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Author has written 21 stories for Ninja Turtles, Ghost Master, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dungeons and Dragons, Elder Scroll series, Fairy Tail, Ben 10, and StarCraft.

First, I own nothing except my OC's and plots, everything else belongs to their respective owners.

And if I rate anything M, it's rated that way for a reason. I can not be held accountable for what people choose to read. You have been warned!

After reading fanfics for a few weeks, I decided to write my own, mostly of what I like or feel like writing. I will gladly accept constructive criticism about my writing, or comments overall. As English is not my native language, spelling and grammatical errors may occur. I promise that I will try my hardest to avoid or at least correct these errors.

My main focus is on stories withing the TMNT 2003 series, though I also do some crossovers as well as completely different series as well.

I would also want to thank Bloodrayne666 for all help and support that I've received. It is thanks to her that I've become the writer I am today, being a great support, inspiration, and most importantly, a dear friend. We have been working together for such a long time now, that our stories are now connected. We will often refer to things that have happened in previous fics written by the other, though sometimes I might forget this.

Make no mistake, the Monalisa that I use, as well as Pandora and Kemeko, are her original characters, as are a few others. She deserves all credit for them, and I have the great honor to use them. I try to keep them all in character, unless special circumstances warrant otherwise, which are almost always non-canon.

Images of some of my OC's are on my Deviantart page.

Here are the character profiles of my, well, characters.

Mutopia Residents

The Chicago Knights

Tyroth the Dragon: Tyroth is a dragon mutant, and the only know one as well. Born as Raymond, a human, in Kiruna, Sweden, his family moved to Charleston, Illinois, when he was ten. A fairly easygoing person, he has a strong sense of justice and hates when people are oppressed, so much that he often fought bullies and criminals he encountered. This behaviour caught the attention of Overlord, a crimelord based in Chicago, when Raymond, together with his girlfriend Elisabeth, came there looking for work.

Just narrowly escaping an assassination attempt, he was still fatally wounded, but was found and rescued by the inhabitants of Mutopia, a sanctuary for mutants and outcasts.

While they didn't have the medical equipment to treat his injuries, they did have a magical well that could heal all wounds, but it was also the source of their own mutations. With the well as his only way to survive, Raymond drank from the well and was transformed into the powerful dragon mutant he is today, taking the name Tyroth. With his new body, and the powers that it held, he fought evil from the shadows of the night, seeking to put an end to the likes of Overlord.

He is a most capable fighter with a dragon's powers of fire and magic, and the leader of the group Chicago Knights. Tyroth feels at home in cold climates, among snow and ice, as he’s used to such environments, but dislikes larger bodies of water, as he isn’t very good at swimming, especially not since mutating, because his wings easily gets caught in the currents.

He has a deep interest in both his Viking heritage and his Dragon heritage.

He is also a father to his and Sephie’s children, Freya and Loki.

Age: 25

Real Name: Raymond Ottosen

Nicknames: Dragon, Big Guy, Big T, Love (and many similar names) by Sephie, Boss by some of the Chicago Knights, Ray-Ray by his Sister Jennifer

Weapons: Two-handed broadsword, Claws, Fangs, Tail, Wings, Hands, Feet, Fire, Magic

Likes: His lover and mate Sephie, His Family, His Friends, The Chicago Knights, The Turtles and Friends, Fighting crime, Practising his magic, Flying, Meditating.

Dislikes: Criminals, The Foot Clan, Oppressors, Feeling useless, Leeches, Swimming, Large bodies of water

Sephie the Gecko: Elisabeth is Raymond's girlfriend for many years, and is very kind and energetic young woman, who value friendship and love very high. When Raymond went to Chicago to look for work, she of course followed and hoped to do the same. Unfortunately, she was also targeted by the assassin and was injured in the attack. Being found by the mutants of Mutopia, she was aided and her wounds tended to, and luckily enough, they weren't fatal, unlike Raymond's. Knowing that mutating was the only way for him to survive, she supported him, telling him that their love went deeper than appearances. But during his violent transformation, Elisabeth slipped and fell into the well, swallowing some of the water and mutated as well.

Becoming a gecko mutant, she was devastated and broken at the loss of her humanity. Only through the love and support of the now mutated Tyroth, was she eventually able to accept her fate and move on, changing her name to Sephie.

Like her mate and lover, she too decided to use her new body to fight back against evil, and being an expert archer, she struck like lightning, clinging to all manners of walls and ceilings with her Gecko-Grip, allowing her to attack from any angle.

When meeting the turtles, she and Monalisa got a very rough start, with Monalisa believing her to be a clone of her. But after finally opening up to Sephie, the two bonded and become very close, seeing each other as sisters. She is also a mother to her and Tyroth’s children, Freya and Loki.

