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Hello reader, thanks for taking the time to click on my profile. (You must be really bored huh?) I suppose it was about time I got around to writing something here. Alright, where to start...

My name: *Is a big secret*

My Age: I'm a 23 year old college student.

Guess I'll just be generic and give you guys a favorite list:

Favorite Color: Black because It looks good with everything...especially with white, red, or blue

Favorite Food: Kofta Kebabs is probably my favorite, but I do love a lot of different stuff. As far as food goes, I'm not very picky about what I eat, but I don't like fast food. Typically I cook my own stuff most of the time.

Favorite Number: 9 (and any variation of it so 18, 27 so on) It's a long story, but the number just has such a strange occurrence in my life. When I learned it was an ancient norse holy number, I found it rather interesting. Not to sound like one of "those people" but I notice patterns in random things like that. Essentially I see it as a personal lucky number.

Favorite Music: Metal (obviously) I like other stuff too, but i'm really picky about what I listen to. I feel like 90 percent of every genre have to look for the gems. I don't really have anything against mainstream music, but I happen to dislike when some people take themselves too seriously about it. I know some people that act like elitists because their said band is better then somebody else's. To me variety is there for a reason...because everybody has different tastes.

Favorite Movie: Too hard to choose one. I love stuff like Braveheart, Gladiator, Troy, and definitely the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I love disney movies, and war movies...and pretty much a variety of other stuff like Fight Club, and the Matrix. That being said, I hate overrated movies...and for the sake of saving face I won't mention any names. I happen to like horror movies as long as you exclude stupid stuff like Paranormal Activity which literally put me to sleep.

Favorite Video Games: Hmm...I love a lot of them. I play fantasy RPGs, action/adventures, and RTS games mainly, but my favorite games ever are probably Warcraft 3, Dark Souls, Morrowind, Kotor, and maybe Dragon Age Origins. I did love Mass Effect until that damn ending. Anyways, I mostly play stuff like that. I detest a lot of these modern day first person shooter games...especially the military shooters. I find it sad that games like Call of Duty and Battlefield 3/4 are top selling games in the world. I haven't really cared much about FPS games since Halo 2 ended. I don't really look down on people that play them, since a lot of my friends do, but it just annoys me that they'd all rather talk about how they "Pwned bitches" in Call of Duty while I prefer to talk about lore/gameplay stuff on something like Dark Souls. I guess it's just because I don't really care much for multiplayer games. I play video games to get away from real people...not deal with more of them.

Favorite Sport: Hockey Forever. I played it for years, and I love it more than Baseball, Football/Soccer, and Wrestling combined. It's really the only national sport I bother keeping up with. Patrick Roy is my favorite sports player of all time.

Favorite Characters of All Time: This is going to give you guys a lot of insight into me as a person, so read at your own risk. I'll just list some of the greatest and most influential characters out of my favorite games/movies/stories/etc. Most of them are the bad guys, or are perceived as such in their respective roles. Why do they inspire me? I don't know...I don't admire evil or anything like that, but something about the philosophy behind it is very interesting to me. Though truth be told, half the time in a lot of these big epic movies/stories, I try to imagine if the villain is actually justified in his/her actions. I empathize very well with anti-heroes/villains for some reason. I don't think the good guys should always win...especially if they're hypocrites. A good example is heroes with a no-killing rule. TO me that is just stupid...I believe you shouldn't kill NEEDLESSLY, but sometimes it is necessary. This is part of the reason why I don't idolize super heroes like most people. Anyways, on to the list:

Melkor: AKA Morgoth Bauglir, the master of Sauron and the original dark lord. If being the master of Sauron isn't enough of a description, I suppose I could also mention the fact that he's essentially a god in the Lord of the Rings mythos. Many people compare him to Lucifer as he rebelled against the other Valar and the creator Eru. Go read the Silmarillion if you're curious about his lore. It's really interesting, as was his corruption of Mairon AKA Sauron.

Gwyndolin: From Dark Souls; I found the story behind his character very interesting, and also a bit sad. For those who haven't played Dark Souls, I won't spoil anything, but the impact he has on the story is much greater than people realize. Truthfully I love all of the Dark Souls characters, especially Solaire, Tarkus, and the four knights of Gwyn. That whole game is general has amazing characters overall. I merely mentioned Gwyndolin at the forefront because he's one of the most uniquely portrayed characters in the story. I like it when there's more to a character's motives than we initially assume.

Arthas: Well you guys already know why I love him.

Illidan: Same thing...and also because he's a badass.

Kratos: I just like badass characters. Granted Kratos is a horrible, murdering bastard who ruins the whole world. Though if the greek gods did exist who could blame somebody for wanting to do that? Hell I would if I were in his shoes. I like a lot of mythology, but I find the greek gods to be fucking assholes in every portrayal of them. Most stories involve them getting butt hurt because a human said something about them or is better than them at something. Zeus is very petty, and so are many of the other Olympians. That aside, my favorite greek gods/goddesses are Athena, Hades, and Artemis.

Anubis: From Stargate SG-1...and well the actual god himself. Are you noticing a theme here? I actually loved all of the Goa'uld from that show. Especially Osiris (if you know what I mean).

