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Hey kiddies! Wanna hear a story?
Co-written by me, Cherry Dragon Lord! Correction, all of it was written by her, I just supplied the info.

Names: Alice, Iceal, Flight_of_the_Wild, Tiger_Flight, Itam_Stora, and other random (stupid) names.

Age: Not tellin’.

Location: A crappy village in the U.K.
Yup. UK, Half the benefits of US, with less terrorist threat.


Video Games:
Breath of Fire 4.
Yeah, that rocks! Almost complete! Final Fantasy. All hail FF! Neverwinter Nights, and Grandia.

The original Star Wars films.
What the hell was up with the Phantom Nutcase? He was his Father. Oh wait! The first film? Phantom Nutcase just had a cool Light sabre-laser thingy. Harry Potter: POA. Nods. The Lord of The Rings, Indiana Jones (Yum!), The Ring. I prefer the Japanese version. So would I, I just don’t understand Japanese and my mum won’t let me borrow anything over a 12. - I’m lucky, I’m thirteen! XD But I can watch anything I want. I play Resident Evil 4 at midnight for fun. I am weird!

Harry Potter (
Of course), The Lord of the Rings, Artemis Fowl, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Eragon, Vampire Chronicles. And many, many more I read so much I can’t remember the names. Pretty bad eh?

Green Day, Gwen Stefani (
This my shit! And?), Natasha Beddingfield, Cold Play.

T.V. shows:
Friends (
I agree), Dead Ringers, Lenny Henry Show, Simpsons, and Dr Who. (Our patron saint XD) All saints day: Every Saturday.

Other Info

Can be seen hanging around with Cherry Dragon Lord, doing boring stuff and swearing at game consoles. Owns seven hyperactive hamsters. (She is very, very weird) They aren’t all mine! Three are my brothers I only own one! I also can be seen at school, or shouting (discussing) things vital to the survival of the world on the bus with my friends.

Memories of Harry – Harry Potter
~Watch this space!~ I wouldn’t recommend that, looking at the screen for too long will hurt your eyes.


Well, hope you enjoyed the Primer on…Me, But for all those who can’t be bothered to read that.

I am a goddess of all who must be worshiped!

And never forget, Cherry Dragon Lord has all the intelligence and wit of a slug-moss combination!

Right. Who’s the one that can spell? Not to mention I am an academic year higher than you.

So? I'm in Gifted and Talented.

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