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Author has written 4 stories for Death Note, and Bleach.

Heyo! I'm Manda, and I'm glad you are here for that means you get to see my AWESOMENESS!!!

OK I'm kidding. I'm not that awesome. But I'm still glad you're here. So I guess I'll tell you about myself as a writer now.


Eyes- LxOC; possibly being rewritten.

In Progress:

One- NearxOC MelloxOC NearxOCxMello; sequel to Eyes

The Choice- ToshiroxOC OCxOC ToshiroxOCxOC; wont have much work done until One is done.

Ideas For Future Products:



another ToshiroxOC

SoulxMaka (?)

BBxOC (?)


Krystal- Eyes: 17 years old (at the start of Eyes). Brown hair with blond streaks. Pale skin. Extremely skinny but getting healthier. Electric blue eyes with a twist. She possesses the shinigami eyes.

Krystal is a victim of sexual abuse and had traveled in a slave market for 5 years. When she is almost hit with L's limo she passes out and is taken in by L. Later found in the story she has a 13 branded onto the small of her back. I'm sorry to disappoint but this has noting to do with BB. I may make a fanfic with him later. The 13 represents what number victim she was.

One- One: 15 years old (at the start of One). Black hair with blond underneath (Planning to change throughout the story). Fairly pale skin. Electric blue eyes.

One has been tossed around from foster care to foster care all her life until she finds herself at Wammy's; a foster care for kids with special abilities. Within 5 months of being there, she ends up making it to the number one spot for successors of L. This angers Mello for now he has to work twice as hard while One lazes around and doesn't even attend classes. This then becomes a complicated relationship between the two who wont admit they're friends. Soon they realize their feelings but another is also realizing his feelings for the girl across the dorm.

Kiara- The Choice: (OK, don't judge but I don't really remember if i described her in the fic yet and if i did i don't remember how i described her...) 15 years old. Black hair. Tan-ish skin. Green eyes.

Kiara and her two best friends are new exchange students to Karakura (?) High School. It just so happens that on their first day they meet the people that should have been at the end of their list of people to meet. Yea, that's right, they meet the main characters; Ichigo, Ikaku, Yumichika, Rukia, Renji, Rangiku, and none other than Toshiro- ahem- Captian Hitsuguya. Oh, and guess how Toshiro and Kiara hit it off. Kiara flat out commented on his hight and how he should be in grade school. Yeeeeaaaa, not such a good start.

Janine- The Choice: 16 years old. Brown hair which is always in a ponytail. Tan skin. Brown eyes.

Janine is Kiara's best girl friend. They've been friends since they first met in kindergarten. She was also selected to come to Japan to attend Karakura for 2 years. She is dating Lane, Kiara's other best friend. Although, she may not have the best time here in Karakura; especially with her boyfriend...

Lane- The Choice: 16 years old. Blond hair. Pale skin. Blue eyes.

Lane is Kiara's best guy friend. They've been friends since grade 5 when he moved to that school. He was also selected to come to Japan to attend Karakura for 2 years. He is dating Janine, Kiara's other best friend. Although, their relationship may not last long when he realizes he may want to be more than Kiara's best guy friend...

Um... so... I don't know what to put anymore so I suppose this is it. I hope you read, favourite, follow and/or review my fanfics. Anyways..

Thank yas


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