Age: 22

Real Name: Elisabeth Hartman

Nicknames: Love (and many similar names) by Tyroth, Gecko Gal by Monalisa mostly, Archery Princess

Weapons: Dual Daggers, Dual Dragontooth Daggers, Collapsible Bow with different arrows, Hands, Feet, Tail, Occasional Dragon Magic

Likes: Her lover and mate Tyroth, Monalisa as a sister, Her Friends, The Chicago Knights, The Turtles and Friends, Fighting Crime, Flying with Tyroth

Dislikes: Criminals, The Foot Clan, Arashi, Nicknames that are short forms of her name, Being Alone, Getting Pranked

Jack the Wolf: The unofficial second in command of the Chicago Knights, Jack is technically the founder of the crime fighting group, having felt inspired by Tyroth and Sephie’s actions, and gathered similar minded mutants with fighting skills.

Before he became a mutant, he grew up in an orphanage before running away in his teens and becoming the leader of a gang in Chicago, keeping others like him in check and enforcing the law that they would never hurt anyone. But eventually, his gang grew too big, and some wanted to go further, and when he got in the way of their violent tendencies, they beat him up and left him for dead. That had been noticed by the rat mutant Rattletrap, who took his’s unconscious form back to Mutopia, where his wounds could be tended to. With all of his old gang arrested, he decided to stay in Mutopia, undergoing the transformation into the wolf mutant Jack he is now known as. He also has a weak spot behind his ears, scratch that and he’ll be like putty.

Age: 23

Real Name: Johnny Delgaro

Nicknames: Jackie, Doggy, Sarge

Weapons: Scimitar, Hands, Feet, Teeth

Fighting crime, His friends

Dislikes: Plans going wrong, People using his weak spot, Not being a good second in command

Sharky the Shark: Having grown up in Chicago, Bert’s mother passed away when he was still very young, putting a heavy strain on his father to support them both, eventually turning into an alcoholic. Life was hard for Bert, his father often beating him, and when Bert was in his mid-teens, he got hold of drugs, which he started taking as a way to dull the pain, both physical and psychological. After years of using drugs, he realized just how much he was ruining his life, and tried to stop, only for the withdrawal symptoms to be far worse than he thought. Not able to take it in the long run, he sought for an easy way out, throwing himself in front of a subway train in an attempt to take his own life. He did however survive, if badly damaged, and was found by Cam and Barry of Mutopia, who brought him to their doctor, James the Chimpanzee, who in turn saved his life. Awaking a week later, Bert wasted no time using the magical well to heal all his wounds, including the want for more drugs.

He is a kind guy, though he likes to use his appearance to scare newcomers in a teasing way. Keeping to a vegetarian diet, he is very dedicated to getting drugs off the streets of Chicago, having lived through the hell that is addiction to the poison.

Age: 24

Real Name: Bert Pierce

Nicknames: Jaws, Smiley, Jabberjaws

Weapons: Twin Tomahawks, Teeth, Hands, Feet, Tail

Swimming, Fighting crime, Teasingly scaring newcomers, Vegetarian food

Dislikes: Drugs, Getting caught in fishnets

Percy the Grasshopper: Frederick was born into a wealthy and influential family, but rather than living a good life, his was one of high expectations, as his parents saw him more as a legacy than a son. They worked very hard to shape him into the perfect legacy of their family, something that didn’t sit well with him, who only wanted to be able to live and have some fun. Failure to live up to their expectations resulted in punishment and military drills to discipline him, which caused him to run away at the first opportunity. For months, he just drifted around before finding himself in Chicago, where he spent a few weeks before he was approached by the Mutopians, which had noticed him and kept watch over him. He didn’t even have to think twice before accepting their invitation, or going through the mutation, never looking back.

Percy’s love for fun remains until the present day, who especially enjoys practical jokes, even more if they are targeted at fellow Knight, Kate the Viper, who responds very violently. Yet, Percy never seems to learn.

Age: 23

Real Name: Frederick McMillan III

Nicknames: Jumpy, Joker, Pest, Vermin, Locust (And many others by Kate)

Weapons: Feet, Metal Greaves

Practical jokes, Pranking Kate, Hanging out with Michelangelo, Fighting crime

Dislikes: Being bored, Too many restrictions, Doing chores

Sarah the Cheetah: Growing up in Arkansas, Abigail never really felt that she belonged or fitted in anywhere. At the age of 18, she decided to leave home to search for where she was really meant to be. Her parents weren’t very happy with her decision, but they supported her all the same, even though it meant that they might never see her again. During her travels, she learned all sorts of things, including Kung-fu, and eventually she found herself in Chicago.

Seeking cover from a heavy rain in the sewers, she ran into Jack the Wolf, who invited her to Mutopia until the storm had passed. But after staying a week in the mutant sanctuary, she came to realise that that was the place where she felt at home, and decided to stay for good. The last her parents heard from her was a letter where she said that she had found what she was looking for and that she was happy. She later drank from the well and became a Cheetah mutant.

However, there is one thing that she has never told anyone, not even her parents, and that is that she had also been diagnosed with terminal cancer, a tumour deep with her brain, which didn’t respond to any treatments she tried. While her feeling of not belonging anywhere was indeed true, she also wanted to get so far away from her parents so that once she died, they would never know, all to save them the pain of having their only child die.

