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Right, so there is a new movie I absolutely love and am working on a story and will submit it as soon as it is done. I hope they will create a catagory for me when I do. The movie? "Dear Frankie" with Gerry Butler. If you haven't seen it you must! It is the sweetest story I've seen in a very very long time and is an independant film so it's not really been in huge release. GO SEE IT

H'okay so, I have started an account with fiction press for original works. Please check it out and review. I'm really needing reviews. puleeeez!
I have a FF pen name for joint ficcage with Raven! EEP! Shattered Hearts

We have a new story in the works so check it out! Let us know whatcha think. It IS very very VERY angsty so be warned that you may wish to have tissues near by. smirks

Well, I am new to the ff thing, but have been writing for ages. Only problem is I never manage to finish my stories. (I know! Bad Sagey!)I've never been one to share my writing until it is well, until now not many have read anything by me.

Pleeeez leave me reviews! I like to know where I stand and if my writing is any good. The shiney happy reviews are great! We all need praise...but, if you see something you dont like or understand let me know that too.

DISCLAIMERS: This is my standard Newsies disclaimer and goes for all of my Newsies stories! Sometimes I forget to list it on the fic its self and frankly I am getting tired of writing it each time. I DO NOT OWN NEWSIES! Disney, Jonathan Swift, and the others responsible for the magic that is Newsies own them. I write these for FUN and do not receive any monitary gain from said stories. Don't sue me please cos I dont have anything. I would love to Own Jack and the others as pool boys, so if you feel like buyin them for me please do. Hee hee.

That said: I DO own Sage/Chloe, Katie Kelly (Jack and Sage's daughter aka Legacy...of Sean and Katie fame), Pinstripe, Cutter, Shortstop, Joseph McBride, Reaver, Charger, Bristol (though I will sell him for target practice) Hannah, Jamie, Spike(appearing in Ershey's current fic YAY), Scrappah, Dr. Trenton, Kaylee Duncan, Jace Duncan, Shannon Brodie, Logan Creedy, Guv, Irish (from CHI) Father Mike, Chaos, Gingah and a few others that have not yet made appearances in my stories. Hope thinks she owns Sage...but, well that's just a clone. wink...nod

OOOH! I am the official owner of Jack's and Skittery's LIPS! EEP!

My fave Newsies are:

As a love interest:
Denton (yesh Denton...I'm older give me a

Faves for friends/brothers:
All of those above AND...

Racetrack: he is so brilliant and funny he is hard for me to write and do justice to him...pout

Spot: (it's love hate I love him sometimes I love to hate him cos he is fun to fight with. lol)

Les and Tumbler: they are both so darned cute!

I am part of the NML waves to her NML buddies and won 3 awards in the 2003 NML awards:

1st place: Best Shoulder to Cry on (tied with Gin! MWAH!)
2nd place: Biggest Denton Fan
2nd place: Best Misc. Fic with Original Character for Family!

(thanks to everyone that voted and nominated! I luffle you!)I was really pleased, nominated for like 7 things and had only been part of the list like a month when the voting occured.

I'm in my early 30s and have loved Newsies since just after it came out. I took my son and niece to see it but they were like 2 so they were really too young for it and we left cos they wouldn't be quiet. BUT, later I got to see the whole thing and loved it!


Angel's lullaby (song fic) Removed/will be re-posted on my site
Christmas Shoes (song fic)Removed/will be re-posted on my site

Have you ever (song fic) Removed/will be re-posted on my site

Works in Progress:
Times Like These (Contains many song fics)(modern) I'm re-working this one.
Family (first fan fic)
Santa Fe (sequel to Goodbye)


I have some kind of angst in everthing I write. But I also like sweet fluffy stuff.

I do like my stories...(the ones I write and the ones I read) to be as historically acurate as possible. If you notice something in my stories that just doesn't fit historically, please let me know so I can double check it. There is a certain amount of dramatic licence taken of course, and my Newsies fics are somewhat in keeping with the spirit of the movie.

I don't write slash. I don't mind them if they are well written and not graphic, but I don't write them. Just not my thing.

Most of my fics (I won't post stuff that I wouldn't I'm picky about what I let you guys see) are works in progress. I am trying to update each one regularly, but I am really more inspired for Times Like These, at the moment. I'm always up for new ideas, so if you have em, let me know.

I also love Firefly (curses Fox for being stupid and cancelling the show),Third Watch, Joan of Arcadia, Little Women and Equilibrium. I am working on some things for these, so keep your eyes open for that new stuff.


I am a complete Balehead! I now have a copy of nearly everything Christian Bale has been in. I think I am missing a tv show from when he was little. But other than that I have it all! WOOT! And he is the next Batman!

I absolutely love Michael Goorjian! Who wouldn't? He is soooo cute! And the most talented guy I know of! If you haven't seen his other movies you MUST! "Deal of a Lifetime" is really cute! it is one of those teen agnst movies that should be grouped with "Breakfast Club" and "some kind of wonderful"!

Sexy Scot Gerry Butler is another fave of mine. Those rugged good looks and amazing blue eyes! How can you resist? I sure can't! Gerry was recently in Attilia, Reign of Fire (with Christian! sigh) and Tomb Raider 2. He has Timeline opening on Thanksgiving and is currently filming the HUGE movie...PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and yes he sings! I can't wait!

Nathan Fillion, Mal from Firefly, is my Canadian hottie. Once again with the tall dark and handsome! Do we see a patern here?

I love to Role Play. I am Moderator of an Equilibrium RP Game board on ezboard.

I am a member of Ragged Army RP board, and a Newsies RP list as well as an Underworld RPG.

I am also owner of the Newsies Writers AID list.

But the thing that I love the most, and drives me crazy (lol) is being a mom. I have a 14 year old son who also likes the Newsies. He was accepted for his school's Show Choir (he has a nice voice) and is already 6'3! He loves sports and is really good at Baseball and Hockey.

NY Yankees
Chicago Cubs
Utah Jazz
Dallas Cowboys
SF 49ers
Glasgow Rangers
Scotland FB team
Utah Grizzlies

TRAVEL - fave places to go:
Washington DC

I would love to go to:
Back to all the places I've been
New Zeland
(most everywhere!)

Thanks for readin! Shiny blessings and Newsie dreams!


Okay, the situation with no longer being able to do song inspired fanfiction has made many in the world of fan fiction VERY upset. I'm not happy about it but I'm working on getting mine sorted through and re-written or re-posted on my site. If you're interested in the song fics please go there to read them. I always credit so it's a case where I think the few have spoiled things for the many. But that is how many things are. So, we either cope or we quit. And I'm not quite mad enough to quit this site. Though that day may come. And I know there are many that have. Anyway, keep reading and reviewing so I know what you like or don't.

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Newsies - Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,419 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 3 - Published: 12/26/2004 - Jack K., Skittery - Complete
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Times Like These reviews
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