The Hound: From Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones). I like him a lot because he's literally exactly like me in many aspects...though I don't have the burns. The show did a great portrayal of him with Arya Stark as well. The way he loathes the hypocrisy of Knighthood in the story shows a very deep side to his character. He's a guy who has grown to learn that nobility, chivalry, and just everything in general is a mockery of the true nature of the world. One of his best quotes which resounds deeply to me is: "What do you think a knight is for, girl? You think it's all taking favors from ladies and looking fine in gold plate? Knights are for killing."

The Kurgan: From the Highlander. The guy's a sick crazy bastard, but he's just too funny to not like. I don't necessarily admire the evil shit he does, but I just liked his portrayal as such a crazy, maniacal villain. I truly got the sense that he had gone mad in his quest for purpose. Ultimately, I believe that he was glad to die in the end.

Vaako: From Chronicles of Riddick. I won't lie, I admire the Necromonger society. Granted, the whole genocide of worlds thing seems a bit evil in a general sense. However, IF what they say is true, then they are actually doing the universe a favor. Now I won't delve too deep into the dynamics of it, but I believe that their mission to unify humanity in death (which is equivalent to true life in their faith), has some merit. Nevertheless, forced conversion and genocide of worlds is quite terrible IF their religion is false. Whether they're good or evil, (Most likely evil), I just think Vaako is fucking awesome in this movie.

Archangel Gabriel: From various religious sources. He's my favorite angel which seems weird considering this list so far. Referenced as the Left Hand of God. His role in the various Abrahamic religions such as Islam, Christianity, and Judaism is quite iconic. Considering my appeal for rebellious figures, most would assume Lucifer is my favorite angel, and while I do find him quite interesting, Gabriel is the one who I truly believe to be the the best of "God's" angels. I'm not necessarily very religious, but I admire his role of communication between earthly and divine planes. He's mentioned in all three main monotheistic religions and if angels do exist, I'd definitely consider him the most noteworthy. Some portray him as female, which also seems believable as angels do not truly have a gender. Considering the repressed role of women in ancient times, I wouldn't doubt the possibility of such a thing. The speculation behind divine messengers has always fascinated me.

Revan: From KOTOR. That's how you do a damn sith lord. I'm sorry guys...maybe I am evil? Revan's character can be portrayed in a variety of ways, but the original "Fuck the Jedi Council" mentality is one of the things I supported. Contrary to your thoughts, I actually don't always choose the dark side in Star Wars games, but I just can't stand the pious, douchey, and completely arrogant Jedi Council. Yeah sure they were right in some regards, but I believe that they are all hypocritical and not as wise as they think they are. Otherwise their wouldn't be so many sith uprisings...such as Exar Kun, Revan, Palpatine, and so on. On a side note, fuck Atris from KOTOR 2...she's a perfect example of a hypocritical jedi.

Walter White: From Breaking Bad. This guy deserves so much respect for the way he is. He's old and dying of cancer, but in spite of that he just decides, that he's not going to let life fuck him over to the end. I respect people with that attitude. There is no true morality in is unfair and out to kill you. The best thing you can do is take the biggest slice out of it that you can. I greatly enjoyed Breaking Bad, but damn do I hate his stupid wife Skyler. Everything from her stupid face to her dreadful personality.

Joanna Dark: From Perfect Dark the N64 video game. She's one of my favorite female leads of all time. Not only is she badass and completely believable, but I appreciate the fact that the writers didn't have to make her a femme fatale which is nearly unheard of considering every other female secret agent in things we see nowadays. I legitimately enjoyed her portrayal in the original game, but I am not as fond of the Zero reboot (Which flopped may I add).

Samus Aran: I typically try not to put silent protagonists on this list, but Samus is just an iconic female character that I have always admired. I am a big fan of all the metroid games, minus the Metroid the Other M game. That one portrayed Samus quite poorly in my opinion by making her out to be this emotional, weak girly girl. I don't have a problem with female characters like that, but for a character like Samus (the damn protagonist) who is supposed to be this Galactic Bounty Hunter badass...I found it extremely obnoxious and contradicting to her status. I'm not saying she can't have a girly personality, but that game made her out to be a defenseless schoolgirl. Well at least that's how it looked to me...

Master Chief: AKA John; Spartan 117; I liked his portrayal in the books and the games. The idea of a super soldier badass human being a devil to religious aliens seemed like an amazing idea when i first saw it. To this day, I still fancy it as a brilliant concept. Aside from that, John's heroic actions to save humanity is definitely awe inspiring. I truly got the impression that he was a seasoned badass super soldier willing to do whatever it took to win, and not some boy scout pussy super hero with a naive gary stu code. (*cough* not going to mention names).

Magneto: The best X-man period. Yeah I like Gambit, Wolverine, and lots of other ones too, but I like Magneto for his powers and his mentality. I mean he's completely right about most things. Humans did eventually turn against the mutants, and he was simply taking precautions knowing full well that peace was merely a false illusion. Humans can't find peace with each other...let alone another "race" or "species" as it were. On a side note, I do like Professor Xavier too, but his pacifistic ways annoy me. I know I must seem like a war-mongering cynic to you guys, but I truly believe that there cannot be a peace between mutants and humans. So long as that kind of power difference exists between them, there is no way humans would ever trust mutants...and I can't blame them. Xavier's ideals, while admirable, are crueler than Magneto's since he is simply force-feeding a peace that could never exist. But again...this falls under my Super Hero philosophy which many people likely oppose. It's just opinion guys can believe whatever you want.