Age: 24

Real Name: Abigail Duroll

Nicknames: Spots, Speedy, Kitty, Cat girl

Weapons: Twin Tonfas, Hands, Feet

Practising Kung-fu with Monalisa, Hanging with friends, Learning new things, Fighting crime

Dislikes: Coffee, Static electricity, Catnip

Kate the Viper: As a human, Kate was a lot kinder and happier than she lets on as a mutant. After falling deeply in love with a guy, she was dumped by him only a few months later, which shattered her heart, and that wasn’t the only bad relationship that she ended up in. Every guy that she loved broke her heart, either by dumping her, cheating on her or outright abusing her. After numerous times, she decided to close her heart to avoid having it broken again, changing her personality to a much more tough-as-nails variant. Aggressive and bitter, she came to Chicago, where she discovered Jack the Wolf and secretly followed him to Mutopia, where she decided to stay, and eventually mutate as well.

But after meeting the Turtles, she found herself falling in love again, this time with the turtle Michelangelo. Spending time with him slowly allowed her to open her heart again, and she has partially reverted to her old self. They are now actively dating.

Age: 23

Real Name: Carolyn Jones

Nicknames: Katie, Whipper Viper, Babe by Michelangelo

Weapons: Whip, Venom, Fangs, Hands, Feet, Tail

Michelangelo, Fighting crime, Showing off her whip skills to Pandora, Skating, Spending time with Michelangelo

Dislikes: Fake people, Getting pranked by Percy

Heather the Dragonfly: Nathalie Elgoran lived a hard life together with her mother, Madeline, under the abusive rule of her father, Oleg. One fateful day, Oleg went so far as to almost beat Nathalie to death, with only her mother’s intervention saving her life, though it cost Madeline her own in result. The seven year old girl was able to escape, but the images and memories of what happened took its toll on her mind, causing her to suppress it as well as almost everything else, leaving her without an identity. Having fled into the sewers, she fell unconscious and was later discovered by the Mutopians, who took her in. With no memories, and nothing to loose, she choose to become a Mutopian later as well, taking the name Heather.

She is very kind and polite, but isn’t afraid of fighting for what’s important to her, even if she doesn’t remember her past. At one point, she had the opportunity to learn who she used to be, but declined, claiming that she was Heather now. But little does she know that her father was in fact the now deceased Overlord, former crimelord of Chicago, and nemesis of Tyroth and Sephie.

Age: 22

Real Name: Nathalie Elgoran

Nicknames: Fairy-Girl

Weapons: Twin Katar, Hands, Feet

Fighting crime, Her friends, All of Mutopia, Having been given a second chance at life

Dislikes: Rude people, Possible bad things in her past, Suffering in the world

Amber the Marine Iguana: Like her brother and parents, Jennifer moved to Charleston, Illinois at a young age. Though she remembers little of her childhood home in Kiruna, Sweden, what she does remember are very fond to her, especially those with her brother, and she continued to make fond memories as they grew up together in their new home, always seeing her brother as a sort of hero, especially with how he always stood up to bullies and, later, criminals. But, just like her parents, she was devastated when they were told that he had been murdered, and fell into a deep depression. It was only nine months later, when she once again looked through old photos of them, that she remembered his parting words as he moved to Chicago: to always remain strong, not just for her sake, but for those around her as well.

With those words as an inspiration, she began to recover, and even though she still mourned her brother, she was able to get both her life, and that of her parents, back in order. Trying to move on, she later moved to New York to try and make a proper life for herself, but things turned out differently from what she had thought, when a very high rent and a lack of job for her, forced her to steal to survive. Though, on her first night as a thief, she was caught by her brother, now a mutant dragon, and through words not meant for her, he accidentally revealed his true nature.

But it was for the better, and while she was initially very angry with him, she was just happy that her big brother was back, and with his help, she was able to move to Chicago instead, getting a job at a small grocery store, and she regularly visit all her new friends in Mutopia.

However, when she was discovered to have a connection with Tyroth, the Foot kidnapped both her and her visiting parents, holding the latter as hostages, while doctor Arden brainwashed and experiment on Jennifer, turning her into a half-mutant super ninja, with the sole purpose to capture her brother. After clashing several times, Tyroth was able to break the brainwashing and return her to her senses, and after they together had rescued both their parents and their friends, they retreated to the Turtles’ lair, only to discover that, without treatments from Arden, Jennifer would die in her current half-mutated state. Just barely getting to the healing well in Mutopia in time, she survived, being transformed into Amber. She also decided to put her new body and skills to good use, joining her brother and the others in the Chicago Knights.

