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Hey, Im CammieSarah51, well you probably already know that seen as you've clicked on my page. Anywho, I'm glad you visited. Feel free to look around and enjoy my page.

I started fan fiction cause my friends Raved bout it for ages. I'm into PeterPan, Hunger Games, Twilight, Fairy Tales, Rise of the guardians, once upon a time and Percy Jackson fan fiction (I know I read loads or so I've been told), and I am currently writing a story for Peter Pan. Please take a look and review.

These are the friends I told you about below

my friends are -

Lozza24, my funny sarcastic friend who loves animals, she's currently writing a story about wolf fan fiction. (Horsi)

lexiwhitlock302, my amazing mental disturbed friend, who's is obsessed with Harry Potter and Twilight (Drapple) (don't ask), she's currently also writing a story to do with twilight called Never. I've been told say that if you truly loved my story you'll read hers, something to do with saving my life in a dream. She wants me to headbutt a wall in my profile, well as you can see I haven't but visit her if you want to see it happen. She is also writing a story to do with Harry Potter Called Here Goes Nothing. You can find it on my favourites list.

KlaineShipper001, my friend who is obsessed with glee and Darren Criss, (I'm not into glee though), she's writing a klaine fan fiction. Again don't ask.

NAGuard, is the newest member of our little group on fan fiction. He doesn't have anything on his page so don't bother looking. Still he's a friend be nice.

Im from the UK.

You can use your imagination and guess my age.

I have a story uploaded, feel free to read it and Review. Any questions on my story please ask I'm happy to answer and talk about it. But I won't reveal anything.

A bit about me -

Well to tell you the truth I'm OBSESSED with BON BONS, they are amazing, if you have never tried Bon Bons then you have never lived, it's that simple.

I also like cake, hmmm cake. Please send me cake. Images accepted.

I'm very full of myself if I'm honest, and head reflects that.


I like coloured trousers, my favourite colour at the mo are purple. Most people thinks its orange, naming no names, lexi.

I love my boots, especially my black combat boots

I like Disney, I collect the films. So far not so good if I say so myself.

I love History and Art.

I love to read, I would tell you some books but there are so many. But one of my favourite books of all time is the The Grey Wolf Series by Quinn Loftis.

my favourite films are -

Peter Pan of course (Any of them)

The avengers, man so many fit men in one film I think I'm gonna faint.

Kung fu panda, who doesn't love a panda.

Cool runnings, someday I will get a lucky egg.

Hunger Games

The little Mermaid

Golden Child

The Covenant


My favourite tv shows are -

Once upon a time

Secret circle

Neverland, I know it's a mini series but its still amazing

Supernatural, more fit men what more could a women want?

An idiot abroad


My mottos -

Smile and Nod. (Gets you through anything. Especially awkward situations)

I don't share food.

Everyone looks like an animal (you just have to find out what one)

Coloured trousers are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Who needs a life when you can read and write.

If I was on a deserted Island I would ask for a life time supply of Bon Bons

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