The Norse Gods: I was going to list just one, but truthfully I like almost all of them. The norse gods are probably the best pantheon I've seen out of polytheistic religions. They're extremely fucked up as far as gods go (Maybe even worse then greek gods), but damn are they cool. The stories behind them are great. Like Hermod who rides into Hel to save Baldur. Or Loki getting knocked up while shapeshifted into a mare. Hell let's not forget Thor crossdressing as Freyja so he can get his hammer back from giants. The stuff is so weird and crazy, but also awesome. I don't really feel that the Marvel versions do the norse versions any justice, but they're okay in their own right.

Daedric Princes: From Elder Scrolls. I absolutely love Daedra and I can wholly admit that I would be a daedra worshiper if I lived in Tamriel. My personal favorites from this bunch of crazy cosmic beings are Molag Bal, Boethiah, Hircine, Meridia, and Hermaeus Mora. Though I like all of them in their own right. Most people like Sheogorath the best, but he's nowhere near my top five. Honestly I don't see why everybody likes him so much...I am not trying to sound like a hipster or a hater, but this guy just fucking pisses me off. I get it...he's supposed to be a "funny" madman, but he just comes off as an over-the-top, obnoxious, knobhead to me. Maybe it's just my sense of humor...(I find Molag Bal torturing people funnier than random shouting about cheese). The only funny thing Sheo ever did was in his shrine quest for Oblivion where he scared all those Khajiht into thinking the Apocalypse was coming. That actually was funny. I don't hate him, but I don't think he's anywhere near the top of the list for being coolest daedra. Some people get super offended when I mention not liking him. I mean I loved Shivering Isles and all...but I was super glad when Sheo went away. Jyggalag on the other hand is awesome, because he's all business. I'd much rather have seen him in Skyrim than that bullshit Pelagius quest they gave us.

The Tribunal: Okay I love Morrowind. I have more hours in that game than Oblivion and Skyrim combined. The Tribunal has always been amazing in my opinion. The dunmer are probably my favorite race in Elder Scrolls, and these guys right here are their god-kings/queen. Praise the Almsivi. I like each of them for separate reasons, but Vivec is probably my favorite out of the bunch for a variety of reasons. If you're a Morrowind player you'll know why.

Talos: From Elder Scrolls. A man becoming a god in that universe? What the hell is there not to like about that? However, most people don't exactly realize what kind of god Talos is. I like Talos a lot because of the mystery behind his godhood There is a whole lot of super in-depth speculation around exactly who he is. Some people believe that Talos is a collective amalgamation of separate beings and that he became a god through something called CHIM. It is rumored he and Vivec both achieved this status.

(Don't read this part if you hate will make your head spin) For those that want to know: CHIM is when somebody realizes that existence (in the ES series) isn't real. However, when you realize this, you immediately cease to exist. Think of it this way (1...I exist) and (-1...I do not exist ) which equals zero. This is called Zero-summing. It is theorized that everything in existence is the product of a sleeping Godhead, and that existence is its dream. Essentially that means everyone is a figment of the Godhead's imagination. We're all just imaginary friends...dreams...fictional characters...etc. CHIM is like breaking the fourth wall to reality. However when this happens to most people, you will realize yourself out of existence (It doesn't make sense because it's not supposed to). With great willpower you can retain your existence by insisting to this sleeping godhead's subconscious that you are real. To gain CHIM, you must achieve some type of enlightenment, yet still retain your identity to refrain from zero-summing. In a sense it is like thinking "I am the godhead, but the godhead is not me" at the same time. You have to come to terms with the existential crisis of your own existence. Most people that realize existence isn't real (that they aren't real) will zero-sum (cease to exist), but those that don't will achieve CHIM. To better describe what kind of power CHIM truly's like adding one and negative one and getting something other than zero as an answer. It's undefined...It's reality and law-breaking. Realizing this makes one a god within existence. It would be like your character in Skyrim (Not you) gaining awareness that they are a video game character and that they had access to the mod tool kit and console command hell or even the game code. With this power they'd be more powerful than all of the Aedra, and the Daedra, and could shape their reality (your game). This is similar to how Neo becomes greater than the Agents in the Matrix. He realizes that there are no rules (there is no spoon). The agents (or the Aedra and daedra in this case) are bound by the rules of the universe...whilst one with CHIM is not. By achieving CHIM you become a lucid dreamer inside of God's dream. This gives you unlimited power within existence. However...if one uses it too much or too drastically it would cause the godhead to wake up, destroying the universe (for the universe is the godhead's dream). This stuff is all super complicated and hard to fully grasp. Hopefully you didn't find it too confusing, but it gets a bit crazy, the more you think about it. What's even crazier is CHIM isn't even true divinity...there's an even higher existence when you move up the chain to Amaranth. For those that want to know, this is the next step after CHIM. Once you achieve mastery of the universe the only thing greater is to leave the universe and create your own. Amaranth is when you gain equivalence or superiority to the godhead and you "mantle" it creating your own dream...your own universe. You become your own existence. Yeah...that's some super crazy, deep philosophical shit isn't it? Some people hate this kind of stuff...but I love it and it's one of the reasons I love Talos and Vivec as gods. So fuck those Thalmor who say Talos isn't a god. He's a god to the Aedra...*(assuming you believe in CHIM)* On a side note, In the ES universe it is theorized that Anu achieved Amaranth. What makes it difficult to achieve Amaranth you might wonder? Consider this...CHIM is selfishness, and Amaranth is Selflessness. By becoming a new godhead, you are giving up your power (your conscious control over your dream...your universe). Call me crazy, but I like to think about this kind of stuff. If you want to apply it in our own universe think about the next time you have a dream. What if you're a godhead? What if that crazy dream that woke you up was somebody with CHIM tampering too much with your dream? Think about that for a while. Well anyways, if you're curious about this kind of stuff (which I assume most people aren't...) then you can go check it out on forums. I probably did a bad job explaining it...all I probably succeeded at doing was making you guys think I'm some lunatic theorycrafter who is way too passionate about irrelevant things. Whatever I guess...I'm a thinker. (Okay the Philosophical stuff is over. For those that survived, good job)