Age: 20

Real Name: Jennifer Ottosen

Nicknames: Jen-Jen and Sis (both by her brother) Darling, Sweetheart and similar (by her parents), Jenny

Weapons: Dual Butterfly Swords, Tail, Claws, Hands, Feet, Occasional Dragon magic

Her brother Tyroth, Her parents, Her Friends, Reading books, Spending time with the Geckolings, Fighting Crime, Revenge on the Foot

Dislikes: Overlord, The Foot (Doctor Arden and Izo Arashi specifically), Nightmares about her capture and mutation at the hands of the Foot, Fear of reverting to her brainwashed state

Other Mutopia Residents

George the Turtle: An old turtle mutant that has been around since the late 1700s, though he wasn't mutated until the mid 1800s, when he in his old age stumbled upon the caves that lead to the ancient ruins where Mutopia one day would be founded, as well as the magical well with the power to mutate and heal. After his mutation, he was given an extremely long lifespan, having outlived all Mutopians so far, his old age has given him the nickname Gramps. Being a kind and caring soul, he took in anyone that needed sanctuary, and soon the ruins were turned into a small village for mutants.

He is wise and acts like a father figure to all of those living in the village, though he didn't approve of the actions taken by Tyroth and Sephie, and later the Chicago Knights, as he is a peaceful man and wants to keep his home safe. However, after seeing the good the group did, he reluctantly accepted that some couldn't let others suffer if they have the power to help, and finally gave his support and approval.

Age: 242

Real Name: Gabriel Baughman

Nicknames: Gramps to almost everyone, Grampa to Sonia

Weapons: Cane

Likes: Drinking Tea, Reading, Spending time with Sonia, Discussing soaps with Splinter

Dislikes: The younger mutants misbehaving, Fighting, Others suffering, Balance issues because of his large shell

Sonia the Chameleon: Little Isabella is the youngest person to ever be mutated by the well, at the age of one. After a storm hit the yacht where she and her parents were during a party, they were all washed overboard, the parents drowning, while Isabella miraculously washed up in the caves near Mutopia and was found by its inhabitants. Barely breathing, they had no choice but to use the well, turning her into a chameleon mutant. While she is part chameleon, she lacks most of the traits that the chameleon has, having human eyes and hands. That said, she still possess the ability to move her eyes independent of each other, and her skin changes colour to match her mood, though most of the time she is green.

Another interesting fact is that her body develop and mature faster a human, having the body equivalent to that of a ten-year old human, while she was only past five, though it seemed to even out as she got older.

Being shy of nature, it takes a while for her to get to know new people. Those she has the closest bond with is George, who she see as a Grandfather, and Tyroth, who she 'adopted' as her uncle pretty much from day one. She also formed a strong bond with the demon Raithior, seeing him as an older brother.

Age: 5-8

Real Name: Isabella Neuman

Nicknames: Sweetheart, Pumpkin

Weapons: None, yet

Likes: Tyroth as an adoptive Uncle and father-figure, George as an adoptive Grandfather, Having Fairy-tales read to her, Raithior as an adoptive Brother

Dislikes: Strangers (with few exceptions), Being the only child in Mutopia, Bad people

Tania the Panda: Prior to becoming Tania the Panda, Natasha Kusman was an ordinary High School student, who had just been accepted into a college where she could pursue her dreams of becoming a famous clothes designer. But while she was all high on the news that she had gotten accepted, she failed to notice her surroundings, and was tragically hit by a speeding car. The impact threw her off the bridge that she had been walking on, causing her to land in the river underneath, badly injured and unconscious, and was swept away by the currents before anyone could do anything. When she awoke hours later, she found that she wasn’t in her normal body any more, but in that of a humanoid panda. She had been found by scavenging Mutopians, and brought back to the magical well in an effort to save her life. While she was sad about her dreams for the future being shattered, she was happy that she was still alive, and quickly found herself at home in Mutopia among the others, using her skills to make better clothes for the inhabitants.

After a couple of years, she felt that she wasn’t contributing as much as she could, and decided to start a little salon to help the others with the recurring bad-hair periods every other week, when humid air would rise from the lower caverns. That proved to be a success, as all female mutants would frequent her salon and be very happy with the results. Tania did experiment a lot with various ingredients to create her own hair products, some of which had less than desirable results, but as Mutopia gained more human allies, she would get some donations from time to time, giving her more time to keep practising her dream, designing and making clothes.

Age: 29

Real Name: Natasha Kusman

Nicknames: Tannie

Weapons: None

Working in her Hair Salon, Designing and making clothes, Discussing fashion and ideas (especially with Monalisa)

Dislikes: Dissatisfied customers, Being idle, Mistreated hair

James the Chimpanzee: After several years of hard studies, Abraham was finally able to pursue his goal of a doctor. With no specific area of expertise, he instead focused on being as versatile as possible, developing his skills as almost everything from surgeon to midwife. But after many years of service and helping people, he was forced to retire due to nerve damage in his hands, which caused his hands to go numb at times, and at increasingly long intervals. Though he refused to give up, and sought to find a way to continue helping people, he had no choice but to wait until someone could find a cure for his condition.

