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Hello reader, thanks for taking the time to click on my profile. (You must be really bored huh?) I suppose it was about time I got around to writing something here. Now I'm going to warn you ahead of time...don't try to read this all in one sitting. The only reason I put this much stuff on my profile is because of the high traffic my stories seem to get lately. Don't be afraid to PM if you want. Don't spam me though or I'll ignore you.

My name: *Is a big secret* You can call me whatever you want. Most people call me Melkor, dude, bro, bitch, or author-san.

My Age: I'm a 28 years old and I work at a hospital. (Yeah I'm an adult...writing fanfiction. Let that sink in for a minute). I still act like I'm 16 though. I used to be an EMT and an LPN after that. Currently a Radiology Technician. Spent a bazillion years in college and I have a master's degree in biology.

What I look Like: I used to be kind of feminine looking and had long hair for years. I cut it about a year ago and I already miss it :'( I started weightlifting a lot in my mid 20s so I'm sort of buff now. I've always been in good shape though and I'm tanner than most people since I'm part Crow.

Favorite Color: Black because It looks good with everything...especially with white, red, or blue. I really like the colors purple and teal as well.

Favorite Food: Kofta Kebabs is probably my favorite, but I do love a lot of different stuff. As far as food goes, I'm not very picky about what I eat, but I don't like fast food. Typically I cook my own stuff most of the time. Sushi is a close second.

Favorite Number: 9 (and any variation of it so 18, 27 so on) It's a long story, but the number just has such a strange occurrence in my life. When I learned it was an ancient norse holy number, I found it rather interesting. Not to sound like one of "those people" but I notice patterns in random things like that. Essentially I see it as a personal lucky number.

Favorite Music: Metal (obviously). I like other stuff too, but i'm really picky about what I listen to. I feel like 90 percent of every genre have to look for the gems. I don't really have anything against mainstream music, but it's not for me. With that said, I've never liked pop music and I never will. Pop has no real emotion or story behind it in my opinion. To me the genre isn't important, but the emotions behind the song is. Music where people are singing about their anger, despair, or their life is stuff I like. I also enjoy music that tells a story about the past or mythology. Sabaton is great at doing is Amon Amarth. One of my favorite metal bands though is Rotting Christ. They're Greek and they sing some awesome stuff. As for other genres, I like some country (mostly when I'm driving), but I will not listen to female country singers...since 99% of them are just pop singers with a twang. I can't relate to that stuff. I'm more into Blues type country. Tyler Childers is an example of a country artist I like. I enjoy all classic rock and metal. Iron Maiden, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, etc. Real lyrics and badass tunes.

I do like rap, but only REAL older stuff like Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., Easy-E, Three Six Mafia, Geto Boys, DMX, and you get the idea. I can't stand mumble rap or all this modern day high pitched sissy shit that a lot of people try to emulate. That stuff is what girls and children like and it's cringe. I like old rappers because they're emotional and singing about real shit. Tupac for example mostly rapped about how much the ghetto sucked, how he was persevering through strife, and about how people were trying to kill him. Pour a shot of Hennessy for my boy. Biggie had the best flow and all of his raps tells a story. DMX is an angry rapper and his songs talk about how weak all these studio gangsters are. I like that kind of rap as opposed to people just bragging about their money, their bitches, or whatever else. I like a few Eminem songs, but they all sound the same to me. I respect his lyrics though.

Favorite Movie: Too hard to choose one. I love stuff like Braveheart, Gladiator, Troy, and definitely the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I love disney movies, and war movies...and pretty much a variety of other stuff like Fight Club, and the Matrix. That being said, I hate overrated movies...and for the sake of saving face I won't mention any names. I happen to like horror movies as long as you exclude stupid stuff like Paranormal Activity which literally put me to sleep.

Favorite Video Games: Hmm...I love a lot of them. I play fantasy RPGs, action/adventures, and RTS games mainly, but my favorite games ever are probably Warcraft 3, Dark Souls, Morrowind, Kotor, God of War series, and maybe Dragon Age Origins. I did love Mass Effect until that damn ending. Anyways, I mostly play stuff like that. I have never played Fortnite and I never will. I am extremely picky with games.

Favorite Sport: Hockey Forever. I played it for years, and I love it more than Baseball, Football/Soccer, and Wrestling combined. It's really the only national sport I bother keeping up with. Patrick Roy is my favorite sports player of all time. I don't always keep up with American Football, but it's entertaining. I like watching Strongman a lot too if that also counts as a sport. I keep up with a lot of the strongmen on youtube. Shoutout to Zydrunas Savickas, Brian Shaw, Hafthor Bjornson, Eddie Hall, Martins Licis, and Mateusz Kieliszkowski (my favorite strongman).

Favorite Characters of All Time: This is going to give you guys a lot of insight into me as a person, so read at your own risk. I'll just list some of the greatest and most influential characters out of my favorite games/movies/stories/etc. Most of them are the bad guys, or are perceived as such in their respective roles. Why do they inspire me? I don't know...I don't admire evil or anything like that, but something about the philosophy behind it is very interesting to me. Though truth be told, half the time in a lot of these big epic movies/stories, I try to imagine if the villain is actually justified in his/her actions. I empathize very well with anti-heroes/villains for some reason. I don't think the good guys should always win...especially if they're hypocrites. A good example is heroes with a no-killing rule. TO me that is just stupid...I believe you shouldn't kill NEEDLESSLY, but sometimes it is necessary. This is part of the reason why I don't idolize super heroes like most people. Anyways, on to the list:

Melkor: AKA Morgoth Bauglir, the master of Sauron and the original dark lord. If being the master of Sauron isn't enough of a description, I suppose I could also mention the fact that he's essentially a god in the Lord of the Rings mythos. Many people compare him to Lucifer as he rebelled against the other Valar and the creator Eru. Go read the Silmarillion if you're curious about his lore. It's really interesting, as was his corruption of Mairon AKA Sauron.

Gwyndolin: From Dark Souls; I found the story behind his character very interesting, and also a bit sad. For those who haven't played Dark Souls, I won't spoil anything, but the impact he has on the story is much greater than people realize. Truthfully I love all of the Dark Souls characters, especially Solaire, Tarkus, and the four knights of Gwyn. That whole game is general has amazing characters overall. I merely mentioned Gwyndolin at the forefront because he's one of the most uniquely portrayed characters in the story. I like it when there's more to a character's motives than we initially assume.

Arthas: Well you guys already know why I love him.

Illidan: Same thing...and also because he's a badass.

Kratos: I just like badass characters. Granted Kratos is a horrible, murdering bastard who ruins the whole world. Though if the greek gods did exist who could blame somebody for wanting to do that? Hell I would if I were in his shoes. I like a lot of mythology, but I find the greek gods to be fucking assholes in every portrayal of them. Most stories involve them getting butt hurt because a human said something about them or is better than them at something. Zeus is very petty, and so are many of the other Olympians. That aside, my favorite greek gods/goddesses are Athena, Hades, and Artemis.

Anubis: From Stargate SG-1...and well the actual god himself. Are you noticing a theme here? I actually loved all of the Goa'uld from that show. Especially Osiris (if you know what I mean).

The Hound: From Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones). I like him a lot because he's literally exactly like me in many aspects...though I don't have the burns. The show did a great portrayal of him with Arya Stark as well. The way he loathes the hypocrisy of Knighthood in the story shows a very deep side to his character. He's a guy who has grown to learn that nobility, chivalry, and just everything in general is a mockery of the true nature of the world. One of his best quotes which resounds deeply to me is: "What do you think a knight is for, girl? You think it's all taking favors from ladies and looking fine in gold plate? Knights are for killing."

The Kurgan: From the Highlander. The guy's a sick crazy bastard, but he's just too funny to not like. I don't necessarily admire the evil shit he does, but I just liked his portrayal as such a crazy, maniacal villain. I truly got the sense that he had gone mad in his quest for purpose. Ultimately, I believe that he was glad to die in the end.

Vaako: From Chronicles of Riddick. I won't lie, I admire the Necromonger society. Granted, the whole genocide of worlds thing seems a bit evil in a general sense. However, IF what they say is true, then they are actually doing the universe a favor. Now I won't delve too deep into the dynamics of it, but I believe that their mission to unify humanity in death (which is equivalent to true life in their faith), has some merit. Nevertheless, forced conversion and genocide of worlds is quite terrible IF their religion is false. Whether they're good or evil, (Most likely evil), I just think Vaako is fucking awesome in this movie.

Archangel Gabriel: From various religious sources. He's my favorite angel which seems weird considering this list so far. Referenced as the Left Hand of God. His role in the various Abrahamic religions such as Islam, Christianity, and Judaism is quite iconic. Considering my appeal for rebellious figures, most would assume Lucifer is my favorite angel, and while I do find him quite interesting, Gabriel is the one who I truly believe to be the the best of "God's" angels. I'm not necessarily very religious, but I admire his role of communication between earthly and divine planes. He's mentioned in all three main monotheistic religions and if angels do exist, I'd definitely consider him the most noteworthy. Some portray him as female, which also seems believable as angels do not truly have a gender. Considering the repressed role of women in ancient times, I wouldn't doubt the possibility of such a thing. The speculation behind divine messengers has always fascinated me.

Revan: From KOTOR. That's how you do a damn sith lord. I'm sorry guys...maybe I am evil? Revan's character can be portrayed in a variety of ways, but the original "Fuck the Jedi Council" mentality is one of the things I supported. Contrary to your thoughts, I actually don't always choose the dark side in Star Wars games, but I just can't stand the pious, douchey, and completely arrogant Jedi Council. Yeah sure they were right in some regards, but I believe that they are all hypocritical and not as wise as they think they are. Otherwise their wouldn't be so many sith uprisings...such as Exar Kun, Revan, Palpatine, and so on. On a side note, fuck Atris from KOTOR 2...she's a perfect example of a hypocritical jedi.

Walter White: From Breaking Bad. This guy deserves so much respect for the way he is. He's old and dying of cancer, but in spite of that he just decides, that he's not going to let life fuck him over to the end. I respect people with that attitude. There is no true morality in is unfair and out to kill you. The best thing you can do is take the biggest slice out of it that you can. I greatly enjoyed Breaking Bad, but damn do I hate his stupid wife Skyler. Everything from her stupid face to her dreadful personality.

Joanna Dark: From Perfect Dark the N64 video game. She's one of my favorite female leads of all time. Not only is she badass and completely believable, but I appreciate the fact that the writers didn't have to make her a femme fatale which is nearly unheard of considering every other female secret agent in things we see nowadays. I legitimately enjoyed her portrayal in the original game, but I am not as fond of the Zero reboot (Which flopped may I add).

Samus Aran: I typically try not to put silent protagonists on this list, but Samus is just an iconic female character that I have always admired. I am a big fan of all the metroid games, minus the Metroid the Other M game. That one portrayed Samus quite poorly in my opinion by making her out to be this emotional, weak girly girl. I don't have a problem with female characters like that, but for a character like Samus (the damn protagonist) who is supposed to be this Galactic Bounty Hunter badass...I found it extremely obnoxious and contradicting to her status. I'm not saying she can't have a girly personality, but that game made her out to be a defenseless schoolgirl. Well at least that's how it looked to me...

Master Chief: AKA John; Spartan 117; I liked his portrayal in the books and the games. The idea of a super soldier badass human being a devil to religious aliens seemed like an amazing idea when i first saw it. To this day, I still fancy it as a brilliant concept. Aside from that, John's heroic actions to save humanity is definitely awe inspiring. I truly got the impression that he was a seasoned badass super soldier willing to do whatever it took to win, and not some boy scout pussy super hero with a naive gary stu code. (*cough* not going to mention names).

Magneto: The best X-man period. Yeah I like Gambit, Wolverine, and lots of other ones too, but I like Magneto for his powers and his mentality. I mean he's completely right about most things. Humans did eventually turn against the mutants, and he was simply taking precautions knowing full well that peace was merely a false illusion. Humans can't find peace with each other...let alone another "race" or "species" as it were. On a side note, I do like Professor Xavier too, but his pacifistic ways annoy me. I know I must seem like a war-mongering cynic to you guys, but I truly believe that there cannot be a peace between mutants and humans. So long as that kind of power difference exists between them, there is no way humans would ever trust mutants...and I can't blame them. Xavier's ideals, while admirable, are crueler than Magneto's since he is simply force-feeding a peace that could never exist. But again...this falls under my Super Hero philosophy which many people likely oppose. It's just opinion guys can believe whatever you want.

The Norse Gods: I was going to list just one, but truthfully I like almost all of them. The norse gods are probably the best pantheon I've seen out of polytheistic religions. They're extremely fucked up as far as gods go (Maybe even worse then greek gods), but damn are they cool. The stories behind them are great. Like Hermod who rides into Hel to save Baldur. Or Loki getting knocked up while shapeshifted into a mare. Hell let's not forget Thor crossdressing as Freyja so he can get his hammer back from giants. The stuff is so weird and crazy, but also awesome. I don't really feel that the Marvel versions do the norse versions any justice, but they're okay in their own right.

Daedric Princes: From Elder Scrolls. I absolutely love Daedra and I can wholly admit that I would be a daedra worshiper if I lived in Tamriel. My personal favorites from this bunch of crazy cosmic beings are Molag Bal, Boethiah, Hircine, Meridia, and Hermaeus Mora. Though I like all of them in their own right. Most people like Sheogorath the best, but he's nowhere near my top five. Honestly I don't see why everybody likes him so much...I am not trying to sound like a hipster or a hater, but this guy just fucking pisses me off. I get it...he's supposed to be a "funny" madman, but he just comes off as an over-the-top, obnoxious, knobhead to me. Maybe it's just my sense of humor...(I find Molag Bal torturing people funnier than random shouting about cheese). The only funny thing Sheo ever did was in his shrine quest for Oblivion where he scared all those Khajiht into thinking the Apocalypse was coming. That actually was funny. I don't hate him, but I don't think he's anywhere near the top of the list for being coolest daedra. Some people get super offended when I mention not liking him. I mean I loved Shivering Isles and all...but I was super glad when Sheo went away. Jyggalag on the other hand is awesome, because he's all business. I'd much rather have seen him in Skyrim than that bullshit Pelagius quest they gave us.

The Tribunal: Okay I love Morrowind. I have more hours in that game than Oblivion and Skyrim combined. The Tribunal has always been amazing in my opinion. The dunmer are probably my favorite race in Elder Scrolls, and these guys right here are their god-kings/queen. Praise the Almsivi. I like each of them for separate reasons, but Vivec is probably my favorite out of the bunch for a variety of reasons. If you're a Morrowind player you'll know why.

