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Natsu: WELCOME TO THE PROFILE OF Animeprincess !!!! ( DO NOT NEED 2001)

Me: Why thank you Natsu for the intro.

Happy: He only did it for being in your fanfics!

Natsu: *Punches Happy*

Me: *Starts Crying*

Natsu: Sorry!!

Me: It's alright Natsu , I'll make Gray or Loke the main hero and Lucy-chan the heroine. 'Which I don't want too'

Natsu: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll do anything!!!

Me: If you hurt Happy one more time I will seriously ruin your career!! YOU HEAR ME?!!!!!!!!!

Natsu: Y-Yes *Starts petting Happy*...Cat Freak...

Me: Did you say something Natsu?

Natsu: Nothing !!

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Colors: Pink, Blue, Red and Purple

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Animal abuse... ( Makes me sad.. T_T)

War and Bloodshed ( In real life and some gaming)

Boys saying that they are better than Girls ( give them this kinda of look XP)

And 'M' rating stories ( Eww... i hate it)


Guitar ( love playing it)


Chattering with Friends online

And the most, Reading stories in Fanfiction... ( A bit too much right?? O_O)


I am Cheerful,Bubbly,nice,sweet and not much of a lovable person and gets often misunderstood.On top of that I am a Tom Boy-ish Girl!!.But when I'm angry I can be the duplicate copy of Erza.BEWARE!

At school I'm sort of sweet and sometimes totally Cheerful.My friends think I am very Naive.But I'm the opposite at my home.I love adventure!!!!

Animes i watched...

1) Naruto and Naruto Shippuden

2) Fariy Tail

3) Ao No Exocrist

4) Kuroko No Basuke

5) Prince Of Tennis

6) Maid Sama

7) Inuyasha

8) Demon Eyes Kyo

9) Stigma Of The Wind

10) Arcana Famalinga

Pairings I Love...

Naruhina ( naruto)

Sasusaku ( naruto)

Shikatem ( naruto)

Kibaino ( naruto)

Natlu ( fariy tail)

Jelza ( fariy tail)

Gravia ( fariy tail)

Gavy ( faritail)

Romendy ( fariy tail's cutest pairing!!!)

Rinmi ( Ao No Exocirst)

Ryosaku ( Prince of Tennis)

Momoan( Prince of Tennis)

Eijitomo ( Prince of Tennis)

Usumisa ( maid sama)

Inukikyo (Inuyasha)

Seshkago ( Inuyasha)

Kazyo ( Stigma of the Wind)

Nolicta ( arcana familiga)

Pairings I hate!

Sasuhina (naruto)

Narusaku (naruto)

Kaksaku (naruto)

Shikaten (naruto)

Inukago ( I AM TOTALLY AGAINST IT!) ( inuyasha)

Kinsaku ( Prince of Tennis)

Eijiann ( Prince of tennis)

Momosaku ( Prince of tennis)

Libcita ( Arcana famiglia)

Guys I'm thinking about discontinuing Secret Crushes. Sorry

For all the readers who supported the story - Thank you and sorry

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Amnesia by theamazingloki reviews
After waiting an eternity, Leo finally returns to Calypso's island. She thought that she might finally get to be with the one she loved, but when Leo's death and the Physician's Cure somehow wiped his memory, how can Calypso get them out of Ogygia? And how could she possibly get his memory back? Meanwhile Leo just wonders how he ever convinced a girl like Calypso to love him...
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