This was something that the Mutopians noticed, as they often kept an eye to the surface for those in need, and they reached out to Abraham after a time, offering him a better life if he could live with the prize. Being a doctor, a man of science, he was highly sceptical to the whole deal with the magical well, but also equally curious about it. With his hands now numb more often than not, he eventually accepted the offer, and transformed into James the Chimpanzee, settling in as the resident doctor of Mutopia. However, between the magically enhanced healing granted by the well to all Mutopians, and its ability to heal almost anything, there was little for James to do. Feeling sorry for him, the other Mutopians agreed that they would go see him for any injuries that they might get, as well as regular check-ups, so at least he felt like he did something. This was greatly appreciated, even though it didn’t really make a difference in the end, but with more human friends came patients that he could treat, and the odd accident also allowed him to help, leading to the well being used almost exclusively for real emergencies, rather than every small bruise and scrape that didn’t heal within the hour on its own.

Now, several years later, he is a very appreciated mutant, and more so after he helped deliver the Geckoling twins, Freya and Loki, to the happy parents of Tyroth and Sephie, and regularly check them up as they grow.

The Chicago Knights also bring in some business, as they sometimes do get injured, and Percy has gotten a lot of treatments after going too far with his pranks at Kate.

Age: 43

Real Name: Abraham Grant

Nicknames: Doctor, Doc, Jimmy

Weapons: None

Helping people, Talking with Donatello

Dislikes: Feeling he’s not to any use, Corrupt medical systems, Depending on the well for minor things

Hacker the Spider: Toby basically grew up inside a computer, his mother being a computer engineer herself. Some even joked that he could translate binary code unaided when he was ten, but that is most likely just a rumour. He had very few friends growing up, but didn’t really mind, as he was always busy tinkering with computers and their programs. Unfortunately, his obsession with computers led to his grades in school falling, as he didn’t really care about it as much, and once they digitalised the school system more, he could hack the computers and alter his grades.

But the school still kept paper copies, and as his grades kept dropping and didn’t match those in the system, the school discovered his ruse and contacted his mother, strongly suggesting that she should send her son to disciplinary school. Toby caught wind of that plan, and knowing that his hard working mother couldn’t pay for that on her own, he instead decided to run away, grabbing what he could carry before hiding in one abandoned building after the other for several months. Eventually, he retreated down into the sewers, and from there into the caves, where he came across Mutopia. Starting a new life as Hacker the Spider, he put his computer skills to good use, helping those living there rather than making his own life easier. He is responsible for many of the more advanced devices and systems that Mutopia now employs, the various hidden entrances being some of his best works, as well as surveillance and communication systems.

Age: 34

Real Name: Toby Murphy

Nicknames: Spidey, Spiderman, Computer Wiz

Weapons: None

Computers, Web design, Playing online games, some of which with Michelangelo, Juggling

Dislikes: Physical exercises, Online ads, People messing with his computers

Louie the Cockroach: Having served in the military as mess personnel, Franklin Bears returned to Chicago after several years on the edge of combat zones. Sadly, because of incorrect information, his last deployment had been accidentally fired upon by artilleries, killing many and injuring even more, Franklin included. Due to shrapnel and debris getting lodged into the lower part of his spine, his legs were both rendered paralysed, but despite that, he refused to be bound to a wheelchair, and after many hard months, he managed to live a decent life with crutches instead.

But the future for a crippled looked bleak back in those days, and without a proper job and purpose, Franklin battled constantly with depressions, only really surviving thanks to him being very stubborn. Mutopians discovered this, and after a few weeks of careful surveillance, they approached and invited him to their home, where a new life awaited him if he wanted it.

He lived in Mutopia for almost a year before he drank from the well, mutating into Louie the Cockroach, and with his health restored, he chose to help as best he could, becoming the resident chef of the mutant sanctuary. Being used to cooking for several hundred soldiers with very basic rations, the few dozen of mutants and their supplies of food wasn’t even close in difficulty, and Louie kept a very high level of hygiene now that he had better circumstances, taking great pride in his new role.

Age: 57

Real Name: Franklin Bears

Nicknames: Chef

Weapons: A whole kitchen of tools in a pinch

Cooking, Trying new recipes, People liking his food, Tyroth helping in the kitchen, Reading

Dislikes: Being dirty, Food going to waste,

Cam the Rhino: Stanley spent most of his early teen years as a member of a group of young delinquents, being an orphan just like most of them. Yet, he wasn’t really accepted by the majority of the gang, being the rookie of the group, they just let him stay as there was strength in numbers and would let him take the fall should anything go wrong. That is just what happened in one of their many fights with a rival gang, where both gangs had begun fighting each other on the territory of a much larger and stronger gang, and when said gang showed up, Stanley and a few others from both sides were abandoned, though Stanley was too busy fighting another guy to notice in time. After being badly beaten by the larger gang, Stanley and his rival were left in the alley as a message to the smaller gangs, but that message never really reached them, as both teens were rescued by Mutopians.

However, despite both being offered new lives, they never got along, and would start fighting as soon as they laid eyes upon each other, forcing the Mutopians to break them up, and James to deal with their injuries. Eventually, old George just couldn’t bother with them any more, and told the others to just let them work it out on their own. As expected, the two began fighting again, not stopping until both of them were in as bad shape as when they were found and had collapsed onto the floor. And that was apparently what was needed, for the two were able to earn each other’s respect, finally declaring it a draw, and the two soon started to form bonds of friendship, eventually becoming best friends, and almost inseparable. Drinking from the well, Stanley became a Rhino, and took the name Cam, while his new friend became a warthog called Barry. They do almost everything together, and gladly help out anyone who needs or wants it, and with practically anything. Because of that, they are both involved in just about anything that goes on in Mutopia, and are the right guys to ask for updates on larger events.

