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Hey, I'm Sam.

I'm a 15 year old high school sophmore who writes and reads fan fiction to pass her time.

I've just started writing fanfiction again. I used to be really into cartoons and writing fics about that, but I decided that there was no hope for me getting back into my old cartoon stories. So, aside from the one shot, I decided to delete them all.

Now, I'm just trying to get back in the groove of thing at, lol.

I read/write for the following Shows or Movies/Ships:


Chase/Cameron - My personal favorite. I just think they're on the same level and both have the whole damaged thing going on (even though everyone on the show is damaged, hah, I just think House is a bit too much for her) and they're both like "pretty," hah.

House/Cuddy - My other favorite ship, I just love all the romantic tension that comes from their fighting it's just adorable. Cuddy's the only person who can really control House and keeps him on his toes. I love it.

House/Cameron - I originally hated this ship, but after I realized that this is the ship that's most likely to happen, I started to consider the ship and I don't mind it too much.

House/Wilson (friendship) - I think it's adorable how Wilson's the only person who can really get through to House and really socialize with him. They just have so much chemistry.

The Breakfast Club

Bender/Claire - You gotta love the whole bad boy/good girl thing. It's just too adorable. Ahh.

Andy/Allison - Once again, the complete polar oppisites falling for eachother. Too cute.

Bender/Allison (friendship) - The two have so much in common and make such good friends. Gotta love it.

Life With Derek

Derek/Casey - Holy shit how can you miss the chemistry? There's so much like passion in their eyes when they fight, ahh I can't take it haha. Oh boy, my all time favorite ship.

Edwin/Lizzie (friendship/romantic) - It seems like they get along so much more than Derek and Casey and I like how they were able to become friends through all the marriage drama.

The Suite Life

Zack/Maddie - Aww! Adorable, if only Zack was a little older it could work for the show. But the fics are still great.

Hannah Montana

Miley/Oliver - I'm a sucker for Disney romance, what can I say ahah. You can just see how they like eachother. Aww its adorable.

Lilly/Jackson - They're both like, "weird" hahah and together I think they'd just be adorable.

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