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Completed work

High School Adventures~ First fanfic. It even has a corny name to it. I made it when I was 12 years old so ... it sucks. It was really quickly done and has so many errors. 19 Chapters of bad grammar and bad humor and romance. It's still a Kurama and Botan fic, so it counts for something, I guess.

_Favorite pairings_

Yu Yu Hakusho (Favorite show of all time)

Botan/Kurama (Favorite pairing. Scroll to the bottom of bio for great links.)
Botan/Youko Kurama
Hiei/Botan ( I would perfer Mukuro and Hiei)



Rurouni Kenshin

Kaoru/Kenshin and/or Kaoru/Battousai

I have listed pairings that are my favorites, but it does not mean I do take interest in other pairings. I will read any pairing as long as it is written well and has a nice plot setting.
I am a Botan and Kurama fan/supporter. Check out my favorite author list, there is many K/B fic's to choose from.

Botan happans to be my favorite anime character of all time. Show some love for the cute blue hair girl. I also like Kuwabara. He is so great.


I Dislike... Character bashing! (Hate you Kuwa-Chan bashers) I also Dislike... Self insert fic's. Crossovers, and Mary-Sue's. Fic's with too much OOCness, but maybe a little. Don't like OC. They usually turn out to become a Mary sue or self-insert. I hate fic's with Kurama/You or Hiei/You. Anything like that.

Stories I recommend

1. Delicate Petals and Tricked by Mysticbluangel

2. All fic's by Diana-jae ~ Her writings made me first fall in love with the Kurama and Botan pairing.

3. All Fic's by DeityOfRoses

4. All fic's by Raven Sin ~ One of the best authors, well I sure think so.

5. Lasting Memories by Kagomebotan8

6. All fic's by Volpone

Check under my Favorite authors for all other recommended stories. Mostly they are all Kurama/Botan fics and maybe some Botan/Hiei fic's.

ATTENTION ~If you are a Kurama and Botan fan/supporter then you may like what you see at these following sites:



B) I think is one of the first Kurama and Botan websites ever made.

I hope I am allowed to put these sites on my bio for people to see. If there is a rule that you can't, then can someone tell me so I can remove them and not get in trouble.

A few quotes, but only from Botan of Yu Yu Hakusho.

"Here's my impression of Yusuke, look at me I'm burning"


"I already lost one person I loved to the Toguro team and I will not lose another!"

Ja minna!

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The YYH crew are in high school and live normal lives. Botan gets kidnapped...She begins her job as a ferry girl for 2 days. Will she accept being a ferry girl and leave her life and friends behind.KuramaxBotanother pairings too..Complete..
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