Other Stuff I like:

Reading: I definitely consider it to be one of my primary hobbies. I've read most of the popular fantasy franchises such as LOTR, Song of Ice and Fire, Eragon, Harry Potter, etc. I also enjoy other random books about philosophy and what not. When I run out of those, I hang around the Fanfiction websites. I'm not really the best writer, but I enjoy it nonetheless. One of my favorite reads of all time was the Silmarillion. I enjoyed the parts with Melkor the most. He's one of my favorite characters ever. (Yeah I know...I'm a geek). It's a tough read though. It's less of a story and more a collection of history. I wouldn't recommend it if you're not a fan of reading.

Anime: *Sigh* Yes...I'm one of those "Otaku" people. Granted, I don't really look the part. I have just liked anime since I was a kid. I don't really have a preference if its subbed or dubbed, but I typically watch ongoing stuff subbed. I could list all the animes I like, but that would take a long time. So I'll just throw you a few examples here: Cowboy Bebop, DBZ, Inuyasha, Trigun, Death Note, Code Geass, Bleach, Attack on Titan, Nisekoi, Log Horizon, Sword Art Online (Season 1), Highschool DXD, Clannad, Full Metal Alchemist, One Piece, Wolf's Rain, Date a Live, To Love on so forth. I've probably seen two thirds of everything that's aired in the last couple years. I have a wide variety of interests in anime. Sometimes I enjoy fun ecchi romcoms like To Love Ru, and other times I want a shounen adventure with One Piece. Really it all just depends on the mood. It certainly does put me in a good mood nonetheless. I just wish more of my friends were into it. Like I feel kind of embarrassed when I ask if any of them want to go to an anime convention and they look at me like I'm crazy. Half the time I just end up going to these conventions with my little sister. (Don't even start with those Imouto jokes...this aint some Oreimo shit now. I'm more like a far less cool version of the MC from No Game no Life. ). Damn why can't people be more like me? Maybe I need some new friends? Mine are all a bunch of dumb jocks who only ever think about getting drunk, getting laid, and some random over-hyped bullshit I don't care about (Like some dumb college football game or a stupid movie I don't care about). The only thing we actually have in common is our interest in Hockey and women. Thankfully they have just learned to accept my anime appeal. In the big picture they're more like associates then actual friends. I only have a few real friends. Sadly, it's a bit harder explaining anime to women. Hell the last girl I dated got super weirded out by my anime interests for some dumb reason. She was like, "You still watch cartoons?! That's pretty immature. Aren't we in college now?" I just face-palmed. It's better than that stupid reality tv bullshit that she watched...or True Blood/vampire diaries/pretty little liars. Let's not forget her favorite TV show: Sex in the City...better known as "Sex With Every Guy in the City"...starring four dumb, annoying sluts. I guess my next GF will have to like anime too...because I'm not going to watch those dumb shows EVER again. NEVER AGAIN YOU HEAR ME?!

Winter: It is my favorite season and my favorite time of year. A lot of people hate snow, and they hate the cold (Such as the majority of people I know). Me on the other hand...I love it. I say fuck the beach and fuck summer. One of my greatest hatreds in this world is when some stupid bitch complains about it being cold when it's like 70 degrees Fahrenheit (I think that's 21 Celsius for you metric people). I absolutely loathe hot weather...especially humid hot weather.

Well that's all I can think of for now.

What my pen name means:

You say it," said Morgoth. "I am the Elder King: Melkor, first and mightiest of the Valar, who was before the world, and made it. The shadow of my purpose lies upon Arda, and all that is in it bends slowly and surely to my will. But upon all whom you love my thought shall weigh as a cloud of Doom, and it shall bring them down into darkness and despair. Wherever they go, evil shall arise. Whenever they speak, their words shall bring ill counsel. Whatsoever they do shall turn against them. They shall die without hope, cursing both life and death."

But Hurin answered: "Do you forget to whom you speak? Such things you spoke long ago to our fathers; but we escaped from your shadow. And now we have knowledge of you, for we have looked upon the faces that have seen the light, and heard the voices that have spoken with Manwe. Before Arda you were, but others also; and you did not make it. Neither are you the most mighty; for you spent your strength upon yourself and wasted it in your own emptiness. No more are you now than an escaped thrall of the Valar. And their chain still awaits you."

"You have learned the lessons of your masters by rote," said Morgoth. "But such childish lore shall not help you, now they are all fled away."

