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Author has written 3 stories for One Piece, Samurai Jack, Kingdom Hearts, and Code Geass.

Hi names, Colossal the Omega. Been around for a while now, and I have made some mistakes that I'm not proud of for making stories, but still moved on anyway. Recently I am making this one story since Galaxy Pirates since 6/16/16. I am trying to make it right so I got no excuse at this point.

My hobbies are Fanfiction(Obviously), Video Games, Anime/Manga, somewhat DC/Marvel Comics, Movies, and others I like to not mention yet.

As for what is about myself, well I like to talk less about that and more on what I can offer then anything. And so far I haven't offered much, so I'm making it up with this one story which might be more stories in the future.

This is considered my free time away from everything and I like to enjoy what I do with that free time. Sometimes I just come here to read stories and review them as anyone else would like too. Other then that when I don't have free time I'm usually busy doing stuff as part of life's progress or whatever anyone likes to call it.

Well this is much info as it gets for now.

News Update: Hi everyone, I know this has been a while. Some stuff going with Life and at the same time having hard time on making the OC Main Hero Character, there is a lot I like to do with the OC, but it's hard to make sometimes. As I said before, OC Villains I have no problem with cause they tend to be easy ones. It's the Main Characters and Heroes I have harder time to make cause a lot goes into them.

Still it's no excuse to delay chapter updates, so whenever a chapter comes you'll know.


1. The Legend of Samurai Jack Series: Samurai Jack vs Holy Britannian Empire - Chapter 1 out

2. Galaxy Pirates: Aizen's Revenge - Crash Bandicoot Chapters: anytime when ready?

Galaxy Pirates is a story crossover with mainly One Piece, Kingdom Hearts, and sometimes Bleach. For those who are curious what is in store for the story are Video Games, Movies, Cartoon Shows, Anime and more etc.. There will be some twist and turns here and there I'm sure you'll like with all of them OC Adventure.

Galaxy Pirates:

- Summary: Aizen been sent to his cell after his defeat from his failed attempt to obtain the Oken which would have allowed him to reach the Soul Palace where the Soul King resides. However thanks to the efforts of Gotei 13, Ichigo and his friends, they manage to defeat him and his Arrancar army. But after being in his cell sometime, he was visited by a Black Coat Figure who offered(With a great deal of convincing) a way for Aizen a way out. In turn this left Aizen a second chance in life and revenge. However now he must work with others in order for his plans to come in fruition and may at some point face new enemies.


Straw Hat Crew: 8 members - The Straw Hat Pirate Crew are a band of what most would consider misfit pirates. But in truth they are not your ordinary pirates, for they go on adventures, exploring new places, and enjoy there time together. However because most people proceed this as rookie pirates or regular pirates, many of the SH Pirates enemies are defeated against them for underestimating them. As such their latest enemies defeat is a group of World Government best assassins CP9(Cipher Pol 9). They out of CP1-CP8 have the license to kill anyone they deem terminated for those who go against the World Government will be killed, even if they are citizens themselves. The group under orders of Chief Spandam were to retrieve a blue print weapon of mass destruction while blaming the SH's the crime they didn't commit. Because of this and taking their friend(Nakama) away, this lead to the SH's full assault on Enies Lobby to not only to save their friend, but confrontation of CP9. The CP9 thought they be easy only to be humiliated defeated in front of the marines, but the destruction of Enies Lobby(Spandam being the reason for Enies Lobby destruction). As such the World Government and everyone that faces them will take them seriously as they are one of many pirate groups not to be mess with.

After that incident they sailed the seas for their dreams and adventure ahead. Until someone invaded the ship namely The Terminator board their ship which lead them now outside of their world with a new adventure and new enemies that want their head.