Talos: From Elder Scrolls. A man becoming a god in that universe? What the hell is there not to like about that? However, most people don't exactly realize what kind of god Talos is. I like Talos a lot because of the mystery behind his godhood There is a whole lot of super in-depth speculation around exactly who he is. Some people believe that Talos is a collective amalgamation of separate beings and that he became a god through something called CHIM. It is rumored he and Vivec both achieved this status.

(Don't read this part if you hate will make your head spin) For those that want to know: CHIM is when somebody realizes that existence (in the ES series) isn't real. However, when you realize this, you immediately cease to exist. Think of it this way (1...I exist) and (-1...I do not exist ) which equals zero. This is called Zero-summing. It is theorized that everything in existence is the product of a sleeping Godhead, and that existence is its dream. Essentially that means everyone is a figment of the Godhead's imagination. We're all just imaginary friends...dreams...fictional characters...etc. CHIM is like breaking the fourth wall to reality. However when this happens to most people, you will realize yourself out of existence (It doesn't make sense because it's not supposed to). With great willpower you can retain your existence by insisting to this sleeping godhead's subconscious that you are real. To gain CHIM, you must achieve some type of enlightenment, yet still retain your identity to refrain from zero-summing. In a sense it is like thinking "I am the godhead, but the godhead is not me" at the same time. You have to come to terms with the existential crisis of your own existence. Most people that realize existence isn't real (that they aren't real) will zero-sum (cease to exist), but those that don't will achieve CHIM. To better describe what kind of power CHIM truly's like adding one and negative one and getting something other than zero as an answer. It's undefined...It's reality and law-breaking. Realizing this makes one a god within existence. It would be like your character in Skyrim (Not you) gaining awareness that they are a video game character and that they had access to the mod tool kit and console command hell or even the game code. With this power they'd be more powerful than all of the Aedra, and the Daedra, and could shape their reality (your game). This is similar to how Neo becomes greater than the Agents in the Matrix. He realizes that there are no rules (there is no spoon). The agents (or the Aedra and daedra in this case) are bound by the rules of the universe...whilst one with CHIM is not. By achieving CHIM you become a lucid dreamer inside of God's dream. This gives you unlimited power within existence. However...if one uses it too much or too drastically it would cause the godhead to wake up, destroying the universe (for the universe is the godhead's dream). This stuff is all super complicated and hard to fully grasp. Hopefully you didn't find it too confusing, but it gets a bit crazy, the more you think about it. What's even crazier is CHIM isn't even true divinity...there's an even higher existence when you move up the chain to Amaranth. For those that want to know, this is the next step after CHIM. Once you achieve mastery of the universe the only thing greater is to leave the universe and create your own. Amaranth is when you gain equivalence or superiority to the godhead and you "mantle" it creating your own dream...your own universe. You become your own existence. Yeah...that's some super crazy, deep philosophical shit isn't it? Some people hate this kind of stuff...but I love it and it's one of the reasons I love Talos and Vivec as gods. So fuck those Thalmor who say Talos isn't a god. He's a god to the Aedra...*(assuming you believe in CHIM)* On a side note, In the ES universe it is theorized that Anu achieved Amaranth. What makes it difficult to achieve Amaranth you might wonder? Consider this...CHIM is selfishness, and Amaranth is Selflessness. By becoming a new godhead, you are giving up your power (your conscious control over your dream...your universe). Call me crazy, but I like to think about this kind of stuff. If you want to apply it in our own universe think about the next time you have a dream. What if you're a godhead? What if that crazy dream that woke you up was somebody with CHIM tampering too much with your dream? Think about that for a while. Well anyways, if you're curious about this kind of stuff (which I assume most people aren't...) then you can go check it out on forums. I probably did a bad job explaining it...all I probably succeeded at doing was making you guys think I'm some lunatic theorycrafter who is way too passionate about irrelevant things. Whatever I guess...I'm a thinker. (Okay the Philosophical stuff is over. For those that survived, good job)

Other Stuff I like:

Reading: I definitely consider it to be one of my primary hobbies. I've read most of the popular fantasy franchises such as LOTR, Song of Ice and Fire, Eragon, Harry Potter, etc. I also enjoy other random books about philosophy and what not. When I run out of those, I hang around the Fanfiction websites. I'm not really the best writer, but I enjoy it nonetheless. One of my favorite reads of all time was the Silmarillion. I enjoyed the parts with Melkor the most. He's one of my favorite characters ever. (Yeah I know...I'm a geek). It's a tough read though. It's less of a story and more a collection of history. I wouldn't recommend it if you're not a fan of reading.

Anime: *Sigh* Yes...I'm one of those "Otaku" people. Granted, I don't really look the part. I have just liked anime since I was a kid. I don't really have a preference if its subbed or dubbed, but I typically watch ongoing stuff subbed. I could list all the animes I like, but that would take a long time. So I'll just throw you a few examples here: Cowboy Bebop, DBZ, Inuyasha, Trigun, Death Note, Code Geass, Bleach, Attack on Titan, Nisekoi, Log Horizon, Sword Art Online (Season 1), Highschool DXD, Clannad, Full Metal Alchemist, One Piece, Wolf's Rain, Date a Live, To Love on so forth. I've probably seen two thirds of everything that's aired in the last couple years. I have a wide variety of interests in anime. Sometimes I enjoy fun ecchi romcoms like To Love Ru, and other times I want a shounen adventure with One Piece. Really it all just depends on the mood. It certainly does put me in a good mood nonetheless. I just wish more of my friends were into it. Like I feel kind of embarrassed when I ask if any of them want to go to an anime convention and they look at me like I'm crazy. Half the time I just end up going to these conventions with my little sister. (Don't even start with those Imouto jokes...this aint some Oreimo shit now. I'm more like a far less cool version of the MC from No Game no Life. ). Damn why can't people be more like me? Maybe I need some new friends? Mine are all a bunch of dumb jocks who only ever think about getting drunk, getting laid, and some random over-hyped bullshit I don't care about (Like some dumb college football game or a stupid movie I don't care about). The only thing we actually have in common is our interest in Hockey and women. Thankfully they have just learned to accept my anime appeal. In the big picture they're more like associates then actual friends. I only have a few real friends. Sadly, it's a bit harder explaining anime to women. Hell the last girl I dated got super weirded out by my anime interests for some dumb reason. She was like, "You still watch cartoons?! That's pretty immature. Aren't we in college now?" I just face-palmed. It's better than that stupid reality tv bullshit that she watched...or True Blood/vampire diaries/pretty little liars. Let's not forget her favorite TV show: Sex in the City...better known as "Sex With Every Guy in the City"...starring four dumb, annoying sluts. I guess my next GF will have to like anime too...because I'm not going to watch those dumb shows EVER again. NEVER AGAIN YOU HEAR ME?!

Winter: It is my favorite season and my favorite time of year. A lot of people hate snow, and they hate the cold (Such as the majority of people I know). Me on the other hand...I love it. I say fuck the beach and fuck summer. One of my greatest hatreds in this world is when some stupid bitch complains about it being cold when it's like 70 degrees Fahrenheit (I think that's 21 Celsius for you metric people). I absolutely loathe hot weather...especially humid hot weather.

Well that's all I can think of for now.

What my pen name means:

You say it," said Morgoth. "I am the Elder King: Melkor, first and mightiest of the Valar, who was before the world, and made it. The shadow of my purpose lies upon Arda, and all that is in it bends slowly and surely to my will. But upon all whom you love my thought shall weigh as a cloud of Doom, and it shall bring them down into darkness and despair. Wherever they go, evil shall arise. Whenever they speak, their words shall bring ill counsel. Whatsoever they do shall turn against them. They shall die without hope, cursing both life and death."

But Hurin answered: "Do you forget to whom you speak? Such things you spoke long ago to our fathers; but we escaped from your shadow. And now we have knowledge of you, for we have looked upon the faces that have seen the light, and heard the voices that have spoken with Manwe. Before Arda you were, but others also; and you did not make it. Neither are you the most mighty; for you spent your strength upon yourself and wasted it in your own emptiness. No more are you now than an escaped thrall of the Valar. And their chain still awaits you."

"You have learned the lessons of your masters by rote," said Morgoth. "But such childish lore shall not help you, now they are all fled away."

"This last I say to you, thrall Morgoth," said Hurin, "and it comes not from the lore of the Eldar, but is put into my heart this hour. You are not the Lord of Men, and shall not be, though all Arda and Menel fall in your dominion. Beyond the Circles of the World you shall not pursue those who refuse you."

"Beyond the Circles of the World I will not pursue them," said Morgoth. "For beyond the Circles of the World there is Nothing. But within them they shall not escape me, until they enter into Nothing."

"You lie," said Hurin.

"You shall see and you shall confess that I do not lie," said Morgoth. And taking Hurin back to Angband he set him in a chair of stone upon a high place of Thangorodrim, from which he could see afar the land of Hithlum in the west and the lands of Beleriand to the south. There he was bound by the power of Morgoth; and Morgoth standing beside him cursed him again and set his power upon him, so that he could not move from that place, or die, until Morgoth should release him.

"Sit now there," said Morgoth,"and look out upon the lands where evil and despair shall come upon those whom you have delivered to me. For you have dared to mock me, and have questioned the power of Melkor, Master of the fates of Arda. Therefore with my eyes you shall see, and with my ears you shall hear, and nothing shall be hidden from you."

What I am like as a person, and what I was like growing up:

Well if you've read my profile up until now, then you most likely understand the general scheme of my personality. I am a laid back guy who doesn't like being around the majority of other human beings. Why you might ask? Because I can see through them. To better describe this, I have a great deal of logical empathy. I understand people in a psychological way, so most of the time I end up seeing the worst in them. It's probably my biggest flaw, but I am a cynic at heart. I probably come off as an indifferent jerk, because I just don't put in the effort if I don't think somebody is worth my time. For example if I don't like somebody, I will simply avoid them and never give them my attention. I'm not antisocial...I'm just selective on who I'm willing to socialize with.

Call me pessimistic, but I consider most people guilty until proven innocent. Not to sound like some douche bag hater, but it's just hard for me to trust others, and I'd rather be honest in my disposition rather than fake friendships. Being fake is one of the absolute worst ways to act towards me. By fake, I Don't mean the employees at stores or restaurants, or strangers that give courtesy greetings. I'm talking about people who say they're you're friend, but don't ever have your back. All relationships (romantic and otherwise) are built on equal trust and effort. If I'm willing to stick up for somebody and put in the effort, but they aren't willing do the same, then they're not my friend...period. No one-sided relationship is healthy.

The people that usually make the best friends for me are leaders at heart. It might sound strange, but I am like a magnet for assertive people. Because of this, I have always been the Executive Officer or first mate of every metaphorical FriendSHIP I have sailed. To better describe it, I am like the perfect right-hand man to every best friend I've had. For those that know Astrology...most of my closest friends have been some kind of fire sign such as Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius or air signs like myself. I'm an Aquarius and I enjoy being friendly and social to the people in my inner circle. I come off as arrogant to a lot of people because I don't like to talk to them if I don't have to. Though if you're reading this, don't let that deter you from messaging me if you want. I reply to all my PM's on .

The people that usually hate me are: superficial, needy, jealous, controlling, passive-aggressive, and emotional. So based off that list, you can probably already figure that half the female population despises me. Especially if they're water's like double the hate. I've never met a Cancer that liked me. I also tend to be despised by people that have a martyr complex (also known as victim complex). They are among the worst kind of people that I actively avoid. Those that seek out suffering just for the sake of attention and self-importance disgust me. These are the kind of people that complain about something but take next to no initiative to do anything about it. A perfect example is a person that always has to have some kind of forced drama in their lives so that others will feel sorry for them. They're the kinds of people that stay in abusive relationships and try to out do somebody for attention with their own life tragedies. The worst thing about them is they refuse to accept responsibility for anything and blame others for their problems. Politicians embody this personality trait as well which is why I can't stand them either. People that commit this destructive behavior hate my guts because I ignore them completely or call them out for being pathetic.

Since we're on the topic of people that don't like me...a lot of shy people avoid me like the plague. Not that I really care much...since the majority of shy people I know are boring. Maybe I come off as apathetic and stand-offish to them...who knows. I've never really been close friends with a person more introverted than myself. The fact of the matter is simple...if people don't talk to me, then I probably won't talk to them. Talk about a social dilemma huh?

High School was a very stressful time in my life as you can imagine. Being a person with few friends, I had a hard time adjusting to the societal standard for being "normal" or "popular" in the eyes of my peers. To give you a better idea of what it was like, I had long dark girly hair and was an emo skater kid. know the type. With the skinny jeans, eyeliner and everything. I even had some piercings and hated most things that were mainstream. Mix that with my apathetic, social shortcomings and imagine me sitting in a classroom surrounded by other kids. That was me...and damn did I stand out. Nevertheless, I was a great student and was ranked near the top of my class ironically enough. It really made it funny when I would make the highest grades on tests and they would all just stare at me disbelievingly. Of course it didn't help that I had a face that translated as such: "Yeah that's right assholes...the weird girly dude is smarter than you."

What's sad about it though is a lot of people in my school's counterculture scene had the personality types of people I don't get along with normally. So I was pretty much unpopular to the unpopular kids too. They liked me even less after I joined the Hockey Team and called me a "poser." I mean the unpopular kids were more judgmental than the "cool kids" it seemed. Fuck I hated that shit. It really bothered me when i was younger, but I eventually just decided that I was just going to be who I was and if nobody liked that, then they weren't worth being my friend in the first place. So picture this in its entirety...I was a girly, long-haired emo skater kid turned hockey player who liked anime, listened to metal, and made top-notch grades. So yeah...I don't know classify myself based on all of that.

Characters that bother me in Literature/Anime/Movies/Shows: Since I have a list of people I like, I figured I'd make a list of characters that I don't like in some of the more popular things I've seen.

Bella Swan from Twilight: Unlike most haters of Bella, I actually read the book version of her thanks to my evil Imouto. Even she agrees with me that Bella is the Ultimate Imprint character in "literature." She is just god awful. I suppose I ought to give less of a hater answer and more of a valid reason for despising this character. As a whole...I actually don't hate the Twilight Series. Despite the glowing vampires, it could have actually been done right if the main character wasn't so pathetically drab. What I can't stand is the fact that everyone in the entire series is just obsessed about this ordinary, boring, and downright obnoxious girl. She has no distinct personality, no intelligence, and is a complete plain jane. The movie rendition was even worse...since Kristen Stewart never closes her damn mouth. It just annoys me that a character with no defining attributes is the center of the universe to everybody in the story. She is somehow immune to Edward's power...for no explainable reason, other than MC Mary Sue plot armor. As if that's not bad enough, later when Bella has a baby they all start acting like she's the most unique incredible thing to ever happen to vampire kind.

Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter: I for the life of me just can't support her character. She was downright useless, and lifelessly unappealing throughout the entire book series. Book one, she was introduced as a shygirl with a crush on Harry. Already, I found that annoying, but I tried to give her a chance. Books 2-5 we get literally next to no character development with her, other than passing comments about how she's doing. It was around books 5-6 that I really started to dislike her. She is essentially crammed down our throats by Rowling, as every character talks about how athletic, pretty, awesome she is, when truly we've never seen any of this to be true. In the last few books, Ginny's personality took a complete 180. She started becoming some supposed babe that all the guys were after...and we had to sit here and think "That's going to be Harry's future love interest?" I found it annoying because Rowling had them set up to be romantic interests from early on, yet she did nothing to build it up, and instead just had her idealized to be this amazing girl that everyone wanted. Essentially...Ginny is a forced character that never once does anything to earn her place as Harry's love interest. If you compare her with somebody like Hermione, who had genuine growth and personality development, then it's no contest. Btw, I don't really ship Harry/Hermione, but I wouldn't oppose it if it was canon. Honestly, I thought it would have been cooler if Harry ended up with some Slytherin if Draco had a sister or something...idk.

Half the characters from Naruto: I don't know why, but there's a lot of people in this anime that just piss me off. Pretty much every Uchiha gets on my nerves. They are incredibly overpowered and ridiculously overrated. Sasuke goes from being a bitch to one of the most overpowered characters, and acts smug the whole way through it. It doesn't help that Kishimoto has a hard on for the guy. Sasuke just acts like he's the coolest person ever...and it drives me crazy. Obito is even worse if that's possible. Madara and Itachi are the only ones I don't hate...but even still, they are so overpowered that they're not even interesting anymore. Itachi especially because he's essentially there to set Sasuke up for being this badass...ugh. Itachi is one of those characters I liked a lot at first, but started to dislike the more we learned about him. It doesn't help that his fans are even more annoying than Kenpachi's.

That aside, the Sharingan is the most broken ass overrated power I have ever seen. The magic eye bloodlines piss me off. The series might as well be named Uchiha, since that's the main focus in Naruto anyways. I also hate Sakura...she is one of the worst female leads I've ever seen. The fact that she ends up with Sasuke removed any chance she ever had to be respectable as a character...and it crippled the slow development she gained through Shippuden. It just destroys any kind of maturity she could have gained, because she essentially reverts her back into the 13 year old fangirl who has a crush on the "bad boy." I hate the way she emotionally manipulated Naruto too. The worst part of all is Sakura barely has a backstory either...she's essentially an Imprint character. Gah, I just can't stand what Kishimoto does to his female characters. The main ones I actually liked were Temari, Anko, Fu, and maybe Hinata. I didn't like Hinata at first, but she sort of grew on me later in Shippuden. My only issue with her is she never really gets the power boost she deserved. All of the decent female characters were sidelined while the ones I hated like Sakura get tons of spotlight. And what do they do with the spotlight? Make themselves look like idiots.

Also...I really didn't understand why but every single Uchiha that had a sharingan was a guy. We couldn't have gotten at least one girl Uchiha...that Kaguya lady doesn't count. Moving on...I hated Danzo, Kabuto, those damn village elders, and just a bunch of other random characters like Tenten, Kushina and Minato. Naruto's parents were such Sues. Naruto himself is a character that started out bad...sort of became cool again...but then he ended up in Sasuke's shadow again. He's the main character, so I guess he sort of grew on me after time...but I hate his reasons for wanting save Sasuke. Like seriously...fuck that guy. I thought Pain was a pretty cool character until Nagato happened. That sure took the wind out of my sails overall, Naruto was a series that really let me down. I've read some good fanfictions about it...but other than that, I have no desire to ever think about canon ever again. NEVER AGAIN!

It might just be easier to list the people I actually liked in Naruto. goes: I like Zabuza, Haku, Deidara, Gaara, Rock Lee, The Raikage, Killer B, Naruto (Most of the time), Anko, Temari, Hinata, Jiraiya, Fu, Neji, Kurama, and maybe Kakashi because of his personality. The rest of the unmentioned characters were ones I likely didn't feel anything towards...or I forgot about them.

Katara from Avatar the Last Airbender: Now I know what you're thinking..."But Melkor-chan, why would you dislike Katara?!" It's all about the way she acts throughout the series. She has this holier-than thou mentality, is extremely emotional and annoying, plus is just completely hypocritical. To her credit, at least Katara has powers and isn't useless. So she gets points for that. I just went back and forth liking and disliking her throughout the series. She has the exact personality of people I don't like. She's bossy, emotional, etc. I'll give the writers credit...she is well written, and I can see why similar people would like her. But for me personally, she just falls short. I don't want to sound like I'm hating on her because I don't...but compared to the rest of Team Avatar, I just couldn't get into her character. I absolutely loved Sokka, Toph, Azula, Aang, Suki, Ty Lee, Zuko, and Iroh though. If you guys know me by now then you can probably assume that Azula was my favorite person in the series. Honestly, I don't like how Katara had to be there when it was really Zuko's fight...but whatever I guess.

Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City: Yes...I watched it. All of it...and the horrible monster that forced me to do it is out of my life now. So, this bitch is literally the most annoying, entitled, slutty, selfish, vile, awful, pathetic human being that I could ever imagine to exist. She is a Manhattan snob, a whore, and just a downright terrible woman. I literally hate everything about her...and my ex idolized her. So you can imagine why that didn't work out. Carrie Bradshaw is just so contradicting. She wants to act like some kind of independent strong woman, but always wants to be in love. She was the opposite of what she tried to portray.

Andrea and Lori from The Walking Dead: Both of these women are terrible for different reasons. Lori is the main guy's wife, who has an affair with his friend and is pretty much dead weight to the group. She was so annoying, useless, and was a terrible mother. Andrea is completely stupid, arrogant, and self-righteous. She makes terrible decisions over and over again throughout the show, and tries to act tough, despite the fact that she isn't. Both of them got what they deserved.

Ramsay Snow/Bolton from Game of Thrones: KILL IT WITH FIRE! I hate this mother fucker...he's such a sicko.

And a bunch of other people I may or may not write about. You get the idea...

My Inspirations and Opinions on my Own Stories:

Defying Death: Despite the fact that it's less popular than "White" I am way more proud of this story. Defying Death is something that I came up with after raiding ICC25 Heroic on World of Warcraft one night. I was running it with a friend so that I could help him get shadowfrost shards for Shadowmourne and for a chance at Invincible the mount. We were on vent (A voice chat program) during our run and had this interesting, reminiscent conversation about how Wrath of the Lich King ended. As a hardcore Warcraft 3 fan, I told him how disappointed I was in Arthas' death and how ridiculous it was for Blizzard to kill off their best character as a raid boss. I wasn't happy about how they offed Kael Thas or Illidan...but Arthas? It made me mad to see. Anyways...he was in agreement and started mentioning how stupid Cataclysm and Pandaria were, saying that he would have preferred a Warcraft 4 over the MMO. I couldn't help but agree on the fact that World of Warcraft was no longer Warcraft after Wrath of the Lich King was over.

Without Arthas, the game just left me feeling empty about the story. I continued to play out of habit and with friends of course, but I didn't care about the lore after Wrath. When we were on the Lich King fight, I couldn't help but mention how stupid it was that Tirion just one shots Frostmourne and its broken. I went on to rant about how different the Warcraft Universe would have been if Arthas didn't die. My friend straight up told me that he'd love to see a story like that and that it could be a legitimate Warcraft 4. I told him that I could write a better story than Blizzard compared to the pandaria crap we were in at the time and that I would write Warcraft 4 myself if I had to. Well...I may have been caught up in the moment when saying that, but I actually took the idea to heart. For my peace of mind, I couldn't help but wonder if I could legitimately write a story about Arthas. I thought about doing an alternative timeline one, but after long deliberation I ultimately decided that nothing in Wrath of the Lich King really pissed me off until Frostmourne got broken in some hax bullshit way. That's why Defying Death takes place directly after Frostmourne is broken. Given Arthas' personality, I refused to believe that he would die in such a pathetic way. As for my other inspirations for this story...they range far and wide. I used a lot of Lovecraft stuff to flesh out the old/elder gods, and as for the Spirit Tree idea...I thought it was a way that I could tie all of the various realms in Warcraft together in a legitimate Spirit world, while still remaining true to its norse theme. The result is a mind-blowing supernatural history exposition that I spent a lot of time coming up with. It might be long-winded and annoying to most people, but I love coming up with my own lore for Warcraft. It's for this reason, that I am truly proud of Defying Death.

Unfortunately, Defying Death has quite a few haters. I won't pretend that I don't care about what they say, but I just don't let it bother me much. If they don't like it, then they can go write their own story and show me how it's done. People are very picky about what they want to see in a story...but when it comes down to it, I wrote the story for myself...for peace of mind. I could care less about its popularity or its grammatical perfection. The hard work I put into it means a lot to me personally. Although it does make me happy to know that some people enjoy it as much as I do. Given all of that, I recently learned from one of my reviewers that some guy tried to plagiarize it. That honestly makes me sick. People getting credit for something they didn't do is one of my ultimate pet peeves. But despite that, the part I hate the most about it is...this guy Luke something, on Wattpad, tampered with the direction of the story. Nobody has any idea how planned out Defying Death is. I don't know if his plagiarized version is still there...but at this point, I don't really care. It's pretty obvious between Defying Death and White, what my writing style is. You can even compare the general themes of both stories. They're both about supernatural badass anti-heroes with a goal to kill gods and protect things they care about.

Now some of you might be I still play World of Warcraft? Not as much as I used to. I log on occasionally, but I don't really have time for the distractions. Between Work, College, Social Life, and writing fanfictions, I just can't commit to it like I used to. Though I still do weird shit like farm for legendaries. I actually have every legendary weapon on my account except the Ulduar mace. Though I am currently working on it. I won't tell you my characters' names out of fear of being trolled to death, but I do main a warlock. That's part of the reason why I heavily emphasize the importance of warlocks in Defying Death. I thought the green fire quest was the coolest thing they ever put in the game. I wanted to know more about the Black Harvest...but ended up creating their backstories in my own fic. There's a lot of little things like that which inspired very minor details. For example...Hobb and Vyara are actual NPC's at Sanctum of the Stars in Outland Shadowmoon Valley. Bloodthistle is an actual drug blood elves use in the blood elf starting zone. There's a quest about a party or something where they do it there. Also a lot of the "Champions of Northrend" are named after people I've raided with in the past. One or two are the names of my alts. If you can figure out who I am based on that, then you deserve to troll me. Finally, I just wanted you guys to know that I will eventually finish Defying Death. I may or may not start updating it the same time as White, but I have no intention of not finishing.

White: This fic is a very entertaining one to write. One of the reasons I started this story is because I have always been a super huge Bleach fan. Granted the canon anime/manga has some things that annoy me, but despite those I just enjoy the setting, the characters, and the action. If it isn't obvious by the content of my profile or stories, I absolutely love anything that has to do with a supernatural setting. By that I mean, I like stuff that involves spiritual power/realms/etc. Bleach is probably my favorite anime mostly due to the theme of its design. This is probably one of the main reasons why I like it slightly better than One Piece. My inspiration to write "White" came from a binge marathon where I rewatched bleach many months back. As I saw the episodes again, I just couldn't help but think of how much cooler it would be if Ichigo was a full fledged hollow. He absolutely overwhelmed any opponent whenever he went full hollow. It made me wonder just how fucked the Soul Society would be if he was on Aizen's side.

Since I was already a fan of reading and writing fanfiction, I thought about reading some hollow Ichigo stories on . Much to my disappointment, there isn't really that many good ones. Although after finding a few, I stopped and wondered if I would be able to make my own, and do everything the way I envisioned it could be. Though if you want specifics there are really two stories in particular that inspired me to write my own bleach fic. One is called "Some Kind of Monster" by InhumanNexus, and the other is called "To Find the Heart" by IIIIIIIIII. The first story wasn't very long, and was incomplete, but it made me wonder about the Ichigo x Loly x Menoly thing...which eventually made me want to write an Ichigo x Hollow Girls harem. The second one is a very good fanfic that I highly recommend. It's definitely written better than mine, and has a lot of specifics in it, which most people enjoy. After getting about halfway through it, I wanted to write my own Ichigo Arrancar fic. I sort of started "White" as a side project while I was taking a break from "Defying Death" but it's gotten more popular than I expected.

I don't pretend to think that it's super original or top notch material, but I'm decently proud that I managed to write something most of my reviewers enjoyed. However, "White" is a story I wrote more for myself than for others. Like "Defying Death" I wrote "White" the way I did because it gives me some peace of mind. Whenever something in canon is pissing me off, I can just enjoy my own take on how things should have happened. As for my overall opinion on this fic...I'm glad it means a lot to my reviewers, but I don't consider it as good as Defying Death. That being said, I'm still fairly pleased with how it's turning out. I hope to refine it into one of the better Arrancar Ichigo Bleach Fics on this website.

Delinquent Dragon Emperor: This story kind of came out of nowhere in all honesty. I was just watching some funny Highschool DXD videos one day, and the next thing you know I ended up rewatching the whole series again. I've read a decent amount of the light novel volumes too, and I have always found it annoying how the series is executed. I personally don't dislike any character in the series other than Freed Sellzen and Diadora Astoroth, but I find a lot of characters and themes in the show to be too whimsical and annoying at times. The LN is 100 times better than the anime, but I guess that's not surprising considering the amount of fan service they put into the show. This series is definitely one of my favorite harem animes, but there are a lot of things that just get old the more I saw of it. First of all, I don't mind that Issei is a pervert and that he starts off a bit weak, but I feel like he is always so subservient to everyone. He's just such a soy boy sometimes who has no willpower and it gets on my nerves that he's always seen as some goofy pervert instead of the red dragon emperor. This story is pretty much how I envision things would have gone had Issei been raised as a badass instead of some goofy perv. I wanted to portray his kindness, perverted behavior, and humor in a more flattering way than the series does. Granted I have nothing against canon Issei overall, but I feel like him being cooler would make the series a lot cooler. On another note, I thought it would be badass if he was friends with Great Red from the start as it would throw the entire story into a different direction. Highschool DXD has an impressive universe with tons of cool lore to work off of, and I wanted to explore it.