"This last I say to you, thrall Morgoth," said Hurin, "and it comes not from the lore of the Eldar, but is put into my heart this hour. You are not the Lord of Men, and shall not be, though all Arda and Menel fall in your dominion. Beyond the Circles of the World you shall not pursue those who refuse you."

"Beyond the Circles of the World I will not pursue them," said Morgoth. "For beyond the Circles of the World there is Nothing. But within them they shall not escape me, until they enter into Nothing."

"You lie," said Hurin.

"You shall see and you shall confess that I do not lie," said Morgoth. And taking Hurin back to Angband he set him in a chair of stone upon a high place of Thangorodrim, from which he could see afar the land of Hithlum in the west and the lands of Beleriand to the south. There he was bound by the power of Morgoth; and Morgoth standing beside him cursed him again and set his power upon him, so that he could not move from that place, or die, until Morgoth should release him.

"Sit now there," said Morgoth,"and look out upon the lands where evil and despair shall come upon those whom you have delivered to me. For you have dared to mock me, and have questioned the power of Melkor, Master of the fates of Arda. Therefore with my eyes you shall see, and with my ears you shall hear, and nothing shall be hidden from you."

What I am like as a person, and what I was like growing up:

Well if you've read my profile up until now, then you most likely understand the general scheme of my personality. I am a laid back guy who doesn't like being around the majority of other human beings. Why you might ask? Because I can see through them. To better describe this, I have a great deal of logical empathy. I understand people in a psychological way, so most of the time I end up seeing the worst in them. It's probably my biggest flaw, but I am a cynic at heart. I probably come off as an indifferent jerk, because I just don't put in the effort if I don't think somebody is worth my time. For example if I don't like somebody, I will simply avoid them and never give them my attention. I'm not antisocial...I'm just selective on who I'm willing to socialize with.

Call me pessimistic, but I consider most people guilty until proven innocent. Not to sound like some douche bag hater, but it's just hard for me to trust others, and I'd rather be honest in my disposition rather than fake friendships. Being fake is one of the absolute worst ways to act towards me. By fake, I Don't mean the employees at stores or restaurants, or strangers that give courtesy greetings. I'm talking about people who say they're you're friend, but don't ever have your back. All relationships (romantic and otherwise) are built on equal trust and effort. If I'm willing to stick up for somebody and put in the effort, but they aren't willing do the same, then they're not my friend...period. No one-sided relationship is healthy.

The people that usually make the best friends for me are leaders at heart. It might sound strange, but I am like a magnet for assertive people. Because of this, I have always been the Executive Officer or first mate of every metaphorical FriendSHIP I have sailed. To better describe it, I am like the perfect right-hand man to every best friend I've had. For those that know Astrology...most of my closest friends have been some kind of fire sign such as Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius or air signs like myself. I'm an Aquarius and I enjoy being friendly and social to the people in my inner circle. I come off as arrogant to a lot of people because I don't like to talk to them if I don't have to. Though if you're reading this, don't let that deter you from messaging me if you want. I reply to all my PM's on

The people that usually hate me are: superficial, needy, jealous, controlling, passive-aggressive, and emotional. So based off that list, you can probably already figure that half the female population despises me. Especially if they're water's like double the hate. I've never met a Cancer that liked me. I also tend to be despised by people that have a martyr complex (also known as victim complex). They are among the worst kind of people that I actively avoid. Those that seek out suffering just for the sake of attention and self-importance disgust me. These are the kind of people that complain about something but take next to no initiative to do anything about it. A perfect example is a person that always has to have some kind of forced drama in their lives so that others will feel sorry for them. They're the kinds of people that stay in abusive relationships and try to out do somebody for attention with their own life tragedies. The worst thing about them is they refuse to accept responsibility for anything and blame others for their problems. Politicians embody this personality trait as well which is why I can't stand them either. People that commit this destructive behavior hate my guts because I ignore them completely or call them out for being pathetic.

Since we're on the topic of people that don't like me...a lot of shy people avoid me like the plague. Not that I really care much...since the majority of shy people I know are boring. Maybe I come off as apathetic and stand-offish to them...who knows. I've never really been close friends with a person more introverted than myself. The fact of the matter is simple...if people don't talk to me, then I probably won't talk to them. Talk about a social dilemma huh?

High School was a very stressful time in my life as you can imagine. Being a person with few friends, I had a hard time adjusting to the societal standard for being "normal" or "popular" in the eyes of my peers. To give you a better idea of what it was like, I had long dark girly hair and was an emo skater kid. know the type. With the skinny jeans, eyeliner and everything. I even had some piercings and hated most things that were mainstream. Mix that with my apathetic, social shortcomings and imagine me sitting in a classroom surrounded by other kids. That was me...and damn did I stand out. Nevertheless, I was a great student and was ranked near the top of my class ironically enough. It really made it funny when I would make the highest grades on tests and they would all just stare at me disbelievingly. Of course it didn't help that I had a face that translated as such: "Yeah that's right assholes...the weird girly dude is smarter than you."

What's sad about it though is a lot of people in my school's counterculture scene had the personality types of people I don't get along with normally. So I was pretty much unpopular to the unpopular kids too. They liked me even less after I joined the Hockey Team and called me a "poser." I mean the unpopular kids were more judgmental than the "cool kids" it seemed. Fuck I hated that shit. It really bothered me when i was younger, but I eventually just decided that I was just going to be who I was and if nobody liked that, then they weren't worth being my friend in the first place. So picture this in its entirety...I was a girly, long-haired emo skater kid turned hockey player who liked anime, listened to metal, and made top-notch grades. So yeah...I don't know classify myself based on all of that.

