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Author has written 2 stories for Rise of the Guardians.

I am a twenty-something year old English teacher, currently living in Saitama Japan. I enjoy reading, drawing, writing, and watching a variety of movies and other television programs. I have been writing for myself since I was eight or nine years old, and I do so quite frequently, but I haven't ventured into the world of fan-fiction since I was eleven. I'm currently writing three stories, between here and Archive of Our Own, which I hope to update on a relatively consistent schedule depending on my real world commitments. I greatly prefer the interface at Ao3, so I tend to update there first, but seems to have stepped up their game with search features, so I'll give them a try again.

Current Status: Working on a translation project, which is eating up a lot of my free time.

Black Light - HIATUS.
I'm going to be honest, here. My hard drive failed and I lost several months of writing and revision. Could I start this chapter from scratch? Yes. Do I have the willpower to do so? No. I'm considering getting data recovery, but I really can't afford it right now.

Lost in the Dark - ACTIVE.
Expect about a month or two between updates unless the planets align.

The Islander - ACTIVE.
But slightly lower priority.

I draw once in a blue moon, which you can see on my DeviantArt account. I have a Tumblr, which is mainly about Black Butler at the moment, though I also post Rise of the Guardians, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Harry Potter, and various other fandom crap. I don't have much time to RP recently, but I do enjoy skype RPs alot, especially if you're in or near my time zone (JST).

Reviews are always greatly appreciated!

Fandoms and Ships:

  1. Rise of the Guardians
    Blackbelief (Pitch/Jamie) - There is so little of this, so...recs appreciated.
    Bennefrost (Jack/Jamie)
    Blackice (Pitch/Jack) - But I don't read much, if any.

  2. Black Butler
    Sebaciel (Sebastian/Ciel) - Yes, I'm going to hell.
  3. Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club
    Makoharu (Makoto/Haruka)
    Reigisa (Rei/Nagisa)
  4. Gravity Falls
    Billdip (Bill Cipher/Dipper Pines) - Currently reading so much of this. Recs are welcome.
  5. Harry Potter
    Sirius/Remus - My first real ship. Eternal OTP.
    Snape/Harry - On occasion, but I have mixed feelings about Snape.
    [Anybody]/Harry - Because why not?
  6. Avengers/Marvel Cinematic Universe
    Frostiron (Loki/Tony)
  7. Teen Wolf:
    Sterek (Derek/Stiles) - But I refuse to accept season 4 ever happened.
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Lost in the Dark reviews
"I hoped you would remember." Pitch said, and something curled around Jamie's ankle. He went completely still, a whimper rising in his throat as whatever it was slid up his leg. "Broken little boy, lost in the dark with a shattered torch. The Guardians won't come for you; they can barely see you. But you needn't worry. I won't let you finish growing up." Blackbelief (Pitch/Jamie)
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Fourteen years after helping the Guardians defeat Pitch, Jamie still believes with all his heart. He has reached his last year of university and finds himself faced with the terrifying prospect of entering the world on his own. On a cold afternoon, Jamie finally comes face to face with Jack Frost, but the encounter sparks a chain of events that could change his life forever.
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