Out of the two, Cam is the stronger and more practical, being good at working with his hands, he’s also the only one of them who have learned how to drive, in cases of emergencies.

Age: 26

Real Name: Stanley Harrison

Nicknames: Hornhead (Affectionately by Barry)

Weapons: None

Barry as a best friend, Helping out

Dislikes: Disloyalty

Barry the Warthog: Peter spent a lot of his early teen years as a member of a group of young delinquents, being just another runaway like many of them. But they never really accepted him, with him being the rookie of the group, so they just let him stay as there was strength in numbers and would let him take the fall should anything go wrong. That is just what happened in one of their many fights with a rival gang, where both gangs had begun fighting each other on the territory of a much larger and stronger gang, and when said gang showed up, Peter and a few others from both sides were abandoned, but Peter was far too busy fighting another guy to notice this. After being badly beaten by the larger gang, Peter and his previous foe were both left in the alley as a message to the smaller gangs, but that message never really reached them, as they were both rescued by Mutopians.

However, despite both being offered new lives, they never got along, and would start fighting as soon as they laid eyes upon each other, forcing the Mutopians to break them up, and James to deal with their injuries. Eventually, old George just couldn’t bother with them any more, and told the others to just let them work it out on their own. As expected, the two began fighting again, not stopping until both of them were in as bad shape as when they were found and had collapsed onto the floor. And that was apparently what was needed, for the two were able to earn each other’s respect, finally declaring it a draw, and the two soon started to form bonds of friendship, eventually becoming best friends, and almost inseparable. Drinking from the well, Peter mutated into a Warthog, choosing the name Barry, while his new friend transformed into a Rhino, calling himself Cam. They do almost everything together, and gladly help out anyone who needs or wants it, and with practically anything. Because of that, they are both involved in just about anything that goes on in Mutopia, and are the right guys to ask for updates on larger events.

Barry is slightly smarter than his friend Cam, and is more often than not the one that plans out their tasks.

Age: 25

Real Name: Peter Gibbs

Nicknames: Mohawk (Affectionately by Cam)

Weapons: None

Cam as a best friend, Helping out

Dislikes: Disloyalty

Ryan the Rat: Henry grew up together with his grandfather in his own junkyard, and learned early the skills of a mechanic, the two building all matter of machines together. Sadly, Henry’s grandfather couldn’t pay all the bills with his meagre income, and after he passed away, and the now late teen Henry inherited the junkyard, the city confiscated as payment to their debts, leaving Henry without both a home and a job. Frustrated, Henry went off the grid, living on the street until he found an old and abandoned workshop, which became his home for a few years, allowing him to keep tinkering on machines, using whatever he could scavenge or steal. But his bad luck returned, and the building was scheduled to be torn down, again forcing him onto the street, or rather underneath them, into the sewers of Chicago. It wasn’t until he finally stumbled upon Mutopia that he got a proper and permanent home, quickly going through with the mutation and becoming Ryan the Rat, though most would come to call him Rattletrap over the years, a nickname that he would wear with pride, even though it’s actually more of an insult.

Like before, he would continue to tinker and build stuff, often going to the surface to collect materials for it all, some times even going so far as to take contact with humans, even on the black market. He doesn’t really like to admit when he’s wrong, or when things go wrong, and if he gets into a fight, he will use all available methods to win it, ranging from low blows to throwing dirt in the opponent’s face. The whole concept of ‘honour’ feels like nonsense to him, but he is still honest and loyal to his friends.

Age: 29

Real Name: Henry Andersson

Nicknames: Rattletrap

Weapons: Dirty tricks

Tinkering with machines, Motorbikes

Dislikes: Tinkering going wrong, Machines not working as he wants them, Getting scammed, Fighting with honour

Moe the Mole: The fifties, sixties and seventies were pretty rough on Douglas Star, as were they on most other people during that time, but he managed to find a way to deal with it through music and the emergence of the hippie culture, which appealed greatly to him. Fully embracing that all creatures of Earth are one, he had no problems accepting the existence of Mutopia and its inhabitants, quite the opposite, and remained a loyal human friend of theirs for years before deciding to join them, as Moe the Mole. Retaining his carefree and laid back nature, he became a source of calmness, never really getting upset or angry, and often preforming musical acts to entertain his fellow mutants. It was also he who named the sanctuary Mutopia, feeling that it needed a worthy name. He has also over the years adopted an overly stereotypical surfer slang, feeling that the words are truer than most.