Characters that bother me in Literature/Anime/Movies/Shows: Since I have a list of people I like, I figured I'd make a list of characters that I don't like in some of the more popular things I've seen.

Bella Swan from Twilight: Unlike most haters of Bella, I actually read the book version of her thanks to my evil Imouto. Even she agrees with me that Bella is the Ultimate Imprint character in "literature." She is just god awful. I suppose I ought to give less of a hater answer and more of a valid reason for despising this character. As a whole...I actually don't hate the Twilight Series. Despite the glowing vampires, it could have actually been done right if the main character wasn't so pathetically drab. What I can't stand is the fact that everyone in the entire series is just obsessed about this ordinary, boring, and downright obnoxious girl. She has no distinct personality, no intelligence, and is a complete plain jane. The movie rendition was even worse...since Kristen Stewart never closes her damn mouth. It just annoys me that a character with no defining attributes is the center of the universe to everybody in the story. She is somehow immune to Edward's power...for no explainable reason, other than MC Mary Sue plot armor. As if that's not bad enough, later when Bella has a baby they all start acting like she's the most unique incredible thing to ever happen to vampire kind.

Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter: I for the life of me just can't support her character. She was downright useless, and lifelessly unappealing throughout the entire book series. Book one, she was introduced as a shygirl with a crush on Harry. Already, I found that annoying, but I tried to give her a chance. Books 2-5 we get literally next to no character development with her, other than passing comments about how she's doing. It was around books 5-6 that I really started to dislike her. She is essentially crammed down our throats by Rowling, as every character talks about how athletic, pretty, awesome she is, when truly we've never seen any of this to be true. In the last few books, Ginny's personality took a complete 180. She started becoming some supposed babe that all the guys were after...and we had to sit here and think "That's going to be Harry's future love interest?" I found it annoying because Rowling had them set up to be romantic interests from early on, yet she did nothing to build it up, and instead just had her idealized to be this amazing girl that everyone wanted. Essentially...Ginny is a forced character that never once does anything to earn her place as Harry's love interest. If you compare her with somebody like Hermione, who had genuine growth and personality development, then it's no contest. Btw, I don't really ship Harry/Hermione, but I wouldn't oppose it if it was canon. Honestly, I thought it would have been cooler if Harry ended up with some Slytherin if Draco had a sister or something...idk.

Half the characters from Naruto: I don't know why, but there's a lot of people in this anime that just piss me off. Pretty much every Uchiha gets on my nerves. They are incredibly overpowered and ridiculously overrated. Sasuke goes from being a bitch to one of the most overpowered characters, and acts smug the whole way through it. It doesn't help that Kishimoto has a hard on for the guy. Sasuke just acts like he's the coolest person ever...and it drives me crazy. Obito is even worse if that's possible. Madara and Itachi are the only ones I don't hate...but even still, they are so overpowered that they're not even interesting anymore. Itachi especially because he's essentially there to set Sasuke up for being this badass...ugh. Itachi is one of those characters I liked a lot at first, but started to dislike the more we learned about him. It doesn't help that his fans are even more annoying than Kenpachi's.

That aside, the Sharingan is the most broken ass overrated power I have ever seen. The magic eye bloodlines piss me off. The series might as well be named Uchiha, since that's the main focus in Naruto anyways. I also hate Sakura...she is one of the worst female leads I've ever seen. The fact that she ends up with Sasuke removed any chance she ever had to be respectable as a character...and it crippled the slow development she gained through Shippuden. It just destroys any kind of maturity she could have gained, because she essentially reverts her back into the 13 year old fangirl who has a crush on the "bad boy." I hate the way she emotionally manipulated Naruto too. The worst part of all is Sakura barely has a backstory either...she's essentially an Imprint character. Gah, I just can't stand what Kishimoto does to his female characters. The main ones I actually liked were Temari, Anko, Fu, and maybe Hinata. I didn't like Hinata at first, but she sort of grew on me later in Shippuden. My only issue with her is she never really gets the power boost she deserved. All of the decent female characters were sidelined while the ones I hated like Sakura get tons of spotlight. And what do they do with the spotlight? Make themselves look like idiots.

Also...I really didn't understand why but every single Uchiha that had a sharingan was a guy. We couldn't have gotten at least one girl Uchiha...that Kaguya lady doesn't count. Moving on...I hated Danzo, Kabuto, those damn village elders, and just a bunch of other random characters like Tenten, Kushina and Minato. Naruto's parents were such Sues. Naruto himself is a character that started out bad...sort of became cool again...but then he ended up in Sasuke's shadow again. He's the main character, so I guess he sort of grew on me after time...but I hate his reasons for wanting save Sasuke. Like seriously...fuck that guy. I thought Pain was a pretty cool character until Nagato happened. That sure took the wind out of my sails overall, Naruto was a series that really let me down. I've read some good fanfictions about it...but other than that, I have no desire to ever think about canon ever again. NEVER AGAIN!

It might just be easier to list the people I actually liked in Naruto. goes: I like Zabuza, Haku, Deidara, Gaara, Rock Lee, The Raikage, Killer B, Naruto (Most of the time), Anko, Temari, Hinata, Jiraiya, Fu, Neji, Kurama, and maybe Kakashi because of his personality. The rest of the unmentioned characters were ones I likely didn't feel anything towards...or I forgot about them.

