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Hello to all who have wandered onto my bio page. I'd like to first tell you all to go check out and where I'm the webmistress.

I've noticed that for the most part, my fellow writer's bio pages really hold very little personal information. And so, being the lemming that I am, I have decided to erase me previous bio and create one that will be in keeping with the trend of annonymity.

I'd like to start out by including a list of personalpet-peeves I have acquired after being a member of for a while:

1. Titles: A title is the first thing we, as readers, see. I've noticed that many people try so hard to be deep and meaninful with their titles that it really ends up sounding like rubbish. Also, let's remember what a title is exactly. It's the theme of the ff, not a sentence from ff; not a quote; not a chance for advertising like, "come read this!". For example, "In the Twilight, She was the One that Understood Me". I'm sorry, that's just not a title... it's a thought.

2. Summaries: If in your summary, you say, "i suck at summaries" that usually indicates you're not terribly clever or imaginitive. Guess what we will then think of your ff?

3. Warnings: If you're going to completely change J.K.'s characters, I'd like to seea warning. It's a waste of my time to be reading along and find three chapters into it that Hermione is a skank, Ginny is a goth, or Harry is self-mutilating. Warn us, get it all out front so that those of us that don't do OOC can pass on to another ff. In a completely unrelated aspect of warnings, if an authorHAS included a warning, such as, "this includes incest" or the like, you by no means have the right to flame them. It's your own fault for continuing to read.

4. Smut fics: Once again, a warning about this in the beginning chapter is definitely necessary. Also, I do not think you can call a smutt drabble a proper story.

5. Plot: There needs to be one! This includes fluffffs. There is nothing I detest more than a"every body hooks up" ff where virtually nothing involving the wizarding world is ever mentioned. I mean, are these characters or are they not all witches and wizards in addition to hormone-crazed teens?

6. Reviews: Don't review if you have nothing to say that will aid the writer. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to read a review that says, "I didn't bother reading your story at all, but you have 3 reviews so it must suck." Or equally annoying is, "This story sucks, I hate Harry/Ginny ffs." You're basing your entire criticism on a ship, not the quality of the writing. Authors post their ffs to receive help, thoughts, andideas for improvement. It takes a lot for an author to post what they've written. They're letting you have a glimpse into their soul. Be respectful. On a related note, it's always humorous to read a review that says something along these lines, "you dotn' spel to good...yer gramar sux." As a general thought to keep in mind when reviewing, remember the Golden Rule--do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

Now I'd like to add a little something about the ffs and ficlets I've posted. Most of what you will see below are ficlets aka one-shots. I don't plan on writing on them again; however, I'm always in the process of revising and polishingthem. Continued reviews are appreciated. You'll find all of them a bit different, but everything I write is angst. Chapter 23 of my full-length fic was my first attempt of writing anything resembling fluff. I still cringe when I read it.

I'd also like to give you a head's up right now. The first several chapters of my full-length were written without spell check. I apologize in advance. But it is scheduled to go under heavy revision... sometime.

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