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Hello Stranger! It's nice to meet your acquaintance. *Bows* So, if you'd like to, Enjoy reading the bunch of shit I put up! =w=

Latest Updates:

5-7-15 -A/N: Hello. I'm not entirely sure if I'll be writing anything at any point. I wish to write again, however I just have a lot on my hands. I have been dealing with some personal issues as well as a relationship I am fully committed to. But anyway!! I hope you all are having an amazing summer or doing well in your classes, depending on where you live~ Someday I may get back to writing "Do I love You, or Not?" And I do hope it will be soon. Have a lovely rest of the morning or evening, lovely people.

2-5-15 -A/N: Hey! So I found a way to get into my stories! I feel quite stupid for not finding it sooner QnQ So now, maybe I'll get back on track c: Anyway, I must apologize once more for being on such a long hiatus! Thank you so much for all the support. Alright, I'll be on my way now

1-19-15 -A/N: Erm... Yeah uh... Uh... SORRY!!! Again, all my stories are still on hiatus because I do not have Microsoft. I will however try to write the 3rd chapter of "Do I love you Or Not"? Hopefully I'll make this chapter long so that you guys can have a good read.

5-7-14 -A/N: Uh. Hi. How you guys doin' LMAO I am sooosorry that I didn't do anything lately lol But I've been busy with school and all, and I was just... Ugh, I feel bad for keeping you guys waiting for any updates whatsoever. I just got a new computer too and it doesn't use Microsoft, and that's what I usually use for my writings. Now I use Google Docs and such, but that means that all the stories that were in development are now in complete Hiatus until I get Microsoft back in my PC. Anyways, I've got some good news at least! I've been able to write up the second Chapter of "Do I Love You, or Not?" as I've been able to get SOME free time, and so the new chapter will be uploaded sometime today or tomorrow. And if I am able to, I will soon be writing the Third chapter and so on. Again, I apologize for not being updated for soo long and leaving everything here hahah... Later :)

9-19-13 -A/N: So... Hello again fellow readers. UGH, THAT SOUNDED FREAKING WEIRD xD Anyways, I was thinking of giving up on RokuSora for a little. I feel like putting up a bit of Levi/Eren in here, and so I am! Anyways, Yeah... LEVI/EREN 2ND EFFING OTP. FUCK THE WORLD WOOOO.

7-27-13 -A/N: I apologize for not updating any of my stories for quite a while!!!

You see, I lost my appetite for continuing any of my stories… It’s just… So many new ideas keep coming and going, coming and going! Because of that, I’ve lost so much interest in my previous stories… And I’ve decided to make all my progressing stories on Hiatus, because one) I’ll be making a story that I WILL finish (Or at least I hope so…), and two) I’ve lost interest, yet I still want them to be read and reviewed from other people. Just so they can build my confidence to rewrite or update again. I’m deeply sorry… But some of you guys will understand right? I mean, it’s a usual occurrence to see someone not update for a while and then say the story won’t be updated any longer…? Well, it always happens to me…

ANYWAYS, if you want, you can sorta yell at me, but keep it at a nice, smooth level, ‘Kay? I’m really, really sorry!

OH By the way, I'm talking about ALL my progressing stories up here. Well, I might not put this thingy up on my recently added one, but yeah. Bye.

6-23-13 -A/N: Hey guys I'm still alive! x3 I just kinda... Lost my inspiration to write until now... Ahah, Well, A new story up! cx The one with angst and stuff? Yup, that's the one! And about that one one-shot... Yeah, probably not going to update that anytime soon xD Sorry 'bout that! Well, I'm freaking sleepy, so yeah, see you guys later!

4-8-13 -A/N: So uh, hey guuuuuysss... Alright, Yeah, I really need to update 'A Short Love Story' Sorry 'bout that! Buuuuut one good news, Making a new story! Not all that fluffy... But you know what? It's all based on the amazingness of teenage drama! No, I'm just kidding, I hated teenage drama -.- Anyways, it'll be up pretty soon, and yeah... Later you beautiful and very creative people!

3-17-13 -A/N: Hey guys, sorry I haven't been updating for like a month... Not that long but... uh... thanks for being patient! Anyways, I will soon have a new lemony one-shot in this library just to say I'm sorry and I will most DEFINATELY update 'A Short Love Story'!!! Thanks for understanding! Oh and a new update on ' Red Roses'!!