Katara from Avatar the Last Airbender: Now I know what you're thinking..."But Melkor-chan, why would you dislike Katara?!" It's all about the way she acts throughout the series. She has this holier-than thou mentality, is extremely emotional and annoying, plus is just completely hypocritical. To her credit, at least Katara has powers and isn't useless. So she gets points for that. I just went back and forth liking and disliking her throughout the series. She has the exact personality of people I don't like. She's bossy, emotional, etc. I'll give the writers credit...she is well written, and I can see why similar people would like her. But for me personally, she just falls short. I don't want to sound like I'm hating on her because I don't...but compared to the rest of Team Avatar, I just couldn't get into her character. I absolutely loved Sokka, Toph, Azula, Aang, Suki, Ty Lee, Zuko, and Iroh though. If you guys know me by now then you can probably assume that Azula was my favorite person in the series. Honestly, I don't like how Katara had to be there when it was really Zuko's fight...but whatever I guess.

Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City: Yes...I watched it. All of it...and the horrible monster that forced me to do it is out of my life now. So, this bitch is literally the most annoying, entitled, slutty, selfish, vile, awful, pathetic human being that I could ever imagine to exist. She is a Manhattan snob, a whore, and just a downright terrible woman. I literally hate everything about her...and my ex idolized her. So you can imagine why that didn't work out. Carrie Bradshaw is just so contradicting. She wants to act like some kind of independent strong woman, but always wants to be in love. She was the opposite of what she tried to portray.

Andrea and Lori from The Walking Dead: Both of these women are terrible for different reasons. Lori is the main guy's wife, who has an affair with his friend and is pretty much dead weight to the group. She was so annoying, useless, and was a terrible mother. Andrea is completely stupid, arrogant, and self-righteous. She makes terrible decisions over and over again throughout the show, and tries to act tough, despite the fact that she isn't. Both of them got what they deserved.

Ramsay Snow/Bolton from Game of Thrones: KILL IT WITH FIRE! I hate this mother fucker...he's such a sicko.

And a bunch of other people I may or may not write about. You get the idea...

My Inspirations and Opinions on my Own Stories:

Defying Death: Despite the fact that it's less popular than "White" I am way more proud of this story. Defying Death is something that I came up with after raiding ICC25 Heroic on World of Warcraft one night. I was running it with a friend so that I could help him get shadowfrost shards for Shadowmourne and for a chance at Invincible the mount. We were on vent (A voice chat program) during our run and had this interesting, reminiscent conversation about how Wrath of the Lich King ended. As a hardcore Warcraft 3 fan, I told him how disappointed I was in Arthas' death and how ridiculous it was for Blizzard to kill off their best character as a raid boss. I wasn't happy about how they offed Kael Thas or Illidan...but Arthas? It made me mad to see. Anyways...he was in agreement and started mentioning how stupid Cataclysm and Pandaria were, saying that he would have preferred a Warcraft 4 over the MMO. I couldn't help but agree on the fact that World of Warcraft was no longer Warcraft after Wrath of the Lich King was over.

Without Arthas, the game just left me feeling empty about the story. I continued to play out of habit and with friends of course, but I didn't care about the lore after Wrath. When we were on the Lich King fight, I couldn't help but mention how stupid it was that Tirion just one shots Frostmourne and its broken. I went on to rant about how different the Warcraft Universe would have been if Arthas didn't die. My friend straight up told me that he'd love to see a story like that and that it could be a legitimate Warcraft 4. I told him that I could write a better story than Blizzard compared to the pandaria crap we were in at the time and that I would write Warcraft 4 myself if I had to. Well...I may have been caught up in the moment when saying that, but I actually took the idea to heart. For my peace of mind, I couldn't help but wonder if I could legitimately write a story about Arthas. I thought about doing an alternative timeline one, but after long deliberation I ultimately decided that nothing in Wrath of the Lich King really pissed me off until Frostmourne got broken in some hax bullshit way. That's why Defying Death takes place directly after Frostmourne is broken. Given Arthas' personality, I refused to believe that he would die in such a pathetic way. As for my other inspirations for this story...they range far and wide. I used a lot of Lovecraft stuff to flesh out the old/elder gods, and as for the Spirit Tree idea...I thought it was a way that I could tie all of the various realms in Warcraft together in a legitimate Spirit world, while still remaining true to its norse theme. The result is a mind-blowing supernatural history exposition that I spent a lot of time coming up with. It might be long-winded and annoying to most people, but I love coming up with my own lore for Warcraft. It's for this reason, that I am truly proud of Defying Death.

Unfortunately, Defying Death has quite a few haters. I won't pretend that I don't care about what they say, but I just don't let it bother me much. If they don't like it, then they can go write their own story and show me how it's done. People are very picky about what they want to see in a story...but when it comes down to it, I wrote the story for myself...for peace of mind. I could care less about its popularity or its grammatical perfection. The hard work I put into it means a lot to me personally. Although it does make me happy to know that some people enjoy it as much as I do. Given all of that, I recently learned from one of my reviewers that some guy tried to plagiarize it. That honestly makes me sick. People getting credit for something they didn't do is one of my ultimate pet peeves. But despite that, the part I hate the most about it is...this guy Luke something, on Wattpad, tampered with the direction of the story. Nobody has any idea how planned out Defying Death is. I don't know if his plagiarized version is still there...but at this point, I don't really care. It's pretty obvious between Defying Death and White, what my writing style is. You can even compare the general themes of both stories. They're both about supernatural badass anti-heroes with a goal to kill gods and protect things they care about.

