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Hello world! My name is Uchiha Lunabella. I'm sure some of you get the reference to that. I'm currently [insert age here] attending [insert school here]. I am currently author of only one story right now. That's right, I'm a noob! But hopefully I'll get better over time. I've been reading Fanfiction for years, I felt I had to contribute at some point.


Yeah, it would be nice if I could update this shit every 2-3 weeks like I use to. But I'm in fucking college now. It's really not so bad (at the moment) but most of my free time is now spent eating and sleeping. Such precious, precious free time. So for the people who followed my first story and expecting the second to come out soon, I sincerely apologize for however long it takes. Reality is a real damper on writing. The DeVera series is suppose to span seven books... I probably won't finish it 'til I'm thirty. ;_; So, what I'm thinking is, if I do get to write chapters, I'll upload them in bulk. Like half the book and then the other half, or thirds, or something. I feel it will be written better that way, less continuity problems, grammar, overall better plot, etc.

Some things about myself (in no particular order)

Gender: F

Age: 18

Nationality: American (I'm so sorry)


Art, swimming, gaming, writing, reading, playing with animals

Color: red, black, dark colors


Charles Dickens

J.K. Rowling

Twilight Series (VERY BRIEFLY) -- I make fun of this now. I was a naive dumbass when I first read them and I accept it.

Maximum Ride Series (briefly) -- the direction this series took is awful, there are so many damn continuity problems

George Orwell (FTW)


i can't remember, i'll update*



Digimon (original)

Naruto (all)

Bleach (kinda) -- I don't really follow this anymore

Death Note -- L I RUV U!!!!!!

One Piece


Rurouni Kenshin

Ouran Highschool Host Club

YuYu Hakusho -- technically speaking, Hiei is still single XD

Dragon Ball (DB, DBZ, not DBGT or Kai) -- I watch GT for the laughs, not for plot


Fruits Basket

Trinity Blood (so confusing)

Bobobo-bo-bobobo (YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) -- they really need to bring this back


Black Bird

Kamisama Hajimemashita

The World God Only Knows -- does anyone remember the black death collar they put on Keima near the beginning of the series? They never show it anymore...

Astro Boy (original and 2003, not the movie) -- the worst American adaptation of an anime

Speed Racer (all) -- one of the best (but not the best) American adaptations of an anime

Gakuen Alice

Last Game

Fushigi no Maria-kun

All Hayao Miyazaki movies -- can you believe he's retiring?

will update*


Anything that isn't

a) country (not country rock, COUNTRY)

b) WBLI music (few exceptions)

c) shitty rap (i like good rap, good themes and rhythm, not stupid rap)

d) one direction/justin bieber (i don't personally hate them, i just can't stand their music... and my friends are OBSESSED!)

Uh... I don't really know what else to put. Oh, because I'm a noob (12/23/12) i'd appreciate you guys giving actual advise on stories and not flame me. Thanks and enjoy.

I felt like adding to this, so I'm going to list some pairings I ship 'cause I'm bored and I want to write something while I wait for my friend to annotate my chapters. For now it will just be Naruto. WARNING SPOILERS! (7/1/13)

NaruHina- It is unlikely that this pairing shall ever be for two obvious reasons. The first is (and most people forget), Naruto is not a romantic manga. The only time we see romance is usually for comedic effect. Second, Kishimoto-san really likes to hint at the NaruSaku, also for comedic effect, but more so to pair them in contrast to SasuSaku, which is highly unrealistic. However, I feel if Kishimoto-san ever decided to get serious with the romantic aspect of Naruto, he would hopefully give the characters, Naruto and Hinata specifically, more time to interact, as there is little interaction between NaruHina besides Hinata's fatal blushes and fainting, and the way Naruto gives her courage. Frankly I think the two would make a very cute and (despite Naruto's vulgar beginnings and his two perverted teachers) innocent couple. Also, I just don't like Sakura always hitting Naruto. It's fucking hilarious, but not really realistic romance.

SasuSaku-Oh boy! If ever there was a dreamy (and steamy) romance, it's this one. It's dreamy because it will always be a dream, sad to say for Sakura. It's steamy because, well, if it were really possible for this to happen then, hell yeah it would be steamy! It's Uchiha Smexy Sasuke! Yes, that is his middle name! Anyway... Sasuke is a wild card, really. If you keep up with the most recent chapters (636 as of now), he is now back on the good side (or not, I mean, you can never really tell with Sasuke) and it's really very frustating. For all we know, Kishimoto-san might actually pair them together at the very end just for the twist! If it were to happen, I think Sakura would be much more calm, as she is after the time skip, but the two would be very passionate. Also, Sasuke would be very possessive, just because I think Uchiha's themselves are a possessive clan in nature.