Daedric Faction War: This poor, one chapter story has been baking in my mind for years. I originally started it with the idea that I was going to write a Skyrim story about Dovahkiin Vs the Daedra...but then I thought it would be much cooler if it was written from the Daedric Lords' perspectives. If I ever get around to finishing "White" and "Defying Death" I'll probably update this for a bit and see where it goes. My idea for the story is to focus on Molag Bal's manipulation of Dovahkiin into helping him defeat the other Daedra. It'll also focus on Dagon's alliance with Meridia. I might end up making it a Dovahkiin/harem story just for the sake of staying true to my style. If I ever do get around to it, you can expect it to be XXX rated with lots of bizarre stuff. Maybe lemons...i don't know.

Future Plans: One day I might consider writing a Harry Potter Fanfiction. It would probably be a Harry is Slytherin story...with cool OC's and badass Dark Harry who doesn't give a fuck. I've read a few of those and thought they were awesome. Another fic I might do one day is a Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic one. It would likely revolve around rewriting the stupid SWTOR bullshit that ruined Revan's character. (Fucking MMO's ruin everything!). I would turn it into Kotor 3...or at least what I think it should have been. It's only baking in my head right now, and I have too much on my plate to really get it going at the moment...but it would be so fun to do. The last aspiration I have is I really want to write an Avatar the Last Airbender fic. It would most likely be a Sokkla story since that's my favorite. If you're reading this and you like those ideas, let me know.

Random Lists:

My Top 15 Prettiest Anime Girls: Since I'm a big fan of lists and what not, and you’re still reading my profile for some strange reason…(Stalker!) I figured I throw up a list of who I think are the 15 prettiest female characters in anime. Now you get to see my taste in 2-D women. Keep in mind this isn‘t a favorite female character list. These are the girls I find the most beautiful in all the animes I’ve seen. Since there’s a metric ton of beautiful girls/women in anime, I’m going to list some honorable mentions too. This was a pretty tough list to make and some of these beauties barely missed the list, but were worth mentioning.

Honorable Mentions:

Harribel, Nel, and Yoruichi from Bleach. The three queens of bleach. I find these three the most physically attractive out of any woman in the show.

Lucy from Elfen Lied. Beautiful in the same way that a succubus is beautiful. She's got this primal and dangerous beauty to her.

Misa Amane from Death Note. I normally don't like blondes, but she looks good in that gothic black.

Mikasa from Shingeki no Kyojin. Well designed, and really captures a simplistic natural beauty. Waifu material.

Kikyo from Inuyasha. I actually like her yes...Kikyo Kagome all the way. Fight me hater. (JK...i'm not ready for your hate)

Akeno Himejima from High School DXD. She's one sultry girl.

Asuna Yuuki from SAO. It shames me to admit this since SAO annoys me, but I find her to be extremely cute.

Rei Hino/Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon. Damn right she's an honorable mention.

15. Sango: From Inuyasha...she's one fine lady. She looks good, fights well, and is sexy without even trying to be.

14. Kirito's Gun Gale Online Avatar: From SAO...Yeah it's really strange to say this, but I thought Kirito's avatar was the cutest girl in the entire anime. Plus s/he had a damn lightsaber! So I guess I'm officially a part of Kirito's harem then because I was blown away by his female avatar. Thanks for making me even more confused Japan.

13. Sena Kashiwazaki: from Boku wa Tomodachi ga of the few blonde anime girls that I think is just outstandingly done. She's a real cutey. Something about the colors just seems so well done. Like her eyes are almost crystal blue and her hair seems like it's naturally bleach blonde. Plus I like that butterfly clip in her hair.

12. Inori Yuzuriha: from Guilty Crown...the red with the pink really works for her, and I like how uniquely her hair is drawn.

11. Misaki Ayuzawa: from Kaichou wa Maid-Sama...this girl is just plain pretty. Her eyes in particular are just Kawaii x infinity.

10. Makoto Kino AKA Sailor Jupiter: From Sailor Moon…alright so I’ll straight up admit I loved Sailor Moon when I was younger. My sister and I would watch it together. We always used to get into arguments about which girl was the best in the series. Of course Jupiter was my favorite…closely followed by Mars. Her favorite was Mercury. But yeah…this is an older anime so the characters may not be drawn as pretty as modern day ones, but I had the biggest crush on Jupiter when I was a kid. Everything about her is essentially my taste in women…she’s tall, she’s tough, she’s cool, she’s bold, she’s badass, she’s pretty, and she’s the most dependable out of all the Sailor Senshi. I like the fact that she was a tomboy, but still had feminine interests/qualities. On a side note…that ponytail was the best. Her lightning struck my heart.

9. Kuroyukihime…from Accel World. This girl is a literal homage to her name. She is just gorgeous and I love how dark her hair is. I don’t want to give away spoilers in case you haven’t seen that anime, but her various forms are just beautiful.

8. Moka Akashiya: From Rosario Vampire…I love both her inner and outer selves, although the inner one has one of the coolest personalities ever. I might be alone in thinking this, but she’s the prettiest anime vampire I’ve ever seen. Believe me…that’s saying something. She just looks awesome whether it’s her pink haired cutesy side or the white haired sexy side.

7. C.C.: From Code Geass…you won’t find a better looking girl with green hair. Period. I don’t know if it’s the hair or the way her face is drawn, but she is just stunningly pretty. She’s got a likable personality too. Easily one of the best female characters in anime. If this wasn’t just an appearance list, I’d rank her near the top.

6. Kurumi Tokisaki: From Date a Live…hands down she’s the prettiest yandere in anime. I mean don’t get me wrong, because Misa (from Death Note) and Lucy (from Elfen Lied) are the runner ups. Kurumi just has an incredible design and DAT HAIR THOUGH! Cuteness overload! Not to mention I love that clockwork eye and the dress she wears in spirit form.

5. Erza Scarlet: From Fairy Tail…as if this list could exclude her. She’s one of the hottest anime characters ever. Something about her appearance just has this captivating allure to it. Her crimson hair is amazing, and it looks best when it’s in a ponytail. I would be surprised if she was missing from any Fairy Tail fan’s top 10 list.

4. Mizore Shirayuki: From Rosario Vampire…I’d hate to list two characters from the same anime, but have you seen this beauty?! She’s just like…I don’t even know if I can find the words to describe it. Impossible to not stare at? Dangerously cute? Uniquely gorgeous? A literal snowflake. Something along those lines can partially describe my opinion of her.

3. Rias Gremory: From Highschool DXD…alright so if this girl was real, I‘d be working my ass off to give the world to her. She’s the main girl from Highschool DXD (rightfully so) and is just ridiculously pretty. She’s so beautiful that she literally robs the beauty from everyone around her. Like High School DXD has a ton of pretty girls in it, and none of them look anywhere near as great whenever they’re next to her. Seriously go watch it…I swear that’s a thing. That blood red hair...those sapphire blue eyes...Yoko Hikasa's voice. Ahem...yeah I'm not weird. Don't judge me too harshly.

2. Motoko Kusanagi AKA Major: From Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex…Alright so hands down, she’s got the best body ever. I definitely favor butts and legs over boobs, and damn does she have it all. The aesthetic beauty of her form is just hard to ignore. She’s like a machine angel. On top of it all…her outfit is sexy. Her body aside, she's got a pretty face (those lips).

1. Saeko Busujima: From High School of the Dead…Now that show was pretty ridiculous and over the top with its fan service, and admittedly it was nothing more than mindless entertainment. However, Saeko was just the diamond of this series. Oh what I wouldn’t give to be stuck in the zombie apocalypse with her. She’s about as perfect a girl as I can even imagine. I don’t even know where to start. She’s like…strong, smart, beautiful, loyal, tall, calm, slightly crazy, and isn‘t annoying at all. Like how could such a perfect amalgamation of good qualities exist in one girl? All of that aside, she’s a real beauty in my opinion. Top that off with a sword, and it’s like the grand cherry on top. She’s just a crazy samurai bitch hackin shit up in the zombie apocalypse and I love her. I know a lot of people might find it strange that she’s at the top of my list, but I literally find her to be the most attractive out of any anime/manga character I‘ve ever seen.

My Top 15 Favorite Warcraft Characters:

15. Khadgar: I like all renditions of him. The most recent WOD version is pretty epic and he’s really likeable as a character in my opinion. He’s got epic lines, cool magic, and a good sense of a humor. That aside, I like seeing him as the Guardian (Praying that Med’an was retconned), and I feel like his role in the story is very fitting. He’s a lot like a Merlin type character which is a definite plus.

14. Blackhand: Specifically, I really like the AU Warlords of Draenor version of him. He was a complete badass as far as I’m concerned and was definitely my favorite warlord. I find it funny how the MU Blackhand was considered dumb, but this one is like a tactical juggernaut. WOD may not have been very successful, but Blizzard gets props from me for how they delivered this character. His Molten Fury-blessed appearance was like orc deathwing which made him look even more intimidating. I’m even more psyched that Clancy Brown (The Kurgan from Highlander, and Hades from GOW3) is going to be his actor in the Warcraft Movie.

13. Maiev: There’s a reason she’s in my story, people. Now what’s interesting about her is that I started to like her way more during World of Warcraft. Her hunt for Illidan and the like was pretty cool, and I kind of liked her militant attitude. Unlike most night elves, she doesn’t think twice about wanting to do something immoral to achieve her goals. A perfect example is the stuff that happened between her and Malfurion. It’s good to have a non goody-two-shoes like female hero in Warcraft (besides Sylvanas.) I’m psyched that Maiev is coming back in Legion. I definitely think she’s more suited to be the High Priestess of Elune rather than Tyrande. Maiev would clearly make a better leader. Although Shandris Feathermoon would beat out both of them if you ask me. The thing I like most about her though, is her obvious lack of perfection. Most of the Night elf heroes have this ambient ‘I’m old and wise and have seen it all’ aura about them. She’s more respectable as a character because she makes mistakes and immoral decisions. Yet she never gives up, and is adamant in her goals. I remember thinking she was sort of like Paladin Arthas…which is kind of what led me too putting her in Defying Death. I look forward to seeing how she is revealed in Legion. Obviously with the Illidari imprisonment, I can assume she’s going to be opposed to demon hunters in the quest line.

12. Kil’jaeden: I like him for similar reasons as Archimonde, but he only ranks lower because we haven’t seen all of what he has to offer yet. I enjoyed his exchanges with Illidan, and the fact that he’s just a freaking badass super demon. He creates the Lich King in the lore…so props for that. Not to mention he’s really cunning as well. I feel like he’s a cross between Gul’dan and Archimonde as far as personality goes. As cunning as the first but as powerful as the latter. His ranking will likely go way up once we get to see his glorious *cough* I mean dreaded return. He’s easily the strongest demon in the Burning Legion, and I want to see him roll over people the same way Archimonde did in WC3.

11. Thrall (Before Cataclysm/Pre Green Jesus): I really liked his storyline in WC3 Reign of Chaos. His connection to Doomhammer and Grom was very touching. Being born a slave and all of the stuff he had to deal with…you can’t help but feel for the guy. He had to take up the mantle of Warchief and lead his people after Grom, Doomhammer, and others died. His struggle to find out who he is and where he belongs in the world is probably the best thing about Old Thrall.

10. Maraad: Probably one of the best alliance characters, but he’s definitely my favorite one out of them. I remember liking him when I saw the Lords of War video about his past…but the whole quest line in Draenor and his eventual fate left me feeling almost heartbroken. He is one of those “Good Guy” characters that I could genuinely like and respect. He’s one of the reason s I like Draenei so much. Lore-wise, they’re the best race in my opinion. The fact that they’re “good” Eredar is one of the most compelling things about them.

9. Kael’Thas: He was really awesome in WC3. His whole storyline, and joining forces with Vashj and Illidan was really interesting. He was a true prince, and cared greatly for his people. If it weren’t for him, the high elves would have been doomed. For that, I consider him integral to the survival of his people. He’s a true hero. I also respect him greatly for the fact that he wouldn’t name himself king even after his father’s death. It showed a nobleness to his character.

8. Gul’dan: The reason I like him so much is his cunning, evil plots. This guy has been the coolest part of Warlords of Draenor, but even before then, he was the greatest non-eredar warlock in the lore. I like him for the fact that he’s genuinely evil and makes a pretty good character. Everything he does is epic, and his voice is really cool too. He never involves himself in battle if he doesn’t have to…which is clearly a sign that he’s got a ton of cool tricks up his sleeve. Not only that, but lore-wise, Gul’dan is responsible for so many of the events in the Warcraft Universe. He’s a great character.

7. Anub’Arak: Part of the Undead Holy Trinity in WC3, along with Arthas and Kel’thuzad. He’s a super awesome character that doesn’t get nearly the respect he deserves from the fan base and blizzard itself. I was one of those people that bitched on the forums about how he was a boss in a dungeon in WOTLK. Anub’Arak had a super cool vibe about him, and a good sense of humor. If you don’t like this guy, then you never played WC3 The Frozen Throne...he’s such a bro and was with Arthas all throughout Northrend. Personally I wish Blizzard would have done the raid for Azjol Nerub and the Old Kingdom. At least then his death could have been more epic. Trial of the Crusader Was NOT justice enough for this Nerubian King. Ugh…anyways, Anub’Arak will forever be one of my favorites.

6. Garrosh: I know what you’re thinking… “Melkor-chan, how could you possibly like that bastard?!” Well it’s quite simple really…he’s the best character during Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria…possibly even WOD too. He’s my favorite orc hands down. The game shines a pretty terrible light on him, but if you actually read up on how he becomes Warchief, and the situations he was faced with…you realize that he actually isn‘t all that evil. Living under the shadow of his father, forced to be warchief over the new horde…he had a lot to deal with. Between Sylvanas essentially becoming a “Lich Queen,” the Grimtotem fiasco that got Cairne killed, and the lack of resources due to the night elves refusing trade…he was backed into a corner. I remember feeling very sad for him after Thrall kills him, because essentially everything Garrosh says to him is true. But of course…Green Jesus = Superman = can’t make mistakes. People want to hate him, but truthfully, Garrosh embodies what a true orc is. He believes in survival through strength, honor, and conquest…victory or death. That’s the mindset he understood from Outland…he wasn’t suited to being the political arbiter like Thrall…which is why Green Jesus shouldn’t have made him Warchief. To top it off…I remember cheering him up in Burning Crusade. You really got the impression that he was a lost soul. The only thing he did that I didn’t approve of was the whole Siege of Orgrimmar storyline in MOP. I find him to be a pretty badass character. I was very sad to see him go down the way he did. Another one of my favorites that blizzard killed off…

5. Kel’thuzad: He was such a boss all throughout WC3. He’s a badass archmage-turned Necromancer turned Lich. He never once did anything I didn’t approve of. I mean…besides the plague I suppose. *cough* Anyways, I like how he starts off as Arthas’ enemy, but after Arthas becomes a death knight, they become best mates. He’s like the evil version of Uther, but he’s got Arthas’ back. Arthas destroyed Quel’thelas to rez the guy in the sunwell…that’s dedication. Kel’thuzad later saves Arthas from Sylvanas, which was probably when he truly cemented the fact that he was the ultimate Scourge Bro/right hand man of Arthas. Other than that, I love his WC3 voice. It’s like liquid silk being poured into my ears.