Two words. Yaoi. Addiction. I love yaoi. If you got a problem with that, then WRITE IT ON A PIECE OF PAPER AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS! Hahah, Just kidding (Kind of)! Well, if you're wondering about which pairing I love, then it's Memory Shipping (Rokusora, RoxasXSora) I just love that pairing! They're so cute together w Anyways, no I don't like yuri that much, nor hentai (Hetero). Teehee...

Facts about myself: I rarely do any work, play violin and the guitar and the Ukulele, LOVE LOVE LOVE HELLO KITTY AND DOMO, hate disney(what? It doesn't have those awesome cartoons anymore TT-TT All it is now is some shitty ass reality shows), do origami when bored, listen to amazing classical music (Like Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Vivaldi, Etc), doing poetry when inspired, doing short and weird drabbles, loves drawing anime style, and sooooo onnnn (Don't feel like putting more).

Call me Oreo! c:

Name: DP (Nope, not my name)



Gender: Female

Hair: Dark Brown, Looks really black though...

Eyes: Brown '///w///'

Yoai: My new addiction... ;3

Yuri: I've read and seen it, though it's not my favorite...

Hobbies- Drawing anime, watching anime, read mangas and fanfics, singing (in the shower), listening to classical music, make drabbles, make or redo fanfics

Likes: Animes, Mangas, Drawing, Sweets, Hello Kitty, Domo, Roxas, Sora (These two together are just the best *w*)

Dislikes: Homophobes, People yelling at me, Arguments, Preps (They think they're all that, sh-yeah right *rolls eyes*), homework, and dresses (What? They're freaking annoying to wear! And they're just too frilly and too lacey and ugh!)

Favorite Colors: Lime Green, Red, Blue, Black, and White

Favorite Anime:

Natsume Yuujincho (So wonderful, so cute. It's really not about relationships, but about friendships. A real tear-jerker.)

Kami-sama Karin (Okay, not the best, but it's incredibly good haha.)

Clannad (Just so freakin' cute and sad TTvTT)

Special A (I've watched this like a thousand times, greatest thing ever!)

Persona 4 The Animation (Ah, an amazing game, and to top it off, It turned into an anime! \(q)/)

Lovely Complex (A lot of people watch this, but stop like after the first episode. If they were able to force themselves to watch through it ((like I did)) They would fuckin' love it like I do!)

Soul Eater (I watch it for the fuck of it)

Other animes, but I forgot what they were called... *gets hit by bricks*

Favorite game:

Kingdom Hearts (This game kicks ass! And it has a lot of yaoi pairings, me likey *w*)

Persona 3/4 (This game series is actually really good. If you ever see it, I recommend buying it. Oh yeah, This is also an M-rated game, Just so you know.)

Mario Parties (What? It's funny how my brother gets fustrated and loses the game LOL)

Pairings I love: (Yaoi)

Roxas X Sora Or vice versa *Kingdom Hearts II*

Axel X Riku *Kingdom Hearts II*

Zexion X Demyx *Kingdom Hearts II*

Levi/Revaille x Eren Jeager *Shingeki no Kyojin*

Jean x Marco *Shingeki No Kyojin*

Stan Marsh X Craig Tucker *South Park*

Kenny Mccormick X Kyle Broflovski *South Park*

Shigeru(Gary O.) X Satoshi(Ash K.) *Pokemon*

Green X Red *Pokemon*

Pikachu (Where he's actually human) X Ash K. *Pokemon*

Tanuma x Natsume *Natsume Yujincho*

Mahiro x Yoshino *Blast of Tempest*

Noel X Hope *Final Fantasy XIII-2*

Ness X Lucas *Super Smash Bros/Mother*

Shizuo X Izaya *Durarara!*

Masaomi Kida x Mikado Ryugamine *Durarara*

Soul X Death the Kid *Soul Eater*

Yu N. X Yosuke H. *Persona 4*

Bokuro X Ichiro *OC from Drawings*

Burn(Nagumo H.) X Gazel(Suzuno F.) *Inazuma Eleven*

Top Ten Pairings (Yaoi):

Roxas x Sora

Levi x Eren

Gary x Ash (Green x Red)

Craig x Stan

Kida x Mikado

Noel x Hope

Shizuo x Izaya

Jean x Marco

Ness x Lucas

Tanuma x Natsume

Pairings I hate (Yaoi):

Axel X Roxas : NO, JUST NO.

Riku X Sora : NO, JUST NO. I have read a few doujins from this couple, but NO.