Age: 67

Real Name: Douglas Star

Nicknames: Monty Moe, Dreads

Weapons: None


Dislikes: Worms, Bats, Government plots

Freya the Geckoling: The first to be born in Mutopia, and the oldest of the Geckoling twins, just a few moments older than her little brother Loki, Freya is a humanoid Dragon-Gecko hybrid. She shares the general body shape of her mother, Sephie the Gecko, while also having the eyes, wings, claws and horns of her father, Tyroth the Dragon. While initially rather calm, as she grew older she would become far more energetic than her brother. She idolises her father, more so than most, and wishes to be just a brave and heroic as him, and takes a great interest in Norse mythology, the ancient history of the dragons and magic.

Age: 2-

Real Name: -

Nicknames: Little Valkyrie by her Father

Weapons: None, yet

Her family, Pandora, Old Norse stories, Playing, Vegetables

Dislikes: Carrots, Spiderwebs

Loki the Geckoling: The second to be born in Mutopia, and thus the youngest of the Geckoling twins, and only a few moments younger than his big sister Freya, Loki is a humanoid Dragon-Gecko hybrid. Just like his sister, he shares the general body-type with his mother, Sephie the Gecko, while also having the eyes, wings, claws and horns of his father, Tyroth the Dragon, but unlike his sister, doesn’t have any hair. He may have seem a bit energetic early on, but he actually became the calmer of the two as they grew up. And while his sister may be very interested in become as their father, Loki developed a deeper interest for the way of the ninja instead, though he also has a place for magic as well. He can be quite mischievous, much like his namesake, and doesn’t mind giving Kate some help dealing with Percy from time to time.

Age: 2-

Real Name: -

Nicknames: Trickster

Weapons: None, yet

His Family, Playing

Dislikes: Vegetables,

Devina the Werewolf/Vampire Hybrid: A true outsider, even by Mutopian standards, Devina comes from the region of Skyrim, on the world of Nirn, and ran across Tyroth, Sephie, Monalisa and the turtles after they had been accidentally transported there, befriending the reptiles and travelled with them back to Earth.

Even though Devina looks like a woman in her prime, she was in fact born over five hundred years before meeting the reptile mutants. The secret to this is that she is a Werewolf/Vampire hybrid, and basically undead and thus immortal because of it. In her earlier years of travel, her camp became the fighting ground for a werewolf and a vampire lord, both of which perished from the wounds from the battle, but not before the vampire was able to assault Devina, leaving her with a mix of blood from both creatures in her mouth, which caused her transformation. While she received no physical changes other than paler skin and red eyes, she is capable of transforming back and forth between her human form and that of a semi humanoid wolf/bat hybrid, which possesses several abilities aside from the obvious strength, speed and flight.

Despite her old age, she is still very young in spirit, and finds the new world she lives in incredibly interesting, especially as inspiration for the many books, novels and other items that she write herself. While she may live in Mutopia, she is often away for weeks at a time, sometimes even months, exploring and learning about the world above, though she finds some modern interpretations of vampires to be utterly ridiculous.

She occasionally join the Chicago Knights on their patrols.

Age: 500

Real Name: Devina Haruldsdaughter

Nicknames: Granny Devina (by Sonia and the Geckolings), Bloodrayne

Weapons: Limited offensive magic, Hands, Feet, Claws and fangs in beast form, Vampiric powers

Stories, Bloody steaks, Writing, Reading, Exploring

Dislikes: Garlic in large amounts, Silver, High temperatures

Leona the Fox: A kind fox mutant that lived in the room next to Tyroth and Sephie, but moved to another room so that it could be turned into a playroom for the Geckolings before their birth. Being one of the strongest female mutants, she is actually a pacifist, but puts her strength to use as a skilled carpenter.

Age: N/A

Real Name: N/A

Nicknames: N/A

Weapons: None


Dislikes: N/A

Human Characters

Hugh Beauregard: A police chief in one of the many precincts of Chicago, he first met Tyroth and Sephie when he was attacked by a gang on his way home, the former taking a bullet for meant for him. While initially still very suspicious of the mutants, Hugh gave them the benefit of the doubt as they had saved his life. Learning that they were vigilantes, he told them that what they did was illegal and that he would have to arrest them, but that he wouldn’t. He felt that far too many criminals could escape punishment by the law through loopholes and political red tape, especially the likes of Overlord and other crimelords, or could just escape the police by hiding. But as the mutants existed outside the law and could go places the police couldn’t, they could take down criminals that the police couldn’t touch, after which they would be fair game for the law. And so, an alliance was struck between mutants and human, where Hugh would do what he could to keep their true nature hidden, even going so far as to tamper with or destroy evidence of the mutants’ existence. Hugh would never call himself a man of the law, but a man of justice, as the law is more often than not a hindrance for justice nowadays. That said, while he may stretch and bend the law slightly, he will never intentionally break it unless he deems it necessary. Living alone, he can easily visit Mutopia during his off hours to give his friends both tips on criminal activities and thanks for their hard work, and he will gladly provide them with any information they might need, if it is within his ability to gather.