4. Azshara: There’s a lot of stuff I like about her. The fact that she’s ridiculously overpowered is one of the main reasons. But unlike other OP characters, she doesn’t feel the need to constantly remind everyone. It’s just something other beings realize when they’re in her presence. I remember reading about when Illidan first saw her with his new eyes. His reaction to it was simply enough to know that she was even stronger than everyone realized. That aside, I find her character amusing. She doesn’t take things very seriously and has this comical arrogance about her. Typically most OP characters are either Super Emo or they’re white Knight Goku-like characters. I like her because despite her Overpowered magic, she doesn’t come across as a mary sue. She’s got this strange vibe to her and you really get the impression there’s a lot more to her character. Not to mention her role in the lore and as Queen of the Highborne easily justifies her power and significance as a character.

3. Archimonde: He’s my favorite demon from the Burning Legion. I remember liking the way he mowed down all resistance during WC3. His voice was super epic then, and I truly got the impression that he was a real demon lord who wasn’t there to mess around. I don’t care what anyone says, His Dalaran Sandcastle was awesome. Lore-wise, I like him a lot because he’s essentially Sargeras’ main enforcer, and he’s a badass warlock. I truly hope that the Mythic Archimonde thing from Hellfire Citadel isn’t canon…I don’t want him to be dead yet! STOP Killing my favorite characters Blizzard! While I’m on the topic of this…HOW in the world were Durotan, Khadgar, Yrel, Grommosh, and “heroes” able to stop this juggernaut of a demon lord? For that matter, how was Gul’dan able to summon him? Ugh…well yeah. Anyways, I like the WC3 version of him (The real version).

2. Illidan: The reason I like Illidan might seem strange to many people. Most others simply like him because he’s the badass, rebel night elf who doesn’t want to be a goody-two-shoes. I like him for that of course…but I also loved his character because of how sad it is. He’s a good guy…period. I genuinely detested the way Malfurion and Tyrande condemned him for things when he was only trying to help. I remember feeling shocked that he was willing to help Tyrande even after she and Malfurion put him in jail for 10 thousand years. I wouldn’t exactly call him selfless, but he’s got a big heart under that tough demonic hide. I feel as if he’s one of the best anti-heroes ever…though personally I consider him an actual hero. He’s so pivotal to the lore and his willingness to do whatever it takes, no matter the cost, inspires me. That aside, he’s probably one of the most badass designed characters ever. Illidan is somewhat overhyped and extremely emo, but that doesn’t stop me from liking him as much as I do.

1. Arthas: No surprise here considering he’s the main character of Defying Death. It’s hard to describe what I like about him so much. He’s just a character that I could genuinely empathize with throughout the entirety of WC3. He had good intentions, but a questionable morality. The first time I played WC3, I figured he was going to be some big “hero” type, but his gradual fall into darkness surprised me. I loved his interactions with certain characters, and the witty, evil things he did as a death knight. I remember the first time I saw his final fight with Illidan…and when he became the Lich King at the end of The Frozen Throne. Nothing can describe the awe I felt when I saw him ascend the Frozen Throne, and put on the crown. I know there’s a lot of people who feel he’s a single-minded douche, or an overly ambitious fallen hero type character. Personally, that’s what I like about him. I’m a sucker for characters like Darth Vader, Arthas, Revan, and of course Sauron. The corrupted dark lord like characters who don’t see the world the same way as their peers were always my favorite.

Top 15 Favorite Bleach Characters:

15. Barragan: Yeah...I actually like Barragan as a character. Wish we could have seen more of him in canon, but oh well. I feel like he should have fought Yamamoto or somebody more powerful than Soifon, because his death was pretty lame if you ask me. Barragan's a Skeleton hollow how could you not like this guy? He was a bit arrogant and that got kind of old, but I still thought he had somewhat of a reason to be. I mean his powers are in-fucking-sane!

14. Starrk: He's a pretty chill dude and I thought he was a cool character. I dislike how anti-climactic his death ended up being. He was the freaking Primera for god's sake, and was shown to be way weaker than Barragan. If we exclude fanboy logic though, I literally don't see how he could beat Barragan. Nevertheless, he's entertaining in the fact that he really could care less about half the stuff going on.

13. Isshin: I think Ichigo's dad is the funniest. He was the most entertaining thing in the early part of Bleach, and I like the fact that he's super badass and cool. What I like about him is he is funny without being a comic relief character. He's got a goofy side and serious side, which makes him way more interesting than all the one-dimensional comic relief characters we see in the series. On a side note, I'm dying to see his bankai in the Manga.

12. Senna: Yeah I actually like this movie character more than most main characters. She's from the first Bleach Movie, and is a pretty likable girl. I found her to be surprisingly compatible with Ichigo. Without giving away spoilers, I was sad that they had to separate. I guarantee she would definitely outshine the other female leads if she was canon. I'm pretty supportive of the IchigoXRukia pairing for canon, but if Senna was canon, I'd want her and Ichigo to be a thing. If you haven't seen the movie, and you're a Bleach fan, then go watch it on Youtube or something. She could literally be Ichigo's girlfriend. Make sure you keep some tissues nearby because it's sad :'(

11. Soifon/Sui Feng: Hey big surprise right? I wouldn't really write about a character I didn't like now would I? She's pretty cool as far as I'm concerned, and minus her bitchiness, she is always fun to watch. I enjoy every one of her battles, and I feel like she is a badass when she wants to be. I love the fact that her bankai is a freaking missile! So admittedly she has some faults, but I like the way they're presented in the anime/manga. She's aggressive, impatient, and unfriendly...but ultimately she cares about her fellow Shinigami, and she wants to do the right thing.

10. Kenpachi: Does this even need a reason? The guy is a juggernaut and probably the biggest tank in anime. He’s just funny because he’s a complete barbarian. His whole mentality about everything is “I want to fight.” or “Oh a new dangerous enemy? I’m going to cut it with my sword!” I just love how disconnected he is from most issues. Like whenever somebody is going on their long ass monologue, he’ll just cut them in half and be like “Is that it?” Now his biggest fault is the fact that he has this gary-stu "So powerful he had to restrict his power to enjoy fighting" thing. I consider him a badass, but I dislike the lack of a reason for him being a badass. I honestly don't think he's as strong as people think he is, and I don't like most of his fanbase. That aside, I like his personality mostly.

9. Mayuri: Favorite captain. I love him for the fact that he’s an evil scientist who’s conveniently on the side of the good guys. Blue and Orange morality is the best. I love his sense of humor and I like that fact that he hates Urahara. I can totally relate to him in that regard. Urahara gets on my nerves regarding a lot of things. I find Mayuri entertaining and think it’s interesting that he’s a blatantly immoral person on the side of the “good guys.” His biggest fault though is all the Deus ex Machina he pulls out of his ass. If it wasn't for that, I'd like him more.

8. Rukia: Of course she had to be on this list. Rukia is straight up awesome. I love her character a lot. Kubo might make some dumb decisions as far as characters go, but he did a decent job with Rukia. The only thing that makes her rank this low is her lack of presence in big battles. I feel like she should be progressing more with Ichigo, but that’s just my opinion. Also I’m kind of tired seeing Byakuya rescue her. It was cool the first few times, but it’s still an ongoing thing.

7. Harribel/Halibel: Still to this day I’m not sure which way is the right way to spell it. I think Halibel was a translation error or something idk. Though considering L’s and R’s sound almost the same in Japanese, I guess it doesn’t matter. Anyways, I like her because she’s a stone cold, badass. Harribel is a strong female character, but she’s very believable and doesn’t feel forced or annoying. She has a stoic personality and is shown to care about her underlings. I remember liking her a lot more after seeing her backstory and the hardships that hollows had to face. She’s definitely eye candy, but to me that’s just an added bonus since I like her personality so much. Her only fault for me was her overly sexual outfit. Like she didn't need her boobs hanging out in order to be sexy.

6. Ulquiorra: Big fan of the emo batman hollow. Ulqui is just extremely badass in the series. The fact that he could wipe the floor with Ichigo showed that he was a force to be reckoned with. I Think he and Grimmjow are definitely the best Espada. Both should have ranked higher in my opinion, but I digress. His abilities are cool, and his design is very awesome. I was sad to see Ulquiorra go out the way he did. I always thought it would have been interesting to see him and Ichigo be allies. So what I wrote in White is pretty much what I wanted to see in canon. His only fault was the super emo SasuSaka...err Ulquihime stuff.

5. Yoruichi: Straight up love her character. I can totally see why Soifon/Sui Feng has that girl crush on her. Yoruichi is just an all around good character. She’s useful to the plot, has a renowned prowess in speed, and is one of the best female characters in anime. She’s very pretty and ranks high up on aesthetic appeal as well. Her only fault was the fact that we didn't get enough of her. Which isn't really her fault at all. I think she needs a Zanpakuto and a backstory already.

4. Ichigo: Unlike other shounen protagonists who have a sappy childhood tragedy and some cliché underdog dream, Ichigo is actually somewhat different. He has a family and is pretty much a normal person at the start of the series. However, his ability to see ghosts quickly escalates into him getting sucked into a whole new life. His progression is pretty good early on in Bleach, and I like his various exchanges with characters like Byakuya, Renji, Rukia, Uryu, Grimmjow, Nel, Ulqui, and so on. I like the fact that he’s a badass too and a believable one at that. His stoic tough guy personality makes him seem more mature and serious as opposed to “Other protagonists.” Ichigo’s most recent feats in the Quincy War have me hyped up that he’ll have a pretty epic battle with Yhwach. Excluding all of that stuff, I really like Ichigo for the fact that he’s a blunt, stand-offish person. He’s a nice guy, but he isn’t some “Martyr-like” pushover. He has a temper and a lot of his motivations throughout the story are believable and respectable. Some people may find him bland or whatever, but I think that’s just the side-effect of being a shounen protagonist. Ichigo is a protagonist that I actually found myself rooting for strangely enough. Most of the time I want the villains to win. Like I would have loved if Madara won in Naruto. I love pretty much all of Ichigo’s battles even if Getsuga Tenshou is overused. He’s also way more badass when he goes hollow. His major flaw however is his dense "I have to save Rukia/Inoue/Ishida" mentality.

3. Neliel: Child Nel might have been a tad bit annoying, but I grew to love her exchanges with Ichigo after a while. Though after she transformed into her adult self and started kicking Nnoitra’s ass, I was just like :O Nel is definitely stronger than people give her credit for. It annoys me when people think Nnoitra surpassed her. If Nnoitra hadn’t broken her mask, I’d reckon she’d be in the top five of the new generation Espada. I really like her design wise and I think she’s a cool character. Her only flaw lies in Child Nel in my opinion...other than that, I don't have a single issue with her.

2. Grimmjow: My favorite Espada is Grimmjow, and I just thought he was such a perfect rival for Ichigo. He’s pretty much the Vegeta of Bleach. That aside, Grimmjow is just a manly, badass who doesn’t give two damns about half the things he’s doing. I know I haven’t spotlighted him nearly enough in “White” but rest assured he’ll have his moments of glory. Grimmjow doesn't have any unintentional flaws as far as I'm concerned. I pretty much like everything about him.

1. Aizen: It might surprise a lot of my readers, but Aizen is actually my favorite Bleach character. He’s just so suave and conniving that you can’t help but love him. The way he trolls the Soul Society and stomps on everyone is just hilariously awesome. I love every scene where he trolls Toshiro and Momo. I know a lot of people don’t like him because he’s a manipulative, glorious bastard, but that’s probably why I like him. I essentially have the opposite mindset of most people in which I like the antagonists more most of the time. Watching Aizen stomp on the smug Soul Society was pretty damn awesome as far as I was concerned. I'm ready for him to defeat chair-sama and kick some serious Quincy/Shinigami ass. His only major flaw is Butterflaizen.

20 Least Favorite Bleach Characters: We're adding 5 onto this because damn it I need to vent! This list will not surprise you at all.

20. Ganju: Unfunny, uninteresting, and uninspired. The fact that he's even related to Kaien and distantly Ichigo is just disgusting. He like many of Kubo's characters was a victim of bad writing. The guy should have been a secret badass if you ask me...but whatever.

19. Kaname: I liked him at first, but jeez...Kubo why did you turn him into a hypocritical bug guy? I can't really hate him, because it's not his fault he doesn't really do anything in the series. Kubo didn't do him enough justice. Speaking of justice...I feel like Tousen's logic behind justice didn't really align with Aizen's goals. Just sayin...

18. Kon: I hate comic relief you don't need them at all. A decent writer can put comedy in any situation with established characters. Having an obnoxious teddy bear that takes over Ichigo's body while he's off killing hollows annoys me. To me he's like the Jar Jar Binks of Bleach. In all honestly, I feel like Bleach should have been WAY darker. It would have been a lot better if it was.

17. Pesche and Dondochakka: They're listed together because they're pretty much the same useless character type. These two are so annoying. Hate bombs just exploding in my head right now...

16. Ikkaku: "I can't show my bankai," ~ That alone is why I hate him. The dude is like a dumbass. You're NOT Kenpachi! You'll never beat Kenpachi! Stop being a bitch and just use your bankai when you need to. It's not like having it would make any difference against Kenpachi anyways. Man he's just so delusional and ridiculous. I hate characters that try to "hold back" or "hide" their powers.

15. Uryu Ishida: I just don't understand how he ended up becoming so irrelevant in the series. The dude spends 90 percent of his screen time lying on the damn ground after somebody kicks his ass. I'm glad he's not like Sasuke at least...but Kubo could have done more to develop him and make him more integral to the story. I feel like he's just so...meh.

14. Zommari: Kubo really created this guy to be fodder. We literally learn Nothing about his backstory, never see him do anything cool, and ultimately he ends up becoming a joke. It's a shame really, since Kubo doesn't do black characters very well. Hell Luppi got more screen time and development than him...maybe Luppi should have been the 7th Espada.

13. Rangiku: Obnoxious eye candy…literally there for comic relief and boobs. Which is kind of a shame because Kubo could have done something with her. The only bit of character development she gets is when we learn she loved Gin. I like her Zanpakuto, and I tried to like her as a character, but something about her rubs me the wrong way. Keep in mind, I don’t hate her or anything, but I just don’t really like her. Also is there a reason her boobs are always hanging out? I mean I like oppai as much as the next guy, but that just annoys me.

