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DNPLC stands for Della and ('n) Perry's Love Child. I was a "change of life" baby...

From the time I was big enough to turn on the television, I watched Perry Mason re-runs each day after school. Perry and Della are very much creations of the incredible actors who portrayed them. Gardner often said that he didn't imbue the teleplays with much personal detail and what there was came from the rare chemistry of Raymond Burr and Barbara Hale. I wish we had that fabled 10th season and can not forgive CBS for being so short-sighted in that regard. Would it have been color? Would they have gotten married; they certainly act married by season 8 and especially 9.

I love the movies even while I find the plot and production values lacking; our hero and heroine deserved much better. Still they show us Della and Perry's relationship, now much more defined as romantic. In "real life" I write for a living both fiction and, more extensively, non-fiction.

I swore I would never write fan fiction.

I know. And I love it, as much as I write for a living I can't get enough of this, which is just FUN.

When I started writing P&D my main goal was to keep to the loose framework provided by what the writers gave us in the series and movies. More than anything else I wanted to write to the characters. Visualizing each line of dialogue as it comes from their mouth I try with great diligence to make sure it is something they would actually say and that it is age-appropriate for the time. Older P&D/R&B seem quite different than their younger alter egos with Perry much more irascible, less light and jovial; Della much more maternal and, sadly, less sassy until the later movies.

Anyway, if I can't see it, I won't write it. A little of the real life Barbi and Ray may slip in every now and then, both verbally and their characteristics. That will bother some readers and comfort others; me, it comforts and I guess the writer has to be happy first. Yes?

As for the heat, here is my perspective. While in the 1950s and 60s we didn't see evidence of sex on television (although we saw plenty in film) people were certainly engaged. Perhaps not as much as now but certainly quite a lot. As Raymond said once of D&P when they were wrapping up the series, "Perry and Della are a man and a woman and their relationship is everything that a normal, single man and woman's would be."

When the series ended they were nearly 45 and 50 and people that age would have been having sex. Period. I will warn you when there is heat in my chapters so that you can skip, although why anyone would want to is beyond me!

The people of the Fanfic community are the best!

The following is a catalogue of stories are how they "work" and which ones are part of an overall narrative:

TCOT The Day They Met--starts it all and works with ALL, even Missed Chance. This is the only way I have ever envisioned them meeting; in the office. I've tried on other ideas and while they are fun to imagine, none of the others feel right.

TCOT Evil Eight--My best attempt at explaining those eight years and it works with all other stories. But I still don't understand that eight years and have tried to exploit the fact that in several places, "Perry Mason Returns" makes it clear that their relationship was ongoing and that they continued to see one another.

TCOT Missed Chance--Alternative attempt to explain the 8-year separation, and also an alternative explanation of their relationship, which some people maintain was never consummated. This is definitely a stand alone since it presupposes they were not together all along. Heresy.

TCOT Telltale Kiss--Trying to explain that very public kiss in "The Tell Tale Talk Show Host," which seemed so out-of-nowhere and so late in the game and it works with all stories.

TCOT Defiant Della--Again an attempt to explain something from the movies that is just hanging out there...! I knocked it out quickly and I'm afraid that it shows in places but I'm letting it stand.

TCOT Sorrowful Secretary--For me it's clear that viewers are supposed to suspect that Kaitlynn Parrish is Perry's daughter. But what does that mean and how would that work? Only one way, I'm afraid, that Perry cheated on Della in '67. Perry cheating on Della. That's tough for me but he is a man! And if lonely enough and sad enough and well, aroused enough...

WOW! The following story was supposed to be titled TCOT Lost Love Labor not Redux! I have changed it.

TCOT Lost Love Labor--This to me is a mistake in the movies. When the series played with us, push-pull, about Della and Perry's relationship they did it well and with some reason. The movies, I'm afraid, lacked that deft touch. Consequently we are left with plenty of moments like Perry saying he and Laura had been together 30 years before when it should have been 35.

"Perry Mason The Woman Behind the Man" is more or less a stand alone. I have revised this as they don't really get together in this until "TCOT Weary Watchdog..."

TCOT Fraudulent Fireworks, works with all and just a little 4th of July fireworks from our lovers!

TCOT Jilted Junior, Works with all and is in progress...

TCOT Wondering Secretary, pretty much works with all.

TCOT Admirable Admirer, Works with all but "Missed Chance" and "Woman Behind the Man." Believe it or not, this started out as a "quick" 3 chapter affair starting in 1987 with the PM movie, "TCOT Scandalous Scoundrel."

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