There's more, I just don't know some of the peoples names ;

Still new, But still progressing :)

Things weird about me: Well, there's a lot. Like I like to say MYER alot, I don't eat in front of people, I like spinning in circles and trying to fall on my face (For some reason, I cannot do that TT_TT), and I like to climb tables and dance like I'm a super star.

Authors who inspire me: Tsukisamu Sayako, TeddyRuxpin, XNobodyXSomebodyX, MewHannah-chan, OmniaVanitas, Cedarleaf, NonsenseVerse, Augestine and Hexacamas7, no dang name is available(I love your account name XD), The Orgasmic Uke and MORE.

Currently In Progress:

Do I Love You, Or Not?: *Only Has Chapter Summery's!!* There was only 1 thing to say to him. "Do I love you? Have I ever loved you?" Slight VaniSora, Rokusora, VaniVen, Akuroku, Yaoi, lemons, and more stated in the specific chapter.

Hiatus Stories: (Will only be held off until at least one of ME MUTHA EFFING STORY IS FINISHED).

A Short Love Story: Roxas is next in line to rule a throne, but yet has a wife to rule with. His parents arrange a ball for him to find his bride, but Roxas isn't ecstatic about it. During the ball, He meets a 'girl' named Sora. He soon finds out that Sora is not actually a 'she' but a 'he'. Will Roxas remain with him or not? RokuSor Yaoi

Promise: Roxas and Sora were of friends, that is until Roxas had to move. Now Roxas is back and Sora doesn't remember much about him. Can Sora remember his old memories with Roxas or will he lose his 'Woxy-chan? *Has been remade! Yaoi Rokusor!

Red Roses: Sora has always adored roses. He just feels complete with them. But he always wondered why a person would place a rose on his door mat. Deciding he would find out, he meets the person who kept leaving them there. Finding out he’s a vampire, Sora has one question flowing through his mind. ‘What’s going to happen now?’ Vamp! RokuSo, Yaoi Possible Lemon

Future Stories:

Beautiful Soul: Sora wakes up from one of the best dreams ever about his favorite band, ‘Beautiful Soul’. His sister, Xion, gets tickets to one of his concerts, that’s happening in the day after tomorrow. He goes to the concert with his sister, meeting Roxas, the vocalist of the band, heading to a pretty confusing yet sexy road. RokuSor Oneshot Yaoi/LEMON (Pending)

Coffee: A cup of coffee can soothe his soul, but a bubbly brunette can boost his hormones. LevixEren Oneshot Yaoi/LEMON (Pending)

Truth or Dare?: It was just a normal day. Roxas' group of friends just came over to hang out. Playing video games and eating snacks, how did a game of Truth or Dare make him realize his love for his best friend? One-shot, Yaoi RokuSor AkuRiku and some other pairings.(Pending)

Sing Me a Song: When Roxas sings, Sora finally realizes his long love for him. But he doesn't know if Roxas loves him back. (Some chapters have songs to follow the story, some do not.) Rokusor, Yaoi, Possible Lemon (Pending)

Operation: Get Sora and Roxas Together!: Kairi and Namine watched their best friends, wondering when they’ll finally get together. Axel and Riku share their agony. Deciding it’s been far too long, they decide it’s time to do some matchmaking. One-shot RokuSor, AkuRiku, Yaoi, Possible Lemon(Pending)

Completed Stories:

...Yeah, I haven't finished anything...

Pending stories WILL be added, schools just being a bitch.

Wow, I just realized how all my stories center RokuSor... Am I that big of a fan? THIS PAIRING SHALL GET MORE POPULAR!!!

Please, Someone in their right mind, tell me HOW Roxas can be the UKE to Sora, the most UKE boy in the world! I seriously cannot IMAGINE Roxas as UKE and Sora as SEME. What the hell?! THIS IS NOT COOL YO! WHY DO YOU PEOPLE SEE IT LIKE THAT?!

Why... Tell me, WHY DO I SHIP NOELXHOPE AND ROXASXSORA SO HARD?!?!? ;; T-they are just so... So... I DON'T KNOW, FUCKING SEXY TOGETHER?! ;o Why do I like the ones that aren't even well-known? ;( WHYYYYYYYYYYYY. ;A;

Alright Stranger, that's the end of it! Glad you enjoyed! =w=

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Craig Tucker hates Stan Marsh and his friends, but lately he's been feeling something odd for him, especially when he sees him with his best friend Clyde. Craig is your typical trouble-maker and Stan is an ex-jock that recently turned emo. What is held in store when they're forced to hang out with each other? Will the enemies kill each other or will they put their differences aside
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