12. The Fullbringers: Mostly Tsukishima, but I don’t like any of them honestly. Riruka was okay at least, but something about that arc just pissed me off. Maybe it was Tsukishima‘s smugness or his hax powers…fuck that guy. But yeah, they’re just some rag tag band of wannabes who steal Ichigo’s full bringer powers. It pissed me off the way that arc progressed, but at least they got what was coming to them. I feel like Ginjo could have been done better and the bitch with the Dirty Boots, Jackie, could have used an overhaul. But that’s mostly my issue with these people.

11. Yammy: Why do you think I killed him off in “White?” The guy is just annoying and gives me a headache to think about. But seriously…that whole 10 is zero bullshit really pissed me off. I hate how Yammy was literally a moron and had no motivations or goals other than generic brute henchman mentality.

10. Orihime: “Kurosaki-kun!” ~ Case and point. But for real, she is a forced character that has very little importance to the plot other than being a damsel in distress or healing people. I actually really liked Orihime in the Substitute Shinigami arc and the Soul Society arc, but she started to sour around the whole “You can reject god himself” healing crap came around. Like seriously…where the hell did that come from? But yeah, Plenty of people have detailed reasons why she’s a failed character. For me it’s simply the fact that she’s not really important enough to be spotlighted. Don’t get me wrong though, because I do think she’s sweet and pretty and all that good stuff. I just feel like she’s kind of irrelevant. I guess this is another good place to mention that I’m rooting for IchiRuki as the canon pairing. (Dodges hater bullets) At this point it’s pretty much implied that Ichigo will be a captain one day (at least I hope he will be), and Orihime isn’t a Shinigami…So who does that leave? Rukia! On a side note, this is how I prioritize the best canon love interests for Ichigo: IchigoXSenna IchigoXRukia IchigoXNeliel IchigoXTatsuki IchigoXGrimmjow IchigoXOrihime.

9. Toshiro: How is he the most popular character in Japan? What is so good about him? He’s a punk if you ask me. So it’s kind of strange describing why I don’t like him. I find his personality annoying as all hell, and I literally just face palm every time he fights someone. Despite having such a badass Zanpakuto, he’s just so…lacking. Kubo certainly doesn’t like him either considering how often Toshiro gets his ass kicked. He has his moments where I don’t hate him, but most of the time I just find him obnoxious. Still...he looks and fights way better as a Nazi Zombie. So thanks Giselle...

8. Chad: Undeniably the most useless character I have ever seen in any series EVER! You could literally remove every one of his scenes from the story and it wouldn’t change a single thing. The guy has the personality of a rock and just isn’t relevant at all. He could have been so much more, but instead he just gets his ass kicked every fight. But let’s remember the coin his Abuelo gave him...haha. I literally face-palm every time he's on a panel. What a waste of's not like he's going to do anything.

7. Hiyori: No redeeming qualities at all. She’s All Tsun and no Dere if you know what I mean. She’s never done anything to impress me and isn’t fun to watch. If she would lighten up a bit and show some more Dere then I’d be able to overlook her harsh attitude. For lack of a better description, she’s just a bitch 24/7.

6. Momo: Ughhhh…how is she still alive? She was stabbed twice! And for that matter why is she a popular character? It's so weird how a lot of the characters Western Audiences hate are the ones Eastern Audiences like. Maybe Japanese people like her because she's cute and easy to relate with...idk. But yeah what else can I say about her? Momo is a soft-spoken, impressionable, and naïve girl. I dislike her for the fact that she's pretty much there to be a villain punching bag. She's always being saved, and is just so pathetic and undeserving of screen time. She wears humiliation like a second skin. I honestly can't see her ever evolving as a character...and if she does, she'll turn into some kind of Mary Sue and that might be even worse o_O I imagine her bankai has an amazing power...the ability to draw all nearby blades nearby into her chest. Her release command should be Seppuku.

5. Kaoru Unagiya: The son of Ichigo's boss...this stupid shota brat is just awful. He tries to act mature and gets all jealous whenever his mother is talking to Ichigo. The kid takes the term "momma's boy" to a level where it doesn't need to be. It makes me sick.

4. Jinta: I hate bratty, punk kids...and this little fuckboy needs to be slain. Leave Ururu alone you jerk! He's an obnoxious bully brat, and is never once properly put in his place. Tessai needs to just execute this kid.

3. Omaeda: No explanation required. Soifon literally says to the guy what I would in every situation. He’s just a lumbering oaf who’s loud, annoying, and cowardly.

2. Gremmy: SOOO freaking lame. He’s got this ridiculous power and he’s a complete moron with it. Hate bombs just exploded in my head whenever I read his battle with Kenpachi. I was so happy when he died...I hate this guy.

1. Pepe: Why Kubo? Why did you create this abomination? Why does it have a diaper and cherub wings?! WHY?!! What the actual hell is this mutha fucka supposed to be? Answer me KUBO! WHY is this thing a Sternritter?! I feel like Kubo didn't even try with this one. I mean fuck...Literally ANYONE would have made a better Sternritter than some fat dude on a floating disc with wife-beater, a white beard, and sunglasses. Immersion was shattered when I saw this abyssal concoction of Vaermina's Quagmire combined with Kubo's dreamscape on acid. I just don't understand...why does this thing exist?!

Overall, I try not to officially "hate" any of these characters, because many of their flaws are just the product of Kubo's weird writing. Some of them are just stupid though and shouldn't exist in this universe. If Bleach had way less comic relief, and more developed characters, then a lot of these characters would be more tolerable or perhaps even likable. I'm sure I'd love Orihime if she wasn't the useless crybaby she was in canon. I'm sure I'd love Toshiro if he was more easy-going and had less of a stick up his ass. Maybe if Rangiku was less of a fanservice character and more useful then I'd respect her too. I would definitely like Chad more if he ended up being like Ichigo's Zoro. But is what it is, and these are my least liked characters from canon Bleach. I hope you enjoyed my little rant about it.

Rant Section:

Everything Wrong With the Thousand Year Blood War Arc: Judging by my profile and my story, I'm sure most of you can assume the obvious that I love the Bleach Series. Or should I say loved? The wretched abomination that it became has really cut deep in my enjoyment for the series. It used to be up there with Naruto and One Piece, but after the rushed ending, it's beyond any redemption. However...Kubo went wrong a long time ago if we're being perfectly honest about things. I kept giving him the benefit of the doubt because I thought the ending would justify the flaws...yeah I was wrong.

I feel bad for Kubo, but at the same time, he had more than enough time to make this Arc pretty good. I've been underwhelmed from start to finish at the Thousand Year Blood War Arc. There's dozens of things he could have done to make it better which would have kept a majority of his fanbase intact enough to support him for a proper ending. Things Kubo should have done are as follows:

1. Give Ichigo more battles and a more realistic character and battle progression throughout the war. He never once had any kind of rival in this arc like he did in previous ones (Renji, Byakuya, Grimmjow, Ulquiorra, Ginjo). Not to mention we went over a hundred chapters without even seeing him...then when he comes back we get some bullshit in the final battles. Things were starting to look up after he got his new shikais...but that was all an illusion. There was nothing new or special about them or his new bankai. I felt ill watching that thing break the first time. When the new one broke in the final battle, I knew that any hope of Ichigo doing something badass was gone forever.

2. Invest more meaningful chapters in the story. Kubo wasted a lot of chapters with pointless fanservice when he could have been doing backstories or shown fights on panel. I don't give a fuck about Orihime's new outfit or anything to do with Chad. I do not want a ton of panels about Gremmy, Nanana, Pepe, and all those other retarded ass Sternritters. ALso what the fuck was the point of building Bazz B up just to kill him?! Then Haschwalth dies like a bitch later. Completely ridiculous. We also see a lot of the femritters being hoes, but learn nothing about any of wtf? There was also way too much off-screen stuff, such as Robert Accutrone being hyped up yet never actually fighting anyone on panel. Meanwhile certain fights dragged on way too long. The Mask fight and the As Nodt fights are a perfect example of this. I can understand Kubo can't show everything, but so many of the Quincies and their battles felt hollow and pointless to me. He managed his story progression horribly and it just ended up being one huge clusterfuck of nonsense. He dragged ass where he didn't need to and rushed through things he should have elaborated on. It was frustrating to see.

3. Avoid dead end plot points and only show something if you're going to explain it. Nothing was ever explained to why is Gremmy a brain in a jar? Why did Komamura turn into a dog? What happened with Izuru and the Flamingo Lille? Why did Yhwach want to kill the Soul King? Why does Aizen hate the Soul King? Why aren't Isshin and Ryukenn more involved/angry at what's happening? What the hell was Robert Accutrone's Power? WTF happened to the Zero Squad? What's the deal with the original Gotei 13? Why were the Mimihagi, Gerard, and Pernida introduced as parts of the Soul King if it was going to be irrelevant? WTF happened to Ukitake?! This list goes on for a while. The fact of the matter is, Kubo kept introducing all these things, and then he just forgot about them and left them behind. Like Harribel is still chained in Hueco Mundo...Ukitake is lying on the ground somewhere dead I guess. Oh yeah and then there's my favorite unanswered question...why the fuck is the Soul King a vegetable?! That's like a huge plot point behind Aizen and Yhwach...I guess that's too irrelevant for you Kubo?

4. Don't tease us with characters and then ignore them for hundreds of chapters. Like there is absolutely NO excuse for showing Grimmjow, Nel, Halibel, Isshin, Ryuken, Aizen, and then not even using them! Or even worse bringing them back and then using them for one chapter. *cough* Tsukishima *cough* Grimmjow and Nel also came back and got literally like five to six panels between them if that. These are fan favorite characters...more specifically some of my fan favorite characters! People want to see them more than some of the nobodies that got way too much screen time. I give zero fucks about Renji getting a new bankai for no reason. Kubo should have shown us Grimmjow sooner damn it! Nel shows up too near the end and doesn't get to do anything, like wtf?! Also where was Rukia half this damn arc? She's the main heroine for fuck's sake!

5. Don't kill characters needlessly just for the sake of tension. Yamamoto should have died closer to the end of this arc rather than the beginning. Toshiro should have stayed dead where he belongs. The surviving Sternritters attacking Yhwach head on was also retarded. It was just a convenient way to get rid of them. Also, I like Kenpachi a lot, but it pissed me off that he killed Unohana for some bullshit powerup that barely helped him at all. Why did you kill Robert Accutrone before we even got to see what his power was?! I mean damn, Kubo...really?! Why did Haschwalth and Gerard die to Auswahlen? FFS really? REALLY?! Yhwach was literally already unstoppable with just his Almighty powers. He had absolutely no reason to kill his elite henchmen other than a convenient way for Kubo to clear the board. But the real issue here was the amount of fodder that Kubo created for this arc. He'd have been much better off making fewer Strenritters with good designs/stories rather than creating shit like Pepe.

6. Don't make your villain invincible. Every good antagonist in every story ever has an exploitable weakness other than simply arrogance. Sauron and his ring, Voldemort and his horcruxes, Vader and force lightning (messes up his life-support), Magneto and plastic, etc. Yhwach is a Quincy and we learned they were weak to hollows...Kubo should have done something with that. Maybe have a super hollow Ichigo mess him up somehow or disrupt his Quincy powers. Idk anything is better than that almighty "I can see every future" bullshit and break your bankai before you even use it. That chapter literally made me want to burn everything Bleach related that I own. At the very least Kubo could have pulled a Madara/Kaguya and had the Soul King take back over Yhwach's body. There's so many better ways he could have done this even with the deadline he was given. Instead we get Deus Ex Machina arrow with Ichigo using none other than...GETSUGA TENSHOU?! Can this dude get some new abilities please?! PLEASE! I hate asspull endings, but this one was just atrocious because of how lackluster it felt. At least with Aizen Ichigo had to lose his powers to win. Not only did Yhwach have this completely ridiculous almighty power, but he also had Yamamoto's bankai which he never used, all of the absorbed power of his Sternritters, the Mimihagi, the Soul King's body, and fuck knows what else...For somebody that powerful to die in such a flimsy ass getsuga is downright offensive to me. It's's the final nail in the coffin. All hopes for the story ending on a decent note died there.

7. Finally, stop solving everything with Deus ex Machina! There was way too many convenient solutions for the problems enemies faced when fighting each other. Nanao's god fighting sword when she's fighting a god? Komamura toggling god mode and turning into a dog? the arrow that can magically stop Yhwach's powers for a few seconds? I could list dozens of examples...It's sad to see Bleach die like this, because I did love it more many years. Unfortunately, I can't really give Kubo the benefit of the doubt given all he's done to his own story in this final arc. He brought it on himself.

How to Write a Successful Fanfiction on this website:

Alright so I've had dozens of people PM me for advice on how to make their stories more successful and popular on I've had enough people ask that I figured it was worth putting here on my profile. So...if you're curious about my input on the matter, I'll just list it here for everyone to read. There's a lot that goes into writing a successful story...and while I don't claim to be an expert, I feel like there are a lot of things new authors don't realize when they're trying to get reviews/follows/favs. I'll start by listing some mistakes that you're better off avoiding.

1. Try to avoid writing short chapters: When I say short I mean anything under 4 thousand words. I'm not saying you should write the 10-12 k chapters that I do, but short chapters are often bad for the early development of a story. I can't tell you how many times I see this problem with fanfiction authors. This is mostly something newer authors do, but in my opinion it's a bad thing. It's okay if you're trying to write a one-shot or something, but for an actual story it's a red flag to people like me. As an author, you have to understand how people see your stories when they're scrolling through the various lists of fics to read. I often find myself drawn to larger stories, and I assume anything with short chapters isn't going to be very serious. I view it as a lack of effort on an author's part as well as the possibility for the story not really going anywhere. This is especially true if your story's first chapter has like one thousand words or something. There's literally no substance to it. A lot of readers are actually looking for legitimate stories, and will search for new fanfics based off of their popularity (reviews/favs/follows) and their length. Obviously when starting out a fic you don't have any popularity, and the only real way you can catch the attention of readers is to start a story with a lengthy introduction and a unique premise. The first thing I do whenever I search for fics to read is I filter out anything under 10 thousand words. If I do it, I can guarantee that there are a lot of others readers who do as well. Remember that a lot of readers are trying to avoid one-shots and BS fanfics that have no direction.

