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I am the wonderful and megalomaniacal Nyaa-san of Byakugan.NET and Mol-Mol.Net!

Here, I write under my pseudo-pseudo-nym... Nyny-Yan!

Some random person from the internet dubbed me Nyny-kun some random day and I decided to change the -kun to -yan, because Su from Love Hina calls Naru "Naru-Yan" and I think it sounds funny.

I'm a 16-year-old, non-descript looking, guy (I am a guy! Not a girl!!!) living in Canada, in a non-descript area, in a non-decript neighbourhood, attending a non-descript high school where I scare as many people as possible!

Lessee... I'm addicted to manga and anime, I love (in no particular order):

Ah! My Goddess, CC Sakura, Gravitation, Noir, Naruto, Love Hina, Petshop of Horrors, Di Gi Charat, Pita-Ten, Yu-Gi-Oh, Demon Diary, Yami no Matsuei, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Kaitou Saint Tail, Angelic Layer, Wish, Chobits, Vampire Savior, Star Ocean Blue Sphere, Weiss Kruez, Serial Experiments Lain, Onegai Teacher, Read or Die, Vampire Princess Miyu, X/1999, Angel Sanctuary, and the entire .Hack series!

takes a deep breath*

That was long...

When it comes to gaming, I like (in no order - games with othe parts, I like the whole series):

DDR, Silent Hill 2, Star Ocean, Capcom vs. SNK, Final Fantasy (All), Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, GUILTY GEAR, Darkstalkers, and ClockTower.

Hee~! @.@

My hobbies include anime/manga/games, reading, web design, watching movies, cooking/eating foods, writing, and talking on the phone.

Oh my Gawd! Do I ever shut up?!

I have written here before, and I have several other stories up, but now I'm starting anew... Yay!

If you bothered reading to this point...

I'm surprised!

Heh. Come visit me at Byakugan.Net or Mol-Mol.Net! I never sleep...

Urm... No, I was not thrown down a well, I did not die, and I am not a vengeful spirit attempting to take over the world...

I'm just me trying to take over the world! XD


Right now, I'm very obsessed with Guilty Gear! I love May, Bridget, Baiken, Jam, I-no, and Dizzy, and I want to murder Potemkin, and Testament.

I am very supportive of Jam x Ky, and Sol wanting Ky but I hate Sol for some unknown, and deep-seated reason, and I enjoy watching him suffer at any point in time... actually I don't like Ky that much either, but I like Jam, and so it's okay!

Oh yeah... I despise Bridget x Dizzy... that's just wrong... and May x Dizzy, April x May etc. is just blarg... May x Johnny is good! Yay for May!

As for Bridget... I just find him funny... I don't ever want to picture him with anyone... just because... ew... don't get me started...

Did I mention I want Sol to die a terrible and painful death?

Yay for Jam x Ky!!!!

Ooh! And S-Ko x Zappa!!!

Everyone: O.o

goes torturing Zappa with S-Ko*

I dun really like Zappa, but S-Ko's cool! XD

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