Now some of you might be I still play World of Warcraft? Not as much as I used to. I log on occasionally, but I don't really have time for the distractions. Between Work, College, Social Life, and writing fanfictions, I just can't commit to it like I used to. Though I still do weird shit like farm for legendaries. I actually have every legendary weapon on my account except the Ulduar mace. Though I am currently working on it. I won't tell you my characters' names out of fear of being trolled to death, but I do main a warlock. That's part of the reason why I heavily emphasize the importance of warlocks in Defying Death. I thought the green fire quest was the coolest thing they ever put in the game. I wanted to know more about the Black Harvest...but ended up creating their backstories in my own fic. There's a lot of little things like that which inspired very minor details. For example...Hobb and Vyara are actual NPC's at Sanctum of the Stars in Outland Shadowmoon Valley. Bloodthistle is an actual drug blood elves use in the blood elf starting zone. There's a quest about a party or something where they do it there. Also a lot of the "Champions of Northrend" are named after people I've raided with in the past. One or two are the names of my alts. If you can figure out who I am based on that, then you deserve to troll me. Finally, I just wanted you guys to know that I will eventually finish Defying Death. I may or may not start updating it the same time as White, but I have no intention of not finishing.

White: This fic is a very entertaining one to write. One of the reasons I started this story is because I have always been a super huge Bleach fan. Granted the canon anime/manga has some things that annoy me, but despite those I just enjoy the setting, the characters, and the action. If it isn't obvious by the content of my profile or stories, I absolutely love anything that has to do with a supernatural setting. By that I mean, I like stuff that involves spiritual power/realms/etc. Bleach is probably my favorite anime mostly due to the theme of its design. This is probably one of the main reasons why I like it slightly better than One Piece. My inspiration to write "White" came from a binge marathon where I rewatched bleach many months back. As I saw the episodes again, I just couldn't help but think of how much cooler it would be if Ichigo was a full fledged hollow. He absolutely overwhelmed any opponent whenever he went full hollow. It made me wonder just how fucked the Soul Society would be if he was on Aizen's side. Since I was already a fan of reading and writing fanfiction, I thought about reading some hollow Ichigo stories on Much to my disappointment, there isn't really that many good ones. Although after finding a few, I stopped and wondered if I would be able to make my own, and do everything the way I envisioned it could be. Though if you want specifics there are really two stories in particular that inspired me to write my own bleach fic. One is called "Some Kind of Monster" by InhumanNexus, and the other is called "To Find the Heart" by IIIIIIIIII. The first story wasn't very long, and was incomplete, but it made me wonder about the Ichigo x Loly x Menoly thing...which eventually made me want to write an Ichigo x Hollow Girls harem. The second one is a very good fanfic that I highly recommend. It's definitely written better than mine, and has a lot of specifics in it, which most people enjoy. After getting about halfway through it, I wanted to write my own Ichigo Arrancar fic. I sort of started "White" as a side project while I was taking a break from "Defying Death" but it's gotten more popular than I expected. I don't pretend to think that it's super original or top notch material, but I'm decently proud that I managed to write something most of my reviewers enjoyed. However, "White" is a story I wrote more for myself than for others. Like "Defying Death" I wrote "White" the way I did because it gives me some peace of mind. Whenever something in canon is pissing me off, I can just enjoy my own take on how things should have happened.

As for my overall opinion on this fic...I'm glad it means a lot to my reviewers, but I don't consider it as good as Defying Death. That being said, I'm still fairly pleased with how it's turning out. I hope to refine it into one of the better Arrancar Ichigo Bleach Fics on this website.

Daedric Faction War: This poor, one chapter story has been baking in my mind for years. I originally started it with the idea that I was going to write a Skyrim story about Dovahkiin Vs the Daedra...but then I thought it would be much cooler if it was written from the Daedric Lords' perspectives. If I ever get around to finishing "White" and "Defying Death" I'll probably update this for a bit and see where it goes. My idea for the story is to focus on Molag Bal's manipulation of Dovahkiin into helping him defeat the other Daedra. It'll also focus on Dagon's alliance with Meridia. I might end up making it a Dovahkiin/harem story just for the sake of staying true to my style. If I ever do get around to it, you can expect it to be XXX rated with lots of bizarre stuff. Maybe lemons...i don't know.

Future Plans: One day I might consider writing a Harry Potter Fanfiction. It would probably be a Harry is Slytherin story...with cool OC's and badass Dark Harry who doesn't give a fuck. I've read a few of those and thought they were awesome. Another fic I might do one day is a Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic one. It would likely revolve around rewriting the stupid SWTOR bullshit that ruined Revan's character. (Fucking MMO's ruin everything!). I would turn it into Kotor 3...or at least what I think it should have been. It's only baking in my head right now, and I have too much on my plate to really get it going at the moment...but it would be so fun to do. The last aspiration I have is I really want to write an Avatar the Last Airbender fic. It would most likely be a Sokkla story since that's my favorite. If you're reading this and you like those ideas, let me know.

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