2. Have a unique plot: This seems like an obvious point, but I can't tell you how many times I've gotten bored reading a fanfiction that had no real plot. When you start out writing a story, you have to have the end goal in mind when you're progressing it. Also, readers need to understand the premise from the start, but they should be interested in seeing what's going to happen. To make that work properly you should have a balance between unique and cliché. Give the people what they want, but surprise them in other words. It's okay to use a familiar premise or trope so long as you write a more unique version of it. For example, in my Bleach fic "White", I started the story with the idea that Ichigo would be a hollow from the start instead of a Shinigami. Obviously hollow Ichigo stories aren't uncommon in Bleach fics, but I developed it in a way that went against the norm. It's a concept that people are familiar with, but it's unique in that it diverges from canon and creates an AU (alternate universe) setting. To make people interested in a fanfiction in general, you have to be different from the canon of the series you're writing for. The best advice I can give on this point is NEVER mirror canon progression. People often read fanfictions because they are dissatisfied with an aspect of the canon source material. In my personal experience, that's how I got into fanfiction. I started off reading Naruto fics after getting annoyed at how dumb canon became. If you as a fanfiction author write a story that mirrors canon with only a few slight changes (or pairings usually), then it will easily bore most readers and make them lose interest. My stories are all AU and divergent from the canon source material, and I believe that is part of the reason for the successes I have had. Always think about this from your readers' points of view. If your story mirrors canon, then people will expect X character to show up at X arc and everything will become predictable. Predictable usually equals keep that in mind.

3. Have a plan on how to progress the plot: Alright so this is more of a preferential suggestion on my end, but this is something that I always do when writing my stories. Once you have your unique plot and premise all set in motion, you should try and make a light skeleton of where you want your story to go. This can be a draft, a timeline, random scenes that you want to be in the story, or anything else you can imagine. For example, in "White" I knew I wanted hollow Ichigo to be an enemy of the soul society. I also had ideas for the various confrontations planned out way before I even got to those chapters. Even now I have blueprints for future battles and the a lot of future plot twists planned. With these ideas, I write a malleable skeleton/draft of them and end up building scenes and plots around the intended result. Once I have these key timeline events planned out I am able to fill in chapters and outline the plot with a direction. This is key here people...if you're writing a story like "White" make sure you have end game stuff planned out so that when you're writing your way towards it, things will flow more naturally. This often helps me negate writer's block too. You should have a vague idea of where things are going, but you don't have to have everything planned out in advance. I find it's smart to keep your skeleton vague in case you want to change things around based on certain variables. These variable can include reviewer feedback or simply you deciding to do something else. Essentially what this entire point boils down to is, have a plan and be ready to adjust it as necessary.

4. Don't show your hand too soon: This is the biggest thing people mess up with in my opinion. This means don't tell your readers too much about what's going to happen in future chapters. Not only will this ruin your chances to draw readers in with suspense, but it will also make the story boring for them to read and you to write. In my experience, nothing is more boring than writing when I know my readers already know everything that is going to happen. In harem stories for example, people are always asking who is in the harem. While it may seem harmless to tell them who will be in it from the start, this will derail a lot of tension from the story. If I'm reading a conflict between two characters and I know a girl is in the harem, I already know that things will work out in the end. Another example is telling your readers what's going to happen in future chapters. For the love of god try to avoid doing this. To me it's the equivalent of reading the last chapter of a book to see how it ends, and then reading the book afterward. Also, like I said, I get bored writing something if I know my audience already knows everything that's going to happen. With this in mind, you should limit the amount of things you reveal and say to your readers...ESPECIALLY in earlier chapters. I have personally made this mistake before, and it's the main reason why I don't make promises on who's in the harem or what's going to happen. This ties in with planning for the long game...people will appreciate it more if you surprise them rather than appease them.

5. Develop the Characters: Okay this is pretty obvious to say, but it's a point nonetheless. Without good character development, the story will seem really hollow and uninteresting. Now I'm by no means an expert at this, and I'm not saying my characters are the best developed out there, but I feel like I know what I'm talking about here. To develop your characters, the best thing to do is to give them a way to change throughout the story. In "White" for example, Grimmjow and Barragan start out hating Ichigo and are his rivals. Later on they become friends when they gain a common enemy and a shared dream. This is a rival turned friend development which isn't too hard to pull off. Romantic developments are more difficult however. I find that the best way to do them is to make them all unique. This is especially important if you're writing a harem or a love triangle. Developing characters is not easy to do in harems, but if done right, it's the easiest way to make it a success. Another point to make here is characters should have opinions and interactions with each other as often as they do with the MC. Unless you're writing a story in first person, the background and supporting characters should have their opinions and ideas widely displayed as often as possible. This is an acquired skill that you'll get when you learn how to write a conversation between a dozen or more characters in a scene at a time. Conversation writing and characters changing is the easiest way to develop your characters. This point is pretty much common sense, but hopefully it helps someone.

6. Things to keep in mind when writing harems: This is sort of continuation of the last point that goes into more detail on harems. In a harem, each girl should have different motivations and reasons for wanting to be with the MC (main character.) In large harems, you're bound to have girls with similar motivations (Loly, Menoly, Apacci), but try to limit it if you can. Unique opinions for the MC will make each girl feel more genuine and personable in the story. For a general template in writing a romantic harem, you can use several different clichés for the various girls. Here are some good example to work off of:

The Rival/Enemy Type Girl: One of my favorites is the rival type girl that hates the MC but becomes his friend/ally/eventual lover later on. This girl can be Tsundere if you want or even just a blatant villain that goes from hating the MC to liking him. She should see all the worst qualities in the MC and point them out as often as she can. You want these qualities to actually be true too as it will highlight the bad side of your MC and develop him/her as well. This is a good way to develop both the MC and the rival girl as change is an important part of character development. I use this type of girl a lot in my stories. In "Defying Death", my Warcraft fic, a lot of girls point out Arthas' negative ways/traits/etc, and they revile him as a bad person, but he changes their minds to a certain degree later on. You want to do something like that. This girl can also be a "good guy" type character if your MC is a villain or an anti-hero. She should have a legitimate reason for disliking the MC as well. Try to avoid the typical Tsundere route by making her a bitch just because she secretly likes the MC.

The Dependent Follower Type Girl: This is another common but effective type you can use. This type of girl can be a student, an underling, a lower ranking peer, or even a rescued follower of the MC. This type of relationship can vary widely but the girl will usually start out by having a dependence on the MC for some various reason or another. Initially she might admire the MC in some platonic way and will eventually try to earn his approval in some manner as her feelings develop. She should have the aspirations to become more useful to him or to become as good as him so that he'll acknowledge her as worthy enough to be with him. Readers tend to like this type of girl as they find her aspirations to improve relatable. Her development comes from her trying to step out of her comfort zone and compete with other girls/trials/etc. This is the best to use for Imouto type characters if you're into that sort of thing. The biggest mistake authors make with this girl is they don't give her a legitimate reason for liking the MC. By that I mean this type of girl should have a certain experience with the MC that defines her current motivations. A good example of this from my own stories is Apacci from "White." Ichigo literally saves her and trains her from the time she was an adjuchas. He also makes her part of his Fraccion. This makes her feel like she has a special connection with him and she's currently working to prove herself in his eyes with girls like Harribel and Nel catching Ichigo's attention.

The Mutual Interest/Ally Type Girl: This type of girl is very diverse in the ways you can portray her, but she should generally see your MC as a like-minded person and ally. It's typically best to reserve this one for the stronger and more popular female characters as it can be one of the most difficult to write and for readers to enjoy. This one has the least amount of character development opportunities, so it's vital you don't mess this one up. A good way to pull this off is to make it for a stoic or Kuudere type of girl. Her lack of emotions or expression of emotions will make her development slow by default. Harribel from my bleach story "White" is the best example of this in my own stories. She and Ichigo start out as simple allies with respectable opinions on one another, but over time they come to trust each other more and Harribel eventually develops an interest in Ichigo romantically. This is the easiest type of girl to mess up though...especially if you make her like the MC too soon. A good tactic for this development is to make it a reverse friendzone situation where when the girl finally realizes she likes the MC, he only sees her as a friend.

The Obsessive/Crazy Type Girl: This is universally used for Yandere characters, but not exclusively. This is a strange type of girl to write as you can portray her in hundreds of different ways. The standard Yandere route is always fun and well liked by readers, but if you want to go a bit unique with this route, you can also make her a funny character that's a bit of a fangirl of the MC. My best advice here is to make her charismatic and to make sure you explain her irrational obsession with the MC.

The Friend/Underling of the Antagonist(s) type girl: This mostly applies to a girl from another faction that the MC is opposed to. I almost always use this type of girl as this concept is one of the most popular things used in media around the world. This can also be called the traitor girl or the former villain girl. This one can overlap with any of the other types, but is most often seen hand in hand with the rival/enemy type girl. This type of girl should really only be used if you're going to make the MC or the girl in question become a traitor at some point.

There's countless more examples you can use, but those were the main ones I could think of off the top of my head. I'll probably list more later, but hopefully that gets your harem started if you intend to write one.

7. Monogamy/Pairings: If you're not interested in writing a harem and would prefer to write a pairing or a love triangle then here's my advice on the matter. This type of fic will undoubtedly draw in more female readers as well as more "serious readers" in general. You have to tackle this beast an entirely different way. Unlike harems which are fun wish-fulfillment power fantasies, a pairing/love-triangle fic will typically have a lot more realistic emotions to write. Handle this with absolute care and subtlety. You want to tease things to the reader, but don't give up too much at once. As these types of fics are more realistic, you should also consider the real life issues that come with romance. Just like in real life, people get bored of relationships when there's no more pursuit or development. Girls in general care more about the development (the game) itself than the end result (the relationship). With that in mind, it's best to save romantic climax (pun intended) until the later parts of the story as people usually tend to get bored of a relationship once it's established. This is the number one reason why EVERY romance novel or book series written by a woman has a love triangle in it. Think about Twilight for example...or Hunger Games...Divergent Series...hell even 50 Shades of Grey has a fuckin love triangle in it according to my imouto. You better be prepared to write one if you're doing a pairing...that or the pairing better be some miniscule background thing to the actual plot of the story. That's the only way you can make these types of stories popular unfortunately.

So if you intend to write a monogamous fanfiction, then make sure you have something entertaining to keep the relationship engaging. Also, something you really need to consider is DON'T write a story with a canonical pairing! I'm telling you people...if you do this, then your story will become as bland as the majority of fics on this website. Allow me to explain for a moment. If a story has a canonical pairing, then by default it's far less unique and far more predictable. There's nothing wrong with canonical pairings, and I personally don't have an issue with most, (except SasuSaku...fuck that shit) but they are a dime a dozen. I'll give you a good example of why this is important. What sounds more interesting to you? If you were to read a Fairy Tail fanfiction, would you rather read a Natsu x Erza story or a Natsu x Lucy one? I personally prefer the former choice as it's never explored in canon. Nothing against Natsu X Lucy, but I've seen it before...a bajillion times. There's nothing new under the sun there, and it'll just bore people like me. Here's another example...would you rather read a Naruto x Hinata fanfiction or a Naruto x Konan fanfiction? What sounds more interesting? A carbon copy development of a canon relationship where a shy Hinata gets with Naruto in a fairly similar way to the source material...OR a divergent unlikely pairing between two opposing enemies turned lovers? If you picked the first option, then you might as well stop reading my stories and my profile...because you're in the wrong place, normie. I hope you guys understand my point here...the more unique your story is, the more likely it is that people will read it. To this day, one of my favorite Naruto fanfictions is a story called "Shadow Fox" written by the author Sigfried27. It's a Naruto x Kin story. It's old as hell, but it was the first really unique Naruto fic that I ever read when I was in high school. While it isn't particularly amazing or anything, the story was unique and entertaining, and I loved the author's commentary. That's the first fic that really made me like unique pairings in fanfiction. It might not seem like much these days, but that fic is worth reading just for the author's funny rants at the end of each chapter.

8. Non-Romantic Stories: If you're going to write a story without romance in it, then it's important to keep in mind that it will likely suffer in popularity. From what I've seen, people generally read fanfiction because they want to see X character end up with Y character because it didn't happen in canon or it didn't happen in a way they wanted. If you're going to write a story without romance, then it should be grimdark or it should be funny. Your typical action/adventure fic will typically always have readers expecting it, so keep that in mind if you choose not to write it.

9. The Main Character: Your main character should be the steak and potatoes of whatever story you're writing in my opinion. You want him/her to be an interesting and vital part of the plot and they should have a valid reason for being the MC in the first place. I personally can't stand weak useless, and dumb MC's as it seems irrelevant to read about them when they have no impact on the narrative. No matter what, make sure your MC is someone that the readers will care about. You don't have to make him/her an OP gary stu, but they should be influential and stronger than regular characters. I personally can't stand weak MC's as I feel they're boring and not worth being the main character if they're too weak to make a difference. Some people like that kind of thing where a character starts off super weak and gets strong later, but I find it WAY too similar to canonical shounen progression and it just chafes me when an MC is useless. A lot of harem animes have this type of MC as well as popular shounens. They work in some cases, but only if the MC has a funny personality. Issei in Highschool DXD's canon is like this. He's weak at first, but he's not some whiny dense idiot like Yuuki Rito in "To Love Ru" and he has personality. Realistically, a whole bunch of hot powerful girls aren't going to be attracted to some useless simp. You have to understand that people want wish-fulfillment, but they want it done in a somewhat believable way. That's why if you do write a harem story, understand that people like it when the MC earns his harem. If you do write an OP MC try to recognize the various types:

The Superman Boyscout MC: The most common type of OP MC is the Gary Stu boyscout/white knight superman type. This guy is often some big heroic savior who has few flaws other than being angry about his childhood abuse or the death of a friend...etc. I've seen this type written for MANY Naruto fanfictions and it annoys the hell out of me. This character often has poor motivations for being powerful such as "I gotta protect my friends!" or "I have to find Sasuke!" He'll often be some altruistic hero that is described as "good" or "nice" and will have the most one-dimensional personality on the planet. It's actually way more common to see this with female MC's (AKA the Goddess Mary Sue), but it applies to Gary Stu as well. It's easy to fall into this mistake when you're trying to write an MC who's a nice guy, but he's powerful. Ichigo in "White" isn't very far off from being like even I have to tread carefully to avoid this problem. The main way to avoid this is give your MC legitimate goals, personality, and development.

