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Name:well duh, Felicity the Tree Fox

Nickname:uh, I guess Feli, Lit, City? I can't think of good nicknames at the moment. Sorry people.

Gender:Female, for anyone who thinks "Felicity" is a boy name, which I don't know why, but it's better to be safe.

Likes:Chocolate, Animals, Sonic the Hedgehog, Legend of Zelda, Minecraft, Harry Potter, Chicken, Steak, Pork, Shadamy, and whole lot of other stuff.

Dislikes:People that flame on others stories, even though the author spent a lot of time writing, White Chocolate, bullies, others forcing people to agree with them, murderers, kidnappers, haters, thieves, and some stupid people, not all, but some, and other things I'm not going to mention.

Fan Character Names:Felicity the Tree Fox, Rick the Dog, Derek the Mouse, Melody the Wolf and Donn the Wolf(brother and sister), Lillia the Barn Owl, Daniella(or Danny)the Rabbit, Elate the Zombie Pig, Valery the Vampire Hedgehog, Becca the Monkey, Sarah the Skeleton Echidna, Greg the Wolf, Dolores the Tiger. I'm thinking of more, so I don't run out of characters for y'all.

Life: I live in a boring neighborhood within oh so sunny Florida, away from any snow(BOOOOO!!!). I hava a little brother, and a cat named Mary, along with a hamster named Victoria. I take karate after school every day and I also am a part of the Advanced Womens Chorus as a soprano.(La la la la laaaa) I have also been a part of my schools musicals for two years straight(as a background character though). I can be a nerd about Legend of Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog(especially that), Harry Potter, and a little bit of Minecraft.

Help Needed: Okay here's the deal. For some reason, something weird is going on when I want to write the second chapter to Team Robotnik's Backstory, so I need help before I freak out and go in a rage. Well maybe I wouldn't rage, but I would still get frustrated. So someone, PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

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