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Hey There, Fellow Computer Users!!!! I salute you all with a big Virtual Internet Hug o.o. Anyway, I'm new to Fanfiction ( Well starting an account is what I'm new at basically) and I'm really excited to start writing stories like all of you weirdos. Don't take any offense to this because I'm a big weirdo too . I already wrote a story before I could publish my own profile>.> Good for me, yeah good for me. So yeah if you guys want to read it, then you are free to do so, but if you decide to read, just please don't go harsh on me. This is basically the first story I have ever writen that was based on another story, show, game , musical, etc. I have been on fanfiction for over a year now, and I have liked most of the stories I read, so this has inspired me to basically start my own stories. I like how all the stories have ratings, so I would atleast know what I'm about read beside just reading the summary, which is cool. I try to avoid the M rating most of the time, because a lot of the stories here are just perverted -.- But anywho, I don't basically have anything against this website. So now I'm going to write a few things about me. If you have any question of any sort that you would want to ask me then I would be glad to answer them. By the way, The only reason why my user name is called xninjasuperstarx is because I had nothing better to write down :P But don't get me wrong, I like ninjas. I was even raised by them. Just Kidding...

Things that you might want to know about me

I'm happy to say that I'm from Illinois.

Female is what I am.

People say I look white because of my pale-complicted skin, but I do respect my Mexican and Cuban roots.

My birthday is somewhere around November.

I'm happy to be a Christian.

That's enough PERSONAL stuff about me.

I like music a lot.

My New Year's resolution is to become a vegeterian. I lasted three weeks this month, so I want to give a full dedication to this.

I like singing, drawing, and acting, but I don't like dancing. I like watching other people dance, but not me. Same goes for sports. I would say that my least favorite sport would be Volleyball, because I'm horrible at playing.

My age will never be reveal, but I can atleast tell you that I'm somewhere above 500 years old. Tee-Hee.

I like Guitars, Drums, Flutes, Piano, Harps, Xylophones, And the Triangle.

My favorite colors are Blue, Green, Black, White, and Dark Purple.

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook.

I don't like Bullying, Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Killers, Mugglers, Sex Offenders, Critics, Politicians, Judgemental people (Even though I have felt guilty for having jugde or critize, or tease or bully or fight with other people before. So I would know that I shouldn't do it again). I believe in forgiveness, even though that can be a hard thing to do sometimes. I would not hate people in general, but I guess I can hate their actions because if a certain person realizes that what they are doing is wrong and that they decide to change, then my hate would only be temporal. I guess another reason why I wouldn't HATE a person, is because hate is such a strong word. Everyone is a human being, so of course we are not perfect and we all make mistakes. The problem is that some people have that looser screw than others and would care to fix it. So they tend to do the same thing over and over again. I don't believe in insulting because that's just stupid.

I like Japanese Culture, and yes that includes Manga.

I can speak English (Which is kinda obvious lol), Spanish, and a little bit of Japanese.

I like 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's home lifestyles.

When I said I liked music, I really meant it. I like a certain amount of music from all genres, but my main ones would be

All kinds of Rock/Metal, Alternative, Christian, Dubstep, Triphop, World(Celtic), a variety of Pop and Classical.

I have a list of artist that I like

Evanescenes, The Birthday Massacre, Disturbed, Lana Del Rey, Nirvana, Hole, Foster The People, The B52's, Marylin Manson, Hungry Lucy, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Maroon 5, Beck, Michael Jackson, P.O.D, Flyleaf, Metallica, Kerli, La Roux, Cipes and the People, Delerium, September, Lady Gaga,

To be continued...

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