NejiTen- Most likely the most realistic of all the pairings. They're on the same team, they're the same age, they have many "moments" together that the fandom loves to use in its defense... and honestly they were fated to be together the moment they were assigned to Team Gai. Why? Because they're the only sane people on that team! They have to band together to survive the savage youthful green beasts that are Gai and Lee. Every time Lee and Gai hug at an imaginary sunset, Neji and Tenten look at each other and roll their eyes at the nonsense. The way I see it, they're romantic best friends; incredibly close due to their comradeship, but also romantically attached. They can train together without holding back, but also go on a date once and awhile. They can beat the shit out of each other and then treat each others wounds. They are NOT friends with benefits, they actually do feel for each other. This is of course if Neji actually has a sex drive... or Hyugas in general. And then if they wanted to get serious the clan would get involved, and we all know what happens when the almighty Hyugas get involved! By the way... NEJI IS NOT DEAD, I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT HE IS DEAD AND IF KISHIMOTO-SAN DOES NOT SOMEHOW BRING HIM BACK LIKE HE DID WITH THE OTHERS DURING THE INVASION OF PEIN ARC I WILL GO TO JAPAN AND ... well, I guess I won't kill him, but seriously! Why Neji of all people! *cries hysterically*

ShikaTema- Also realistic, though less than NejiTen. I don't like ShikaIno, in fact, I hate that pairing. I like Ino, this has nothing to do with liking Ino or Temari more, but when paired with Shikamaru, it has to be Temari. I see Shikamaru and Ino the same way I see their fathers, Shikaku and Inoichi, really close comrades, friends and (when they get that age) drinking buddies. The way they interact also suggests that they are very, very close, but not in a romantic sense. On the other hand, we've seen ShikaTema flirting, though it doesn't happen too often. Then again, they don't live in the same village, so they can't interact very often. Also, I'd like to point out that Kishimoto-san has hinted in one of those small clips at the end of a Naruto Shippuden episode that Shikamaru and Temari were paired in silhouette form, and that in Naruto: Lee and His Ninja Pals, there is an episode that comments on Shikamaru's attraction to Temari. Since this series was made by a coworker/friend of Kishimoto-san, Taira-san, who has much insight to the original series, I think this is a bit canonical. Temari is definitely more energetic than Shikamaru, but not as much as Ino, so I think ShikaTema would get along better than ShikaIno. As I see in the series, most of Ino's interaction with Shikamaru is either fighting along side him or complaining about him.

InoSai- What? How could I possible pair them? They have so little interaction! For one reason and one reason only; there is a chapter near the beginning of Part II when they introduce Sai. He is in the hospital and Sakura and Ino are discussing him, with Ino commenting that he reminds her of Sasuke and Sakura disagreeing with her. That is the only reason I have to pair them, canonically that is, because Ino is so in love with Sasuke but can't have him, she goes with the next guy that reminds her of him. Later on in the manga we see that Ino is still hung up on Sasuke, but I can't see that pairing happening any time soon. Other than that, I see Ino bringing more emotion out of Sai, as she can be very emotional, where as we all know Sai is very... not emotional. That's pretty much it. Oh, I can't pair her with Choji, she does not deserve him. Remember, I do like Ino, but she's just too... not appropriate for him... and she doesn't like fat guys anyway.

KakaAnko- There is nothing to support this, I just think it's better than IruKaka because I can't see Kakashi being gay, especially with the books he reads! teehee! Nothing against homosexuality, I just don't see it. I guess you could pair Kakashi with practically any woman, except Sakura, Kurenai and Tsunade.


ChojAya- I just thought of this now. Ayame is the daughter of Teuchi, the man who runs the Ichiraku Ramen stand that Naruto often frequents. Ayame=food, Choji=food, 'nuff said.

GaaMats- Come on, student-teacher relationship? There has to be one in every manga/anime series. JK! I mean, how far apart are they? A year, two? She should call him senpai rather than sensei.

If I can think of any others, I will update.

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