Age: 38

Nicknames: Chief

Weapons: Service gun

Criminals brought to justice, Chicago Knights, Fishing, Doughnuts, Working with wood, Country music, Animals

Dislikes: Opera, Political red tape stopping him from doing his job, Rain

Erica Ottosen: The mother of Raymond and Jennifer Ottosen, Erica became pregnant with her son at a young age, forcing her to drop out of high school, and a daughter followed five years later, but she didn’t complain and she raised them both with loving care together with her then boyfriend, Richard. The two married with a small and simple ceremony shortly after their second child, and would later emigrate from Sweden to America, as Richard was offered a good job there.

But despite raising two children, Erica managed to continue her studies over several years with the goal of becoming a counsellor, aiming to help people through difficult times, and later got herself a position as a school counsellor near her new home in Charleston.

That experience, together with the encouragement and support from her daughter, helped her and her family to recover and move on after the murder of Raymond. She was later, together with her husband and daughter, kidnapped by the Foot and used as hostages in their attempt to recapture Tyroth the Dragon. After being saved, she and her husband now live new lives in Chicago, frequently visiting their now mutant children in Mutopia, and even more after their grandchildren, the Geckolings, were born.

She also has a Viking heritage, having traced her family line into the early Viking-age.

Age: 39

Nicknames: Eri (old nickname from her youth by Richard), Granny (by the Geckolings)

Weapons: None

Her family, Her children being alive, Spending time with the Geckolings

Dislikes: Her children having to fight, The Foot, Arden

Richard Ottosen: The father of Raymond and Jennifer, Richard’s live was for ever changed after accidentally getting his girlfriend pregnant, but he didn’t let that get in the way. He worked hard at both studying and supplying for his growing family with a job on the side, wanting to give his partner and soon to be born child the best lives he could manage, especially since Erica’s pregnancy forced her to drop out of high school. Things did work out well enough for the family, and shortly after having their second child, Richard proposed to Erica, and the two married not long after, a simple but beautiful ceremony. With a stable life, a loving wife and two lovely children, Richard was happy, and things would get even better as he was offered a post in a sister company, located in America. While it was far to move, and being a production manager in a factory might not have been the most glamorous job, the family still settled in nicely in their new surroundings and could live a good life.

But things didn’t stay good, as their son Raymond was murdered one day, sending the entire family into a limbo of depression. While they eventually managed to pick themselves up and start living again, Richard always blamed himself for no being stricter with Raymond, hoping that it might have made it so that he didn’t always pick fights with bad people like the ones that killed him. Still, the support of his wife and daughter helped him through those dark thoughts.

Later still, he got kidnapped by the Foot, together with his wife and daughter, and was used as a hostage to lure in Tyroth the Dragon, their now mutated son. They were all saved, and Richard and Erica have started new lives in Chicago, close to their mutant children, and now grandchildren, and frequently visit Mutopia.

Age: 43

Nicknames: Richie (old nickname from his youth by Erica), Grampa (by the Geckolings)

Weapons: Huntingrifle and knife if necessary

His family, His children being alive, Spending time with the Geckolings, Camping and hunting

Dislikes: His children having to fight, The Foot, Arden

Minor and unnamed characters

These are so far only fillers, and not all have even been mentioned yet. They may appear later on with more significant roles.

The unnamed Mutopians consists of a Male Duck, a Male Frog, a Male Owl, a Female Badger, a Female Lynx, a Female Butterfly, and a Female Jerboa (a desert mouse)

Stories that I want to write. (Note that titles may vary and there is no specific order that I'll write them in listed here. Also, as I said, these are stories that I WANT to write, there is no guarantee that I'll do it and there might even be more than those written here. Also, not telling what sereis they belong to, won't spoil the surprise just yet.)

Curse of Naginalga (Done!)

A strange creature lurks in the alleys of New York, dragging the turtles into a magical adventure.

A Not So Pleasurable Cruise (Done!)

Monalisa can't shake the feeling of déja vu when April invites her and her friends to a masquerade on a yacht. Surely, it's nothing to be worried about.

United Special Tactical Operations Squad (USTOS)

With the increasing amount of humans with superpowers, crime involving superpower also increases. To counter this, a team of elite super heroes is assembled to fight for justice. But no one was available, so we're stuck with this sorry bunch of misfits... we're doomed.

Sunshine Valley Horror (Ongoing)

Sunshine Valley is a beautiful place for a vacation where everyone can rest. However, there are restless ghosts and ghouls that would like to change that, in their own way.

Mikey's Date (Done!)

After saving a young woman from the Purple Dragons, Mikey gets himself an admirer, who might just be willing to take their relation a few steps further.


Awaking in the middle of the forest, Mona finds herself all alone and stuck in a fight for her life that might be her only way to get home.

Aliens VS Ninja (Done!)

There is a new power in New York that will tip the balance of power in any direction, originating from the stars. Have the turtles and the Foot found themselves a potential ally, or their greatest enemy.

Curses And Blessings (Done!)

After Tyroth is struck down by a very unique poison, it's up to Sephie to find the cure to save her lover. Regardless of the outcome, their lives will forever be changed as fate has more surprises in store for the mutants.

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Falling Inside The Black by Bloodrayne666 reviews
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