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Author has written 14 stories for Crash Bandicoot, Sonic the Hedgehog, and My Little Pony.

Welcome to my Profile Page

What's my name: eternal1990.

Age: early twenties

gender: Female

Where do I live: On the Moon.

Favorite t.v shows: Hell's kitchen, Hardcore Pawn, Storage wars, Pawn Stars, Rocko's Mordern Life, Doug, Hey Arnold, Kirby Right Back At Ya (A tv show 4Kids got right) Viva Pinata (Another 4Kids got right) Trigun, MLP: Friendship is magic (Yeah I like this show. What are you going to do?), The Golden Girls, Anything on the Food Network, Scare Tactics, Tales from the Crypt, Powerpuff girls, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Kenan and Kel, and many more that I can't name off my blonde head.

Favorite Movies: The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Jungle Book, Sleeping Beauty, The Shining, Fear, Groundhog Day, Highlander (The first movie the sequels can burn), Labyrinth, Fear, Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, Cinderella ( the 1997 live action if I'm correct), My Fair Lady, The Court Jester, The Sherlock Holmes movies with Robert Downey Jr., The Tim Burton Batman Movies, Edward Scissorhands, Dumb and Dumber, Angel Heart, Deep Blue Sea, Ghost, Dirty Dancing, Roadhouse, The Wrestler, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Saw 2, Scary Movie 1,3,4, Eight Crazy Nights, Wayne's World, Superstar and probably alot more that I'm missing.

Music I enjoy: Breaking Benjamin, Orgy, Linkin Park (Back in the day they suck now), Korn, Adema, Godsmack, David Bowie, Queen, Morissey, Nirvana, Lady Gaga (although she's worn out her welcome), Cold, SR-71, Nickelback, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Rob Zombie, Three Days Grace, Evanescence, Ellie Goulding, Backstreet Boys (I was a little kid when I listened to them and I still enjoy them again what are you going to XD), Bush, Hootie and The Blow Fish, The Police, Micheal Jackson, Celine Dion, Disturbed and many more.

My primary focus of fanfictions will lay on the Crash Bandicoot series and the Sonic the Hedgehog series as I feel I can write the most about them. But here are some things you will need to know about my fanfictions.

1. In my Sonic stories it will take place in the Sega universe. I am not a fan of the comics or the horror that was Sonic x (Both the Japanese and 4Kids version were bad but I liked Jason Griffth as Sonic) However there may characters from the comics that will appear in my stories for example I might include the Brotherhood of Guardians in a goofy scenario.

2. There will be Sonic stories where Sonic is vulnerable. They will not be rape stories I will not go that far. But it will be stories where Sonic is put into a situation where his speed is not the solution and where he really has to think to get out of a situation. They might be gory but they won't be lemons.

3. I will write romance stories depending on my mood. My Favorite pairing are Shadamy, Knuxouge, tails/cream. Mephiles/amy, and Silver/Blaze.

4. There will not be any OC characters. it will just be the main characters from the games maybe a few from the comics. If there are any OC it will just be several bystanding humans who will serve no purpose to the story and are just for background and will not play a huge roll.

5.I have a couple projects going in that like to call What if. These stories will be what if something happened that never did. I'm working on one Fanfiction of that calibar right now. I will post it when I feel it is ready.

Now for my Crash bandicoot fanfictions

1. Crash is going to talk. He will not talk in gibberish he will talk regularly. Crash's personality will remain as goofy as it always has been. But, I gave him some attributes of my own personality. Unsure of himself, honest, laidback rather tense, caring and very immature. However I also wanted to give Crash more than just a goofy personality and make him more 3 dimensional so in my stories he has a very dark side to him which is seen and developed more and more as my series goes on.

2. The stories follow the Naughty Dog world of Crash. Everything I do for Crash will follow the Naughty Dog world of Crash. The only non Naughty Dog game that will pop is Wrath of Cortex but I have plans to tweak it around and formulate to how it could have been if Naughty Dog made that game.

