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Author has written 19 stories for Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings, Misc. Anime/Manga, Death Note, Chronicles of Narnia, Valkyrie, Last of the Mohicans, and Doctor Who.

Now I know nobody is reading this but, if you happen to be nobody then...

General facts about me:

I am in college (or university if you think of college as what I call middle school). I'm an English major with a Education minor. I write when I have time and inspiration. It's rare that I have them both simultaneously. I update slower than molasses flows in winter, because when life kicks me, it kicks hard.

And that's all you need to know about me in general.

I generally read fics in LotR, PotC, and HP. Most of the time I go through spurts of exclusively reading fics in one fandom centering around one character in that fandom, usually my favorite character at the time. I've also found that one-shots like me better than chaptered fics... maybe that's why I never seem to be able to complete a chaptered fic... (I'm working on correcting this fact. I WILL finish my Narnia fic even if it kills me.)

Current Fandom and Character: Valkyrie, Claus von Stauffenberg. (Really, I'm not so much fangirling this one as I am being utterly impressed by the movie and needing to see fic for it.)

Here I insert my publicity for Acey Dearest, who is my real life best friend and writes fics, go read her stuff, it's good. Okay, done publicizing for now.

Onto my stories:

Stories in Progress:

The Port Royal Incident - That's the working title, anyway. I'll probably change it since it doesn't really have the feel I'd like. It's an PotC Norrington/OC fic, of which I've written... 9 chapters, plus all of the tweaked CotBP events, but there's a massive gap between chapter 9 and the beginning of CotBP. I've got an outline and some drabbles for the DMC and AWE chapters as well. I'm still iffy on whether I'll post it or not. I think if I go through all 3 films it'll end up... really long, for lack of a better way of putting it. If I post it, it'll be after I've gotten a few more chapters done. (UPDATE - This story is on hold since my jumpdrive died and I lost... more than half of what I'd written. I could get data recovery for it, that costs over a thousand dollars and I don't have that kind of cash lying around. I'll probably start posting when and if I become inspired to rewrite what I've lost and more.)

Imagination, Reality, and the Space Between - A Narnia fic that I've just started writing because the idea won't go away. I've written nine chapters (including the prologue). Chapter Eight posted. Ah, college, how to put a damper on my writing output. Updates will be coming as I finish chapters now. Unfortunately, this means a much longer wait than I intended. The next chapter is coming very very very slowly. I know what I want to address, but the words haven't been coming. (Currently haitused due to the fact I can't seem to get the next chapter written.)

Valkyrie Fic - I've got a couple of ideas, one that's half finished, one that's half formed and there's always the potential for more.

Completed Works:

A Silent Integrity - Valkyrie. A look at the last moments of Goerdeler, Witzleben, Tresckow, and Beck. It's rather dark, and deals with executions and suicide.

In The Eyes - Valkyrie. An Olbricht centric piece based on Claus von Stauffenberg's next to last lines in the film.

Silent Confessions - Valkyrie. Completely and utterly based on the factoid I saw that Stauffenberg was a practicing Catholic. I thought it'd be an interesting thing to explore in the confines of the film (since we only see Stauffenberg in a church once, and then he's meeting with Olbricht, and in the back of the church).

Here I Swear - Valkyrie. Here I Swear is a sectioned progression in perceptions of Hitler and Nazi Germany. There are five points of view, all expressed in the first person.

Rubik's Cube - Death Note (crack!)Fic. Written for AceyDearest on her birthday.

Blue-Eye Reminder - Written as a gift for a friend. LotR, Legomance-ish.

The Shore of Eternity - LotR- based. A one shot that has been written for quite some time now. Does not involve any of the characters. Just the world.

Hands - LotR. About Aragorn's hands.

When Fangirls Attack - LotR -ish. Acey Dearest should recognize this, but anyhow... Based on a script Acey Dearest, CelticRose88, and I made up in a psychotic episode brought on by too much (Diet) Coke and Chips Ahoy. The original script was about Orlando Bloom, but the one that's posted is about Legolas... Two girls want to watch LotR on satellite but it conks out because of rain so one of the girls pulls out a documentary film about fangirls attacking Legolas in Minas Tirith and bringing him back to Earth to form a cult around him. It's mostly a dialogue fic.

His Angel - Written for Acey Dearest as a gift. Diabolo. Kyouya/Tsukiko is actually said in this one.

Her Angel - Written for Acey Dearest as a gift. Diabolo. Kyouya/Tsukiko more implied than said.

Golden Crosses - Another Diabolo one shot. No pairing. It's about how Rai got the cross necklace and where he learned the 'ashes to ashes, dust to dust, evil to darkness' thing.

A Man's Priorities - PotC. My attempt to write Norrington. He needs to be appreciated after AWE. An attempt at an explanation of WHY he did what he did in AWE.

Just Business - PotC. A fic about Beckett at the end of AWE, because I was inspired after seeing AWE a second time.

Jack Catch's Dance - PotC. One-shots about Jack's hanging from various points of view. Each chapter is technically stand alone. (Will, Elizabeth, and Jack POVs)

Also, anyone wondering what my name comes from, Elven is from the Elves from LotR. After I read the Silmarillion, I thought that Ulmo was the best, so Sailor. And should hope Girl is self-explanatory. Thus, ElvenSailorGirl

Check out www.councilofelrond.com. It's a great forum site. If you love LotR but aren't a member... go join. If you are a member feel free to send me a PM, I'm nippip_dna_yrrem. I'm also a member of Hogwarts Extreme, which is fun if you like to RP, www.hexrpg.com.

A FUN LINK: (Because I am a super nerd of super nerdy proportions)


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