- Luffy

- Zoro

- Nami

- Usopp

- Sanji

- Chopper

- Robin

- Franky

Radiant Gardens Restoration Committee: 6 members - A group of warriors/Protectors of the world against the forces of evil and many dark beings that decides to invade their world. They are one of few members along with the world that knows their are many worlds existing like their world. As such they have dealt with many forces. That is until the Mysterious Figure/Black Coat/D'go brought his band of villains as residents of the world along with everyone on the planet. However what they have plan is unknown as the one who gathered them as a group have plans not just this world, but the entire existence as a whole. This leading to SH's(Straw Hats) to meet them which lead a confrontation of the enemy that lead them banish from the world. Now it's their mission to return to their world and take the battle to them along with new allies as a crew.

- Leon

- Aerith

- Cloud

- Tifa

- Yuffie

- Auron


1. Ape Escape

- The Professor

- Buzz

- Natalie

- Aki

- Specter(Former Villain)

2. Crash Bandicoot

- Crash

- Coco

- Crunch

- Aku Aku

- Polar

- Pura


The Terminator(T-800)

Cortex Forces:

- Uka Uka

- Dr. Neo Cortex

- Tiny Tiger

- Dr. N Gin

- Dingodile

- Dr. N Tropy

Metal Army: Dr. Nefarious villainous group that have gathered getting tired of defeats from the heroes one after the another. Now as a group called Metal Army will now scheme of conquering the universe or existence to defeat the heroes and rule the worlds once and for all.

- Dr. Nefarious

- Lawrence

- Pete

- O'Malley

- Zim

- Sephiroth

OC Heartless Sub-Bosses:

1. Freakish Shadow Five - Defeated

- Shadow B'omb

- Shadow C'lone

- Shadow F'reak

- Shadow G'iant

- Shadow I'nvisible

2. Ape King

3. Heart of Death

OC Heartless Enemies:

1. Human Pyro

2. Timeless

3. Morpher


One Piece = Ch. 1, Ch. 2

Radiant Gardens = Ch. 2, Ch. 3

Keyblade Graveyard = Ch. 3

Ape Escape = Ch. 4 - Ch. 8

Crash Bandicoot = Ch. 8 -

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Crossover - Spider-Man & Mass Effect - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 24 - Words: 220,223 - Reviews: 599 - Favs: 649 - Follows: 738 - Updated: 7/15 - Published: 10/14/2014 - [Peter P./Spider-Man, Miranda L.] Shepard (M)
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Samurai Jack vs Holy Britannian Empire reviews
Samurai Jack has face many things on his quest to return to the past and undo the future ruled by Aku. However some things have change as Aku destroyed the time portals which lead to Jack making his final battle with Aku once and for all. Only problem is will it go the way Jack would like or will he experience what had happen his first fight with Aku many years ago?
Crossover - Samurai Jack & Code Geass - Rated: M - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,008 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 16 - Follows: 17 - Published: 4/21 - Jack, The Scotsman, Kallen S.
Galaxy Pirates reviews
(Change from Galaxy Pirates: Aizen's Revenge to Galaxy Pirates)An Unknown Figure came freeing Aizen with an offer to have his revenge on Soul Society. Now free he's made plans for his return, but has to work with others in order for his revenge plan to work. What is Aizen's intentions, who is he working with, and why did the Unknown Figure release him?(Rated T for safety)
Crossover - One Piece & Kingdom Hearts - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 15 - Words: 84,781 - Reviews: 33 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 5 - Updated: 4/1 - Published: 6/16/2016 - Straw Hats P.
Samurai Jack vs Holy Braitannain Empire reviews
(One-Shot) What if, Samurai Jack was sent in an reality where he face mechs bigger then his usual robots. If so what would happen if he go against something like the Holy Braitannain Empire to free Japan from their grasp? Find out in the one-shot story.(Review or comment on the story if you like or dislike for this is a one time story)(The actual story is out on chapter 1)
Crossover - Samurai Jack & Code Geass - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,522 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 14 - Follows: 7 - Published: 1/15 - Jack - Complete
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