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Author has written 7 stories for Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, Regular Show, and Amazing World of Gumball.

Adventure Time OCS:

White Drakim:

Appearance: a 17 year old teenager with a childish and cussy personality; wears short shorts and Halloween colors every day, nothing else to wear but dark colors

Age: 56,000-59,000 years old. (I lost track after a year; Xp)

Heritage: ...indian wise?

Skin color: Light brown. Kinda more of a shiny caramel color.

Hair: Ms. Frankenstein hair, but long, curly and goes to the middle of back

Eyes: ...light brown

Favorites: Candy Corn, Bunnies, Oasis, Three Days' Grace, Playing with instruments, Bacon, Scaring people and things

Least favorites: Black Ice and large tubs of freezing cold water

Powers: Fire, Ghost, steel, Magic (Witchery)

About White: White is a fun, cool tomboy that has a Grim Reaper scythe as a weapon to battle with. She is a half vampire/part witch/half demon/part human because her Aunts did experiments on her when she was a little girl. She was born sometime in the 1000s, but doesn't really explain much of her past. Most of her past is hidden inside of her mind and doesn't explain a bit about it to anyone. Unless you force it out of her.

But, she has a fiery personality, yet a sweet attitude at certain times. Usually, she would get on girls' nerves, but is pretty cool with guys.

She is the princess of Drakim, a planet that holds monsters, vampires, witches, wizards, humans and so on, while her brother, Aege is somewhat the prince. She has met with the people of Ooo and Aaa, and they're pretty cool around her. Her current status is with Rex the Demon King, and had twins. (...deeper, secret status)

She also plays some of her own songs with her instruments and reads and types a lot, so she's a rockin' bookworm. Back then, she used to live on Earth before the Great Mushroom War came, so she left there and landed in Drakim, and stayed there since. She knows a lot about everything, so you can ask her anything, and she'll give you the complete answer, even if it wasn't heard of yet.

Regular Show OC:

Shawn DiLorna:

Appearance: A tall bunny that wears black jeans, a red shirt, black converses and short brown hair and wears brown glasses

Age: 19

Heritage: ...bunnies

Skin color: ...white (That much of a pun? =-=')

Hair: short, brown and straight with a red hairbow

Eyes: ...light...green

Favorites: Fries, Jolly Ranchers, fishing, swimming, and hunting and hiking

Least Favorites: Quiet places and really bright places

Powers: ...none...so far...

About Her: Shawn DiLorna is a quiet girl who likes loud, rock and roll music. She usually had her headphones in most of the day, but not when she goes to sleep. But she doesn't have them on all the time. She likes dark places, but not so much for really bright places too well. She didn't like her real name her parents gave her, so she switched it to Shawn DiLorna.

Shawn likes to go to places, and usually hangs around the park where Mordecai and Rigby works at, although Muscle man is taking slight notice of her...but, Mordecai and Rigby always love to help her out, although she really doesn't need any. Benson doesn't mind her, although he offered her a job for the park, but she would usually decline.

Shawn became part of a band some months ago, and worked her way to be a bass guitar and electric guitar player and a drummer. Usually, Mordecai, Rigby and the others would come to her sessions and hear her rock out when they get the chance. Shawn likes to give people free concerts, even though her band members say that they should get paid, but Shawn mostly disagrees.

Hey guys, White here. I have changed this now so it's only OC's. THis account will be inactive for the rest of time. Enjoy my stories, and you can PM me if you'd like to talk.


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Finn Mertens: Vampire Hunter reviews
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