The OP Emo MC: Another common type of OP MC is the emo one. This is often the brooding OP character that is trying to get revenge. This is the second most common thing I see when people write OP MC's. It might even be the most common these days. Once again Naruto is the number one MC that gets this type of characterization in fanfiction. While this type of MC CAN be done right, you'll often deter a lot of readers if you mess it up. The way most readers mess this up is they essentially turn Naruto into Sasuke. Don't do something lame like that. This cliché is way too overdone, and will easily bore a reader, but it can be awesome if you know what you're doing. The best way to make this type of MC is to give them serious challenges and to make them more like a villain than a hero. Try to avoid this one if you's very challenging to pull off correctly. The best OP Emo personality you can go for is something like the Punisher or Batman. You want the MC to have a goal and to be a fearless badass against a large group of enemies. You want them to be Full Konrad Kurze and to be terrifying to everyone else in the story.

The OP OC MC: The overpowered original character MC is the absolute WORST ONE you could possibly write in my honest opinion Don't write a fanfiction with an OC main character. While there is a fanbase out there for characters like that, you'll often deter a LOT of readers if your MC is an OC. These characters are often seen as Self-inserts, and are almost always mary sues/gary stus. I literally hate OC main characters in most stories I read...especially if they're presented as some long lost relative to a main character. Most people don't read fanfiction for characters they don't know about. They read to see characters they do know acting in different ways and scenarios. An OC main character should ONLY EVER be used for fandoms where there isn't an established main character. These are fine in fandoms like Dragon Age, Skyrim, or other game types. I'm telling you...the biggest deterrence for me as a reader are short chapters (like less than 2 k words) and OC main characters in anime fanfiction. While we're on this topic, if you do write an OC, they should be a side character, and they should be less relevant than the established characters of that universe.

The Disinterested, witty, and OP MC: The best type of OP MC (or OP character in general) I've found to write is the uninterested, humorous one. I use this type the most in my stories. Arthas from "Defying Death" is like this. Azshara from "Defying Death" is like this in female form. Issei from "Delinquent Dragon Emperor" is too...although he has a bit of delinquency mixed in with him. This type of MC/character is something of a divergent subclass of the OP emo MC. He'll often be really powerful, but he'll have little to no interest in trying to exert it over others. He treats other characters like jokes and will often have a funny, but douchey personality. He's similar to the OP emo MC, but people will like him more for having a genuine personality. This type of MC is the best in my opinion. If you also give him a witty personality, then he'll be well liked by most of your readers. With that being said, this type of personality will deter about 5-10 percent of readers as they will find it more difficult to relate to someone with an alpha personality. To that I say cut your losses and do it anyway. You can't please don't try. This type of MC will either be loved or hated. There's very little middle ground when you give them a defined personality. That's one of the main reasons why a lot of harem animes make bland, dense MC's...because they want to appeal to the most people by giving him no personality. Trust me on this one people...a vast majority of readers male and female prefer an alpha and witty protagonist. Just look at Deadpool for example...that's essentially the embodiment of this type of MC. Don't be afraid to make this MC a bit of a jerk or an unsympathetic a-hole. This will make developing the harem way more interesting, realistic, and fun.

The Female Main Character: Alright, trying to get this one right is very difficult for most people. The problem with female MC's is they are judged way more harshly than male MC's are. Women by default are less respected than men because they are less likely to take risks and they don't have to work as hard in society at large. To men, a beautiful woman is seen as a person experiencing life on easy mode. They will usually get things handed to them, and will often have supportive friends and be treated better in general. (Not all of them...but this is true for the general population and throughout our modern world). It's important to understand this, because you don't want looks to be the sole defining characteristic of your female MC. Think about characters like Ripley from Alien or Brienne of Tarth. They're not particularly beautiful, but they're reliable and strong. They have aspects about them other than their looks that you can use to define them. This what makes them more special than other female characters. It's important to understand this because most women don't stand out in any particular way other than their beauty typically. Being female by default makes a woman far less likely to go against female consensus and group think. I find way too often that female characters are completely boring because most girls are boring. Females are less likely to be individualistic and free-thinking with hobbies and passionate goals. They care too much about fitting in or being perceived as likeable and beautiful. Think about any girl you know in real life...what's her dream other than being rich or famous? Does she have any hobbies that she's passionate about that doesn't involve social media? In 9/10 cases I would say women aren't very different. They all want the same thing and act the same way. With that all in mind, a lot of female MC's I see don't really have any special personality, attribute, or disposition. This is the main issue right need to make her interesting. The most important thing you can do is don't make her like other girls. By this I mean she should not be hypergamous, she should not follow group-think, and she should care about her goals more than impressing people.

Far too many female MCs are written in a way in which she just comes off as a bland "normal girl" with mary sue attributes or a complete snooty bitch that is trying to prove herself to someone or something. In the former case, you get characters like Bella Swan from Twilight. She's a plain jane who's supposedly special, but she doesn't act any differently than your typical teenage girl. There's literally nothing interesting about her...she's not even pretty. In the other extreme, you have "Strong female characters." I'll be honest here...most people are going to think they're some feminist bitch. You want your female MC to be a badass without having to whine about men underestimating them. Try to write her more like Samus Aran (NOT THE OTHER M version) or Brienne of Tarth (in Game of Thrones). Hell even female Commander Shepard was done well when Renegade. Another example here is consider the success of the recent Wonder Woman movie. You know why she was so well received by viewers? Because she was written exactly like a male super hero. The fact that she was a woman didn't really matter much and she doesn't feel the need to mention it much either. That's what you want to aim for.

Also when writing your female MC, it's better to give her a notable personality disorder or some type of physical flaw. Female MCs are way harder to pull off as making them too likable or pretty will make them appear like a mary sue. On the other hand if they're too mean or condescending they'll come across as a bitch. Hit that middle ground and give her a legitimate personality that goes against the typical group-think of most girls. Also if she's a "good" character then make sure she's actually loyal. Men respect loyalty a lot more than women do, which is a great way to make your female MC more appealing to guys. If you want your female MC to be a "good" character then make her more masculine too. By that I mean less manipulative, less selfish, less concerned about peer approval, and more honest. You can even make her less attractive too if you want, though it's okay if she's still beautiful. Brienne of Tarth is the epitome of what I'm talking about here. She isn't some feminist bitch...she's just a strong (physically strong) and loyal female knight who takes her oaths seriously.

Here's a list of a great female MC's or characters to try and emulate:

Twilight Sparkle: From MLP:FIM. No, I'm not a brony, and I find a lot of that stuff lame and cringe worthy. However, I have watched MLP:FIM and consider it well written. Like most things I end up watching, my sister encouraged me to watch it with her as she loves this show. While this may seem like a laughable point to make, I can honestly understand why grown men like this show. It's got some of the best written female characters I've ever seen. The characters are a lot more complex than I would expect out of a children's cartoon for girls. In fact they're better written than most anime characters, AAA game characters, and even modern day movie characters. Here's the thing about Twilight Sparkle that makes her a good MC. She's got a personality with real talents and real flaws. Twilight Sparkle is a unicorn that cares a lot about learning new things and proving herself to Princess Celestia her mentor. She works hard and is pretty much an anti-social OCD bookworm at the start of the series. She goes to Ponyville to learn about friendship, and there she meets a lot of unique and interesting friends. Any one of the Mane 6 are good female characters. Rainbow Dash is an athlete with an ego problem. Rarity is a generous tailor who's an over dramatic posh attitude. Pinky Pie is well...remember my point from earlier about making the obsessive type girl funny instead of a typical yandere? This is exactly what it looks like. Hell even a character like Luna is a great example of a good female character in this show. She goes from being Nightmare Moon (a villain) to trying to be normal and liked by Equestria with her sister Celestia. But yeah...don't hate MLP on principle. I learned a lot of interesting things from watching that show.

Mulan: She's the best Disney Princess without a doubt. She is well written in the fact that she's selfless in the story. She goes off and joins the army to save her father. Your typical "strong female character" would do it to prove she's as good as men are. Mulan only does it because she doesn't want her father to die. That's far more admirable to see. Mulan not only represents great female qualities, but she's also a hero and a likeable character. This is the type of woman that men respect.

Coraline: Another great example to work off of. There's nothing I can really say about her that I haven't already mentioned before. She's interesting and has a good character progression in the story.

Lucy Heartfilia: From the anime Fairy Tail. Yes people...Lucy is actually a good female main character. She's what Sakura SHOULD have become. I like her for the fact that she grows a lot throughout the series, and is good for a different reason. While initially I thought she was weak and lame, she eventually grew on me. She's not particularly powerful and I don't really find her as attractive or badass as Erza, Mirajane, or Juvia...but I like her for the fact that she's good at what she does and she's a genuinely realistic and good person. She's actually got a real personality and is important in supportive way to the other characters in the story. I like the fact that she never tries to be something she's not. She knows she's no Erza, and makes herself useful in other ways. She's also surprisingly loyal from what I've seen and is pretty interesting overall. As much as I love Erza, I have to say that Lucy is a much better character.

Saber: I don't even need to explain this. Go watch Fate/Zero or Fate/Stay Night. She's exactly what I was talking about earlier. She's indepenant, goal-oriented, not hypergamous, interesting, and is a badass. She was raised as a boy essentially and has a legitimate backstory to explain her personality and character too. She struggles with her emotions and guilt and tries to suppress them for the good of her people.

Yuno Gasai: Ms. Yandere Queen herself is a good female character because she isn't like a normal girl. She's got obsessive psychopathic feelings and does outlandish and evil things to get what she wants.

Ripley: From the Alien series.

Azula: from Avatar the Last Airbender. She's a great villain with a great backstory and is a very interesting character overall. She's not like other girls as she doesn't understand how to be one essentially. She spends her entire life trying to be strong and perfect in order to appease her father Ozai, the firelord. She's one of the best fighters in the series. Notice her mental instability is a flaw that makes people like her more.

Toph: from Avatar the Last Airbender. Toph is the best earthbender in the entire series. She's a unique girl in the fact that she's a crude tough warrior on the outside and a genuine kind girl on the inside. Toph is also blind, but can see through earthbending which makes her super unique and cool. We see her deal with being blind and wondering if she's attractive in one episode of the series, and it does a great job in showing layers to her character. Notice how her flaw of being blind makes her a better character.

Here's a list of female MC's you should NEVER try to emulate EVER!!!!:

Bella Swan: From Twilight...In case you didn't read my rant about her in the Characters that annoy me section of my profile, I'll summarize it here. Bella is a bland mary sue with no defining personality, hobbies, goals, looks, or anything of the sort...yet somehow she's the center of the world in Twilight. Yeah fucking right...avoid making your female MC like this for the love of god.

Tris: From the Divergent Series...Okay here's the deal with her. I liked Tris initially, but by the time Insurgent rolls around, we find out that she's just a selfish bitch who presents herself as some type of selfless hero. I would respect her more if she was more honest about her lack of empathy, but throughout the series she's just so callous and heartless...yet she wants to preach morality and shit to people. Like she didn't give two fucks about her family...yet I'm supposed to believe she cares about people? Give me a break. I thought she was a terrible hypocrite and some wannabe try hard. Don't even get me started on her being a Divergent...there's very little to suggest that she has Erudite traits as I found her to be illogical and stupid most of the time. She was also pretty selfish too. I just can't stand her...she's like some wannabe Katniss Everdeen. While we're on this topic I don't particularly like or dislike Katniss...she's just forgettable to me.

Carrie Bradshaw: I already stated why I dislike her in a previous section...just a terrible person overall.

Anastasia Steele: From 50 Shades of Grey. Do I even need to explain this? First of all 50 Shades of Grey is like the Ultimate female wish fulfillment story. It'd be the equivalent of me publishing a lemon-filled harem starring myself where I got super powers or something and making millions of dollars. My problem against this character stems more from the issue that it presents to society. This plain girl ends up with a chiseled ab billionaire bad boy Christian Grey...and SHE STILL gets involved in a love triangle. Bruh I can't even! It gives women the fantasy that they can be nobodies and end up with some perfect dude...that's not how things work. Anastasia herself isn't a bad person or anything...she's just turned into your typical hypergamous woman who wants to marry the handsome billionaire and no other guy will ever be good enough. Like this kind of shit is just going to piss off every male reader, and fill female reader's heads with delusions that they could end up like her. The difference between women writing a character like this and me writing a harem is I know a harem is unrealistic and fun. The people that like this kind of shit don't think it's unrealistic. FFS don't let me catch any of you writing a female MC like this.

Sakura: From Naruto. We all hate her...she's selfish, annoying, shallow, etc. I've seen a few fics that portray her well, but they are as rare as unicorns.

I'll add more later, but you get the idea hopefully.

10. Don't try to please everyone: It's literally impossible to make everyone happy, and no matter how good or bad your fic is there are going to be people that like it and people that don't. I personally don't care if I get a bad review here and there because the majority of my reviews are always positive. However, it can be discouraging when you're a newer author trying to get some popularity on your stories. When I first started out at fanfiction I used to get really discouraged if people questioned why I did something. These days I feel "proven" and could care less about what some random condescending critic here or there might think. Just see your reviews as a like/dislike bar on youtube. No matter how good a youtube video is, there's going to be someone that dislikes it. You should just focus on getting a good like to dislike ratio essentially. So long as you and the majority of your readers like the story, then that's all that matters. Not only that, but you'll often find that critics change their minds later in a story anyway. I had early critics of "White" who didn't like it, but then in later chapters they were praising it as their favorite Bleach Fic...people are fickle in their opinions so never falter in your writing.

11. Have an interesting setting and background lore: If you've read "Defying Death" or "White" then you probably understand what I'm talking about here. You want to make the setting and the story have a legitimate history and mystery behind it. This is akin to the "Here there be dragons" quote in that you want there to be an edge of the world so to speak. The mystery, discovery, and world-building is often a way to interest a lot of readers about how things got to the current state that they're in. This adds extra layers of complexity to the narrative and makes the story feel more alive. This works even better if you add references to history in the story that apply to what's going on in the present. If you're able to make it up something unique on your own, then you're bound to have a successful fanfic.

12. Crossovers: Personally, I don't like crossovers very much. I've yet to read one that I really like, and I just think it's cheap and lame to throw two universes together when there's already so much to do with just one. I'm pretty biased against these, but a lot of people like them, so here's my advice on how to write a good one. First...there has to be some level of realism and believability to it. They need to be similar enough to where their crossing isn't completely out of the realms of possibility. For example a Star Wars X Halo crossover or something. They're both Sci Fi universes set in space, so they're ideal to crossover. Try to keep crossovers in the same genre if you can. Like I don't think an anime universe should ever crossover with another universe unless it's a similar anime universe. Stuff like Naruto should not be crossed over with Harry Potter. I actually read one of those before and didn't even know what to say about how over the top and ridiculous it was. But yeah...if you do choose to write one of these, best of luck to you. I myself might tackle it one day.

I might add some more to this, but that's essentially the formula to how I write. Hopefully it helps someone.

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