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Poll: Should I under-go a major rewrite of Drop Your Mask before continuing further with the story? My character development with Shikamaru and Ino was so unbelievable and shallow, that I am ashamed to have wrote it that way. That would be the focus of my rewrite, to focus on the character development of them, instead of how quickly I just had a few lines change major aspects of their personalities. And for those of you questioning Naruto's character development, I am not to the point of the story where I go into WHAT changed him, HOW it changed him, and WHY he wore a mask to cover up his changes. Vote Now!
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Author has written 8 stories for Naruto.

I am 16, and a junior in high school. I am also a Freshman at my local community college as well, plus a multitude of other responsibilities and I have friends that take up just too much of my time sometimes. Updates are random and sporadic, no guarantees about updates, but I will really try my hardest to update when I can.

So I took a look at the poll that I started some like, 6 months ago I believe, and the status is pretty much that a more or less equal number of people want me to continue Konoha's Swordsman, as they do Drop Your Mask, with then Corrupted Realities being a distant third. Personally, I disliked Drop Your Mask when I first wrote and came up with it, but then, when a story gets 82,000 views when you have 5 chapters for the story, who am I to argue with the reaction for it?

Konoha's Swordsman has 26,000 views at it's 4 chapters, while Corrupted Realities has 34,000 with the 7 chapters it has now. Both of those stories have promise, and are far more original ideas than the whole, "Naruto was really a mask for a completely different person." But I have completely revamped my idea for Drop Your Mask, maybe angling it in a darker area, while I am not sure where I stand on Konoha's Swordsman and Corrupted Realities.

Above the others, Drop Your Mask will receive the focus of my efforts, followed then by Konoha's Swordsman, and thirdly Corrupted Realities if I have a muse for it. Other than that, I may still randomly have spur of the moment decisions where I put out a new idea, or elaborate on the smaller ones like Ice in the Fire, when it comes down to it, it is all about what I feel like doing, even though I do want to finish or get really far into Drop Your Mask because of the amazing reader response.

I created two polls, focused on under-going a rewrite of Drop Your Mask to better develop the character development that I, and a lot of readers, felt was too shallow.

Yes, take the time to do significant changes that will more slowly develop their changes

No, just continue on, and try to develop the characters more as I go forward

Yes, but it does not need significant changes, just go back and change a few scenes to better explain how the characters change

Another poll that I made was for what I am going to be continuing, story-wise, since Drop Your Mask is not the only story I have written with a lot of community response, Konoha's Swordsman and Corrupted Realities also have 20 and 30 thousand views, and the other stories that are at 1 or 2 chapters also have a lot views for how short they are.

Fuck the other stories, focus on Drop Your Mask

Develop all of my stories to 5 chapters, but ultimately, still continue Drop Your Mask above all else

Develop all of my stories to 5 chapters, and then take a poll to see if I should continue one or two of my other stories as well as Drop Your Mask, because they are cool as shit too

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After the attempted kidnapping of Hinata and possible war with Kumo and their powerhouse Jinchuriki Kirabi, Danzo persuades Sarutobi into allowing Naruto to be trained in Anbu. But Hiruzen instead assigns Naruto to be trained by the best of each ninja art in the village, to make him the best he can be, for the village, and for Naruto's own sanity. Eventuall Naruto x Anko
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Naruto's anger boils over after he fails the academy for the second time, and he yells at Iruka, and leaves the academy in anger, his mind clouded with anger. This single event, changes everything.
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Corrupted Realities reviews
Kushina thought she was the last Uzumaki, but when it was discovered that a distant cousin away on a covert mission was too far away to help Uzushio in its time of need, had survived the following Uzumaki hunt led by Iwa, he is called to Konoha to train Naruto, his last remaining relative, in whatever ways he can. Fuinjutsu Master Naruto.
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