3. There will be OC in it. There are going to my own Characters in the stories but they will all be human unless I say otherwise. Crash has a female friend who will be human. (Don't worry there might be some romantic feelings the two will have. But I assure you. There will not be and I repeat there will not be another Sonic 2006 incident. I know we are still having nightmares.) They will be Crash's enemies or his friends cheering him on for the most part.

4. No lemons period.

5. I will not write about new Crash unless by request.

6. Everybody will have there old personality. N.Gin however I actually might do a cross between his old personality and his new personality but the older one being more dominate. I feel it will make his character more demented if I do that.

7. Finally, The atmosphere of my Crash stories might be a little darker. The reason for is when I when I look back on the games when I play them. In spite of the goofy light it had. There was a sort of darkness to it especially in the first two games. (Cortex was so badass back then sigh.) Eitherway I like when some stories have an eerie presence to them. And I feel my Crash bandicoot fanfiction will flow better if I add that ambience to it.)

I may also write some fanfictions about Spyro the Dragon(the original and better series)

Kirby(it will more than likely be based off the tv show I'm not a big fan of the games. Meta Knight's awesome.)

Powerpuff girls that show was amazing it got away with so much back then.

Courage the Cowardly Dog this show was just wow...

Metroid (Although I never played any of the games I watched the playthroughs and read the manga I want to play the Prime series and Super Metroid so bad. Were not going to talk about Other M)

MLP fim: I am a Pegasus Sister I must admit but if do a fanfiction it might be a crossover with Kirby.

Rayman: Another series I was fond with and can add great story but the rabbids are my favorite. Rabbis go home was hilarious.

I also have a few things I also want to clear with you.

1. If you want to review my stories and comment on them please don't be a moron. Not everyone is going to like my stories. But, if you have a critism, just simply tell me what it is you think I'm doing wrong and I will try my best to make it better. The only way I'll learn is if I get feedback. But, all I ask is people to simply explain and not be a troll and please don't comb threw every grammer mistake either. Just simply tell me and I will fix it to the best of my ability.

2. I will let both members and nonmembers comment however if the comments get out of control. I will set it to members and block people. I want everyone to have a chance to leave an opinion or feedback so don't abuse it.

3. I will update as often as I can. I do have school and I also work part time so I might have a hard time updating everyday.

updated 10/6/13

As of right now I have five fanfictions on this site my Crash bandicoot series and I one Sonic the hedgehog fic

Crash Bandicoot: Beginnings Complete

Crash Bandicoot 2: Alliance Complete

Crash Bandicoot 3: Time Complete

Crash Bandicoot: Forgotten Complete

Crash Bandicoot: Memories Complete

Crash Bandicoot 4: Elements Complete

Crash Bandicoot: Test of Time

Sonic the Hedgehog

Under the Surface Complete

In the Shadows Inprogress

Savage: Inprogress

MLP: MLP: Elements of Corruption Inprogress

Stories I plan or may plan to write.

Crash and Metroid Crossover: I want to do a story where Crash and Samus interact with each other. It would probably be a darker story dealing with all that happened to them.

MLP FIM and Kirby Right Back at Ya Crossover: All I will say for this one is this is it will be funny as hell and Twilight Sparkle and King Dedede will suffer. (If you're familiar with MLP Return of Harmony part 1 and 2 and Kirby episode 63 Something to sneeze to at then you'll have an idea what I might want to do)

I want a Sonic adventure story similiar in format to the Sonic advance series and Crash Bandicoot Warped.

I might do a Crash Team Racing fic but it won't have anything to do with the series I'm working on.

I'm working a Shadow the Hedgehog story about his life on the ARK. I know it's been done many times but I want to do my own version. I will post it when I feel like it's ready.

There are other stories I want do to in the future that I may mention later on.

Well that's where I stand I hope you enjoy my fanfictions. eternal1990 over and out.

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