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Hello everybody! The name's M. Cooper Jinks. First things first. Welcome to my profile page! (Feel free to kick of your shoes and stay a while.)

In case you were wondering my penname is made up of different original characters I've created. Cooper can actually be found in one of my fics on this site. (That's why I have the walkie talkie in my avatar too.)

As of January 2013 I was pretty much brand spankin' new to the site, and never tried writing fanfiction before. However, now that I've been here for a while and no longer have just one fic in my arsenal, I've decided to make my page more visitor friendly. If you haven't noticed already, I write for Hunger Games, so if that's one of your favs, go ahead and dive right into my expansion of Suzanne Collins' universe.

If you are looking for other interests, have no fear. Just because I only write for Hunger Games doesn't mean I don't read a boatload of other stuff, so feel free to ask about anything you like. PM's are more than welcome.

Victors' Village

Here's the spot where you can find all the Updates on my current fanfics. All you have to do is find one which interests you, crack it open and enjoy the adventure!

You should probably also know that all my fics are connected with one another. Most of my shorter stories flow into my main fic, Inferno. So just because you finish one fic, it doesn't necessarily mean it's the end.

In Progress

Inferno - Part II: The Mockingjays: (Hunger Games 4 continued) After escaping the Capitol, surviving the 76th Hunger Games and reaching District 8, Katniss learns that she know longer needs to carry the burden of this war alone. Joined by ten other Victors of new and old, Katniss is now one of eleven mockingjays. Together they hope to reunite the rebelling Districts and become one step closer to ending the war that has spread like wildfire across Panem.

Chapter 9 is finally posted. I know it took a while, so I've also posted an extra treat. There's now a sneak peek of Part III available.

Chapter 10 is in Progress.


Inferno - Part I: The Awakening: (Hunger Games 4) Who says the story has to end with Mockingjay? Rejoin Katniss Everdeen and journey back into the world of Panem! (completed)

This is my first ever fanfic, and although it started out with only 2 chapters, I decided to extend it to 8. Just as Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay were each divided into 3 parts, Inferno has been designed in the same way. I haven't decided if I'll actually finish parts 2 and 3, but I've figured out what they will all be called.

The Adventures of Little Finn - Boy Hero: It's a week in the life of an 8 year old Finnick Odair. Join the incredibly charming little Finn as he faces terrifying beasts and rescues beautiful Damsels! Find out how he meets Annie and Mags for the first time. (completed)

A Song With Thorns: See the games through the eyes of everyone's favorite mentor, Haymitch Abernathy. It's the year of the 51st Hunger Games, and Haymitch's first year as mentor. Find out what he thinks about this years games, as well as the mysterious Livia Thorne. Drabble Series. (completed)

To Die or To Kill: What happens when you announce to the Capitol that you won't be playing by their rules? The story of Henley Townsend. A one-shot series that encompasses the 68th Hunger Games. (completed)

Don't Say A Word: She wasn't always an avox. She wasn't always on the run from the Capitol. Find out what happened to her. A tragic one-shot on how Lavinia became an Avox. (completed)

The Holo (a.k.a. The Brainstorm Center)

Part of what drives my current fics is knowing exactly where the story is headed. I usually plan out my chapters months in advance, so that I always know what needs to happen next. However, it's gotten to the point where I've planned things so far ahead that I'm not entirely sure if I'll ever get to write everything. That's why I've created the Holo. This is a layout of the long road ahead.

Inferno - Part III: The Mountain

(Chapters 17-22) This may be the final installment of Inferno. However, it is not the end to the Hunger Games. You may have already guessed by the title, but the entire portion of Part III will take place in District 2. It might take a year before I ever reach this point, but I would love to be able to write it.

The Warning

One of the few Hunger Games characters I've never had a chance to even mention is Madge. Partly because I hadn't decided what I wanted to do with her character. The Warning is a drabble series about Madge's story beginning 24 hours before the bombs hit District 12. If I do write this it will need to be completed before I start Part III of Inferno.

One Rose for Another

Since I've figured out that Prim will not be in Inferno I wanted to create a fic hinting at what's going on with her. This will be either a drabble or a one-shot. I haven't decided yet. However it will be told from President Snow's point of view.

Taking Flight

The 5th and final installment of the Hunger Games. Just like Inferno this would be broken into three parts, which would each be its own fic.

Part I: The Embers

Part II: The Capitol Games

Part III: The Sacrifice

As a side note, I love feedback, so all PMs, reviews and questions are welcome.

Thanks for stopping by!



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