic, swordsmanship, regenerative health, peak strength

Affiliations: Asgard, Vanaheim/Alfheim

Associates: Freyja, Odin, Frigga, Eliza, Loki

Flaws: Consumed by grief

Background and Creation of Character: Once I had Eliza (Gersemi), I knew I had to incorporate Hnoss into it. As the elder sister, she was heir to the Vanirin throne. She was raised entirely in Asgard and Alfheim, taught how to be a proper noble as well as a proper shieldmaiden. When she first meets her sister they get along quite well, but she doesn't understand Eliza's loyalty to the mere mortal Avengers. Later on, she becomes consumed by grief and blinded to what's really going on, prompting her to do some things she never would have done in the past.

Tess Myria


Class: HYDRA Experiment turned part-time Avenger

Species: Human (artificial bird-hybrid)

Played By: Chloe Grace-Moretz

Inspired by: Maleficent

Powers: Wing powered flight

Affiliation: Earth, Avengers

Associates: Avengers, Pepper, Darcy, Jane

Flaws: Victim of discrimination and absorbed with fear and resentment

Background and Character Creation: After I watched the movie Maleficent, I fell in love with her wings. I tried to think of a way it would fit into the Marvel universe without using the X-Men cause I didn't want to have to make it a crossover. So, in keeping in line with the way that the MCU is addressing the Twins, I decided to make Tess a HYDRA experiment. Then I realized that someone with wings wouldn't just fit into the regular world without trouble. And so this morphed into a sort of social commentary, Tess suffering from discrimination and seeing what the after effect would be on her psyche.

Elle Daring


Class: SHIELD recruit/asset

Species: Inhuman exposed to the Terrigen Mists

Played By: Rachel Hurd-Wood

Inspired by: Medusa and Crystal (The Inhumans)

Powers: Telepathy, Telekinesis, Spontaneous Cellular Regeneration

Affiliation: The Avengers, SHIELD

Associates: The Avengers, Nick Fury, Phil Coulson

Flaws: Mentally unstable, can't fully control powers

Background and Character Creation: I love the idea of the Inhumans and their exposure to the gaseous Terrigen Mists giving them powers. I felt that I could create my own Inhuman character. I love the idea of mentally unstable characters so starting out the fic during her suicide attempt was a way to establish just how messed up she is. Dealing with major mental illness myself, I feel qualified to be able to write characters like her.

Pixel (aka Nessa)


Class: Adventurer

Species: Inhuman exposed to Terrigen Mists

Inspired by: Classic Inhumans like Medusa and Crystal

Powers: Technopathy

Affiliation: Guardians of the Galaxy

Associates: Guardians of the Galaxy

Flaws: Abused, Young, Inexperienced

Background and Character Creation: Recently having read the Inhuman comics, I've become once again enthralled by these non-mutant mutants, especially the cool looking ones like Naja. So I had to do a tribute to my favorite species in Marvel. After searching through images of female aliens in movies to get an actress for my trailer, I decided on Zhaan from Farscape. It fit my idea of a cool, but simple looking humanoid alien. I chose the names Nessa and Pixel for multiple reasons. I chose Nessa for two reasons because first, I found it as an interesting Irish name, and two because it's a name that Tolkien uses in The Silmarillion. Pixel was chosen because she's a Technopath and it is not an existing Marvel name.

My Tolkien OCs:

Miril Lominzil

The Other Ranger

Class: Ranger

Race: Half-elf

Inspired By: Classic Dunedain Rangers and Silmarillion elves

Talents: Gifted with sword, bow, and dagger; can sing

Affiliation: Dunedain Rangers, Elves of Rivendell

Associates: Aragorn, Halbarad, Elrond, Elladan, Elrohir, Lindir, Gandalf

Flaws: Afraid of bugs, Cursed

Background and Character Creation: So, I'm obsessed with everything Tolkien. This especially includes the Silmarillion. One of my headcanon ships I've always had is Caranthir and Haleth, a Feanorian Prince and a headstrong female leader of men. While it never says they get together in the books, they always do in my mind. As such, the idea of a character descended from them was born. Along came Miril, daughter of the daughter of the son of the daughter of the son of Caranthir and Haleth. Cursed just like her forefather to live in Middle Earth, never able to return to the Undying Lands, unless she prove herself worthy.

My Tomorrowland OCs:

Eleanor Kassidy

Tomorrow's Scribe

Class: Writer and Artist / Dreamer

Race: Human

Played By: Madison Davenport

Inspired by: teenage authors and Casey Newton

Talents: Excellent writer, artist, singer

Affiliation: Tomorrowland & Earth

Associates: Matt Kassidy, Thor, Casey Newton, Frank Walker

Flaws: Can barely do math, afraid of heights

Background and Character Creation: I watched Tomorrowland and I was instantly hooked. Besides just liking the movie because of the amazing message that really resonated with me, the number of Disney World references made me cry with happiness, like when There's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow started playing... ahhh nostalgia trip. Anyways, I woke up the next morning and wanted to write a fanfic about a girl who, unlike Casey, was extremely smart or gifted intellectually in math and science, but good at the more creative aspects of life. Because in order to design a good looking city and keep everyone engaged, artists and writers are needed. Without them, life would be so dull.

I also wanted to incorporate my own Catholic faith into a work as I've never tried my hand at that before. I've always written non-religious characters, not because I don't want to write a Catholic one, nor for fear of hate, but because I just never thought of it. So now's my chance. It's fun to look at how a religious teenager would be effected by such change.

Plus I snuck in some Disney love!


Tomorrow's Scribe

Class: Recruiter

Race: Android

Inspired By: Athena

Talents: Highly intelligent due to programming

Affiliation: Tomorrowland

Associates: Eleanor Kassidy, Casey Newton, Frank Walker

Flaws: Unable to love, feel emotion

Background and Character Creation: I needed someone to give Eleanor the pin, I knew that. I didn't want to use another young girl like Athena in the movie because, well, it's been done (... in the movie). So a boy it was! I went with the name Thor because Athena is, of course, a Greek goddess, and while I thought about going with some name like Zeus or Ares, to stick with the Greek theme, I thought Thor would be more of a real name (and I love Thor both the god and the Marvel character). I wanted him to struggle with things like the concept of religion and love, which is what I plan to do further along in the story. So yeah, that's Thor!

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This story is the prequel to my main work "The Changeling" and sets up Eliza White's back story. Keep this in mind, as the first half is purely original work, with the second half tying in Avengers characters, namely Clint Barton. What happens when a girl with strange powers is abandoned and then is forced to live off the streets in London? Especially when SHIELD gets involved?
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